Spied! 2014 GM Half-Tons Caught Testing

Our ever-vigilant spy photographers are still on the prowl for any shots they can get of the new GM pickup trucks that, from what we're hearing, are scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2013 as 2014 models.

These shots seem to indicate that all sorts of models will be ready to debut when the curtain opens. Towing mirrors on a regular cab short bed is an interesting combination and makes us think they're collecting a lot of towing data in relation to a new engine and transmission combination. Eight-speed models have been floating around the rumor mill and would make sense with both a new V-8 and V-6 option, as we've seen from Ram.

Likewise, there seems to be something interesting going on in the front skid plate area that we can't quite make out. We'll just have to wait and see. But if you happen to be out on the road and you see a well-camouflaged pickup truck rolling down the road, feel free to pull out your camera phone and send us a peek.


While the current Canyon & Colorado are badeged engineered trucks, the next offering will deferentiate the two, similar to the current Terrain & Equinox. Both appeal to different markets and both bring in big $$$ to GM. Why should they not offer the Canyon?

Unlike the current Canyon/Colorado trucks, which share way too much between the two, the next offering will be differentiated like how the current Terrain & Equinox are not the same in the styling department. each of those CUVs appeal to different markets, and I would imagine that the next Canyon & Colorado would do the same (I'm a fan of GMC's boxier, truck-like styling [Terrain] myself). Those two CUVs bring in big $$$ for GM, so why should they not offer two different mid-size pickups too? Not everyone wants a Chevy, and vice-versa with GMC you know.

Thanks Rob for the review. It sounds capable in terms of the towing, payload, off-road but it is medicore/average in terms of refinement, quality and comfort.

If the price was below competitors this would probably be ok but being at the top of the price heap doesn't do any wonders for the truck.

Hopefully if this truck is truely delayed 2 more years like has been suggested by others GM will have the time to up the refinement quality (and for the US likely the power numbers too if they bring the diesel)

They essentially did this with the Cruze that while only about a year old in the US is about 4 years old everywhere else in the world.

@Gregory J. - China is a big market but selling them on "western" transportation models will not work well for them or the rest of the world. There are too many of them to be transported efficiently by the automobile. They don't have much fuel of their own. They have more money than the USA does. That means they are in a better position to afford 10 dollars a gallon fuel than the USA. It makes perfect economic sense to me.(Sarcasm) Sell them all the cars and trucks they want and make that same form of transportation unaffordable for the rest of us.(No sarcasm - just reality).

I don't know why you are so upset about the "sell more in China" remarks. Aren't you the one bragging about that fact in another thread or bragging about the fact that GMC sells more vehicles globally than Ford?
Closer to home, the top 3 auto brands in the USA based on sales are Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota. In Canada it is Ford,Toyota, Hyundai.
Lighten up, I was making a joke. The guy was anti-foreign. Chrysler being Italian, and GMC being big in China are just great examples of the silliness of his post. Maybe I should mention that most of Ford's vehicles were designed and engineered in Europe but then again, didn't we liberate Europe? I guess that example doesn't count as they weren't enemies ;)

@Robert Ryan - thanks for the Colorado link. It would be nice to see the 2.8 litre diesel show up in North America. Interesting fact that they won't offer the V6 gasser as an option even though it is built in Australia. I would of thought that they could average better fuel economy than 10L/100 km 2.8 L engine. Mixed driving with some offroading is pretty good though. That would be an average of 23.5 USA gallon or 28.4 Imperial gallon. They weren't impressed with the interior. I hope that doesn't carry over to the next gen full sized NA trucks or the NA Colorado.

This is great news, looking forward to seeing the powertrain options. Hopefully a 4.5L Duramax w/ 8 speed. As for the bailouts. A bailout is never something to be proud of. Alan Mulally deserves more credit for saving Ford without taxpayer money than Obama deserves credit for throwing our money at GM. It was a good thing though they went through bankruptcy to strip much of the overhead (something that Obama did not support).

2008 is done, time to move on people. We have a chance to get rid of the guy who is wasting our money.

Jeep, hatred is sometimes good. Hatred is sometimes a result of awe, fear, and/or respect. It's good Ford Federation, Toyota Nation, and/or Dodge Den (or whatever you call these fake cults) fanatics express their hatred toward the better GM and its products. I say keep the hatred on and let these losers hide behind their awe, fear, and/or respect for the better people and their products.

If these losers really, and honestly, believed Ford, Toyota, and Dodge trucks were better, they would NOT read this news article and would, most likely, ignore it, since they'd only care about the perceived superiority of whatever they liked compared to that of GM.

What a load of crap Classified, it's possible to prefer one company, yet still show interest in what other companies are doing. Where do you come up with your logic? I prefer the Duramax over the Powerstroke, but F150 over the Silverado 1500. That's because I can think clearly about things, whereas you cannot.

@Classified - the part of your rant that is correct is the fact that their are people who will follow any brand like a cult.
It seems to me that the ones that use that term all of the time are those fanatics defending their own cult to the bitter end.

"hide behind their awe, fear, and/or respect"

You don't seem to comprehend hatred.
A person can be "in awe" of something and not hate it.
It can be a state of utter disbelief.
I respect many bloggers on this site even though I have a difference of opinion. I respect certain companies because of the way they are run, or how they design or build their products even though I don't own those products.
Fear rairly breeds respect.
Do I hate them?
Do I respect them?
Poorly managed, government owned, and still slow to upgrade its products.
Do I look at GMC in a state of "awe"?
I am awed by the fact that the biggest auto company in the world could not survive on its own.
I am awed by the fact that the biggest car company in the world set records for the largest losses of any company of all recorded history.
That explains my lack of respect.

If I needed a diesel truck and were to spend all of my time on the highway, I'd buy a Sierra Denali.
Since I spend a large part of my time on gravel roads, and I don't need a diesel - I drive a Ford F150.

Following American rival Ford, the old 4.3-liter pushrod V-6 will be given the boot, in favor of the 3.6-liter V6 with DI as the base engine, and a turbocharged V-6 option similar to Ford's EcoBoost. Two turbos are possible. A new 8 speed trans is also expected.

We’re expecting the new Chevy half tons to begin assembly in one year’s time.

Colorado/Canyon, Silverado/Sierra = REDUNDANT. Only GM is so pathetic... No other company in the World needs 2 of the same trucks. It's the stupidest most brand diluting practice there is. GM is completely destroying Chevrolet with this nonsense.

@lou Yes fiat owns 58 percent of chrysler and the united auto workers owning the rest.Instead of building cars in italy they are investing in building italian based cars in the U.S.A.Investing millions in factories in this country.Also selling chrysler bulit cars to italy.

@Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel - Fiat is trying to raise the cash to buy out the UAW. I'm not saying Italian ownership of Chrysler is bad, I used it as a counter-example to highlight the folly of misplaced patriotism. Corporations are multi-national, being loyal to a company isn't patriotic.

Ram is an American based multinational.

Ford is an American mulitnational.

That is the difference. Buying American is patriotic.

Add more to the list of "supposedly" disgruntled Gm Owners (I suspect ONE gm owner)........

TimHileman, DennisS., DanKenseth, JasonV, who else of the split personality? It would be comical if it wasn't so sad.....

@Tim - Do some research, Fiat will most likely kill every product with a Dodge badge. Some of the muscle cars might stay Dodge. The new Viper is no longer a Dodge. It is a SRT. Fiat said that the only nameplates it views as multinational are Jeep and Alfa Romeo. Chrysler and Ram are being viewed as North American only.
Is a Ram 2500 built in Mexico more patriotic than an Amercan built Tundra?
buying a Tundra or Tacoma by your definition is also patriotic as both trucks are only made in the USA. That would mean another USA based multinational truck manufacturer.
Toyota doesn't make those 2 trucks anywhere else.
What about a USA based multi-national that makes their trucks in Mexico, Canada, or Turkey?

Is GMC the most patriotic since they are owned by the USA?

The waters get awefully muddy if you want to buy based on flag.
This topic has been beat to death multiple times.
It keeps reincarnating.
Isn't that a Hindu concept?

I will make myself more clear. There are differences of each multinational. Ram is American based, but not American. Ford is American.

Is a Ram 2500 built in Mexico more patriotic than an Amercan built Tundra? I never stated it was and never mentioned Toyota because they are clearly a Japanese multinational.

Toyota also doesn't have a 2500 so it is not a true comparison.

Is GMC the most patriotic since they are owned by the USA?

Compared to Ram it is, but wasting money on bailouts which kept them afloat is not patriotic.

The most patriotic purchase you can make right now would be a Ford specially when Fiat increases their stake to 100%.

This topic has been beat to death multiple times....

Because you are Canadian so you feel the need to keep brining it up tell and dumbing it down to buying it based on flags. If I lived in Canada and was a big Toyota fan/owner and thought it doesn't matter which company you buy from, I might dumb it down like you but I don't.

Lou always tries to dumb it down "to people buying based on flags" and being "loyal". He is the one who needs to do more research. Tundra doesn't even make a 2500 and has been a laggard!

Lou likes to tak about everybody else flying flags but he also does plenty of flag waving.

1) Candian flag - because he is from Canada.
2) Japanese flag - because he owns a Toyota Sienna.
3) Ford flag - because he owns Ford trucks.

Not that there is anything wrong with that but he does do a lot of flag waving.

Lou is arguably the biggest flag waver on pickuptrucks.com

Lou: this is Jeep ( the real jeep who posted the comments about the GM Hatred). Look, some pekerhead is using my name. I think your comments are well thought out. I used to post under a different name (Red_4x4), but since I bought a Jeep, changed my name accordingly. Just letting you know before you flame me ... lol

Ford and chevy are owned by stockholders from all over the world.Just like Ram they are american companies.Regardless of who owns them.

@Lou,and @mhowarth They Holden said that the diesel made up 93% of current Colorado sales, so no petrol version. No unless it is very short trips and almost constant stop / start journey's , diesel is the way to go.
@mhowarth I think Holden will be working on the ride and interiors for Australia. The current Isuzu based Colorado has only 10% of the market. They certainly want to improve on that.
SOME OTHER INFO:(1) Toyota Australia is part of a global design and engineering effort, that is designing the next Hilux. Toyota Australia want a LOT better towing performance from the next Hilux.
(2) Although both are suffering supply problems from Thailand, the Mazda BT-50 is selling better than the Ford Ranger. Pricing is an issue with the Ford, same is going to be a problem with the Colorado.
Saw these Off Road Versions at the the Sydney Caravan and Camping Show
Ford Ranger
VW Amarok
Toyota Hilux

@Tim - I could make this discussion more academic since you don't like dumbed down posts. That would be well beyond what could easily be covered in a truck blog. But as you wish.
My initial comment was meant as a joke aimed at a fellow's comments stating that automotive companies helped win the war. I would assume WW2 since the atomic bomb was mentioned.
Did Henry Ford or any of his offspring spill blood or die in war?
Did any of the car companies build products for the war machine for free?
Companies can be expropriated for government use.
Chrysler as a company was involved with the Manhatttan project but then again so were 130,000 people at the peak of the project. When Chrysler first got involved, they signed a 27 million dollar contract. Today, that is chump change, a CEO's salary. In 1943 that was equivalent to modern day billions. The whole project cost $2 billion USD ($24 billion in current dollars).
Those patriotic companies sure did make some sacrifices, don't you think?
No different than the Billions Halliburton made in the Gulf War.
People seem to mix up patriotism with nationalism. Another belief that falls in line with Nationalism is Exceptionalism.
Patriotism is a love for ones nation with a focus on beliefs and values.
Nationalism is a belief where unity is more important and based on common threads such as culture, language, and heritage.
Exceptionalism is the belief or perception that a country, business, institution etc. is unique or exceptional in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles.
Ford, GMC/Chevrolet, Chrysler/Dodge etc. can be seen as part of the heritage of the USA, and automobiles are part of USA culture. Buy USA or more specifically USA products is by definition Nationalistic. Exceptionalism comes into play by the belief that for example GMC was "too big to fail". Normal rules of business did not apply to them. Exceptionalism also comes into play when one looks at the USA defence budget and self-imposed role as international policeman spreading democracy. Well, USA defined democracy.
One can be motivated by love for ones country, but buying a truck isn't patriotic by definition.
Multinational companies = Multi as in many, national as in nations.
Those companies are accountable to shareholders and whom ever they have to pay taxes in multiple nations. That is dumbed down but I'm already consuming volumes of web space.
I found your "Ram is American based, but not American. Ford is American." very interesting. Both companies have very long histories in the USA, both are interwoven into the fabric of USA. Ram is a new name but Dodge has been around a long time. That is why most people consider Ram or Dodge or Chrysler American as opposed to foreign.
My comment about the USA made Tundra versus the Mexican built 2500 Ram wasn't meant as a direct product comparison but to show the holes in the very definition you just postulated. Why is Toyota and the Tundra any different than Ram 1500 or Ford F150 or GMC 1500?
Multinational - that word comes up again.
In your hierarchy: Ford #1, GMC #2 , Ram #3 and Toyota since they are Japanese would be unpatriotic?
A "domestic" product by USA definition is based upon the soil it is built not the soil of head office or dare I say flag of head office.
That puts all of the 1/2 tons on equal footing as F150, Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, Ram 1500, Titan are built on USA soil (there are specific product exceptions).
"Flag waving" can be patriotic or Nationalistic. It is usually defined as excessive or fanatical. It is chauvinistic in nature. Not racial or sexual but often militant in devotion to one's country and to its glorification. THat is why it tends to be Nationalistic in nature.
Since I am Canadian, and I own a USA made Ford truck, and a USA made Toyota Sienna - is "flag waving" truly the most appropriate way to define me?
Isn't making the assumption "Because you are Canadian so you feel the need to keep brining it up tell and dumbing it down to buying it based on flags" an example of nationalism on your part? It could be seen as chauvinistic and/or xenophobic.
How dare I, a foreigner, post comments that question the beliefs of Americans!
Isn't that what you and others are ultimately trying to say?

My apologies for the long post.

@Robert Ryan--Thanks for the Colorado pictures. Overall it appears to be much better than the current US Colorado/Canyon but it still misses the mark of the old S-10. The cheaper models of the Colorado/Canyon and the former Isuzu suffer from a rougher ride and is jittery when the bed is not loaded. Also the current models suffer from too much hard plastics. They are good trucks but GM went a little too cheap which is costing it sales and lost it the loyal S-10 and Sonoma customers. I have no doubt that they will sell a fair amount of these but with a better ride and some soft touch interior dash and door panels this would do much much better. My 2008 Isuzu has the hard plastic door panel and dash parts but the ride is much better. The base Isuzu model was covered in hard plastic down to the floor boards and had a buckboard ride. It is a reliable truck but the hard plastics and a rough ride were turnoffs. Today's buyers demand nicer interiors and better rides especially for what trucks and cars cost. Don't get me wrong I have GMs and like them but they need to get off the hard plastics and cheaper finishing to better compete.

@Lou-You are a North American too and you are a brother as well. Canadians are the best friends the United States has. You are not a foreigner. Have a nice day!!

I think some Canadians have a hard time identifying themselves since we're so similar to Americans, since there isn't a lot of Candian vehicle makers, they try to to simply bash buying American or point out why buying American brands doesn't help us since it doesn't help them because they live in Canadian. It's immature and rude.

@Tom-I think what Lou is pointing out is that the line between American owned and American made is not that distinct anymore (it is becoming blurred). Most corporations are multinational and because of that take advantage of geographic locations where the labor is cheaper and/or where there is a growing market. GM is the fastest growing auto manufacture in China and there is nothing wrong with that. Ford is late to the Chinese market but is aggressively pursuing it. Many traditional American owned companies have been bought out by foreign owned companies. For example Hoover vacuums which were American and made in Canton, OH are now owned by the Chinese, who renamed a city in China Canton.

Part of the problem is that all of the United States is suffering an identity crisis too. We were the leaders and innovators of the World. After WWII the rest of the World bought our products and looked up to us. Our future was very bright and we were all proud of our nation. Our space program was a source of pride as well. We have lost a lot of our leadership and respect over a period of time. Our leaders in Washington cannot agree on anything, our infrastructure is crumbling, more of our businesses are setting up shop overseas and making lower grade products, our country is not held in as high esteem as it once was, we have entangled ourselves in long and expensive wars that are draining us of financial and human resources, and the future for our children is not as promising as it once was. All of this cannot be pinned on just our current President or Congress but this decline has happened over a period of time.

It gives us all hope when we hear of a smaller startup company in the US that creates jobs here. For example the guy who was on the show Shark Tank and was turned down because he would not make his portable truck rack overseas but he found a way of making it here and even got a call from Home Depot for an order. This is a great story. Lets not attack each other. Have a nice day!!

I kinda wish the manufacturers would get away from all the trucks having the nose down rake to them. In this age, with the technology they have, let's get these trucks sitting level, handling better, and do something about this.

@fear the voices: I think the new Ram might be following through on your wish. with the additional air bags, sitting level with no load can also mean sitting level with a heavy load while still being comfortable. with traditional springs it's real hard to do that without sacrificing ride comfort.

A little off topic but GM related. Here's a proposition to GM...not that anyone there would listen.

Make GMC a commercial mid and HD truck brand and make Chevrolet for light and HD pickups as well as upper crust ends of the Chevrolet Silverado to combat Fords Lariat/King Ranch/Platinum/Harley-Davidson and Ram's Laramie/Longhorn/Limited/SRT-8 (Ram should add the latter).

This Chev looks promising but I'll wait when more is revealed. I do hope they find some new trailer mirrors though.

@Billy-I see nothing wrong with your suggestion. Actually I think it is good. If you want to carry it further you could just call the new midsize Colorado a Colorado (don't designate it a Chevy) and offer it to Buick/GMC dealerships as well as Chevrolet dealerships. Don't waste the money making a different brand and put the money into soft touch door panels and dashboards along with improving the ride quality.

Probably GM will not do that with GMC but at the very least they could offer the Silverado with the same premium packages that they offer on GMC and clean the front end and sides of the Silverado to look more like the GMC. They need to give the Chevy guys what they want so that they won't lose them. This is a simple solution that really is cost effective and it would increase sales of the Silverado and restore Chevy's reputation as a truck leader. And as some pointed out they could beef up the front suspensions and maybe thicken the sheet metal so they don't dent as bad. I would like GM to succeed as well.

lol at all these Ford fan girls giving GM crap for dominating in China...

lol Ford is trying to do the same thing you dip-shits! Ford would give their left nut to have the business in China that GM does... Like someone else said before, Ford is making huge investments in China...

GM was smart to get their foot in the door early in China, the results are paying off (billion dollar profit for GM in Q1)


The funny thing about Lou is, He is the biggest Ford homer on here (next to his BF Frank) Yet he claims he isn't biased...

Hes been pulling the same crap for years, didn't buy it then, don't buy it now, and anyone who does is an idiot.

@TIM,RAM is american.It has more american resources to build then Ford or Chevy.I agree buying american keeping jobs here is patriotic.




I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but Chrysler/Dodge/RAM/Jeep is no longer an American company.

What was once known as Chrysler is now known as a subdivision of Fiat of Italy. Last I heard, the US government paid Fiat a good sum of money to take Chrysler off our books.

We can all agree that buying something "made in America by Americans for Americans" is a great and patriotic thing, but the profits made from those sales still go to Fiat of Italy.

We better get used to foreigners owning our favorite brands, like Budweiser, now owned by a Belgian company, or Miller, now owned by a South African Brewer. So why not Chrysler, now owned by an Italian auto manufacturer?

I read elsewhere that Land Rover, Jaguar, Saab and Volvo all became American companies when American firms bought controlling shares in them and called the shots.

That was great then. What is different now that American companies are being bought and controlled by foreign firms?

The point here is, if you want to buy a truly American car or truck, you may be surprised to find it was made in Canada or Mexico. Those two countries are not part of the US, last I checked, and more American car makers are making them outside of the US these days.

And the 2014 GM half-tons? Let's hope that GM has really come into the 21st century with their half ton trucks this time around. I've owned several GM trucks and like most GM truck owners, I can tell you a lot of things that needed improving on GM half ton trucks.

In 2014 I'll be shopping for a new half-ton truck. I'll be looking at GM and the other truck makers to see who racks up the best kudos. And what matters to me is engines, transmissions, construction, noise, vibration, and handling.

I'm looking forward to test-driving a 2012 GM half-ton and evaluating it for myself.

@debinder,Ram is an american brand period.It is built in the U.S.A.By american union workers that also own the company. Yes fiat owns shares in the company.Who owns ford,chevy?stock holders.It also has more american parts then ford or gm.

Pickup truck folks:
We are in deep doo and I think this story has brought out a perfect example of our tension, stress and what may be the beginnings of real collective paranoia turning into division. If this were a company we would be headed to human resources or if we were buddies we would head to a place for some fist bumps on each others heads. A story about a future US manufacturer’s product has expectedly caused a stir that I suspect has deep roots right about now. Our western attitudes of can do anything is wavering. Our American auto makers let us all down by taking the blood money from politicians that had big favors to return to their brothers in crime. They let us down by taking the sleazy easy way out instead of fighting to survive like so many of us and those that came before us including our own country that has come out of eras and earth shaking challenges that would force weaker countries to their knees. They let us down by demonstrating that when you are too stupid to make it on your own - you beg for help from the same people that was and are all too glad to play you for fools and make you run when they say run and meddle in your business like they actually know what’s best for your industry, although most of these same meddlers have never contributed anything of worth to anything or anyone except their own pockets. How did some of the greatest manufacturers in the world let the DNA and souls of their companies rot to the point that they were run by weak and incompetent men that just wanted to skate till retirement and leave the problems to the next generation to deal with – and that brings me back to – politicians. I just needed to get that off my chest. Oh, and good luck GM, were all going to need it.

Dodge Ram, I think you are mistaken on that. Chrysler must get Fiat's approval for everything and all the shots are called by Sergio and the Fiat board. Chrysler has no money of its own. Fiat controls all the money.

The same thing happened when Daimler owned Chrysler. Daimler called the shots. This is no different.

But if you want to believe that Chrysler calls the shots at Fiat, have at it. I don't think anyone who knows the industry would agree with you.

@debinder you are correct.My point is it is an american brand.Made in america.By americans.Next 5 years someone else might own it.Thank god they are investing millions in american plants to build itallian based fiat cars.not the other way around.

Dodge RAM, my daughter bought a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 with the 5.7 in Deep Cherry Red with the Black interior. Very nice!

Her husband bought a RAM MaxCab last year with the 5.7 and is having some issues with the cylinder deactivation and hard shifting of the 6-speed automatic. Not uncommon. Also the Oxygen-sensor had to be replaced already under warranty. Strange.

If Chrysler/Dodge/RAM/Jeep is to prosper Fiat had better steer some money into addressing the issues that have plagued Chrysler since the beginning of time.

But as for any manufacturer who invests money into the US and provides jobs to Americans, we should welcome them with open arms.

What we need from Fiat/Chrysler is to stop making them in Mexico and Canada, and bring those jobs back to the US, like what the foreigners have been doing here in the South. That's what it's all about! Jobs for Americans in America.

Correction: the 6-speed auto on the Jeep and the OX-Sensor on the RAM.

No car company is perfect.I believe the big three make the best vehicles on the road.God bless the U.S.These companies built this wonderful country of ours.I am glad they are all still here.

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@Jeff thanks. My point about being a foreigner questioning American values based on how I read Tim's comments. As you pointed out, Canadians share many similarities with their USA brethren.
We are dealing with multinational companies that do what they do for the love of money not the love of country. I am not hung up on the need to buy "home made" partially because there isn't any auto companies that are Canadian unless you count Skidoo, and Can Am. I fail to see why one considers themselves patriotic by purchasing a domestic badged product. I find it a real stretch to see how a company can be more patriotic than another. Since patriotism is a feeling, a belief, and a love for one's country and if it makes a person feel better about themselves or one's country by purchasing a domestic badged product then do what makes you happy or proud or patriotic.
When it comes to having an "identity crisis", I find many cultures are overwhelmed by the USA media juggernaut, and the adopting of the "American dream" which many interpret as the amassing of personal wealth. Canadians often define themselves by showing how they differ from their USA brethren. In the USA I suspect that there is also an identity crisis that is emerging. Great companies are being swallowed up by outsiders, companies such as Toyota dominate certain segments of the auto industry. That industry was once a jewel in the American crown. The middle class is dwindling and losing ground in the social fabric of the USA at a staggering pace. The USA is going to be #3 after China and Japan in financial might. Probably 4th as India will move to the head of the line. There are troubled times now and ahead.I don't see any of these issues as insurmountable.
Full sized pickups in many ways are the most popular vehicle in Canada and the USA because they reflect the versatility, the toughness, and the "I can do any job you ask me to do" mentality that is possessed by most Americans and Canadians.

@Lou-The United States is definitely suffering an identity crisis. There is nothing wrong with anyone questioning what the values are of a nation, a people, and a corporation. Blind loyalty to any institution is wrong. You should always question whether a country (even if it is yours) or a corporation is doing the right thing. That is why we have free speech and the freedom to vote for or against who we desire. As a nation the United States is changing from the number one power to second, third, or forth. No nation or empire has ever stayed on top. Go back to the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish, and the might British Empire. When China becomes the number one power it will not be forever. The main thing is to realize this and redirect your resources in a new direction. Celebrate the innovators and businessmen that create a new businesses and make something that benefits most of us (makes our lives easier or better). Multinational corporations have their place but as for loyalty to any particular country that is questionable. The bottom line and the stockholders are their first loyalty. I celebrate Ford, GMs, Chrysler (Fiats) successes but I do not define them as being part of the United States. Maybe their products are interwoven into the fabric of our nation but I do not pledge my allegiance to them. In the same breath I do not relish any corporation experiencing bad times. I want GM to produce a quality vehicle that people will buy and enjoy just as Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and etc. I want the US and Canadian economy to prosper along with the rest of the world. We as a people should only wish the best for everyone.

@Lou @ Jeff S Australians and New Zealanders have similar differences to Canadians and Americans. Our Automotive preferences have been influenced by strong European and US influences, very different from the US/Canadian one which is primarily from the US. Now we are getting a lot of Asian influence.

@DeBinder Dundett: I guess you want Canadians and Mexican to buy those products that are not produced in Canada or Mexico at all? Lets take all the Dodge car manufacturing (Chargers and Challengers and a few others) and build them here so the Canadians are PO'd and choose not to buy Ram trucks? They seell alot there. Same with the cars. If you were a Canadian plant worker that lost a job because of your suggestion, would you plop down 30 grand on a new Charger (an example of what is made in Canada)?? I doubt it!

Did you all the sudden wake up and notice Dodge makes stuff in Canada? They didn't just start. My 96 LHS Chrysler was built there. Did Ford WINDSORs just get that name for the hell of it? I think some of my late 60s early 70's Dodge smallblock stuff mighta been built in Canada. And the same for Mexico. They just started that, right? And you think JUST Chrysler building in Mexico or Canada, and THEY are THE ONLY ONES?? WOW! You could stand to take a look at window stickers! Go see how many cars built by Ford in Mexico, and the US/Canadian parts content they have! I think one of the highest US Canadian parts content by Chryslers is the Avenger maybe? Jeeps are pretty high. GM does their share of Mexico and Canadian building, which is better to be then buying something produced in another CONTINENT.

As far Chrysler having quality issues, wow, maybe you should try a few other products, cause they ALL have good and bad ones.

What's a Maxcab? I know of QUAD cabs, CREW cabs, and MEGA cabs.

I can say no cylinder deactivation issue for me, very smooth. No oxygen senser issues @ 31,000 miles. Some of that towing 6-7K pounds. My dealership trailer brake controller install was a Pain in the butt, only cause mine is a very early 2010 (in about the first month of 2010 MODELS), so the wiring harness was not quite ready, had it been built 2 weeks later, no biggie. But they fixed it up, it all works properly. The only issue really was the fob is kinda hard to unlock the doors. Mine shifts very nice, thank you. So what exact model is your son in laws?

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