2014 Silverado/Sierra Has Big Changes

It must be tough writing for an audience that doesn't know much about half the auto industry (light-duty trucks accounted for 50.1% of the 2011 sales--in 2010 it was 48.3%); namely pickup trucks. 

Automotive News Senior Product Editor, Rick Kranz, wrote in his blog, "it's no secret that General Motors is redesigning its full-sized pickups. But does that mean all of GM's upcoming pickups will be extensively re-engineered?" 

I suppose if you had no idea that the light-duty and heavy-duty GM trucks have been built on different frames for decades, you might think that a truck designed to carry 1300 pounds could be the same truck designed to carry 3300 pounds. For those of us that do understand the differences, this is more likely to feel like a "no duh" moment than anything else. 

Regardless, Rick Kranz is one of the big Detroit insiders that has access to insider information from dozens of angles; as a result, we usually listen to what he has to say closely.

He continues: "GM's new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups are slated to hit dealer lots next year. The trucks will offer better fuel economy, the result of improved aerodynamics, an eight-speed automatic transmission, less mass, engine improvements and other changes. A new chassis is expected, and the exterior and interior will be totally changed." 

Alright, this last sentence seems like a throw away because, of course, the new light-duty will be new inside and out. It has to be. Both Ford and Ram have come to market with complete revamped powertrains and significant design changes and a number of interior packaging upgrades. We can safely assume the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra has waited this long to do something major. 

Some have speculated that the two trucks will become more distinct, even suggesting there will be two different frames, possibly two separate lines in each plant, in order to allow for more handling and packaging distinction. Others can't believe that GM has allowed the two very similar product lines to continue to exist this long, but they both are quite profitable and GMC is clearly a brand on the rise (although this is the first year Jeep has sold more GMCs). It's a hard argument to make that someone should go into a proven product line strategy and completely change it to make it more like the competition (neither Ford nor Ram Truck has a premium-level of pickup trucks, but both are desperately trying to continuously expand their product bandwidth to capture with special upper-crust option packages). 

Kranz goes on to say in 2010, the Silverado and Sierra 2500 and 3500, GM's heavy-duty models, received a long list of foundational engineering improvements -- a new chassis, significant suspension and steering changes, plus a re-engineered diesel engine. Aside from a new hood and some minor tweaks to the grille and front fascia, however, most people (who are truck people) couldn't tell this was a substantially different pickup. Even the interior was a carry-over, he says. And finishes with, "The redesigned lighter-duty pickups arriving next year will not take this same strategy and will offer a more dramatic appearance change."

Certainly, that all makes sense. 

Mr. Kranz continues to give information about the next-gen heavy-duty trucks, after we get the new light-duties sometime next year: "As for the "new" heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models, they will arrive a year or so later with a good portion of the major changes being cosmetic -- new sheet metal and interior treatments."

That certainly makes sense, as well, given the extent to which they re-engineered the 2500/3500s in 2010. And although we've heard nothing about it at the Detroit Show, we suppose the possibility exists that a 4500/5500 model could also be in our future as well. 


This is unreal the way they copied FORD. To all the gm guys, sorry you have to copy the FORD but you know who is the best. If you can't beat em, try to join them!!! What a JOKE!!!!!

This is nicely out of left field. Saw it on a European Heavy Truck Blog. Same company also handles GM Products.
"Meanwhile, back to the story---The vehicles will be leased to Ford for a period of five years. A change of equipment package has also been agreed, meaning a further 185 units will be delivered in 2013 to replace the fleet. In total, the order volume comprises 370 vehicles. This order is one of the biggest received by MAN Truck & Bus in Great Britain in recent years. The MAN TGX tractors will go into operation at Ford's Transport Operations facilities in Dagenham, Halewood, Bridgend and Southampton."


GM copied Ford, huh? I think Ford has done their share of copying GM as well.

GM was the first to offer a third door on an extended cab, of which Ford copied with the redesigned 1997 F150. Also in 1997, Ford copied GM by utilizing the torsion bar IFS on 4WD models which GM was already using since the 1988 C/K series redesign.

There is always lots of talk but never any action !

If you want something done right you do it yourself.
Stop asking others to take action when you sit back and do nothing but talk/post.

I purchase a new Chevy (GMT900) and it had the base LS interior and it sucked.
I then puchase a complete Denali interior that I found at the local auto wrecker for $800. I did all of the work myself.
This Chevy now looks the way it should have come from the factory and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Get off your backsides and take action !

Mobile69, people want to buy their trucks as well equiped from the factory as possible, nobody wants to go to a junk yard and take the interior out of a junked truck that somebody probably died in.

@ Steven. But look where Ford took all these innovations! GM just sat there and did nothing. Now look at this picture and you will see Super Duty all over it. Hell, Stevie Wonder can see that!!!!!!!!

Silverado does have a fully loaded trim...Its the LTZ and you can add the ground effects trim to that. Its loaded to the nuts. And why does everyone think GMC is ruining Chevy,,,Whats the diff,,,If you want a Chevy buy a damn Chevy,,,,,They are the exact same truck with a diff badge,,,who cares,,,,all having 2 diff truck lines does is give the customers MORE choices so everyone chill out!!!!!

I hope the 2014's don't look like that dumb looking GMC front with a Ford Superduty-like caricature.

Something that hasn't been talked about is the DEF issue or as I see it the biggest pain in the "you know what" I'm NOT going to going to buy an another heavy duty pickup or mid size 4500 truck until they figure out how to eliminate the need to add DEF to your truck

You all mostly seem like retards to me. The LTZ is Chevys premium trim for pickups, and I can't at all understand brand loyalty to a brach of a manufacturer. I'd buy a Mercury or a Ford pickup if I once again had that option. I think itd be cool. Ill admit I also prefer the looks of the current GMC over a chevy, but I wouldn't stop buying my preferred brand because they gave me a choice.

Silverado does have a fully loaded trim...Its the LTZ and you can add the ground effects trim to that. Its loaded to the nuts. And why does everyone think GMC is ruining Chevy,,,Whats the diff,,,If you want a Chevy buy a damn Chevy,,,,,They are the exact same truck with a diff badge,,,who cares,,,,all having 2 diff truck lines does is give the customers MORE choices so everyone chill out!!!!!

Posted by: SaskGarrett | Jan 15, 2012 8:52:13 AM

People are just running their mouths about that just to stir things up. They get their panties in a wad about what Bob is saying and fire back with that crap. The LTZ Silverado is a nice truck and probably has 98% of the content that a King Ranch has.

Steven, I wouldn't call the third door copying. The 97 f-150 came out in January of 96. The third door S-10 came out as a 96 model. The S-10 was released to the public a few months before the f-150, but the 97 f-150 was being built before the release of the S-10. How could Ford copy off a truck that hadn't been released yet? Chevy got it to the public first, but Ford didn't copy it either.

It's somewhat baffeling to me why GM continues to downgrade Chevrolet's brand status. As a result it devalues the nameplate itself. Whereas you look at it's counterpart Ford and they continue to elevate Ford's brand status. And as a result the nameplate becomes more valuable over that of Chevrolet.

After watching this happen for some time now I'm not so sure I'd even want to purchase a Chevrolet truck or car anymore. I can remember when Chevrolet trucks and cars were best thing to have this side of Cadillac. From the Roger Smith era on GM started to downgrade Chevrolet cars to that of nearly pointless. Chevrolet trucks though still held on to the throne as the top status/top tier truck. GMC was just a typical GM redundant rebadge and not worth owning. Over the last decade Roger Smith mode has been in full force to demote Chevrolet trucks now. Apparently GM doesn't want the brand as a whole to been seen in that bright light anymore. After watching this saga unfold I'm rather disappointed in this new GM. I was really hoping Chevrolet trucks and cars would go after Ford like the days of old.

I have an 09 Silverado with the LT interior and it is hands down the worst quality interior of any truck I've ever owned. The poor quality in the seat materials were showing through within 6 months. The plastics in this thing are an abomination. I didn't want leather but to get the nice dash you HAD to get leather so I got stuck with this pile. The 'hood' as I call it over the guages is so cheap you can literally watch is vibrate up and down going down a bumpy road. You can wiggle it with your hand. Even the body on this thing is flimsy. If I had to do it over again, I would have just broke down and switched to Ford. I've been a Chevy truck man my entire life but I don't know anymore. And I don't like GMC either. That brand has always been a running joke to me and damn near everyone I know or work with. Chevy better get their act together or I'm probably done with them too.

As for the luxury truck thing. Others here are right. Ford has offered luxury truck trims forever now. Nearly every F-150 I see has a platinum, lariat or king ranch set up. Lot's of guys at work have bought Ford's now instead of Chevy's and when I look at them it's unreal to me Chevy has nothing that nice. You guys who think the LTZ has anything on the King Ranch are out of your damn minds. The leather alone in the King Ranch is nicer than anything I've ever seen in a Cadillac. GM has just ruined Chevrolet's prestige.

@ Jeremy

If what you say is true, then I guess the Lincoln brand must devalue Ford cars and trucks? The same principle applies here (rebadging) as it does to GM and Chevy/GMC.

@SaskGarrett, They are not the same truck. Not with body stampings. I can tell you without hesitation that I'd have a new Silverado sitting in my driveway right now instead of my new F-150 if the Silverado shared the same Sierra body stampings like they always used to. That 1 thing made me leave Chevy trucks for Ford trucks this time. I've bought 4 new Chevy trucks up until 2002. The 03-06 I skipped because of the Japanese looking front ends. I had hoped they would have learned something from that mess but they didn't. They gave Chevrolet the ugly design yet again.

I like heart and soul in my automotive brand. Whether it's a race car or any sort, a daily driver or a truck. GMC simply does not have the heart and soul for me that Chevrolet does. So to those who say "Why didn't you just get the GMC then", that's why. I simply don't care for the brand nor do I see them as equals. I see Chevrolet as the higher brand and the one with the heart and soul I look for. Ford offers that just like Chevrolet. So that's why I left to Ford. I simply don't want a GMC. In saying that I hope Chevy trucks really bring it this time with a drop dead gorgeous and timeless truck design. That's really the only thing that might bring me back. I still love Chevrolet but they just don't look good anymore.

Lincoln doesn't sell pickup trucks in America. They experimented with it. Saw it wasn't working and changed their approach. This is what a successful company does.

Upper crust packages will be on the GMC Sierra only. Chevy loses again.

@BobbyMichigan- Lincoln is different. Lincoln ='s Cadillac. I don't know anyone who has a problem with Lincoln or Cadillac. I know Chevrolet guys who have no problem with the Escalade but hate the Yukon. Lincoln does not devalue the Ford truck line. Just as Cadillac does not devalue the Chevrolet truck line. Ford runs 1 truck line and focuses on it. That's what gives them their value. Chevrolet's value would equal that of Ford if GM did that. GM does not do that though. They purposely devalue Chevrolet so they can slot an extra SUV (Yukon), CUV (Acadia,Terrain), Small truck (Canyon) and truck (Sierra) Above the Chevrolet line. Ford simply does not do this. This is why Ford trucks will always be held in higher reguard than Chevy trucks.

And likewise this is why Ford cars will continue to have the edge. GM purposely devalues Chevrolet cars so they can slot the Buick line above it. Ford has learned that midbrands are a thing of the past. GM being they are 'General' motors instead of a specific brand line have not nor will they ever. Their model is a 1900's relic. GM will continue to drive the Chevrolet brand into the ground until their customer base is nill. When that occurs it's over.


I was referring to models like the Lincoln Naviagtor, MKX, etc. Every model that Lincoln has, except the Town Car, is a knock-off/dressed up version of a Ford car. The Navigator is a dressed up version of a Ford Expedition. As I said earlier, if what Jeremy said about GMC/Chevy is true, then Lincoln must devalue Ford products. I see very little difference between the two, except for the fact that Lincoln does not have a truck anymore.

@ Frank, you're absolutely right. It's odd that GM's Chevrolet slogan is "Chevy Runs Deep". Well, yes it does (or did)... Yet GM does everything in it's power to ensure Chevy doesn't run any deeper than it has to. That's simply turning people I know away these days. I know guys at work who drove Chevy trucks for decades, even have old Chevy cars and such that they collect or race who have left Chevy trucks entirely for Ford's. Guys who would buy their wives Cadillac's who are now buying their wives Lincoln's instead. It's almost unreal to me as I've known some of these men my whole life.

I hear it all the time now - "Ford's are nicer than Chevy's"...
And now I read GM is going to keep it that way? These guys have never bought GMC trucks and don't intend to. They literally have just left Chevrolet and switched all of their purchases oer to Ford. Talk about destroying the only customer base that really matters... I'll stick with my Tacoma and let you guys duke it out but looking in from the outside I think GM will be on life support soon. Watching the way they run things there's no way I'd invest in them.

@JM, You're right, my bad. I know that wikipedia may not always be right, but it says that GM started offering the passenger side third door on the C/K series in 1997. I'll put my foot in my mouth now LOL

That was in the past. Future Lincoln products will differ immensely from what Ford is doing. You see, Ford saw what was workin. Ford saw that making Lincoln products only slighty different from Ford wasn't working. So they changed their approach. Now Lincoln and Ford will be different. GM has not learned from this. Silverado and GM trucks are the same and they don't give the premium package to the better selling Chevy. This is flat out wrong.

"If I had to do it over again, I would have just broke down and switched to Ford. I've been a Chevy truck man my entire life but I don't know anymore. And I don't like GMC either. That brand has always been a running joke to me and damn near everyone I know or work with. Chevy better get their act together or I'm probably done with them too.

I hear you on that. I used to be a fan of GMs. Not so much anymore after the Howie Long era and the bailout. Whenever I see G M C plastered on the front of a truck I think of one thing. "Government Motors Company" or Obama Motors. If I was a Chevy guy, why would I want to buy a $50k truck that says Government Motors on it? The GMC brand is a joke. It also reminds me of those annoying commercials with Howie Long who questioned the manhood of a man who doesn't buy a GM product. That kind of marketing did not switch buyers to GM, it switch them to Ford.

Here is an example...people hate GM and Howie Long and the bailout. Why buy a $50k Government Motors truck that reminds you of such? I heard they were trying to eliminate the GMC logo from the auto shows. They should start with their trucks.

Screw you GM and Howie long(comment)

@BobbyMichigan. You answered your own question. Lincoln doesn't do trucks but for suv's. Just like Cadillac doesn't do trucks but for suv's. It's accepted that Cadillac and Lincoln will have luxury versions of cars or suv's. No problem.

The problem is Ford's brand status first and foremost as a truck brand has a higher brand status and value over that of Chevrolet. They accompish that by simply making 1 truck line and making it best money can buy. Chevrolet cannot do that as GM Insists on keeping 2 truck lines. Chevrolet has been PUBLICLY demoted by GM. Mark Reuss's words alone instantly devalued the Chevrolet truck nameplate in saying the GMC will be of higher status and more luxurious. I'm telling you right now, Ford executives are loving this. GM is taking their number one selling product and demoting and devaluing it to the point of no return. GM could have possibly made the case for Buick cars and small cuv's but even for me the ship sailed by keeping GMC. Two truck lines is Abhorrent.

@Tim- I agree with you 100%!! GMC is Government Motors Company. I cannot stand that badge. It reminds me of the bailout and "Government Motors" every time I even look at it. It just makes me about sick. I was in Shock when I learned they were Still keeping it after all of the Government Motors stuff. Just get rid of that stupid brand. Nobody else needs 2 truck lines so why does GM insists on putting those 3 letters in everyone face? They point to the increased sales of Sierras but I agree with others. Diehard GM'ers just bought that instead of the Silverado because it was so ugly. Same with the Adadia over the Traverse. GM thinks they're picking up extra customers but they're just shuffling around the old ones. Utterly pointless.

Frank's rebuttle to the Howie Long commercial

Yes, this is Michigan Frank...


Go Ford!

I don't see much difference in the GM Howie Long commercials and Ford's "Truth On Trucks" campaign or whatever it was called. Both are tacky, high paid spokesmen spewing a line of BS. I don't like either. I consider Mike Rowe to be a notch above these two, but not that much better.

Ford's Truth About Trucks goes into the construction of the trucks and head to head direct comparisions. Because that is what the truth is all about. On the other hand, the Howie Long commercials from GM just insults the p#nis size of every man, make them look gay, asks if they have a manicure, uses a high pitched voice. GM and Howie Long was all fluff and no substance. Howie is a pretty good actor but hurt the brand.

Let me be clear. The 30 minute infomercial with Howie was pretty good because they just talked about the trucks but the short commercials they ran nonstop where they didn't talk trucks and just tried to make everyone out to be gay who didn't buy a GM truck was terrible marketing for GM.

Proof the Howie Long ads were of no substance.

Exibit 1:


Says the guy has a manicure because he has a heated wheel.

Fastforward 2 years and GM adds the same heated wheel.

Terrible marketing.

Another terrible ad.

GM doesn't have a step so they insult the owners.


Howie also makes fun of the side steps in another video.

Fast forward to 2010 and GM adds the same side steps to their concept truck.

Silverado and GM trucks are the same and they don't give the premium package to the better selling Chevy. This is flat out wrong.


I'm sick of this as well! I too have been holding off on buying a new Chevy Silverado in hopes that this new one would look worlds better and offer the highest end interior and exterior treatments money could buy like Ford does. Obviously I too have waited for nothing. Screw GM and their GM'C'.

Let me get this straight. Chevrolet is GM's biggest selling truck, is Ford's head to head competitor, has Chevrolet dealers fighting it out with Ford dealers for truck and car sales, yet Chevrolet trucks will NOT have the highest end of interiors and NOT be the Premium truck?????

Is this a Joke? It's no wonder Ford is viewed as the premium brand. GM treats Chevrolet like a red headed step child.

I hope it doesnt look a like an aero turd !

I like how trucks are bigger today,but I guess with the Government wanting to control us,we will be forced with small turds one day as they did to us in the 1980's !! I like how cars trucks are bigger than ever before but with the gov forcing mpg rules we are all screwed !

@Tim, those Howie ads are pathetic. I always hated those. Chevy needs a Real truck spokesman. I remember when they had guys like George Strait and men with a tougher appeal doing their ads. Howie may be a nice guy but he has no automotive or truck 'street cred'. It was also a lame attempt to cover up for their deficiencies against Ford..

If they want to keep Howie stick him over on the girls name Sierra truck. It fits him better like the powder puff comment.

The Truth on Trucks commercials were not very credible in my book. They spent most of their time poking fun at design principles used by their competitors. Funny thing was, Ford used a lot of these designs on their previous truck platforms. If what they said was true about GM, Dodge, and Toyota, I guess the previous model Ford trucks are substandard.

Ford used to have another ad campaign back in the early 90's that poked fun at the manhood of Chevy truck drivers. It used to say, "Real men drive Ford trucks and don't look so wimpy, they blow every Chevy away." What's good for one is good for the other I guess! LOL

Looks like Ford wins and Chevrolet loses again.

Rooting for Chevy trucks is like rooting for the Chicago Bears still because they kicked so much ass in 1985. Now the team owner (GM) has taken all of the good players (premium interiors, good looks, exterior treatments, brand prestige etc..) and transfered them to a different team he owns (GMC). Yet there's all of these loyalists still rooting for what used to be... Until there's a new team owner, Chevrolet will continue to get their butt stomped into the dirt by Ford.

I feel for you Ford guys who love Ford so much that you hate the fact the the govt. made a business decision and decided it was in America's best intrest to keep GM (now the worlds #1 automaker http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2011/08/gm-is-worlds-number-one-automaker.html) alive because they employ a lot of tax paying Americans like engineers, suppliers, factory assembly workers and all those who work @ GM dealerships not to mention the profits they will get from the stock ownership and the eventual sell of their shares (buy low and sell high). I really dont care about the govt. motors thing because Toyota was number 1 and they will overtake GM again so I guess the Ford guys should be scared.


With a name like yours, its no wonder everyone thinks the U.S is a joke

@Matt, sorry to take so long. To answer your question, it's a big maybe. The Silverado would have to best the best looking truck on the road in existence for me to do it though. You're not going to see a SFA however in one and not the other. They'll use the same platforms so it's really not an issue worth caring about. I don't think you'll never see a SFA in a Chevy2500 again though.. We're kind of discussing the 1500's anyway all of which will be coil IFS. So really, it comes back to the same issues I have in the first place. Looks and Interiors. On both accounts by GM's own admission the Sierra will be the premium truck and I'm not buying the non premium truck nor am I buying a GMC. So for me it's either make Chevrolet the premium truck in all areas (payload, sturdiness, extreior designs, interior options etc.) or I'm buying a Ford.

@5.3, I've read through every post on here and have not seen a single person post anything Against the bailouts to keep people working. Not a word. If they were against the bailouts they wouldn't be wanting a Chevrolet. The only thing I've read is guys like myself do don't want a GMC yet GM is forcing them to choose by not giving Chevrolet the things Ford Will give you.

I think you missed the post from Tim and DanGansen47 who thinks GM will be on life support soon. Lets not play stupid when someone calls GM govt. motors you mean it as a insult due to the bailout so dont be suprised when someone tells you what the bailout did.

That should be surprised.

GM did not need a government bailout. It was under their best interest and ours if GM worked with the current bankruptcy laws instead of a bailout. Filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean thee company, the suppliers and works "go out of business." It means it is reorganized. Unlike with abailout, by filing Chapter 11 they could have cut wherever they wanted. Labor could have been renegotiated more favorably. Health care could have been renegotiated. Pension plans abandoneded. etc.

But that never happened. Now because of the bailout GM cannot change enough and can't change enough fast enough.

GM cannot have two truck lines without long-term government life support. Contrary to what 5.3 LOL says, that is not what government is supposed to do. In fact, filing bankruptcy should have been the only option that got our support and actually has a chance at succeeding in the long run.

Keith that is a good point.

Ford has the bed bouce comparative on its truth about trucks, the funny thing is, I think they do this because they now their trucks have a problem with it, they try to show thier trucks bouncing less under ideal circumstances, but the thing of it is, I notice bed bounce on way more Ford trucks going down the highway then any other truck.

Here is the info http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/13/business/worldbusiness/13iht-13bankruptcy.17784508.html so Keith I understand your point and it is valid one but the issue is complicated.

@5.3, I didn't read that from those guys. What I read was that in their opinion GM will not survive longterm without Chevrolet having world class product like Ford is offering now. And I agree with them. Whether GM likes it or not, Chevrolet brings in the money and it's Chevrolet that is cross shopped and compared head to head with Ford. It has been since 1911 when Chevrolet was set up as Fords chief rival. When Chevrolet is 'dumbed down' or demoted in any way so as to appear 'Less Than' Ford, it does irreparable damage to the brands status and value. This in term does irreparable damage to GM as a whole. It in turn hurts their shareholders and investment rating.

GMC is the sole reason Chevrolet's status and brand value is diminishing every day. Chevrolet sells the bulk of trucks and suv's for GM but that is sliding fast. The Ford's are just so much more sophisticated in their style and interior quality. When Chevrolet is held back, we all lose. All of this is from a business standpoint. From a personal standpoint, I'm still not buying a second status or second tier truck. They are too expensive and mean too much to me. I love Chevrolet! Always have, always will. I'm not however supporting them any longer if they don't make their product the best money can buy. And if that does harm to GM, so be it. GM in my mind made the choice to do it to themselves by downgrading Chevrolet in favor of GMC.

Brian my point is I dont think GM will be in any danger doing it the way they are doing it as the company is not in any danger and solid but I am not in favor of it because I would like everyone to be able to get all the bells and whistle they want from the factory.

What I cant understand is what is the differance between the 2 I looked at both the Denali and LTZ and the biggest differance was AWD on the 1/2 tons and I think the 2011+ Silverado HD looks better than the 2011+ Denali HD.

I agree with you BrianL. I'm in the same boat waiting to see if my next truck will wear a Bowtie or if it will instead wear a Blue Oval. I've always bought Chevy trucks but the rest here are right. Chevrolet has been really stripped of their premier status in recent years. Nor do they have the high dollar interiors or high class looks like the Ford's do. On top of my 2010 Silverado I have 2 Corvette's (C5 & C6), a 68 Chevelle and keep a new Impala on hand for my everyday travel car even though it is severely outclassed by the Taurus right now. I've stayed loyal after the 'Professional Grade' marketing took over Like A Rock, I stayed loyal when Chevrolet got stuck with that Chinese looking front end in 03, I stayed loyal even though we got screwed out of a Denali equivalent trim, I stayed loyal when we got screwed out of the good looking body in 07, I stayed loyal when most of my friends and family I know have left Chevy for Ford over the last 10 years, I stayed loyal through the bailout. Through it all I've stayed loyal to Chevrolet cars and appropriate to this site Chevrolet trucks. I'm tired of staying loyal for no good reason anymore. I'm just burned out on it...

I buy a new truck every 3 years and next year I have a choice to make. I'm not buying a GMC either. I'm not happy at all with Chevrolet or GM after hearing this news. I guess the choice I make next year is really up to GM. They can make the next Silverado the trucking status envy of the world and earn my money, or I'll wait an extra year for Ford's new truck because I know it Will be.

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