Report: General Motors Won't Accelerate Release of Next-Gen Full-Size Trucks

Report: General Motors Won't Accelerate Release of Next-Gen Full-Size Trucks
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With higher prices at the pump, General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said the automaker has no plans to speed up the debut of its next-generation full-size pickup trucks, according to a report in Automotive News.

"Trucks would not be a program that we’d move up in a mileage-sensitive market," Akerson said.

In the meantime, GM is moving up the release of more fuel-efficient cars, like the all-new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, which is expected to launch four months earlier than planned.

Our take: We're scratching our heads a bit.

If GM is sticking to its revised launch schedule for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra replacements — changed after the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 — this isn't big news. GM has a finite amount of engineering talent it can use to speed up the release of its new cars or trucks.

However, we're wondering if the resources are available, why wouldn't GM also want to move up the launch of its next-gen big pickups? Ford's all-new buzz-worthy powertrain lineup for the 2011 F-150 is powerful and fuel efficient. GM's next-gen pickups are expected to also receive new six-cylinder and eight-cylinder conventional and hybrid engines that are more powerful and efficent than the current engine lineup. GM's full-size twins are also expected to be lighter than the trucks they replace, which is expected to help improve EPA gas mileage ratings over today's. So why not move up the release in a "mileage-senstitive market?"

[Source: Automotive News]


@bob: Clean up your language.

@ Rich - Bob brings up what you mentioned, and Jake talks about being a "closet GM hater". I'd say there is some sort of Freudian slip. A Freudian slip for those unfamiliar with the term means when one is speaking, and accidentally inserts a word on one's subconcious.
@Bob and Jake - you 2 need to hook up. It mike make both of you happy and more relaxed.


Oh hey buddy...I thought you might find this interesting...Its link to the WORST rated cars on the road today...And guess what GM makes up the Majority of the list!

If that's not poor management then I don't know what is.

It was also stated that Ford is the only domestic automaker to not have a single car on the list.

Woychowski, "We get paid to get smarter everyday." Tax dollars hard at work.

I have said it many times, anything to do with GM and the GM haters can't help themselves and bash or cry bailout or welfare or obama this or obama that.

How come I don't hear any complaints about Chrysler or the banks that took money to stay in business??? How come we don't hear those same people that bash GM say a peep about Chrysler or the banks or any other company the govt has given loans to???

Why is just GM the vilian and the evil empire???

Hay Nate, does that consumer reports "worst cars" report give you a hard on? No fords on the list hay nate. Well, the Escalade, Tahoe and Colorado are great vehicles and customers love them. The Aveo is old and outdated and it is made in Korea and is being replaced this summer by the Chevrolet Sonic and will be the only vehicle in it's class to be built exclusively in the US.

I don't know why, but Consumer Reports does have a negative bias on the domestic vehicles and if it is a foreign car, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's a good thing that not everyone takes everything consumer reports has to say about GM vehicles to heart. Last time I checked GM still sells more vehicles than anyone in the US and they are poised to retake #1 for most vehicles sold globally with only 4 core brands, Chevy, GMC, Buick and Cadillac.


I agree about Consumer Reports. You have to take their, kitchen appliance expertise, automotive reports with a grain of salt.


O wow so 4 of the 35+ vehicles GM currently produces in the US are below average?


The Aveo is being replaced this summer by the Sonic, which i guarntee you will not be on this list, and like Bob said, will be built in America unlike that Mexican ford fiesta....

The Escalade and Tahoe are on the list because CR feels they arent worth the money, not because they are piece of crap...

GM marketshare and profits have all been on the rise and will continue to be that way once more new product gets here. I cant wait to see what GM is doing in a few years when they will have a full lineup...

@ Bob - why would we complain about bank bailouts on a truck site?
Since you brought it up - I am dead set against any form of corporate bailout.
People don't say much about the Chrysler bailout for several reasons:
1. Chrysler got screwed by DaimlerBenz, and Cerberus.
2. Chrysler's bailout was 6.6 billion.
3. Chrysler has always been viewed as the underdog.
GMC was the Top Dog that totally, completely, mismanaged itself to death.
@ Bob - don't you think this decision to stall truck development but to push green cars sounds like government interference?
You bosom buddy Obama saved GMC, therefore they get to call the shots.
Did you know that the U.S. Government Buys 1 out of 4 Hybrid Models Produced by GM.
By 2015, the federal government will only buy hybrids, says Obama.
Get used to it.
Government Motors.
See the connection?
CBM - Cry Baby Motors.

Jake + Bob = Bake, or umm....Baked


1st off, your the last person who should be calling out butt buddies... Sometimes I think you and Lou are married.

2nd off, Im not a fan of Bob, I dont hate him and obsess over him like some do on this site, but there is no doubt he can get annoying... But he made a good point and I agreed with it.

@ Jake and Bob
quit trying to defend your Government company it was said and i heard it from GM fan boys when they took the bailout money that is going to be the end of GM it never works to give somebody money they need to earn it like every business does, this is just a sign of things to come

@Jake - "But he made a good point and I agreed with it."
Could you point it out for the rest of us.

@ Bob - one last point concerning your comment
"People don't say much about the Chrysler bailout"
Ram/Chrysler does not have a stark raving fanboi on this site.
People hammer GMC because they know it pisses YOU off.
Reality sucks.

A little more info to the GM loan "bailout" story:

GM is more than just an American auto and truck company. It did just over $2 billion with the DOD in 2010 for vital components and vehicles for the military. It ranks 35th in the top 100 DOD contractors with the US government. You won't find Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Hyundi, etc on that list.

GM has very good technical/engineering facilities and tremendous manufacturing capacities. In my opinion, the government did the right thing to loan GM the money. It allowed the US to retain strategic manufacturing capabilities for future challenges to come. The challenges of fuel, food, finance, and fresh water are just around the corner.

As for the loans and bailouts, at least GM is producing a tangiable product. I can't say that for other industires such as finance/banks.

One final note on bailouts: Why should I (one of the 48% that pay income taxes) have support the "others" who chose not to work and pay taxes?

There may be brand loyal guys willing to wait for GMC to come out with new trucks, but what about the guy who can't wait?
That would be the guy who has a completely worn out truck and needs it for his job or personal use.
Those guys will jump ship.
There were a few months where Sierra/Silverado was outselling Ford F series, but that trend seems to be reversing.
That was probably because of the new chassis and Duramax HD trucks.
Imagine how well GMC would do with new 1/2 tons. 1/2 tons have always been the dominant domain of GMC.

Neil, I agree! My 86 K10 Suburban moves just fine on 165 HP and 275Ft pounds of torque...even while towing a 4500 pound trailer.
The HP/TQ wars have gotten way out of hand!
And as far as Dodge is concerned, I dont know if this is still true about the Cummins trucks, But we used to ay that the cummins powered RAM was just an excellent engine, surrounded by a bucket of bolts.

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