Australian Holden Colorado Debut Videos

The new Holden Colorado is ready for the Australian media, and it will likely be quite similar to the Chevy Colorado we'll see here in the next year or two. These two videos (above and below) from Holden's YouTube channel do a decent job of giving us a good look at what's coming.

No doubt we'll hear more more about the smaller truck as more info gets released about its bigger brother, the next-gen 2014 Chevy Silverado. 

We assume we'll hear more from GMC as well, as we expect an announcement to get made, one way or another, as to when or if a GMC Canyon will follow. For now, these videos give us a good idea of what to expect.


It looks nice with a smooth aero design. Dare I say the design is looking more and more Toyota/Japanese?

For some reason I feel like a beer after listening to that.

On second thought the side view looks better than the frontal view.

The picture on the news article page is better looking and not of the new colorado. The new colorado looks exactly like a taller chevy malibu from the front.

* The heartbeat of America... **Not available in America.

My dad in Australia drove the new Ranger and Colorado. He said the Ranger is much nicer. Didn't like the ride or interior of the Colorado. He drove the Ranger first so I guess that set higher expectations for the Colorado. Ranger is in short supply there right now because of the Thailand flooding. Big shipments not expected until sometime next year!

I have senn more Mazda utes on the road than the Ranger at this point. It will be interesting to see how all these new Utes fare. Interesting times.

As an aside, notice the young woman interviewer called it a car?. Depends where you go they are called, Utes, Pickups, cars or Trucks
"Truck" tends to be used by the under 35's. As well Grey Nomads use "truck" or Ute. Big Ute is another term for a US HD.

@RR, yeah not surprising. When looking on, I found BT-50s with leather for $51k. Ranger XLT with cloth for $58k-62k! My dad didn't like it though because he thought it looked like the car was smiling at him. LOL.

Looks like a equinox with a truck bed.

Think the taco will have a run for is money in the offroading, look at that truck go! This look is kinda growing on me I still hope they change the grill some for the US ones. I guess looks aint to import as long as its cheap and good one gas/diesel for the people who want/need just smaller trucks.

Looks similar to the old ford explorer sport-trac

I love my BT50 GT the one with leather. I paid $51k driveaway, with a bull bar and 3.35 ton tow package.

I think the front of the Colorado is a ugly as my thing.

@Big Al, how are you liking it, how does it drive and pull?

This truck does not impress me. The design is such a mishmash of vehicles. It looks like an Equinox with a bed designed in China. The back door windows don't even line up with the bedline. They slope way too far up. The interior is also very poor. I'll go out on a limb here and say I like the current Colorado better and that's not saying much at all. Chevy needs to bring back the S-10 and design it like a real American S-10 truck should look. This thing won't sell squat in the US. The Tacoma will march on.. Chevrolet had 1 last chance to get this small truck thing right and they failed big time IMO. The Ranger is indeed much better looking. As is pretty much anything.

And what's up with a Holden badge? Is this not a Chevy? This is what's so bizarre about GM. A Ford truck will have a Ford badge wherever you buy it. A Chevy truck will have who the heck knows what. I'm not sure I even know what a Chevrolet even is anymore to tell the truth. It's like it's not even real anymore like it once was. Oh well I guess.

It's going great. Its no 1/4mile dragster. But it pull fantastically. Its quite econically, much more than my V6 2004 Kia Sorento.

The pickup is not a Chev, it's a Holden. Do Caddy's have a Chev emblem? Holden is a division of GM. Your new Chev Impala NASCARS will be Holden Commodores. If you google V8 SuperCars it will give you Chev and Ford guys a real rush.

The pickup is not a Chev, it's a Holden. Do Caddy's have a Chev emblem? Holden is a division of GM. Your new Chev Impala NASCARS will be Holden Commodores. If you google V8 SuperCars it will give you Chev and Ford guys a real rush.

@Bigal, GM IS Chevrolet. Without Chevrolet there is no GM. I've never even heard of Holden until now. I had to Google it to see what the heck this was. A Chevy Colorado with a round badge? Odd. Why not just call a Chevrolet a Chevrolet?? GM is so stupid sometimes. No disrespect to you Australians because we in America love you guys. A Chevy truck however is a Chevy truck. I'm just about ticked at GM over this now.

And what's up with a Holden badge? Is this not a Chevy? This is what's so bizarre about GM. A Ford truck will have a Ford badge wherever you buy it. A Chevy truck will have who the heck knows what. I'm not sure I even know what a Chevrolet even is anymore to tell the truth. It's like it's not even real anymore like it once was. Oh well I guess.

@Fordtrucks, Exactly.

Holden is a division of GM.

-LOL! What is GM?? Divisions of divisions of divisions... Ha ha!! At least a Ford is a Ford! GM is so pathetic.

Still two many doors for my taste. I'm happy with 2 or even 2.5. More than that is just a waste of space.

@Vulpine They have single cabs of this truck. too.

Hmph! It seems some 'Blue Oval' people have forgotten the big 'M' as in Mercury and the gunsight reticle which is Lincoln, both divisions of Ford Motor Company just as Ford cars and Ford trucks are.

Ford is Ford is Ford? Have you looked at the Australian Fords? Like the still available Falcon? That's a model not even available in the States and was made quite famous by the Road Warrior movies. Even the European Fords have been relatively scarce in the States, though models like the '80s vintage Mustang and Capri were Euro-built and the current Focus, Festiva and Transit are European.

Oh, no. Ford is not necessarily Ford, it may have another badge on it entirely.


The Colorado design team was lead by Brazil, Holden also had a significant input into the design of the vehicle not Chev. Holden didn't need a bailout as it is one of the most profitable arms of GM. A lot of GMs design work is done in Australia and even Singapore.

Also the new Ford T6 Ranger and my Mazda BT50 trucks were designed in Australia.

You have to realise the world is full of multi national companies. Also some of the companies come from foreign countries and all are not based in NA.

@keithSchuler Not many in Australia and the outside world, have heard of Buick, Mercury, GMC, Scion, Lincoln, Tundra, RAM, Silverado, F150 and countless other models. Some have heard of Chevrolet in Europe primarily, but that is about it.

The Holden Colorado used to be a the best looking Ute/mid-size out there.

It didn't look like a Chevy one bit. Now this grasshopper looking thing looks like the love child of a Cobalt and Equinox.

Chevy need to kill that grill once and for all. It's the gril/front clip that can only come from inbreeding. Enough's enough!

they need to trash the rear door design and the front end of this thing. The front doors and the box looks decent, however they need to square up the window on the rear doors, and box up that front end to look more like a silverado if they are going to bring it here.

@Denvermike Agree. It did look good. Appears from various tests the new one has some rough edges. The Old Rodeo/Colorado was pretty similar to the new Amarok.


I agree the front end is horrific on the Colorado. At least the front of my Mazda truck is easily hidden with a bull bar.

The looks could grow on you, I don't like the tiny box on the crewcabs. That seems to be an endemic disorder with all of these global small trucks. I didn't like the SportTrac for that very same reason.
@KeithSchuler - you need to expand your horizons. There is a big beautiful world out there. Global vehicles are taking over the North American markets. It is getting harder and harder to find a USA only car or SUV. I can see the same thing happening to trucks.

Not a fan of the looks like most of the over seas trucks. But everything else about it I like good luck GM. I dont see Americans looking past these funky abnormal (for here) truck styling to see the decent sized capable enough mid/compact it is we shall see. Im still waiting for my "lifestyle" Dakota

Here is a picture of the Izuzu D Max version of the 2013 Colorado. Remember they also contributed as well as GM. I would buy one of these before the Colorado. It actually looks great.

At least GM is going to have a Colorado in NA. The F-150 is now Ford's smallest truck. The looks are not what will determine the success of the Colorado. Price and quality will determine success. Befpre I judge the Colorado I want to see one and it will have to be in the market for a couple of years. Since I am not a Ford fanboy I will withhold my final judgement once the new Colorado has been on the market. I am not crazy about the front but then the Tacoma is no thing of beauty either, but that would not preventt me from considering Tacoma. Until Ford decides to change their minds or not I will at least give GM and Nissan credit in providing competition to Tacoma. I would rather have some competition than no competition in the midsize market.

@Jeff S. From a styling aspect. I find the older Holden/Isuzu Rodeo/Colorado, VW Amarok and up market versions of the Hilux quite neat. The F150/Silverado and RAM look bland and bit nose heavy. The Triton,BT-50 and let us not forget the Ssyangong have a fair bit of Asiatic eccentricity.

@ Robert Ryan and Jeff S

Everyone in their life has had a butt ugly dog that would do anything for you. That how I approach my BT50. Fugly but worth the effort.

I actually bought my butt ugly truck for what was under the skin and the interior for its exceptional ergonomics and quality.

another shot of the new Isuzu D-max. looks a lot better than the Colorado, but engine still sounds a bit anemic.

You Ford boy's comments match the truck you drive. Boring, no substance, and full of BS.

Ford vehicles have only the blue oval on them because nobody else would want to put their name on these vehicles. Their so called super duties have weak rear springs, ugly grill especially on their so called work truck, and a weak frame that will twist like a pretzel. Just remember why GM sells more vehicles around the world, because they are the most dependable vehicle made. That is a fact!

everyone elses comments: productive, contribute to conversation in some way
@Greg's comments: anti-brand, useless.

except for the front end, i am a fan of the design overall. seeing how easily manufacturers swap grills and some sheet metal in between models (i.e. silverado vs. sierra) I don't see why it would come to the US with this exact same face.

The front end has grown on me a bit; but hopefully any possible GMC model of this will look more truck-like. I guess Chevy wants to keep a familiar face among its products, but they should be drawing a more distinct line when it comes to anything that is supposed to be a truck.

@fear the voices, I agree with you 100%.

Chevy should have a familiar face. Just not this one. You don't put a cuv front end on a truck. Good grief.. What's wrong with these people? I'd never own anything that said GMC on it. They really need to MCE this truck and fast before it hits the states.

@Big Al, The auto world is a global one for sure. It's no excuse for ugly vehicles though. Nor is it an excuse for an ugly base vehicle with a bunch of different front ends and brand badges. It reeks of old GM. They may have gotten away with the badge engineering nonsense before the age of the internet but not now. They need to figure out what or who they are. This is where companies like Ford and Toyota shine. A Ford is a Ford no matter where you go. A Toyota is a Toyota no matter where you go. A GM is God knows what for the last many decades. This is why most people don't care for GM. They're not 1 thing and they're not a real name. If GM was the Chevrolet Motor Company and it was a wordwide operation, then it would be legitimate. A Chevrolet would then be a Chevrolet no matter where it the world you went. They could design them to look good and all carry the Bowtie badge. It would be a real company then. I respect Holden by the way. You Australian's know how to build a good vehicle. That said, if Holden is going to be part of 'GM', it should be Chevrolet Australia. All of these multi names, faces and brands are just archaic, redundant and plain sad.

Yeah GM should have a simpler lineup. Get rid of Holden, Opel, Vauxhall, GMC, and Buick.

Just have Chevrolet and Cadillac

Just have the best of what they have (revise model names if need be). Make all of the following models global.

Cars: Corsa, Astra, Insignia, Commodore, Caprice
Sports: 130R, Camaro, Corvette
EVs: Spark, Volt
SUVs: Terrain, Acadia, Trailblazer, Yukon
Vans: Combo, Vivaro, Movano
Pickups: Colorado, Silverado

Get rid of pretty much everything else so they can invest more money in making these better.

Burp, derp. Guts Glory Ram. derp, durr. Ram takes out Holden in 2025!


That is a terrible idea, it is rubbish. You sure have a pretty poor business and marketing sense if you really think that would work. For example, Buick and China as well as Holden and Australia... Sure glad GM doesn't listen to half the ideas that are put out there. Ford what a joke, junk transmissions and MyFord Touch isn't working so well for being called a more "Quality" truck then chevy and ram haha!! Ford is 28th on the list while Chevy 15th Ram 14th and GMC is 12th in quality ranking. Good job GM and RAM!!!

Sorry, I should have included american chevrolet in that comment too. Anyone who says they would never buy a GMC but would a Chevy deserves to be punched in the taint for saying something so stupid.

All I have to say if they are globally #1 they must be doing something right. Branding to certain areas helps sales as well as aiding in any cultural problems that may arise with naming, not to mention anything else that we probably have no idea about.

Opel, Vauxhall, Holden have all been around longer than Chevrolet. You don't just re-name something when you aquire it after people have recognized it for many years. Should Hummer have become Chevrolet? Look at the Sears tower or what ever it is called, it was taken over and re-named but no one knows it by the new name, only the original.

GM is doing a great job and turning out great products that give everyone choices. If you don't like it, head on over to the "other brands".

@Johnnie Dose - what does any of this have to do with this story?
The report you published shows initial quality. If a person finds the turn signal awkward to use, that counts as an initial quality problem.
This is a direct quote from the article you posted:
"According to J.D. Power & Associates annual Initial Quality Survey of new-vehicle owners, problems with 2011 models after three months on the road fell 5 percent from the previous year. But complaints about in-car electronics systems, especially voice controls, surged -- knocking Ford, which has pushed its MyFord Touch screen and Sync into about 4 million vehicles, to 27th out of 34 brands rated, down from fifth two years ago and 23rd last year."

Basically, Any company coming out with new technology or any new features runs the risk of "falling" due to teething problems and/or people just plain not being able to figure stuff out.

Do we welcome inovation or do we reject it?

In closing, this quote from JD Power sums it all up:
"As mechanical defects have become rarer in new vehicles, the J.D. Power survey of 74,000 buyers has become more focused on subjective complaints"

@Tyler - I have to agree. Brand or corporate identity carries a lot of weight in the market place. Some brand names may be considered substandard or may not "translate" well based on language or culture. Holden has been the face of GMC in Australia, why change that?
Companies have been paring down nameplates in the global arena. Some names are remaining due to history and rerputation. A prime example would be Toyota changing the name of the Hilux to Tacoma for global consumption. Does a company do that just to keep one market happy?

Hmph! It seems some 'Blue Oval' people have forgotten the big 'M' as in Mercury and the gunsight reticle which is Lincoln, both divisions of Ford Motor Company just as Ford cars and Ford trucks are.

- Ford's ARE Ford's. Lincoln doesn't count. Every main brand needs a luxury line. And Ford's rebadge practices ala Mercury were nowehere on the disgusting scale that GM was/is. Add to it, Ford has stepped into the 21st century and Mercury is gone. GM and it's archaic business model is still stuck deep in the 1900's. If you buy a Ford your are buying a genuine Ford product. This is why people get behind and love Ford. Same with Toyota as mentioned. GM is not a genuine product of a genuine name. GM once upon a time owned several companies that were themselves genuine and real. After the early 70's the realness was gone. GM's brands became nothing but a 'GM Platform' with a trillion different badges. That's Not REAL. It's Not GENUINE. I scoff at people who are buying these new Buick's. Granted, they are few and far between. Those cars aren't Buick's. These Is NO Buick factory with employees wearing Buick shirts and a dedicated team of Buick engine engineers. You are Not buying a Buick. You are buying an Opel!! Yes, a Real Genuine Opel. From a real genuine Opel factory. If GM wants to sell Opels in the US they need to keep it Real and sell them as what they are. These cars are not Buick's. As far as I'm concerned Buick hasn't existed in a genuine company form for over 40 years. GM is pathetic.

I agree with Alex. Ditch the rest of those brands. And Johnny, I can't take seriously anything that lists GMC 12th and Chevrolet 15th. That's laughable as a GMC is nothing but a rebadged Chevrolet. Oh, this time they got better looking fenders. Big whoop.

Sorry, I should have included american chevrolet in that comment too. Anyone who says they would never buy a GMC but would a Chevy deserves to be punched in the taint for saying something so stupid.

@Tyler, I too would never buy a truck that said GMC on it. There's very few people I suspect that would raise a fist to me. After the Government bailout I just can't drive something that in my mind will forever carry the initials of Government Motors Company on the grille. It is what it is. I know there are many folks out there like myself who feel the same way. I think Chevrolet could have survived on it's own just fine without GM in the mix. In my mind, GM just drags the brand down. I've always drove Chevrolet cars and trucks anyway. I'm not sure I will anymore though unless they step up to the plate and compete against Ford.

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