2008 SEMA

Bigfoot Silverado Show Truck Can Be Yours for Just $199,995

Bigfoot Silverado Show Truck Can Be Yours for Just $199,995Looking to buy a big pickup? A really, really, big pickup? The most expensive truck on eBay right now is the Chevrolet Silverado Bigfoot show stopper from the 2008 SEMA Show.

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SEMA 2008: Inside Discovery Channel's Ram-Based Tornado Chaser

Tiv2178The sunny skies and palm trees of Las Vegas were an interesting juxtaposition to the tornado chasing intent of the Discovery Channel's TIV2, based on a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 dually diesel 4x4.

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SEMA 2008: Other SEMA Coverage Online

Semalogo178While we've got the pickup trucks covered, you may want to check out our recommended list of other excellent sites that covered the 2008 SEMA show.

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SEMA 2008: TRD Tacoma Off Road Truck

TRD Tacoma Off Road ConceptThe TRD Tacoma Off Road Concept is based on the 2009 Tacoma Access Cab Standard Bed 4x4 truck. It features styling and suspension revisions as well as a more powerful supercharged engine.

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SEMA 2008: The Top 8 Most Outrageous Pickup Trucks

Intro178We've wrapped up the 2008 SEMA show, but before we left we scoured the parking lots and convention halls with StreetFire.net for the stories, pics and video of the Top 8 Most Outrageous Pickup Trucks seen in Las Vegas!

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SEMA 2008: Toyota Tundra TR Concept Live

Tr1178Toyota's tribute to the lightweight, high horsepower American muscle cars of the 60s and 70s is the Tundra TR Concept. A sleeper on the outside but a 600+ hp monster underneath.

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SEMA 2008: 2009 Nissan Titan Heavy Metal Edition Live

Titanheavy178Seen on the floor at SEMA in the Nissan display - the new 'Heavy Metal Edition' trim package for the 2009 Titan. It's similar to the Nissan Titan Onyx Concept shown at the 2006 Chicago auto show.

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SEMA 2008: Pontiac G8 ST Concept Live

G8st178We've got live shots to share of the Pontiac G8 ST Concept, from SEMA.

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SEMA 2008: Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept Live

Taco80s178Paging Marty McFly! Your new Toyota Truck is sitting on the floor at SEMA.

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SEMA 2008: Toyota Tundra/Ducati Transporter Live

Td178Toyota has partnered with Italian sports- and racing-motorcycle maker Ducati to create the very red Tundra/Ducati Transporter for SEMA.

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