What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

Ford's all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 for the 2011 F-150 is rated at 16/22 mpg city/highway (4x2) and 15/21 mpg (4x4). But what gas mileage would you expect towing a 9,000-pound trailer like the one we pulled (pictured above)? Our test truck was a two-wheel-drive FX2 SuperCrew with a 3.55 ratio rear axle.

Comment here or answer the survey on our Facebook page. We'll provide the results when we publish our full road test in the next few days.


@Oxi: Please. Stop. If we were trying to protect Ford, the recall wouldn't be published, don't you think? Like other recalls, including Toyota, I've shut it down because the comments go off the rails so quickly. That's it. No conspiracy.

Doesn't matter, ford junk is being recalled, so will this one, now you can close this comment section, the ford girls are still crying.

@Larry and @oxi, if it weren't for comments like yours we could continue to discuss on EVERY article instead of having them dye out into the brand v brand garbage.

I have a question for everyone out there...So Ford sent 2WD trucks...why wouldn't they? Better fuel economy and all that, it makes sense, don't hassle Mike L over it. But how many of us actually tow in 4WD? I know the weights are different, but am I missing something other than that? I don't pretend to be a truck pro, but the tests seem pretty legit to me, just use your imagination and factor in the extra weight. I don't think adding 4WD would cause the truck to implode or perform too much differently than a 2WD. I could be wrong on this, but what else am I missing between the 2 and 4wd?

also, it's DIE, not DYE. Been doing way too many liquid penetrant inspections.

My bet around 4 mpg

My 2010 Toyota Tacoma gets 6 mpg when towing my 800lb travel trailer on levels land.So the Ford is biggest than my Toyota so it is badder on gas.My older 2001 Tacoma getted 12 mpg city I dont know how a biggest truck than the best truck on earths can get better than a Toyota so I bet the Ford is 4 mpg or less the fix is in,and we knows better that Toyota is the bestest on gasses.

To all those guessing lower than 8, you must not have read the article to see the poll questions. The three choices are:
14 or above
We know Mike already has the results and they fit into one of those categories. So we know it will get decent MPG while towing an enormous load. I think the real question then is how will the MPGs be for other driving since that is what 90% of the use is for most buyers.


Many don't use Facebook, other's get a continuous "Loading..." response when selecting the PickupTrucks.com's Facebook link, and finally those Facebook choices came up well after PickupTruck forum comments began. My outside view of Facebook shows 5 options.

The real problem is not having enough information to make an intelligent guess: speed, were attempts made to optimize fuel economy like not using cruise control, coasting on downhills, allowing truck to slow on climbs. Did the towing F150 attempt to maintain speeds of the nontowing F150?

Based on everyone's comment on fuel mileage:4 mpg to 14 mpg, I think the case can be made that the 4.4L diesel needs to be offered.
My 2000 F-250 4WD w/3.73 gears, 6-speed manul tran. and the "good" powerstroke-7.3L gets 18 to 20 mpg towing or not!
It pains me to see manual trans disappearing also. That is why I can muster the fuel mileage that I get.

oxi is starting to sound like Bob. Why cant you two keep your comments directly related to the thread your commenting on.

11.5 MPG

@southern IL man, we have a 7.3 at our business, and according to that, you are way off on your fuel economy estimate. The 4.4L gets about 30mpg in the Range Rover, but that's only at Euro 5 emissions. Bog it down to US emissions, it might not be so good. Also, you want to pay $5,000+ for that engine? Ford would be better off by getting that hydraulic hybrid to market.

@ Lou I agree. To add to that, it does seem like 4x4 trucks and SUVs are the ones getting stuck in the ditch. The funny part is that when you get a vehicle that buried in snow 4x4 and snow tires are unlikely to get you unstuck.


Probably 5mpg at best.

@Jordan L - I almost got my truck stuck this winter. We had a record dump of snow. I didn't want to pack it down when I got home from work, so I parked my truck on the street up against the snow bank. When I had my 2 wheel drive van, I never would of parked there. The traction control system is counter intuitive at first. I tried to rock back and forth gentilly to prevent wheel spin (how I was taught to drive). It wouldn't climb out. Funny thing was - I floored it just for the hell of it - the traction control kicked in and I was able to crawl out. It was a weird sensation. I still don't like to make use of the traction control or drive where it kicks in. I prefer to be more gentle than the programmed limits of the truck.
My wife didn't seem to have many problems with her front wheel drive minivan. Mind you - she borrowed the truck a lot, and din't play in the deep snow like I was doing (at times).

@ Oxi - you need to lay off of the conspiracy theories. Keep it up and guys in white coats will come looking for you. Dumb, inflammatory comments are the things that gets threads closed. Like Mike said, if he was protecting Ford - he never would of posted the news.

@ Lou:

What's the matter Lou? Still afraid of the truth?


I can believe half the comment on here. The people on here are beyond my comprehension.

God Bless AMERICA!!!

If it's not conspiracies it's whining and complaining about how the test is done, or its not posted this second, or it needs a specific accerlorator percentage that each truck does with wind friction calculated because I'm not smart enough to use the information given to me to make my own conclusions blah blah blah.... It never ends.

Mike must love his job! A lot of posters on here aren't worth doing anything for.

Better yet, whiners do your own tests and show us how it's "supposed" to be done.


I take it Ford still has never reimbursed you for those CV intake replacement costs, huh??

One thing I will say, in your defense. You are consistant. You don't even need to post your name, and we would all know who it is. That takes talent.

Reading this is better than stand up comedy. The wishful thinking and blatant bashing is hilarious. Like I said, Mike has to be enjoying this (short of reading those comments accusing him of being bought off). I look forward to the article, and the page upon page of nitpicking that it will cause. :)

There are a lot of trolls that come here, and there are a lot of regulars on here that often post good comments, and then sometimes sound a lot like the trolls. If you're exaggerating or distorting the truth, or just blatantly lying just to get a reaction from people, you're a troll. If you are just passionate about your favorite brand of truck, and you want to talk about how good it is, there are places on this website where that is appropriate, but it is not appropriate in every single article. I hope people behave themselves, or Mike gets a system where we have to register to make comments. I hope the people who abuse the system get banned.

@ "P" What's the matter Lou? Still afraid of the truth?

What truth is that?
Your bitter version doesn't mesh with reality.

I love the truth.
There are 3 sides to every story. Your side, the other side and then "the what really happened" side.

Why don't you try the "what really happened" side for a change. Same for Bob and Oxi.

9K is a lot of weight.
11 - 11.5 mpg would be pretty good at 55mph.
My 2002 Duramax/Allison gets 14-15 mpg pulling my 6K boat, motor, and trailer 75 mph with the A/C on.

@Nei, those LB7s were excellent for fuel economy too. I doubt an LLY-LMM would be anywhere near as good as yours. So if the EcoBoost can manage around 12 mpg with 9,000 lbs, using the cheaper unleaded fuel, that would be excellent. I am looking forward to the results.

oxi, represents the Japanese cowboy (The Toyota logo looks like a Japanese Resistol/Stetson knock-off) group. He has to bash anything related to the American car companies. He is anti-America.

I drive a 2wd in OH, never needed 4wd in the flats of Ohio. I understand for somepeople 4wd is a must especially if their driving skills are challanged.



Yep...Lou and Gloria the Man are still afraid of the truth. Only someone that desperate would bring up some silly Crown Vic in a posting about a Ford V6 that gets the mileage of a V8.

Ecoboost is a joke. It hasn't delivered on ONE SINGLE CLAIM that Ford has made about it. There is nothing "eco" about it. Having an engine that costs more to buy, costs more to repair, and costs more to maintain while being tuned within an inch of it's life...all while delivering the SAME or WORSE mileage than a V8 is not a solution to a problem.

Why do you think the lowest gear offered with the 5.0 is a 3.31 and the lowest gear offered with the TwinForce engine is a 3.15? Because if they offered a 3.15 with the 5.0, you would see that there would be ZERO MPG advantage to the TwinForce. It's a good engine for what it is...but economical it isn't.


What truck do you drive? Oh wait, you're a TROLL.


GM does have a healthy brain, they never use it.

Bob, quit trolling.

P, you should look at the towing capabilities with those ratios.
The ratios you mentioned are only available on 4x2 by the way. Given the low end torque of the EB, it can pull harder with a taller ratio.

5.0 with 3.31 = 8,100 lbs EcoBoost with 3.15 = 8,600 lbs
5.0 with 3.55 = 9,500 lbs (MAX) EcoBoost with 3.55 = 11,300 lbs (2wd)

You should compare the F150 Ecoboost milage while towing to a Silverado 5.3/6.0 while towing and Tundra 5.7/4.7 while towing.

These manufacturers say now that Half Tons can tow up to 11k pounds. I am really not a fan of using a half ton for towing 9k pounds which is why I have a 2500 but that is for another topic. That being said I am estimated the mileage at 9.5 for towing and at the most 9.8 but that is all I am giving it for estimates.

Buy American or say Bye to America!

Excuse me racist that hates anything with a foreign nameplate!

Too bad, the Toyota Tundra is more American than your precious Ford F-150 that is mostly imported!

The Tundra for its sake is 100% made in the U.S. while the big 3 import theirs! You should be praising Toyota for trusting the U.S. worker while the big 3 crap on them with their foreign operations!

@ oxi

My Ranger has 90% domestic parts content and was imported from Twin Cities, St. Paul Minnesota.
The Tundra is not 100% American.


Your Toyota Tundra, though it is 100% American "assembled", it is done so with 50%? Japanese parts, by a 100% Japanese company.

My DODGE RAM, is 100% American assembled (Mexico), with about 90% American parts, by a 70% American company.

It appears that my Dodge is truely more American than your Toyota.

@both of you,

The Tundra is more U.S. than your precious F-150, that is proven!

Their are no more 100% U.S. built vehicles, those days are gone. Every vehicle has parts in them from around the world!

Final assembly point is one of the major, if not major component. That is where you see multi-national companies like most auto companies and ALL large auto companies have faith in the local markets they sell by allowing them to be built there.

As for the Tundra, Toyota has 100% faith in the U.S. worker while the big 3 shut down plants in the U.S. and move them to Mexico and Canada to sll those same pickups in the U.S. market!

That shows your so-called "American" companies are a bunch of traitors and hippocrits!

They DO NOT care about this nation. They care about making their shareholders richer while they wrap themselves in the vail of being so-called U.S. companies.

They are only U.S. based in name and HQ, other than that, they are a typical multi-national moving plants to cheaper labor markets, etc...

GM, Ford and Chrysler have NOTHING to do with the Constitution, SO PLEASE STOP SAYING THEY ARE A PART OF THIS NATION!

You guys are the ignorant ones for falling for that logic! They are multi-nationals hell bent on profitability no matter where they are built, they could care less about the nations they operate in.

Unless your a shareholder, you have little say in their operations!


@ oxi More hypocricy from you, it just never ends. Heres a great quote, I know your big on quotes :
"As for the Tundra, Toyota has 100% faith in the U.S. worker while the big 3 shut down plants in the U.S. and move them to Mexico and Canada to sll those same pickups in the U.S. market!

That shows your so-called "American" companies are a bunch of traitors and hippocrits!

They DO NOT care about this nation. They care about making their shareholders richer while they wrap themselves in the vail of being so-called U.S. companies.

They are only U.S. based in name and HQ, other than that, they are a typical multi-national moving plants to cheaper labor markets, etc... "

You may recognize these words. You slam the U.S. auto companies for not building their vehilces in the states. They are "traitors and hypocrits". And yet you fully support Toyota because they build trucks in the U.S. By your definition this makes Toyota a "traitor and hypocrit" since Toyota is a Japanese company. They should be building their trucks in Japan and shipping them. It not fair to hold the U.S. auto makers to different standards then the Japanese. Who's the real hypocrit? And please don't fall back on your second most over used arguement and say I hate Toyota or don't own one so have no say.

Can you STOP comparing Toyota to the Japanese government please!

Toyota is a publically traded company, their are no national Japanese elections to vote who will run the company. The shareholders do that!

Same with any of the big 3. Their are no GM elections at the local ballot box to vote in new leadership!

Comparing auto companies to nations is UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT!

Toyota is a multi-national like the big 3 and in the last 20 years, Toyota has opened many plants in the U.S. while the big 3 were shutting them down and moving them to Mexico and Canada to still serve the U.S. market.

That is what I mean by being a traitor of a company. Why could they not keep those plants open in the U.S.?

Answer: they do not give a damn about the U.S. worker and place shareholder value ahead of where they build them and they cry to the federal government that they need a bailout (as with GM) because they cannot compete against well ran auto companies like Toyota!

I refuse to support failures and crybabies like GM and Chrysler!

Ford has been trying to build factories in the US again, and last time I checked F150s are still built in the US, the 2012 Focus is built in the US, Ford is working to move Fiesta and Fusion plants into the US, the Ford Mustang is built in the US, The Taurus is built in the US, the Escape is built in the US, the C-Max is gonna be made in the US, the Superduty is built in the US, the Expedition is built in the US, the E-series is built in the US, various parts plants are located in the US, Multiple stamping facilities making body panels and frames are located in the US, multiple engine factories are in the US.

But I guess since Ford has some factories in Canada and Mexico and get some parts through other factories around the world makes them TOTALLY un-American, proving that they are planning to overthrow the government and are currently supplying China with super weapons to destroy USA.

And Toyota isn't building plants here to avoid tariffs and save money, it has nothing to do with that, Toyota doesn't want to make money they just want to be generous by having Americans build cars.

@ oxi I've been coming to this website for over a year now and have read thousands of comments and I can't recall ever reading a comment that compares Toyota or the big 3 to their governments. The only person that brings it up is you. You like to bring up the shareholder aspect all the time as well. Well it works both ways, if your not a sherholder of GM or Chysler who are you to say what they do and how they run their companies?


You choose to support a Japanese car company versus an American car company. Who is the traitor in this situation?

The U.S. government needs to force Toyota, along with all the other foreign car companies assembling in the U.S., to join the U.A.W! I bet these foreign companies run back to their own countries, to assemble their vehicles, if this were to happen.

Do not fault American companies for being a part of unions that try to give American workers as much as possible. Reminder: I am not a part of any union and I never have been.

@Jordon L,

Read the above comment...

You like how he says:

"You choose to support a Japanese car company versus an American car company"

Again, comparing auto companies to nations is the most ridiculous thing ever! I am not the one...

Again, what does the U.S. Constitution have to do with any of the big 3? Answer: NOTHING!

So stop calling them "American" or "Japanese", they are multi-national corporations.

And do not try and change what I am saying!

I do not view these corporations as "American" or "Japanese", I view them as a corporation like most sane people do in this world.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!,

Your sounding more red "communist" every day!

Do you like your country?

Then why do you seek more rules and regulations? Those are some of the reasons corporations here in the U.S. are leaving for foreign operations.

Force Toyota to join the UAW? Should I say communism...

Toyota has been doing fine without the UAW, so why should their workers join them?

I see now, your pro-union and flippen mad that these transplants are ALL non-union and why your precious big 3 have so many plants in Mexico to avoid unions...

Looks like the unions could be a part of the problem here, just look at the facts...

Last time I checked my last 2 Tacoma's were built in the U.S., where are you getting this "Japanese" thing from?

As you call them, "Americans" built my Tacoma's, you got a problem with that? So you do not trust the American worker and cast shame on me for buying a pickup built by Americans for Americans?

I thought you liked America as you call it. In reality it's the United States of America!

So are you going to advocate these Americans that built my Toyota be thrown into a detention camp? Those are good paying jobs and if you do not like the fact that Americans are building Toyota's and dealer networks are servicing them, then maybe you need to look for another place to live.

This great nation is not a closed door, commie nation, we are free and open! If you do not like that, then move out to another nation where you can ban anything that you do not seem fit.

I have toured Toyota factories here in the U.S. and it was awesome to see so many Americans building Toyota's. Damn proud and free!

@ oxi Thanks for the clarification. You choose not to see them as companies from a country just companies in general. That makes sense finally. In my opinion it sounds like you are making a justification or rationalization for buying a Toyota when you say they are just companies but thats just one mans opinion. I never understood the need to base vehicle purchases on political reasons. Buy what you like and enjoy it.

I agree Jordan L.

Whatever company you buy from, domestic or foreign, is where your money goes, America or abroad.

Bottom line: Support the American economy or a foreign economy. It is your choice, how the U.S. economy endures the recession.

I towed an 8000 lb trailer on the weekend over a stretch of 80k (50 mi). I went 25mi in one direction ( slight incline ) then turned and came back ( slight decline ).I kept the speed as close as possible to 90k (55mph). My fuel economy gauge said I was using 25 liters per 100k or
9.5 mpg. My truck was brand new and had only 100k on the odometer. I have an F150 4X4 super crew, 3.5 Eco Boost , 3:73 ratio, 20inch wheels, 5' 5" box. I would like to think the mpg will improve a little over time.

try 8 miles per gal just traded up to v 8

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