January 2012 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

2012 looks to be starting off quite well for some, while others continue to struggle. The F-Series picks up where it left off and the Ram Trucks is the big winner, posting a 47-percent improvement over the first month of 2011. Additionally, the mid-size segment is doing exceptionally well with Tacoma, Frontier and Chevy's Colorado all up between 20 and 40 percent over last year's January. GMC is down the most of the Top Ten players, with Tundra, Titan, and Colorado close behind. 

We've also just received a huge data dump of complete sales figures from 2011 from some our data collection sources so we'll find out who sold the most half-tons and heavy-dutys for last year as well. More to come. 

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales
1 Ford F-Series +7.5% January 2012 38,493
38,493 January 2011 35,806

2 Chevrolet Silverado -4.7% January 2012 26,850
26,850 January 2011 28,172

3 Ram Trucks +46.8% January 2012 17,909
17,909 January 2011 12,197

4 GMC Sierra -10.4% January 2012 9,517
9,517 January 2011 10,627

5 Toyota Tacoma
+24.6% January 2012 8,898
8,898 January 2011 7,140

6 Toyota Tundra -9.4% January 2012 5,512
5,512 January 2011 6,087

7 Ford Ranger +77.1% January 2012 5,043
5,043 January 2011 2,848

8 Nissan Frontier +35.3% January 2012 3,782
3,782 January 2011 2,796

9 Chevrolet Colorado +30.3% January 2012 2,872
2,872 January 2011 2,204

10 Nissan Titan -8.7% January 2012 1,306
1,306 January 2011



Things are going to be slow for GM until the new trucks come out next year. I'm ready for a new truck, but I'm going to wait and I'm sure a lot of other GM loyalists are doing the same.

Congrats to FORD & RAM and Colorado.

Dodge is closing in on Chevy for second place. Thanks alot GMC.

It doesn't seem like the rankings ever really change.

Ranger up 77%, and Ford wants to stop production???

Love when they post this every month it shuts all the GM fan bois right up..lol. Looks like GM took those big incentives off the hood for now till the end of the year. Didn't they have the biggest incentives there for awhile?

The ancient Ranger sales are up over last January, but if you go back to January 2008, they are down.

@RandyK. - Exactly! Can you imagine if there was only Chevrolet and the Silverado looked like the current Sierra does with a base LTZ interior and an upgraded Platinum or King Ranch option? Chevrolet wouldn't be slipping at all minus an E-boost type engine. . Then they could focus properly one single world class Chevrolet Silverado for 2014. GM is just plain stupid for running 2 truck lines. They're diluting the Chevrolet brand to the point of no return because they'll never be able to revive it after this. I suppose brand dilution is what GM does best though... Then you just kill it and close when there's nothing left.

Oh wait, no, you kill what is 100% unsalvageable. Then ask the taxpayers to fund the next round of brand dilution products until those are no longer worth anything as well.

Nobody does it like Ford. 1 Ford Brand. 1 line of Ford trucks. World class interiors and every option money can buy. THIS is how it's done folks! You offer a stripper truck all the way up to a pickup that's loaded like a Bentley all under 1 brand name thus increasing the brand value and net worth of the entire brand line. Ford offers everything for everyone... On top of it we have 2 distinct platforms. An IFS platform and a SFA platform just like Dodge.. Toyota will be following suit next generation I assure you. The top 3 sellers in North America next year will be Ford, Dodge and Toyota.

Brian is right. GM is stupid for not doing this with Chevrolet. They're only destroying what we gave them money to build. Dodge on the other hand is learning and their sales are proof of this. It will only help them raise their car sales as well. The feds should have closed GMC on the taxpayers behalf.

Way to go Ford and Dodge. Why isn't the ranger being sold anymore again?

The spike in Ranger sales is no surprise. people want to get then while they still can.
I'm surprised by the drop in Chevy and GM sales. Are buyers waiting for 2012?
Ram has been adding more and more option choices to their line. They also have worked hard to improve quality. It looks like it is paying off. Looks like Ram will move into #2 if they keep this up.
Tundra - can't blame the tsunami/earthquake now. One of my colleagues chose to hang onto his Tundra while he waits for the next models to come out.

@RandyK. Dan Ackerson will have to answer to shareholders over screwing up Chevrolet for the sake of GMC. They're attempting to Force sales of the second by wrecking the main product causing it's sales to dwindle and devaluing the entire Chevrolet brand as a result. It won't be pretty. Chevrolet truck guys are already fed up and leaving the brand entirely choosing to buy Ford trucks and cars or Dodge trucks and cars instead. And all of this is to sell one fullsize truck at the small handfull of Buick lots that only exist because of China Via Opel which is barely surviving anyhow..

What a freaking mess... Government Motor Company truck is right. Because only the government could let something so moronic and ass backwards happen.

Easy guys, let's not bait the crybaby BOB's.

All Hail Ford!! The King of Trucks. And man, Dodge is coming on strong aren't they? They've been increasing their trims though and quality is up this model. Chevy has gone downhill. Toyota was never a fullsize threat and their Taco sales are pretty predictable. They do make a darn good midsize truck. I'm most surprised by the Ranger. Then again there may have been a rush to buy them since they were going out of production for NA (or so Ford says).

Am I the only one who believes that Ford choose to stop Ranger production because of the NHTSA revised crash test ratings. With these new requirements, the Ranger only got two stars as opposed the the four (I Think) it used to get. Part of me thinks Ford wasn't ready to spend the development money for a new Ranger but didn't want one with a crappy safety score either.

That's just my two cents... But what the hell do I know, I want a cheap ranger to use for the winter

@Frank, I don't want to bait the Bob's but Ron is right. None of it makes any sense and I understand the frustration as I feel the same way. Sometimes it helps to vent. Especially when your a Chevy guy and you see these numbers. That said, well done by everyone. At least the pick up truck is alive and well no matter what. Kudos to Ford. Anyone who says it isn't well deserved isn't being honest. Kudos to the Dodge Ram as well. I always loved Mopar. Not quite as much as Chevy but I still hold a soft spot none the less. Taco sales are indeed predictable. If Chevy could just fix the looks of that Thai Colorado they might be a contender but it's not gonna fly as is I don't think.

@Rob, I wondered that too? I think they're waiting it out to see how the Colorado goes. If it's a success I bet that overseas Ranger shows up here. The thing is, like I said I don't think the Thai Colorado will be a good indicator of small/midsize truck sales potential. Unless they fix the looks that is. If they don't I just don't see it being a big seller because it's just not a good looking truck. It's actually very ugly IMO.

The listing is incorrect, the Chevrolet Avalanche should be number 10 - The Avalanche outsold the Titan by 311 units in January!

Chevy will be back. They have to because I need several new trucks! Ford's, Dodge's and the rest just aren't for me. They're all nice but no thanks. Don't want GMC's either. I'll wait for the Chevy's. They may be down but they aren't out.

Ram trucks 46.8% nice way to go! they have inproved alot new trany new looks inside and out there steping there game up guys!

How can the Titan continue to hang on?

Amazing staying power!

..And still no redesign.

Same old argument that's always brought up.. GM wasting their time on two trucks lines, low hanging frames and the lack of a SFA on the HD trucks, crappy interior design/quality, no interior option for the Chevy to compete against the Platinum/King Ranch. Just as bad as watching a tv show being rerun over and over again.

Regardless of the fact that people want to buy Rangers before there are no more it should tell Ford that there are buyers out there that want a good affordable compact truck. If Ranger were a lemon it would not be selling as well. Ranger was a good truck and good value. Toyota and Nissan will be the beneficiaries of Rangers demise. There will be some Ranger buyers who will buy F-150s but most compact and midsize truck buyers don't want fullsize or they would have bought fullsize.


Same old argument that's always brought up.. GM wasting their time on two trucks lines, low hanging frames and the lack of a SFA on the HD trucks, crappy interior design/quality, no interior option for the Chevy to compete against the Platinum/King Ranch. Just as bad as watching a tv show being rerun over and over again.

Try wanting a new Silverado and living it.

You have got your YTD numbers wrong... you have monthly sales there instead.

Just bought a dodge ram, traded in my 1997, didn't want to trade I grew up in her

I said 250k its time to let u rest. She was reliable and fast nd was heavily modded with original motor and tranny

New hemi Slt quad cab sport... loving the power nd mpg is great for the truck

When I granny it I gett 21.5

Running synthetic, and have swapped the muffler for a flowmaster 40

i bout pooped when i saw frank say Congrats to FORD & RAM and Colorado haha

sorry Frank...HEY BOB!!!
Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon rind. Look on the score board and see who's behind...
RAM is starting to kick some ass!!! Maybe you need to switch to RAM to slow their sales down instead of slowing Chevy/GMC sales!!

Hearing footsteps Chevy?

@ RandyK., @ Mike, @ Brian, @ FordTrucks1, @ Steven, @ Frank, and the rest of GM bashers:

- Chevy vs. GMC argument: old,
- SFA vs. IFS: boring,
- Kind Ranch, Platinium: old and boring,
- Ford has everything vs. Chevy has nothing: boring and old,
- Chevy is old and Ford is new and chrome covered: ZZZzzz....
- Twins, triplets....octuplets: Huahhhhhhh
- and so on, and on, and on....
Everything of that and more, and GM, last month was just 2,000 trucks behind Ford and over 18K trucks ahead of Ram.
Ram would have to more than double their sales to catch up (not happening, ever) and Ford is just barely staying ahead.
If GM's Jan'12 sales were just even vs. Jan'11 they would sell more trucks than Ford with their 7.5% increase.
If somebody wants to include Avalanche in pickup sales (I don't), they DID sell more trucks than Ford.
Should you boys be jumping up and down in euforia or be worried a little?
Just remember one thing. Old, tried and proven doesn't always mean bad.
A lot of people will wait 'til next year for new truck to come out, so their sales will be down a little this year. But when new trucks arrive in full swing some time next year you boys know that they will take over the market.

Try wanting a new Silverado and living it.

@Darrin, tell me about it. It's about enough to make this Chevy man just throw in the towel, join the rest and buy a Ford too. I'm about too tired to care anymore. Continual letdowns and now this GMC stuff too have all but taken the Chevrolet pride out of this man. It's time to hold my head high again ya know?

Is Ram really kicking butt or are they just getting back to where they once were?

Chrysler/Ram sales dropped like a brick, every month, for about 2 years. Of course they are doing better................ they had no other option.

Maybe a better look at Ram sales would be incomparison to sales before they went bankrupt. This would give perspective.

If I used to sell 100 widgets a year, then for 2 years sold less than 25 widgets per year............... then went back up to 50 widgets a year, it would look like a HUGE increase. Yet, in the overall perspective of the widget business, it is not nearly as impressive. (This is taking into account that the widget industry contracted by about 1/3 in that timeframe)

Looking at what Ram did prior to the bankruptcy, Ram sold 19,902 Rams in January 2008. In January 2012 they sold 17,909.

Ram is still at -11% comparing January 2008 YTD vs 2012.

Looking at yearly sales.

F-series sales
2008: 515,513
2009: 413,625
2010: 528,349
2011: 584,917
2011 vs 2008: +13%

Ram sales
2008: 245,840
2009: 177,268
2010: 199,652
2011: 244,763
2011 vs 2008: -0.4%

Now you can see Ford has a genuine increase from 2008.

Ram has been gaining back some of what it lost from the bankruptcy and is an actual net loss in sales. Ram is doing better but it is not nearly as impressive.

@ Scott,
Good argument.
But you know how it is, people in this country like a good come back story.
Unless it's GM of course.

@Gregory, I don't know where the hell you think that I come off as a GM basher. I, for one like Chevy and GMC, but also like what Ford and Ram have to offer as well. I'm just saying that it's getting real old reading about the same arguments when it comes to GM and their handling of the Silverado and Sierra.

I'd like to see how rebates and various incentives drive sales.

Top 10 Cash-Back Offers (USA)

Rank Make and Model Cash Back Percent off MSRP Expiration Date
1. 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 $4,750 21.4% 2/29/2012
2. 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 $4,750 21.4% 2/29/2012
3. 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 $4,005 18.86% 2/29/2012
4. 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 $4,005 18.86% 2/29/2012
5. 2011 Chevrolet HHR $3,500 18.7% 2/29/2012
6. 2011 Chevrolet HHR Panel $3,500 18.39% 2/29/2012
7. 2011 Chevrolet Colorado $3,000 17.5% 2/29/2012
8. 2011 GMC Canyon $3,000 17.49% 2/29/2012
9. 2012 Buick Regal $4,425 16.36% 2/29/2012
10. 2011 Chevrolet Impala $4,000 16.33% 2/29/2012

(sorry - the table didn't translate to this blog's formatting)

I find it interesting that GM's rebates are higher on 2012 trucks.
Did they anticipate a sales drop for 2012?
Usually rebates are higher on old inventory (2011's in this case).
Perhaps buyers are waiting for 2014 or bought 2011 models and then will wait for 2014.
If Chevy owners are truly jumping ship, you would of thought that would be more obvious in Ford's sales stats. Ram may of had more conquests than expected, or as previously mentioned, they will wait for the 2014 model year.

@Kent, I'm not gonna tell ya what to do but I can tell you I switched to Ford's last year and Love them. You certainly wouldn't regret it. They're so nice you Want to drive them. I drove nothing but Chevy's for 27 years and I could have seen these sales numbers coming a decade back. I always buy 2 new trucks every few years. A 1500 and a 2500. One for my daily truck and the other to pull racecars and horses cross country. When I bought my 02's I felt somewhat ripped off. The body and interior quality was a downgrade from my 98's. When I bought my 07's, the body and interiors were almost worse and I didn't think that was possible. The engines were always great, it was the rest of the truck that went into the toilet. As for GMC, I never cared much about it until the Chevy got downgraded for it's sake (looks, interiors, status). That was kind of the last straw for me. I don't like second best things. I bought a F-150 Platinum last year and a King Ranch SD. The Chevy's just don't even compare anymore when they used to be better than the Fords..

For 23 years I've also raced Chevrolet late models. I meet with thousands of drivers every year. All pull their racecars with trucks and the poor Chevy quality has led to a massive decline in Chevrolet racing interest. Chevy trucks and cars used to dominate our circuit as well as that of NHRA. Since the Ford trucks have become top tier over the last decade, The interest in racing Fords is also through the roof. When you're not driving the best truck, you're not racing the best car. That's the mindset anyway. Even I'm switching to Ford's this spring since I'm running the Ford trucks now. I'll always love Chevrolet for what it used to be but I think they shot themselves in the foot one too many times to walk anymore.

Regardless where Ram has or will sit. They are doing just fine. I'm a HUGE Chrysler enthusiast by the way.

I also want to make a prediction. I believe GM is going to take the sales lead with there up coming trucks. Why? Cause they will both be significantly different. Trust me. Those will bring new cosumers to the table big time. You know why a lot of people don't buy either truck? Cause they are basically the same. Now if someone doesnt like the Sierra. They can go with the Silverado and feel like its a different pickup. Instead of going to a completely new manufacturer. This is a move they should have done long ago. I'm hoping Ram does this with the Power Wagon and HD's. 3 different looking truck. I guarantee sales would improve for Ram doing that alone.

@Gregory - if you are going to include Avalanche, you also need to include the Cadillac variant. That also means you need to pull in the Canyon into the overall tally.

January 2012

Silverado - 26,850
Sierra ----- 9517
Colorado--- 2872
Canyon ---- 1059
Avalanche - 1617
Cadillac EXT - 108
total------ 42,023

F-Series - 38,493
Ranger -- 5,043
total ----- 43,536

Looks like the only way GMC will be able beat Ford in overall pickup sales is to wait for them to run out of Rangers.

By The Numbers: GM Sales Fall 6.1% In January 2012

Here is an interesting quote from one of the bloggers (please note that the link is from a GM fan site)

GM needs to fix GMC like right now. A brand cannot survive if its every model is a rebadge. Every GM brand has new products in the pipeline except GMC. I hope we dont have to see another slow death from yet another GM brand."

Sounds familiar?

@Greg J - I have to agree. Chrysler has fared much better in the PR department post bankruptcy. People saw them as the underdog. Everyone loves a mutt fighting its way to the head of the pack.
GMC on the other hand, was the Top Dog.
People feel that they shouldn't of failed. GMC has become the poster boy of everything that has gone wrong in the USA. Too big, too fat, too lazy, and being saved by handouts. Corporate and executive welfare bums. Americans pride themselves on 'rugged individualism". That self reliant attitude has not accepted GM's failure all that well.

Oh boy, ford is really slippen! Only 2000 units above the best truck made GM pick up truck line. Ford may have to ask the government for more bail out money with GM right on their heels in a 7 year old designed pick up. Ford is loosing more and more sales to dodge since the Ram is out performing the new fords. And the tundra! What a joke! They are on track to sell up to 50,000 units this year, almost all of them fleet sales, nobody wants that junk!

Same old arguments. Chevy is dying. It appears from the numbers they had a 4.7% decrease while Ford and RAM had an increase but it is premature to say they are dead. Its going to take a more significant decline to predict their death. A think a new model in 2014 and better quality will increase their sales along with a new Colorado. If in 2 years that doesn't work then some of you Ford guys can celebrate Chevy's death. Let's see what happens in 2014 before we declare Chevy's death. I am hoping all the brands survive and thrive but some of you want only one brand to survive. Congratulations to RAM and Ford and to competition. And yes they might be discounting some of the Chevys a little more than Ford but there is so much markup on a truck today that the manufacturers still make a sizeable profit. I will reserve judgement until 2014 and after.

@Scott the auto industry as a whole was tumbling at that point. F-150 always seems to be immune to anything due to mindless minine followers. The point is Ram is gaining on Silverado. No one here believes they will overtake F-150 anytime soon if ever. However, Ram is gaining on Silverado and fast. That point cannot be disputed.

Where o where could Bob be??? Must be with Howie...

2012 numbers will be low for Chevy.GMC, which will make their year over year numbers look great in 2013.

im surprised that ram is doing so well. I figured americans would want to drive a truck owned by americans instead of italy

@etw I also was wondering the same thing. I cannot believe that they would continue to buy from ram even though they are an italian owned. Just blows my mind, I dont care if they have the greatest truck in the world.

Ram still is and always will be an American based company and yes it kind of does matter that they do produce the best overall trucks in the market, mindless minine brand loyalty for Ford and Chevy aside.

@ramman- So it doesnt bother you thats once chrysler pays back its loan back to the goverment Fiat will take 51 percent of the company? Just a question , not trying to step on anyones toes here. Im a GM guy, on my way to ford though if GM doesnt get their #$% straight. Also waiting to see who will buy the majority of GM when the government sells its share. If it should go to another country well then goodbye.

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