Recall Alert: Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu I-Series Pickup Trucks

Recall Alert: Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu I-Series

From our colleagues at, GM has issued a recall for 185,903 GMT 355 series midsize pickup trucks, including the 2004-09 Chevrolet Colorado and 2004-09 GMC Canyon twins and badge-engineered 2006-08 Isuzu I-Series, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall is to fix a faulty brake-lamp switch that could fail after becoming exposed to the environment, causing the brake lights to stop working or stay lit continuously.

The recall applies to pickups originally sold or registered in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Utah.

GM says a replacement switch will not be available until February 2010, so it will offer special coverage for all registered vehicles. Owners with the brake light problem can get free repairs but must return to a dealership when the newly designed parts become available. The inspection and replacement part will both be free.

Owners can contact Chevrolet at 1-800-630-2438, GMC at 1-866-996-9463, and Isuzu at 1-800-255-6727 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.



well since it didnt post my first one ill try and be abit nicer this time.. alright here we go. i have a 2005 gmc canyon extended sle inline 5. well for starters within 2 weeks had to get a new belt put on. next my sunroof leaks. my heat and airconditioning sometimes only works on high(4).my abs started going off when id try and slow down for a stop sign so i took the main fuse out. next i have to put new wheel bearings and u-joints in it which cost me 1900 bucks with labour. my window is messed up i thought it fell off the track but nope the clip that holds the window broke and the arms bent and the tar that they stick the plastic to the inside of ur door is all over the window,and to top it off my my starter just went this morning before work. these are garbage trucks if i were to do it all over again i woulda bought a ford ranger. wayyyyy better truck for the price. i have a few friends who have rangers and never had to do a thing to them and they drive them way harder then i do. they tow stuff and offroad them like ? iono garbage garbage and more garbage gimme my money back

I have a Chevrolet 2008 Colorado that has plagued me with a slow drain on my battery. If I drive it everyday, it charges the battery and it's fine. If I skip one day driving it, the next day it's deader than a doornail and I have to use a battery charger or have it jumped for it to start again. I have taken this to the dealer at least four times. They have hooked it up to some tester a couple of times, but can't find the leak. They wind up giving me a new battery which takes about a month for the leak to drain, then it starts the cycle all over again and doesn't start if I skip a day. It's not the battery, because the truck still does this about a month after the batter is installed. Anyone else have this problem and know what is the matter? I have had to charge this truck about 30 times in the two years I've owned it.

I have used an '05 GMC Canyon for work in the oil patch for 140000 km. I drive on terrible roads that will break down any truck, but the Canyon takes it. The only complaint from me is the stupid gov-lok rear differential that GM uses in all their trucks. I have blown up five of these because they DO NOT BELONG IN A TRUCK. Other than that I belive it is tougher than the full size I am currenly driving.

bought this 04 colorado new it's been good but a few things back tail light housings clips busted off causing them to flop around. this one got me stumped. pass side window will go up and down from the pass side but from the driver side will only go up not down? abs fault came on after 3.5 years had to change driver side hub to get rid of this problem tires from general tire garbage they where shot after 18,000 miles no trouble with them wearing on one side good ride i don't know if i buy another

my 07 colorado ls ext cab act funny when i try to start it. it spins freely like there is not compression, then it starts but run rough, then it smooths out and run fine. it the running rough part was just bad gas but the people at the chevy dealer r stratching their heads too. starter,alternator battery checks good. help

2007 colorado 4 cyl 2wd ext cab 40000 miles original owner all problems since new in 2/08.

First year a/c condensor leak, broke not even 5 months of ownership only used a/c hand full of times before discovering problem, ABS Fault bad sensor.

Second year Fan switch resistor replacement 3x's, TPMS one sensor malfunctioned. Power reduced check engine many things replaced including throttle body problem exist in high temp, high humidity to date.

Third HVAC fan again and rear main seal leak that I'm currently dealing with.

Truck is perfect for my lifestyle but I can't take these problems anymore except for my first few months of ownership it's been one serious problem after another. I'm considering returning to a car and asking family members to borrow a truck when required.

Never american for me again the car I traded on this truck was my college Hyundai that never let me down, I purchased new for less then 10 grand when I traded it had 128000 miles the only problem one time emissions sensor triggered check engine light. I'm really considering the return to a basic hyundai.

I have a 2008 Canyon, about 6 months after it was bought, the ignition coil wire shorted out causing the motor to die. When it was towed to the dealer it was discovered that the ignition wire shortage had caused the fuel to flood the catalytic converter to burn out. It was replaced along with the complete exhaust system. I had to take it back to the shop numerous times since for leaks in the exhaust, muffler not aligned correctly causing rattling and rubbing, and have had the complete exhaust system replaced 4 times. It still sounds like a leak in the manifold. In addition since the coil wires shortage, you press the accelerator and let off the engine will backfire. GMC states that this is normal. No vehicle should do this, which then causing exhaust issues. I have had no positive results taking it to the dealer and in speaking with GMC management.

I have a 2005 Colorado crew cab. Approximately 2 years ago my master power window stopped working on the drivers side. I covered the window with plastic and took it to the dealer. By the time I got to the dealer it worked fine. Last week I went to leave for the weekend and when I went to put the drivers window up ther rest of the way, it was dead. I covered the window with cardboard and went back to the dealer. The dealer got the window up by using a switch taken from a new truck. He told me that the master switch was gone. Now that the window was up, they put the old switch back in, the power locks also did not work, and ordered me a new switch, $380.00. By the time I got home everything was working fine. I haven't picked up the new switch yet...Can anyone explain this? After more than 5 years and 88,000 km this is the only problem I have ever had.

I have a 2007 Colorado ext cab 2wd my dad a 2008 same options his 2008 has been flawless except for the roof rain rails peeling. his truck has 29000 miles mine 42000 miles

My 2007 ac compressor broke after 2 uses less then 1000 miles, rear main seal seepage around 32000 miles, during every summer power reduced, check engine code p060e, radio buttons starting to peel 39000 miles, fan only works on 4 resistor and additional parts replaced couple times. I almost forgot during snow abs faults occur.

Since college I had 3 base hyundai's no thrills drove over 120000 miles since other family has trucks I'm in the process of returning to an eco box and borrowing a truck! As for any american espically GM you couldn't give it to me free. At least when I return to driving a hyundai I'll have my fan speeds working, and I won't have to worry about going into power reduced during the summer when the heat and humidity increase.

I"ve got a 2007 Chevy Colorado. All sorts of electrical issues. The TPMS light always turns on, even after having the module, and all sensors replaced. The alarm light comes on, even though it doesn't have an alarm. When that light comes on, I can not start my truck. Dealer says "It shouldn't do that." Never seems to act up for them. The engine light comes on, and the radio turns off, with a loud popping noise. I just found out from a super mechanic that, even though not widely mentioned, there is a recall for the wiring harness, and that the problem lays inside the factory radio wires, and will set off all of your other lights, particularly the tpms lights. Which is always good to know before replacing the $400 module for no good reason.


The 2007 Chevy Colorado has a security glitch that seems like it is the fuel pump, but it is a 10 minute delay and than the truck will start - 10 minutes on the dime.

It makes the truck seem like it is out of gas, but it is not.

I own a 2008 Colorado extended cab 4 X 4 4 cylinder and have 30k on it. It runs great but I have had the weird right front tire wear. Shop aligned the front and it has been fine since great truck. I put 215k on my 1997 S10 I hope to get the same out of my Colorado.

2004 colorado 2.8 liter. All the turn and stop lamps in these trucks overheat and meltdown quickly. They are plastic and shake out of their slots and stop working. Have to check it often or you'll end up ticketed. This truck is a junker, I owned an 88 iron horse 2.8 ltr and it puts this motor to SHAME. Things rattle loose, motor idles rough almost stalls AFTER a $00.00 fix at the chevy dealer. Now the computer scans ok on it so they say I am fine and should have no problems.. JUNK this motor and start over.. I have been a chevy small truck person for years but this motor and truck is the PITS! Junk it and start over meanwhile I guess I'll have to go ford or dodge.

03/09/11 i own a 2008 gmc colorado, crew cab and with all the options that was available, 48,000 miles. i have been satisfied except for the brakes, just installed 2nd set of rear brake shoes. main issue, squells terribily when i start out on first part of the trip. then calms down after using the brakes for awhile. when i took it to dealer with 3500 miles on it, they said that was due to brake dust and that they would not charge me this time, but in the future they would. left the garage and squell again right away. i put up with it for another 3000 miles, took it back again, same situation, brake dust they said. again, squelled after i left. i then knew i was on my own. purchased a set from napa, suppose to not squell, bullshit, they did. when i did change them, not much dust. well, i don't know why, but i let it go till a couple months back. i purchased another set from an outfit on the internet along with new drums. installed them last saturday, wasn't much brake dust. i also used "brake quiet" by crest on the shoes. i know this is early in the stage to see if i was sucessful or not, but the key to what i found on saturday might be the answer. on the shoes that i removed, i found every shoe to have a glazed line in the center of the shoe length wise, right over top of where the main plate of steel is welded to the top steel pad that holds the shoe itself. what i'm trying to tell you is that the shoe was only coming in contact with the drum in the center, creating a squelling noise when first used on a trip with just a little use of the brakes, after getting out on the main road and using the brakes more would help lesson it till the truck was parked for awhile and then the sequence would start all over again. so, i'm hoping at this point that with the purchase of a different shoe material, new drums and use of the brake quiet substance, maybe, just maybe i won't have the the center glazed shoes and that the whole shoe is coming into contact with the drum and to wear normally as it should. if i'm correct to this theory, then it comes down to the weak design of the shoes and poor selection of materials by gm and napa. i apoligise for being lengthy in this, but i hope i can help someone else with these sqelling brakes.

I have a 2005 chevy Colorado. I am very happy with it...but I have a problem with the Stop, signal lights, etc. because the sockets are plastic and they melt from the heat. Is there any recall or guarantee that covers this item? The air bag sensor light is on and wont turn off, supposedly due to a seat belt switch malfunction. Pls advise

Same problem. I have a 2006 Isuzu I-280, 5 cyl (clone of the Chevy Colorado) with the same starting problem. Problem is intermittent. Usually starts fine, always cranks great - no battery or alternator problem. Sometimes will not start, if I wait at least 15 minutes it start fine. If I wait 5 minutes when issue begins, it will not start and timer starts over from 15 min. At least 15 min seems to be required. Isuzu dealership cannot detect problem - no codes and does not occur when I take it in. Hmmm..... Many people seem to have this issue with Isuzu and Colorado trucks.

I got a 2004 chevy colorado and the ABS Fault light comes on and the abs just comes on on non slick roads and sounds like the left side got any ideas????


Im having the issue with P0017 random misfire, I have changed the solnoid actuator, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel injectors, check engine is still on with the P0017 code , Took it to dealer and they said I need a new engine, at 60,000 miles, theres something wrong the this engine design, truck runs fine, doesnt stall or anyting, the only problem is the check engine light wont go away so that it can pass immission , Dealer said it would cost me over 3000 dollars. I believe there should be a recall on this, So many people are having this issue and Chevy isnt even doing anything about it, Ive always been proud to own a chevy, all my chevy trucks have worked fine except for this chevy colorado 2006, If i choose to change the engine and spend the money, the same problem will repeat itself, my truck made it to 60000 miles, alot of these colorado owners didnt even make it to 17000 miles

GM will not do a recall they can't afford it and they don't give a grap about ther ecustomers,I will never buy another GM product and I go out of my way to tell others what crap GM is now making. GM could learn lots from toyota look what they did with the frame recall GM KNOWS THAT THEY USED VERY CHEAP PARTS AND METAL WHEN MAKING CANYONS AND COLORADOS THEY WILL NEVER DO A RECALL ,



is there a way any one other them GM can re program my truck?

Isuzu engineering screwed up what could have been a really nice pickup.

Chevy colorado 08 crew cab with 100,000 miles. Pretty decent truck. Have had a few problems to report. Uneven front tire wear. Had it aligned a couple weeks ago. drove better, but now the passenger side tire is wearing fast on the inside.I will be back at dealeship friday. Remote door unlocker sometimes wont unlock passenger side, sometime wont lock truck doors at all. One light burned out in dash, and sometimes when its cold the check engine light will come on after truck has been idling to warm up. Would I buy another? dont know, kinda iffy at this point. we'll see how she holds up over the next 50,000 miles.

I have a 2007 Isuzu I- 290 P/U I have had an on going starting problem. It cranks but will not start,the condition comes and goes you never know when it is going to do this.
I have recently determined that if you wait ten min. It will start.I have further determind That once in awhile the pass lock system is being activated and shutting off the fuel pump
for ten min.You will also see the pass lock dash light blinkinga
when it is activated. Now the problem is how do I correct it.
There has been no recalls that i know of.If anyone out there can Advise me please do so.

My 2004 Colorado has a re-curring starting problem. I suggested to dealer repair shop: I think it is related to the "anti-theft" system. I have to wait exactly ten mins. for a restart. Dealership felt it was a fuel injection related. Got repairs and system cleaned. I have to go back because the problem occurred yesterday again. Waited ten mins. and
started up again. I have 38,500 plus miles. Repair was 30 days ago. Would like to know if anyone else had or has this problem? Send me
your comments to Thank you. Overall, I like
my truck. CD player needs an upgrade. Only plays manufactured disks.
Left front speaker been repaired twice due to wiring trapped in door.
Dashlights repair next. Flicks.

i have a 2004 z71 crew cab 2wd have 120k miles other than normal maintenance, oil changes am now on 3rd set of tires been from georgia to wisconsin twice bought it brand new i have no complaints and would buy another maybe ive been lucky and got a good one.

I bought a Colorado truck new in 2009 and have had nothing but problems. Truck leaned to one side and Chevy replaced the left leaf spring and left coil spring.
I had the steering column replaced through the Better Business Burea. Apple Chevy told me it was the position sensor in the steering column that was making noise and the best they could do was offer me an extended warranty. I found out there was a law suite with the manufacturer that made the steering columns. Now I have a real rough idle and Chevy said there is nothing wrong.

I felt like I a few people were taking about my 2006 i-280 Isuzu. My AC/Heater only works on high, I am having problems with the P0017 code, and my back window leaks into the cab. The issue with the P0017 code may still be under warranty if the problem is part of the drive train but of course I have pay a fee to find out. What's up this model?

I have a 2004 gmc canyon 3.5. I bought it brand new. the frist rain storm...the insides were soaked. marvin k brown.. (where i bought the truck) couldn't find out how the water got in... i had them replace all the flooring.. next rain storm i sat in the truck.. the weather stripping inside of the back middle tail light was not postioned right.
I also, have noticed my front passenger tire is always low and wears out then the other.
another problem.. sometimes.. it just wont turn over ... nothing no sound.. after calling tow truck... to come and get me.. it starts.. i make sure i park on flat ground or where nose of the truck is up.. or it will give me the no start scare.
other than that.. it's a pretty good truck.

my 2004 gmc canyon I no longer run the higher octane fuel... my first choice is 76, chevron or shell for regular.. all other gas stations like arco, and the other nameless ones I stay away.
higher octane runs hotter... it's ok for city driving every other tank.
I have over 154,000 miles on my truck.
I had to replace my window regulator on the driver side.. it was easy.. i ordered an after market one.. looked up on you tube.. 30 min.s tops to replace.
I also.. wore out my cati/converter... maybe it's time to be replaced or running too high octane... it won't pass the smog till it's replaced costly.

It's crazy... what does having kids, being single have to do with anything... or light bulbs burning out.. has anyone ever replaced a light in the house... or changing a tire, washing the truck/car...
Tires, brakes, gas, bulbs, windows... everything needs to be replaced...
Due to your driving... do you care for your truck... You just can't put gas in it and go... "maintain" just like your home.

I have 6 children... single mom... raised them myself... single job... "hello"


my 2004 gmc canyon... i bought some awsome tires... with the 70,000 miles... best to buy.. tires with the more miles... Michelin.. great tires. the have over 70,000... and still a lot of wear. don't forget to rotate.. or the tires won't last and wear even.. I rotate with every oil change... yahoo... (only draw back) they don't make them for 70,000 miles anymore.. :(

Maybe 3 times will be a charm. Got pulled over by police for bad tail lights after having these 2 recalls on my '04. The weird thing is he showed me his dash video and issued fix-it ticket, the video clearly show them not working. I turn my engine back on (standard procedure to turn off engine during traffic stop) and to the surprise of me and the officer, my tail lights worked fine. Another night my wife was behind me at night and all my bulbs (brake, marker, and reverse) stopped working then a few minutes later the turned on but stayed on like when the cop stopped me. I turned my truck of and on and the problem went away. Maybe it has something to do with other electrical problems such as power doors, power windows, one side of front lights, etc that stop working. Will they issue a 3rd recall?

I have a 2007 GMC Canyon 4x4 crew cab 2.8 and I treat it like a cheap mule and it does not gives me any problems! I even miss calculated a load and placed 1500lbs on it, it looked like a low rider but took it and got me where I wanted to go!
I agree about the cup holders!

Have a 2008 Colorado pickup, five Cylinder with 56278 miles.
auto Trans. When I shift from to Rev or drive there is a clunking sound from the rear drive line. CSR @ Chevrolet said there was no recall for this issue. Anyone, having this problem with 08 Colorado.

I have a 04 Colorado with the 2.8 & 5spd... This truck is a piece of junk.. Runs when it feels like it and stalls out every chance it gets... Nobody can come up with the correct repair for it... Fuelpump...good... Regulator good coils crank pos sensor cam sensor timing solonoid fuel filter throttle body are all fine... Had the cylinder head and brakelights fixed under recall but nobody can figure out why this junker keeps trying to kill me

My 05 4wd crew cab has issues. Sometimes it takes 20 mins to start. I can go wherever I'm going, turn the truck off, come back an hour later and it won't start for 20 mins. Sounds like the battery is dead. While I'm trying to start the truck it will make a whining sound. Then after 20 mins or so it will start. I have same problem w/windows & locks. Also a/c will only work on high most of the time. Who else has the "hard to start" problem? Do u know what causes it?

Sometimes wont start then after 15 minites or so starts up. Took it to mechanic and he could not find a problem. So what is the problem ?

I have a 2008 chevy Colorado Z71 crew cab and I love the truck. I had a 2005 and did not like the engine power but have enjoyed this vehicle truck. I do have a small rear main seal leak but have held off fixing it since it doesn't leak much. 60K presently on it. Factory aligment was off realigned at 20K and got 50,000 out off first set of tires.

My son bought a 2004 Chevy colorado a few months ago, he is having problems with transmission, not shifting from 1st gear. does any one have had this problem, if so how did you resolved. I feel that those trucks are poorly built to begin with, specially 4 and 6 cylinder? any recomendation? from any one.

Thank you

I own a 2008 Chevy Colorado and I have experienced at least two of th problems described by other writers. One is the slow drain on the battery which after several days, especially if it is wet outside, leaves the battery totally dead. It must then be jumped for several minutes to get it started. I had a drain test done by the dealer but they claimed nothing could be found. The other is the uneven wear on the inside of the front tire. I had the alignment checked and they said it was good but I have had to replace two tires in 60K miles due to this problem.

2006 5 cyl. Same starting issue as others report. Won't start wait EXACTLY 15 minutes, it starts. Wait only 14 minutes, no start, resets the 15 minute timer.

if you try to start the truck and it rolls over but does not start but if you wait 10 mins and try again and it starts....i got bad news..its the passive alarm system..2 things to fix it...replace ignition switch cylinder (approx $500) and in some cases you need to replace the ignition cpu (another $500) .GM knows about it but wont pony up any $ to help out

I have a 2006 GMC Canyon that I bought in 2007 brand new. Since it was new I have replaced the blower motor resistor and wiring to it. Asked if it was related to a recall and was told the recall only applied to the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. Now really GM if it was a problem on them then why not recall the midsize too? About a month ago I had to replace the third brake light bulbs because they were burnt out. When I went to change them they shattered. Fortunately was able to get the shattered bulbs out and put the new ones in. I now found that none of the brake lights are working. Seen the recall notice on this site but because I did not buy or live in any of the states on the list never got a notice. I also have noticed a buzzing noise when I hit the power door locks more than the actual locking noise. Lights on driver side door panel for windows occasionaly go out too. Also have a banging noise now when turning wheel. Overall I am not impressed by the quality of the vehicle. I have the 2.8 L inline 4. Wish I had the 5 cyl. Not real good on gas plus lacks the horsepower needed for the weight of the vehicle. I have tuned the vehicle up, had injectors cleaned etc. In a nutshell I will never purchase another GM vehicle. The overall quality is no longer in GM.

I have a 2008 Chevy Colorado, and the problem I am having is that while i'm driving down the road i'll lose power and it'll flash redused power. When a gage is put on it it reads that I have a bad Throttle Body Sensor. I had that replace and I still have the same problem. What can be done to fix the problem.

04 four cyl Canyon. Never had a problem with truck but rough idle. Took it to the dealer and they said nothing could be done about that. 8 years still runs great except still rough idle. Go figure.

Im having the same problems with my 2004 chevy colorado. Im afraid it wont last til the maturity of the loan. How stupid was I to jump into a disaster. I am over paying on it as well as the auto dealer put me at 11% interest. I am paying 350 a month and for that amount I should have a decent vehicle. I did roll over a 5 month old toyota yaris but still..oh if I could go back in time. Why dont they recall all these vehicles and admit they put out chevy craporado

I have a 2005 Colorado and I am getting exhaust in the cab. Anyone ever experience this?

I have a 2008 Canyon Crew Cab SLE 32000 miles
Problems: Does not won't to start sometimes, unless I try a second time. Remote does not always lock and unlock the doors.
Number three fan position does not operate.
Wiper sometimes comes on by themselves.
Two mechanics have checked for solutions to the problems without success. Your comments will be appreciated.

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