Recall Alert: 2007-09 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Recall Alert: 2007-09 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Chrysler is voluntarily recalling 186,099 2007-09 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickup trucks equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines to fix an issue that could cause the check engine light to illuminate or, under certain conditions, cause the engine to produce heavy levels of soot that could damage the turbocharger, exhaust gas recirculation valve and diesel particulate filter and result in increased emissions.

To fix the problem, Chrysler dealers will update the software in the engine control module. The free ECM reflash takes about a half-hour to complete.

If you live in California and own one of the trucks affected by this recall, you'll need to provide proof of repair before you can renew the truck's annual registration.

Owners with questions or concerns can contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403.

[Source: Chrysler]


You have an 06 pictured there. 06s did not come with the 6.7. I know I'm being nitpicky but just saying.:D

@Tele: What makes you say it's a 2006 - when the 5.9-L diesel was offered? The body was used through 2009.

The 2006 model year was the only year to have the orange reflector running along the bottom of the headlights. The 07-09 Dodge Ram headlights did not have the reflector strip. The 07-09 also had "3D" bulged tail lights, as opposed to the 03-06HD flat tail light lenses.

That is a 2007-09 vintage. It was in 2007 that Dodge started to use the smaller/more compact Ram 3500 Heavy Duty badge. 2006 still had the "Ram 3500" in the large, silver, letters on the driver and passgenger doors.

@Eblue: you are right about the tail lights however. Dodge probably just photoshopped the new badge on the 2006 truck.

This is hilarious, my buddy, who lives in NORCAL, EGR deleted his '08 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins! Now he has to put all that crap back on and let Dodge ECM flash it to get it registered next year before he can EGR delete it again. lol

Ray LaHood where are you?

Why not tag it out of state? Get it tagged in Indiana and you will never have to go through your home state DMV again. If you have a trailer get it tagged in Maine and only pay $80 for a 5 year tag... at least I think thats the right price.

Thanks all! I went ahead and swapped out the top photo with one I took in 2007.

its just a reflash....?refresh?

not too big of a deal.....but what if the turbo is dead?...

all this new diesel engines packed with technology will all spark sometime in the future......there is nothing like the 7.3 powerstroke or the 5.9 cummins!!

Beware anyone with a downloadable programmer. If your ECM is reprogrammed with the aftermarket info on it your screwed. It will erase it and put it back to stock. If you have anykind of aftermarket equipment you will be fine as long as the ECM is factory. I`ve buggered a few ECM`s myself because of programmers.

Toyota is keeping Ray LaHood busy with more live threatening recalls.
@ oxi- How was your ski trip with toyota's two top executives? Have you heard back from Mr. Toyoda about your resume?

Any one watch leafs TV?
i quiz my son every night on the results of the game.
if he doesn't get a question right i take a basco stick away from him
this proves ram trucks are junk
btw, mike, are the 6.7 powerstrokes going to be upgraded soon to oust gm for good?

back in da forties we didnt have garbage dodge trucks. why i remember i had a fine ford truck and my neighbor had a dodge power wagon, and you know who towed who out of the swamp. FORD towed DODGE

BTW i drive a 99 f150 with a 5.4l triton with 212,000 miles
show me a dodge with more
BANKRUPT FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen that many recall notices from Dodge in relation to their more recent model trucks.
Ford's "flamethrower" exhausts were corrected with an ECM reflash.


Easy there brotha!

@ boscolicious check this out.
There are plenty of vehicles (not just chrysler) that have reached that mark. 212k should be easy to do with proper maintenence. Nothing special. This recall proves Dodges are junk? Give me a break, Ford has had plenty of recalls many of which are more serious than this.
@ billiejoe There are warnings that show up on the overhead console showing when the DPF is getting full. If you ignore the warnings eventually the DPF fills completly the engine light comes on and the engine computer derates engine power. At this point it should be fairly obvious to get to the dealer. If you don`t the plugger filter causes soot build up farther up the exhaust plugging the turbo and EGR systems but it takes quite a bit of driving to get to this point. Only an idiot would continue to drive to that point.

@ oxi when people start dying because of these plugged DPFs I`m sure the government will take appropriate action.


heres one, with oh, about five times your mileage.


@boscolicious, Just serviced a 2000 Ram 3500 Cummins with 649,850 miles on it taday at the shop. I have 298,000 on my 2001 Duramax. 212,000 miles may be a lot for an underpowered 5.4L ford but that kind of mileage is baby crap dude, get over 500,000 and then you can talk. My Cummins has low miles still (only 4 months old) but i know i will get 500,000 easy. See it all the time.

if trucks are well taken care offfff they last a million miles!!

i only got 65,000 on my current ram and 302,000 on my chevy which saw alot of abuse at the farm as a work truck!STILL GOING STRONG!

i have seen alot of chevys go past half million miles
i see alot of 2nd generation rams around "


It all depends on maintenance and at what point do you reach "the point of diminishing returns" or the point at which it isn't worth fixing anymore. That last point is open to debate.
I don't see many pickups get that many miles. The engine (diesel) might be good for it but the rest of the truck isn't. Winter weather also kicks the crap out of a rig.
A diesel is the way to go if you know you are going to rack up the miles.
Get the cheapest gasser posible if you are going to beat it to death off road or on brutal work sites.
Look after it and regardless who makes it - it should last.


Wow you are tuly uneducated !!

Every year Fords are recalled !!

Ford 5.4's have problems...Ford diesel guys even know their diesels were junk,that is why they are excited about the new Ford Diesel !!

Fords throttle body's are junk,how many Fuel injected fords stall after you start them...tons...especially the 90's vintage,even back in the 90's !!!

Wow !! Your truly uneducated,a computer upgrade recall and you say they are junk...

Really,Toyota is the only truck you can say that is truly junk,frame rust,cracking tailgates,bad ball joints,blowing up camshafts,bad drive shafts,bad trannsmissions,bad $4,000 airpumps that are not covered under warranty....Wow !!

Ford guys,such as yourself are truly uneducated,Ford is popular because they are priced so cheap,so poorer people can buy them,and this works..doesnt mean they are more reliable because they sell more,they are just more affordable to the common layperson.

I wish my 114,000 km F-150 only had Dodge's Cummins Diesel problem of plugging it in at a dealer to upgrade a computer issue,instead of spending $4200 to replace the heads and other engine damage after the infamous spark plug broke in head issue so many Ford's have..4.6,5.4 and 6.8 all have this problem for many many years !!
My truck died 14,000 k after the warranty (114,000km)and I put on those km in 4 years !! How can a 4 year old truck be so messed up ? My old beater,1992 brown dented 3.9 V-6 Dakota before that had about 400,000 km on its original motor,rearend only the trans was done at 280,000 km...Hell the Ford wouldnt last that long...Needless to say,I bought a Dodge after the disaster Ford !! Now the Ram has 120,000 km and truly a trouble free truck,0 dealer stops,0,brake pads,no bad rotors yet..The 5.7 hemi purrs and doesnt tick or 5.4 ford knocked when it was cold then stopped knocking when warmed up !! The only problem with my Dodge is a crack head in a old Ford bumped into my bumper,scratching it,now its off to the insurance adjuster,then body shop to get it fixed.I am very upset with anything Ford right now,it just rekindled my dislike of the F word Ford products.Yep,my wife had a new Taurus in 2000 that car was a junker as well,heater core failed in 2 years,and only got 18 mpg ,My 2006 Hemi Ram gets that mpg.

@ Dodge - Fords are about the same price as everyone else. The Tundra is over priced.
Mellow out or you'll become the "Bob" of the Ram crowd. Thats not a good place to go!

@Tel not to be picky ur still wrong thats 07 or newer. 06 had an orange light on the bottom i own an 06.

show me a cummins that'll do 12.2 1/4 mile with just #2 fuel like a spartan tuned 6.4 diesel!!!!!
i have smoked cummins going up hills with my skeeter bass boat hooked on the back
most of you are just dumb hicks who drive "souped up" dodge dakotas
get a clue and don't forget SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!!!!

My truck has 3,466,245 miles as of yesterday. So forget Dodge! Go Fords!

for the person who pointed out the DIESEL 1 million miler checkout this ford that will put that one to shame

not to metion this wasn't diesel!!!
i have seen 7.3's with 450,000 miles on them with a whole lot of towing too.

@boscolicious - quote"SHOW SOME RESPECT". You haven't posted anything worthy of respect!
Ford had made many good trucks, but their diesel's have had some issues(understatement). The Cummins is the oldest design in service but that isn't a bad thing. It's been a proven design.


@ Lou
You my friend need help. You are insulting boscolicious, but it seems to me that he is much wiser than you, and knows what hes talking about. I am a major stockholder of the Ford motor company, using an assumed name, and i am confident that Ford indeed is better than Dodge.


i have a 1959 ford f-100 that has 3,224,255 miles on it and still pulls a horse trailer 50 miles a day, and has only dropped one tranny and has no engine rebuild

@Joe Finnaman
@ boscolicious

Why don't you rabid fanboys get together with Bob, and bobby1971. Maybe Dodge can join your glee club as well.
You guys have so much in common that it is frightening!

I've always made a point of staying away from "all new" models. The Ford SD is an all new drivetrain.

No matter how hard engineers may try to bulletproof a vehicle, Mr. Murphy always comes along for the ride.

The Cummins is the "oldest" design - it's had it's "bugs" worked out. Thst is the main reason why I'd pick one over the competition.

I'd pick an F150 for my choice of 1/2 tons,
and the Tacoma crewcab for small trucks.

@Tom - quote"i have a 1959 ford f-100 that has 3,224,255 miles on it and still pulls a horse trailer 50 miles a day, and has only dropped one tranny and has no engine rebuild"
What engine, trans, and rearend do you have in that truck?
How many miles a year do you drive?
How long have you owned it?
There are only 5 mile numbers and a 1/10 number on the original speedo. 99,999 9/10 ia all it will show.
That would mean you or the prior owners "wrapped it" 32 times.
I love those old Fords, but I doubt your claim.


its an 07' it has the bulged tail lights, they are not flat. Look closelyand you can see two little red balls sicking out.


have a 09 dodge plugged dpf in illinois do i have a recall have not been notified

I have the 2009 Ram HD 2500 Quad Cab 6.7L BlueTech purchased new December 2009.

I received the ECM reflash days after it was recommended. It does not take care of the problems.

At 42,000 miles they had to replace the DPF and remove and clean the EGR valve. The EGR Cooler and Turbo Charger should have been inspected and cleaned also but this service was not performed because the "error codes did not recomend this work". This is a wide spread problem for the Dodge Ram Cummings 6.7L trucks produced from 2007 to 2009. Apparently the EGR, DPF emission control and fuel systems are in need of repair frequnetly with OEM parts and programing that have not been improved. These trucks will never work the way they were designed. Some owners have resorted to removing ( Delete Kits ) emission system parts including the catylitic converter and reprograming the ECM with a race tuner. Chrysler LLC needs to recall the trucks at this point and offer up a fair refund to their customers. Even a fair buy back plan and trade into one of their HD trucks that work could gain them a lot of respect in the industry.

I have a 2007 H D Ram 3500. Pulled in Garage, Went to go to work. Turn Key Nothing, No info lights or nothing. ,a few seconds the out side lights come on. Won,t start. Called Dodge they said unhook the batteries. or itr will catch on fire. But they can't fix it.

I have a 2007 dodge 3500 and it's not shifting

2007 and it's not shifting help plz

I have 07 dodge diesel I live in Washington state do I have a recall here for my dpf.

Is there a recall number for problem? I have 09 dodge 6.7, I;ve been fighting heavy soot problems? please let me know

IRT to the original story here, I have a 2007.5 2500 and the overhead display told me it was at 80%, then a few days later jumped to FULL. I called Chrysler about the recall (which my truck is not listed for) and took it in to the dealer and they basically wanted 6k$ to fix it!!!!! OUT-FREAKING-RAGEOUS! All of this because my VIN isn't "listed" so no free fix or looksie for me. I can't believe the crap us Hard Working Americans have to put up with just to get our WORK TRUCKS back out on the road. I got a Cummins for a reason, and it wasn't to barbie up with chrome, "roll coal", or to slam other folks with 1/4mile jargon times. Guys like us deserve a fair shake!

Is this recall for Canada

I have a 07.5 cummins 3500 dually with the 6.7l i just had my truck reflashed but the dealership charged me $300 to do so. That worked for a few months but now its acting up even worse how do i go about this recall thing?

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