Welcome to our New Look

Welcome to our New Look

By now you've probably noticed that we've changed a few things around PickupTrucks.com. We'd like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website.

The first thing we'd like to point out is our new logo. It's stronger and bolder than ever before, with a nice nod to our previous decade-old "classic" truck badge. We've also changed our colors. Orange sticks around, and we've added brown.

You'll also see that we spent a lot of time cleaning up the site so you can find the information you want as quickly as possible. It's easier than ever to shop for a new or used pickup truck or see the latest news headlines.

We've also got a brand-new fan page on Facebook as well as our Twitter feed, so you can keep up with us between stories. We hope you follow us there, too.

But as we move forward with great new content and features for you, here's a quick look back at how the site has evolved over the past 15 years. Thanks for all of your continued support and a big welcome to new readers!

PUTC 1998
Circa 1998

PUTC 2001
January 2001

PUTC May 2010
May 2010


Hard to tell what is news and what is an ad ... and there are a lot of ads. I know you guys gotta make a living, but try to seperate the ads from the news a bit better. It's confusing to figure out at a glance. This site is one of my daily visits, I check quickly for new stories... if it takes too long to sort the news from the ads I'll end up skipping the site all together.

Very nice! I noticed the new look this morning.

I hope to get used to it. Probably will.

Is that truck on the new a logo a late 70's Gm missing the Big TEN logo on the box? LOL.

@Irwin: The new logo reminds me of a 1968 Jeep Gladiator.

So after hitting the fresh button about 10 times and finally realizing that the site actually changed, i can say NICE PAGE!

Also just to note, a few have made mention of this site leaning towards Ford more than other manufactures (this is arguable). However, on the previous site, at one point i believe i counted 8 different references to Ford (stories, pictures, and Ad's) and just 1 or 2 of other brands. with that said this site looks "more" Far and Balanced ;)

Great Job, thumbs up to your web programmer!!!

At first glance, I thought that I had been redirected away from my favorite site.
Looks good. Keep up the great work.

Very nice except the navigation bar next to the car.com logo isn't rendering correctly in FF3.6. It's all showing up below the global-nav div.


I only see one spot (besides the header) on the page that has an advertisement and even so it is clearly marked "advertisement". Take another "glance" ;)

@Mike: Congrats on the evolution. Beats going the other way, huh? I'm with you on the Jeep Gladiator feel in the logo. A truck most of us wish we had and wish they made. I think the "Latest News" section should look as important and strong as the "Search For a Truck" section. And the Feature Section - "Driving a Half-Ton with Electric...etc." Should be at top left and the other left side sections follow that. Hope you don't mind the different ideas. It's cool with me and I will continue to visit every chance I get. Best truck site in the business. Period.



It's quite difficult to differentiate an ad with a news story. But, I can get used to it. Thumbs up on the new look.

The upper chose-bar is a bit crashed (those buttons aren't straight and 100% readable) on my Firefox explorer with Wndows 7 beside that...PT goes tasty chocolate - sweet! :)

Nice, works for me as its easier to see whats news, the adds are not a problem as some find because I run adblock

The only thing I would like to see changed is the "Search for a Truck" window set below the Main Article.

To m,e it is very annoying and harder to surf the website with that up top.

Other then that, good job.

Site looks good, but how about putting the news above the “find your truck” ad. Or even better yet have a link for just the news in-between the home and forums tab.

avid mobile reader.. rare commenter tho.. I check this site @least 1ce a day to stay current.. This rarely disappoints.. The pissin matches r always great for a laugh

I consider the "search for a truck" and "Research a Truck" as ads. If they were tools for the readers they could easily be put out of the way in a menu and not taking up 50% of the front page. It's a revenue generation ad ... which is fine, just don't make it the focal point of the home page. When I search for, or research a truck I probably won't be using this site, I'll be using one of the other bazillion websites that offer the exact same service.

I always came here for big news in bold headlilnes ... not big search boxes that are actually ads.

@John: I see your point and hope that you can see ours. We can probably debate nomenclature but the search for a truck boxes aren't ads. They are existing functionality in PUTC that, until now, has been secondary. We've brought them to the top because we've got thousands of new and used trucks to help dealers and current owners sell - and that means revenue for the site so we can keep providing great (I think it's great) content.

I agree it now requires more work to see the featured story but we aren't reducing the news and reviews one bit. I'm here to make sure even better content gets on the site moving forward. But stay tuned. I'm sure we'll be making several tweaks here and there to make the site even better for our awesome readers and truck buyers.

I come to this site for the latest news, not to search for trucks online and I find that HUGE "search for a truck" in the way and a little annoying and the news articles other than the top stories need to be pulled out of the ads. Other than that I like the new look. And I liked that you added some Chevrolet's to the main page to try and offset the "Ford" decor.

Seems a little heavier on the advertising, links to truck buying websites are more prominent. Looks like news articles are now 'second page'. But hey, I understand that someone has to pay the bills around here!

@ Mike, Yes Jeep totally now that you mention it.

I prefer the newest story be more in your face, but we'll get used to it.

Stop whining about the search for trucks thing. You're all acting like girlie men. The new site is awesome!

To me it is little unorganize.I want to see latest news on the main page,not to search for trucks.There are different sites for that.Sorry you guys could do better.

maybe the bobsie twins will be confused by the new look and stop blogging. Yea Haa ;)

crap - bob's figured it out.

Your new look sucks.

Hope you make a lot of money on ad sales, but I won't be tuning in anymore.

Maybe a lot of others feel the same?


All this feedback is awesome. Keep it coming!

Change is good.
Complacency leads to stagnation.

My favorite part of the site is news and tests.
I don't mind the layout now that I'm getting familiar with the changes.

This is very much like cars.com main page.Its like rebadge cars.Wrong direction Mike.Bring the headlines on top of the page.Most of the people who comes here wants some latest news about the trucks.In fact,only reason I am here is the news.

The large brown area is excessively large, I liken it to a large dark cloud hovering over the page. Not sure what it's there for or why so large. The brown area carries over to the forum home page and clashes with the blue-ish areas dividing forums. Seems like an easy fix though.

Nice look! Very fresh! I would however recommend switching the News articles on center and the shopping cart to the left. Ultimately we come to your site mostly for the news articles. If they continue to be hard to pinpoint then maybe your revamp is not a success. Even your advertisers want you to maintain and increase traffic. I'm sure they understand the importance of putting the bait (News articles) front and center.
Overall I enjoy your site though.

I agree, ads with your articles dont look good. Dont like the search a truck at the very top. Put news back on top. I know things have to change and keep them fresh but hard to sort through it all. Ads are important but we dont come here to read the ads.

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