Award Season Means Serious Truck Testing Going On

FW PTOTY 2012 lead

Whether you know it or not, this is award season for all the big truck magazines. In order to make publication dates at the beginning of 2012 calendar, truck testing needs to happen right around now. Awards like Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, Four Wheeler Magazine’s Pickup Truck of the Year, and 4Wheel & Off Road’s 4x4 of the Year, all do their testing right around now. 

The trail testers at Four Wheeler Magazine sent these photos over to us and it looks like they’re having a pretty good time with the three entries they have for their PTOY award. We’re told the three vehicles are a new F-150 FX4 EcoBoost with the new transfer case, the Power Wagon with the new 6-speed transmission and RamBox, and a Ram 2500 HD Cummins with the new 6-speed tranny and RamBox as well. 

Even though they tell us they’ve posted some blogs on the competition, they won’t announce their winner until the beginning of the year. We’ll try to keep track of all the award winners as they’re announced and pass along the information. 

FW PTOTY 2012 2

FW PTOTY 2012 3




You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you are dealing with an expert in off-roading...With a man who is the best with 4x4 trucks, off-road racing, trail running, and builds...

oxi has been trained to ignore trail conditions, weather, to go off-road and live off the land and go where no truck has gone before... During the Gulf War oxi was trained on military off-road vehicles all day long, to run behind enemy lines, to kill, and oxi was the best!

Down in the Baja oxi learned the demands of off-road racing with Bump & Jump Racing...he finished first!

In the most brutal
race of the year, we finished
first,” said George Papageorge.
“We had some
major suspension
damage and a hole
in the rear differential
case. There was a gear
lube trail as far as the eye
could see. The fans at
the finish line could not
believe we had even finished,
especially with the
rear differential less than a
quarter full. We could hear sizzling
and popping noises inside
the case. After repairing the hole
at the finish and driving the truck home, we
were surprised to find that nothing had been harmed.
We finished the season with the same differential!

Page 6-7...

@Jake - the fact that you worship Oxi like a god is really, really creepy.
Halloween is coming. Your posts are starting to make sense.

@Jason and Don - I was using the term Hi-lift and Jackall more to signify the style of jack.
I have 2 Jackall brand 48" lift jacks that are both rated at 8,000 lb. that is more than enough to lift a truck.
I treat them with considerable caution and respect.


So this test is to determine which of these horrible dated trucks has a better jack???


I am just stating facts... You wanted proof...

Oxi was racing down in the Baja back in the day in the 1990's...

Here is the proof...

Read it and weap...

In the most brutal
race of the year, we finished
first,” said George Papageorge.
“We had some
major suspension
damage and a hole
in the rear differential
case. There was a gear
lube trail as far as the eye
could see. The fans at
the finish line could not
believe we had even finished,
especially with the
rear differential less than a
quarter full. We could hear sizzling
and popping noises inside
the case. After repairing the hole
at the finish and driving the truck home, we
were surprised to find that nothing had been harmed.
We finished the season with the same differential!

Page 6-7...

oxi vs police blockage

@ Lou Why is it every single damn idiot is attracted to you? I feel bad for you but always enjoy reading your responses. Did you see the pic of oxi's house? Not really sure why that was nessasary, but at least we can say that we've seen it I guess. You realy have to wonder about Jake's state of mind the way he calls you out on subjects of his choosing. It would seem counter intuitive that an expert off roader would be trained to ignore trail and weather conditions. It makes me smile when they claim to be real off roaders. All warm and comfy in that cabs of their trucks. They talk down full size trucks because of their size but have no repect for ATV's or bikes that could go places thier tank sized Tacomas could never go.

"It would seem counter intuitive that an expert off roader would be trained to ignore trail and weather conditions."

@Jordan L,

You are missing the point...

What it means is oxi was trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, ignore how bad the environment is, the way they teach you in the U.S. Army!

When you complain about being in bad weather and the rain and combat in the Army, the Drill Sergeant will usually tell you to just "suck it up and drive on"! This is how oxi can ignore and get through the baddest and roughest conditions on trails in the off-road...

It is quite simple really!

About jacks; even though the pickup/vehicle might way 4,000 to 7,000 pounds and a jack in question has a rating of, say, 3,000 pounds, you have to remember this. You are not lifting the entire 4,000 to 7,000 pound vehicle all at once. You are only lifting one corner at a time. That would mean you are technically only lifting about 750 to 1,500 pounds in a jacking situation. A Hi-Lift, if it is rated at 5,000 pounds, is more than adequate to lift the corner, even one end or one side, of a pickup.

oxi vs chopper

Do not all three of these pickups look awesome?

One thing is for sure. The award will go to a 100% or 47% American company. That is a good day in my book.

oxi vs Mike Levine/ headquarters

oxi, sweet truck, bro!

@Jordan L -
I hope its not bad karma.

More like yin and yang or dark side versus light.

Funny how the compact versus full sized is their main argument, but then they come up with other excuses when one mentions quads or dirt bikes.

I know a trail that I can run from behind my home that inter-links with many others. I can go to our old mx track in about 3 hours. It would take a truck at least 9 hours. Paved road would be about 25 minutes.

"Funny how the compact versus full sized is their main argument, but then they come up with other excuses when one mentions quads or dirt bikes."


Get this through your head...

It has to be an actual pickup truck!!!

With a bed and cab to haul...

If it's not a pickup truck it doesn't count on

Go to if you want to discuss the merits of bicycles off-road....

It's that simple!!!

@Buy American: Lindsay Fox a very much self made transportation Billionare in Australia, (Bought his first truck when he was 14 using savings made doing odd jobs, His grandparents raised him, he had a very basic education) Said today the devastation of the US Manufacturing industry was a big wake up call for Australia and we needed to do something not to be in the same position.
"TRUCKING billionaire Lindsay Fox has warned that the nation's eastern seaboard is becoming a "rustbucket", and that urgent action is required to stem the decline of manufacturing.

Mr Fox, who is a member of Simon Crean's ministerial advisory council on regional Australia, said the nation was following in the path of the US, which had outsourced its manufacturing base to Asia.

"The result is that the eastern seaboard of Australia is becoming a rustbucket, and if we don't watch what we're doing we'll finish up like the US, which stopped manufacturing and brought everything in from Southeast Asia," Mr Fox said."

Um, Somebody back me up on this but I'm pretty sure, Oxi, Team Oxi, and Jake are all the same person. Who doesn't like talking about themselves in the third person?

And BTW...

Oxi, a flexy frame is NOT a good thing. Sure, it compensates for an inadequate suspension, but it leads to all kinds of problems down the road. A rear locker in your axle is far more helpful to traction than a flexy noodle for a frame.

And since when is ALL offroading ideal in a midsize? Ever hear of Mud? Where's the Taco's in the mud bogs? Rocks? The Only Taco's on the rocks have been converted to buggies.

so sad..... has anyone noticed that jake, srd and team oxi are all actually oxi and the way i know this is that oxi always and i mean always uses an exclamation point at the end of every sentence and apparently doesn't know what a period is used for. So sad oxi that you have to revert to complementing yourself....doesnt that tell you something.. hey oxi.....your tacoma sucks a big one and so do all other tacos. they are overpriced gas guzzling junk, good luck with it.


You Nailed It! They are definitely all one and the same by their use of the "..." and "!!!" punctuation at the end of almost every sentence.


Robert Ryan-

That is the point I am trying to get across. The U.S.A., Canada, Australia, etc. need to take control of their manufacturing and businesses. Countries, and countrymen, need to stop the Asian take-over.

not sure where to post this so sort of hi jacking this thread, i would like to see an article on costs of maintaining these trucks after they have been bought, such as your scheduled oil changes, how much does the chev take? how much does the ford take? how much is the air cleaners cost in these vehicles? when its time to change the fuel filters....reason i ask this is i just took my F350 diesel (6.4) in for its first full check up and almost had a heart attack, my air cleaner was shot $142 to replace, both fuel filters were done along with the oil. This cost me $491 (canadian currency). I am curious if i owned a chev or dodge what it would have cost for those trucks. I am seriously thinking of going back to gas for my next truck, i do not see any advantage at all for diesel over gas unless your a heavy hauler. I only tow a 25 ft fifth wheeler and my old F150 towed it just fine with the 5.4L

@OXI: if you manage to read this far, the Ford has LT tires. I know cause that is the same type tire my TRX4 has. Good Year Wrangler AT/S only Fords are 18" and mine are 17" They have more plys on the sidewall and tread then standard base model trucks. Mine for instance are a total of 8 ply 275/70/17s, vs. 6 ply for the typical 265/70/17s. They aren't the best for traction, but they will hold weight.

@oxi - now the argument is that it has to have a bed and a cab.........
@Jordan L - your side by side have a bed and a cab?

Oxi - if you want to take the argument to "size matters" and have offorad performance as the primary metric - I know hundreds of MX riders, crosscountry racers, enduro racers on dirtbikes, quads, and side by sides that would love to meet you in the deep dark recesses of the forest.

@Daniel, toycrusher84 - you guys are not the only ones suspecting that very same thing.

@ Lou Its got a bed and a cab, not enclosed, real off roaders don't need cabs. I'm not trained to ignore weather or kill people but I always make it to the end of the trail.

@Jordan L - yeah, me too.
Maybe Oxi needs counseling for Post-traumatic stress disorder.
All those years defending Toyota has to play with your mind.


Who gives you the right to post from my album?

I have serious security concerns about you and I will be sending a letter to the admins of this site to seek your banning!

I do not post personal things about you so what gives you the motivation?

Are you one of those stalker types? I may have to contact my local police about you, people like you concern me as well as society...


Where their is no road, good luck trying to not only go where I can go but good luck keeping up...

Never underestimate what a smaller pickup or Jeep can do off-road!

But since you do not understand this, that only proves your not experianced in the arena of off-roading!


I am not the one impersinating on this site...

You can ask the site administrators of locations from where the posts come from!

I am 'oxi' and their are many imposters on this site!

Someone (^) seems to be suffering from a paranoid schizophrenia episode right now?

@Oxi: When you post to photobucket you give photobucket and anyone else the right to use your pictures anywhere for any purpose - even for commercial purposes. Maybe you should have thought of that before you posted links here to your album and gave everyone including the editors post and present an attitude? Just a thought.

•If you make your Content public, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to copy, distribute, publicly perform (e.g., stream it), publicly display (e.g., post it elsewhere), reproduce and create derivative works from it (meaning things based on it), anywhere, whether in print or any kind of electronic version that exists now or later developed, for any purpose, including a commercial purpose.
•You are also giving other Users the right to copy, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce and create derivative works from it via the Site or third party websites or applications (for example, via services allowing Users to order prints of Content or t-shirts and similar items containing Content, and via social media websites).

@Buy American - it is a common misconception that schizophrenia manefests itself as multiple personalities. Both are different disorders. PTSD could cause multiple personality disorder. Delusions of grandeur is a subtype of delusional disorders. Antisocial personality disorder is in itself a disorder, or a person could simply be a f---in' a--hole.

My RZR 900 XP has a bed and cab. Also has about the same horsepower as a 4 cylinder toyota........

@alton - and the shocks mount above the axle line, oops, Forgot, it has 4 wheel independant suspension. Hey, it has a composite bed too ;)

This line has gotten hilarious! There is no such thing as "the best 4x4" EVERYTHING in this world is relative.

I have a Suzuki Samurai with 32's, a spring over axle setup, crossover steering, and revolver shackles at all 4 corners. It's ridiculously flexy, nearly unstoppable, and is so light it just floats on top of mud.

One thing it CANT do is hit 45mph on the blacktop. Once I shift out of low range the little squirrels turn in their resignation and walk off the job.

@TOM - Oxi was just throwing that "I'm gonna file charges" bit to try to cover over the fact that he is jake. I wonder what dispute resolution is like when you have a complaint against yourself?

To continue the rant...

If Oxi trained off-road in the military what does he have to say about the width of the hummer? Clearly he must have been unable to go anywhere in those "tanks". Maybe he got permission to bring his Tacoma along with him to show them how off-roading is really done?

love that strong frame on the ford, really looking forward to it winning

Nothing stands a chance against the Powerwagon in a factory 4x4 competition. Not even the raptor even though it has a much better chance now with a front locker (almost a locker).

this is true ford use cheeps part and smaller metal size,plastic...etc etc..


Never liked the Hummer...

It breaks and gets stuck like any vehicle can...

And no, I am not a stalker like jake!


It's called PROTOCOL!

I do not post personal shyt about him so why does jake do it?

It's like the hand shack after a football game, you do it out of respect, you do not walk away or punch the other coach!

People like jake are stalkers, a weird part of society that needs to have their head examined or locked up!

@Oxi, exactly the point you don't get. The Power Wagon and Fx4 are made to work and do good offroad. They are not called "TRAIL TRUCKS" simply for the use of playing. Oh no! These trucks can carry a load AND go offroad. Unlike (Insert midsized truck name of choice) that are mostly for play! No, we are talking real trucks, that can hold the load, maintain speed on the highway, pull heavy a$$ trailers (like u admit, with above midsize-Jeep-buggy And you are right, I don't know a thing about trails, or playing around. If there is a car in a nasty mudded field and I want to haul it off, I can. Unlike you, my toys aren't a compromise to be street legal. Stock cars don't need glass, interior, stereos. Just good rollcages, good suspension, good engines and drivetrain.

@ Lou: LOL


Anybody with any vehicle can go off-roading!

I gues your not getting the type of off-roading?

I am not talking about some gravel roads, ohhh an occassional little mud pit with some water or wide open on the farm or that nasty little construction zone or site...

I am talking miles from any paved roads, tight trails, jagged rocks, water/mud that seem to go for miles, need a snorkle, ditches, gulley's, trees, inclement weather, steep grades, cliff's...

Far enough away you better bring many spare tires, camping and survival gear galore, sandtracks, bridging ladders, fuel supply, spare parts, spare driveshafts, map and do you know how to use a compass?


Hi-Lifts serve a purpose off-road, that is why you see so many REAL off-roaders carrying one around their vehicles!

I carry both a floor jack and a Hi-Lift. The Hi-Lift has great advantages like sleek design and lighter weight, easy to mount just about anywhere...

Those that have proper bumpers and rock sliders can use the Hi-Lift. With the ground clearance numbers I am approaching not many normal floor jacks will be able to reach the frame or even the axles.

Plus in certain off-road situations like blowing an rear-end or axle on top of a rock, what good is a floor jack gonna do for you then?

The Hi-Lift can raise the rear up to make the repairs or lift the vehicle up to be pushed over the rocks or over the side of it, etc... let alone a cum-a-long...

You blow a tire in some deep ruts, the Hi-Lift just needs to reach the bumpers and you can change the tir out or use it to get unstuck by lifting and then pushing the vehicle forward over whatever has stopped you...

I carry both, the Hi-Lift for the trail and the floor jack for the campsite or pavement...

@ oxi - humility isn't your strong suite?
I don't recall ditches out in the middle of no where? Last time I checked, ditches were man made.
I don't drive off of cliffs.

Well, ok,
but not in a pickup (unless I stole it)
Sir Isaac Newton had some interesting ideas about that sort of thing.

How about no trails?

That is a ton of fun.

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