New Silverado/Sierra Debut Will Surprise

2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-Teaser II

By now you've heard that the media debut of the new GM half-tons — the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra — will be Dec. 13 at an undisclosed location. Along with this information, GM released a close-up view of a projector headlamp, presumably to be used on one of the upper-level trim packages. 

There has been much speculation about what types of new-technology option packages will be offered, how dramatically different the interior will look, and what types of new powertrain packages will exist. With the EcoBoost V-6 technology working very well for Ford and the Ram's new eight-speed transmission garnering all sorts of praise by the various media outlets, GM needs to offer something special if it wants to compete sufficiently. 

We might get a clue from, of all places, the new Corvette as to what that key piece of technology might be. There has been quite a bit of buzz recently surrounding the coming 2014 Corvette. The plant in Bowling Green, Ky., is reported to be shut down for almost a total of six weeks for the changeover, but the big news is the release and use of a new Gen V small-block V-8 engine, reported to offer the most power and fuel economy for any standard Corvette engine. 

Our guess is a lot of the technology included on this engine will make it into one of the engine choices that will be offered for certain models of the new Silverado and Sierra 1500s. For that reason, it's worth looking at some of the highlights of the engine. (Click here to download the full press release from GM.) 

2014 Silverado Corvette engine II
Highlights include an aluminum block and oil pan, direct injection, new active fuel-management system, continuously variable valve timing, new head design, higher compression ratio, more advanced cooling, and a highly modified combustion chamber and spark plug setup. These advancements provide huge improvements in efficiency and power output, and we're almost certain they will be carried over to the new truck engines. 

We're hearing through some back channels that a lot of these same technologies could be brought into all the engine options for the full-size half-tons, but we won't find that out until mid-December. In the meantime, we know all the manufacturers have some very aggressive fuel-economy standards to meet in the coming decade, so we expect to hear quite a bit of noise about better fuel economy, lighter trucks, multispeed transmissions, turbocharging and even cylinder deactivation. 

No doubt the engineers and marketing folks at GM (not to mention Chevy and GMC dealerships) can't wait to finally get their half-ton products to the marketplace, but what will be most interesting to us is whether or not they bring all their weapons to the fight in one big blaze, or if this is just the first phase of a multilayered, long-term battle strategy. We're guessing the latter, but they might surprise us. We'll also get a closer look at the trucks at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Stay tuned. 



If this is classic GM cutting corners ,explain to me how over the 40years this POS dated push rod motor tech has been able to compete and win vs various European super car rivals? There are numerous magazines from the 60 till present validated this!

@Gpc85 - competitive versus supercars?
Dude, have you been hanging out with Rambo?
Europeans consider the Corvette a muscle car. That translates to fast in a straight line. The Corvette ZR1 was 27th on Top Gear UK's PowerLap Board.
The Nissan GT-R is faster coming in at 20th place.
The Corvette is fast but needs to improve to be considered a true supercar.
The Corvette lost to the GT-R and Porsche and they are not considered supercars.
European cars of similar displacement make much more power than a Corvette engine.

hecho en Mexico

Some of you guys are perfect examples why freedom of speech is sometimes a bad thing. Give Mark Williams a break. Sometimes I don’t know how he finds the motivation to write anything with the childish, immature and sarcastic feedback that pop up here. And to say Mike Levine is using PUTC as a free Ford commercial is just flat out a stupid statement. I am not personally a Ford fan but Mike and Mark have more integrity than that. Many of you little kids need to go play in the street and stay away from the key board. I would like to read true truck related media with constructive feedback rather than immature rants on every single story posted here. For the record, I too have high hopes for the new GM twins as the current GMT900’s have been quite the disappointment.

A lot of the new gasoline engine are being designed to get their torque at lower rpm's, hence they will look at having taller diff ratios.

Ford's eco boosts were designed to produce higher torques at lower rpm's. They will sacrifice top end power to achieve this.

BMW is researching turbo gasoline engine technology that has an increase of 50% in torque and only a 15% in peak power.

Fiat is also doing the similar research with its multi air engines. The Pentastar engine is also designed to produce torque at lower rpms. It will interesting to see how the multi air Pentastar performs.

It's amusing when I see some of the dribble about hp when in fact torque is the answer to improving mpg,s not hp which will have the opposite impact on fuel consumption.

The other limitation of gasoline engines is the engine has to have a fuel/air ratio of 14.8:1. Diesel's fuel air ratio is variable. At idle it can run at about 50:1.

Diesel's do not have a throttle to regulate the fuel air mixture like gasoline. At idle with the throttle closed a gasoline engine is deprived of air, so it is actually not drawing the displacement of the engine on its induction stroke.

Diesels not having a throttle and always draws air at what ever the engine displaces. To increase rpm and power you reduce your fuel/air ratio as rpm and power increases.

Diesel gains its torque advantage by the fact that diesel is less viotile than gasoline ie gas goes off with a bang giving power and diesel combusts slower giving more torque on the power stroke.

So why don't you guys look at the characteristics of the engines that you continually big note yourselves on. As an engine with a lower hp rating can actually outperform a higher rated engine. It not about what you have, but about how you use it.

It always ceases to amaze me how people can be so judgemental and biased about a product before they have had a chance to look at the whole product and try it out. I have seen just little teaser pictures here and there on this truck but I really have no idea what it will be like to I see the whole truck in person and drive it. I hope it is a better truck and that it is competitive but how will I know or anyone know this till we see it. Especially you Lou, I would have thought you would reserve judgement until you see the truck. I think the fanboys have become so rampant that it is hard to get any constructive comments on this site. There are a few of you that are more objective but most of you seem to be so biased that you have tunnel vision.

I am not a GM guy but I am also not a GM hater the truth is name another NA engine with 450hp/450lb ft @4000rpm with FE that matches some smaller V8 engines? As all of you know it usually takes a long stroked (undersquared) DOHC to generate the torque at the lower rpm that a OHV does. I know with a DOHC you can get one of those things but not all of them. OHV engines are cheaper to build allowing for stop/start and cylinder deactivation technology to be used as currently Audi and Mercedes are the only companies doing both of those things with a more complex and expensive DOHC engines.
The beauty of the Ecoboost is not that it gives the greatest FE because it falls between very good V6 FE and very good V8 FE. The beauty of the Ecoboost is it gives the best FE on 87 octane for a engine with more than 400lb ft and delivers it the best @2500rpm.
No engine is perfect you just have to look at whole picture and get what you want the most and I wanted and still love my Supercharged undersquared DOHC V8.
My complaint with 5.3L is not the OHV thing or the bailout but the changes being made now should have happend atleast 5-7 years ago and the GM guys who say the current 5.3L is great know it should have as well because finally perfecting the cylinder deactivation, VVT and DI are not new technology.

GM should attack a different demographic .. seriously .. there is a huge market of "I like trucks so I drive a truck but there has never been a 2x4, bag of a cement or single tree branch i the bed of my truck" guys.

I can talk bad about Chevy as I've owned enough of them.. but whenever I see a shortbed chevy drive by it's like seeing hot naked perky tits. Ford never has that affect on me.

Dear Chevy, just make a short, low truck with enough capability and great MPGs. Make the cab comfortable for 3. 2 door. Four foot bed. only 3500lb towing. 25mpg city.

Posted 14 minutes ago, looks like the same crappy silverado to me with the crap mirrows and all....UGLY

@Gpc85: Looks like the Vette and Viper dp pretty good against some pretty fast cars.

@toycrusher84: 450/450 is no better then a Hemi 6.4. That makes 470/470 which is more power per inch. What rpm were the 450 numbers taken from?

some people said it look like a ford the front grill..the different whit gm this is a real pickup ,,not a ford..

aslong as it is a 350 am in!

@Jeff S - Have I said anything negative aimed at the new Chev trucks?
I responded to fanboi Greg and his comment about "new" technology.
My Corvette comment - again based on the fact that the Corvette may be a fast car but it isn't really a supercar or is held in high regard in parts of the world that have access to every performance car on the planet.
My comment about GMC not F--ing up on this release because the government cant' afford the loans is also true (even though I used sarcasm it still is true).

GMC has been very quiet. Some of the rumours indicate that we will not see anything earth shattering. If their trucks are brought up to the "status quo", that may not be enough to keep them in second place, and it won't allow them to gain 1st place. Regardless where they place in the sales pecking order, profitability is more important and globally they are barely in the top 20.
I eagerly await their next gen trucks. Cam in cam technology sounds overly complex but if they get good power and MPG gains it will be worth it. A 6.5 box in the crewcab with a bigger crewcab will also help sales. Offering more high end trucks is also a recipe to improved profitability. IIRC 25% of Ford truck sales are with high end interiors.
I think that the battle lines will be drawn between Chevy and Ram for the best 1/2 ton. Any new truck HAS TO BE better than the competition. Everyone knows what Ford has to offer. I am curious to see how much better the Ram and Chev will be over the Ford.
If they are comparable - that is in fact a loss for GM or Ram.

@Big Al: Maybe less efficient in one way, but more efficient in others. You lose the turbo lag, for one thing, but the boost itself builds more slowly with engine speed. I think it's better for that low-end power where turbo struggles to get the boost it needs. After all, most dragsters use superchargers rather than turbo to get off the line quicker.

@Lou-I agree the battle lines are between GM and Ram, Ford will keep their Number 1 position and at worst Ford will have a slight short term decrease in sales. Ford will undoubtedly answer any significant upgrades to GM trucks with their own improvements which is good for everyone. I have a feeling that GM trucks will be vastly improved, although I agree that they will not have any major first time innovations. We will see but whatever happens the ball is in GM's court and it is up to GM whether these trucks succeed or fail.

If GM would just do to their trucks what Buick has done to their cars from the standpoint of better interiors and exteriors that would be at least a positive change. I have been looking at new Buicks and they are vastly improved over what they were a few years ago. GM needs to give the Chevrolet division the same changes as well, just as many on this site have said about the trim levels for Silverado should be the same as the Sierra. GM needs to make these changes across the board to all their products.

@JeffS and Lou, I agree with both of you guys on so many points. I think GM artificially holds back Chevrolet for Buick and in this case holds back the Silverado in favor of the Sierra. I don't know why they do stuff like that. Particularly in this day and age. Ford and now Dodge have taken their truck and brand into the stratosphere so to speak. So that's what everyone wants now even if they're buying a base trim. Their brand itself in base trim is associated with things like Platinum or Limited so by default, their truck in their eyes and to many is more valuable. GM really hurts Chevrolet. I just shake my head at how Chevrolet trucks and cars have been demoted and their brand hurt by GM brass. Take me for example. If I ever left Ford, I wouldn't want to own a Buick. I'd want to own a Chevrolet. Yet why would I go over to Chevrolet when their stuff is not as nice as what I have with Ford? Same for the trucks. I'd stick with Chevrolet, not GMC. Even back when I drove Chevy trucks I never had any desire to have one with the GMC badge. Most guys swapped those GMC grilles for Chevy grilles anyways.

Posted 14 minutes ago, looks like the same crappy silverado to me with the crap mirrows and all....UGLY

@Nitro, that just doesn't look good at all. Once again, it's the wheel opening shapes that just kill this thing. I prefer round wheel openings. If they insist on doing this square thing, they really need to tone it down like 10 notches. Of all the square style openings they have done, they 400's and the current Tahoe were/are the best. The Tahoe is very sharp. Oh well.

I watched that video again, pause it at 2:13 and you can see a nice round shape around the tire inside of that opening. I assume it's just a wheelliner but it looks fantastic if you visualize it as metal. It is lower around the tire and looks proper. Not so much dead space there. Man, it looks so darn nice that way. I then zoom out to that big square and just shake my head.

@FordTrucks1--My wife has been looking at the Buicks and that looks like what we will buy next. I have to keep her happy. The Buick Enclave is a much nicer finished vehicle than the Chevy Traverse or the GMC Acadia even though they are basically all the same. The Buick Lacross is a beautiful car and drives and rides like a Lincoln or Cadillac. The 2014 Chevy Impala is basically going to be the same as the LaCross even offering the semi hybrid 4 cylinder as a option besides the standard V-6. I just hope that they give Impala the same nice soft touches that LaCross has. Seeing pictures of the 2014 Impala it looks good but as you said if they cheapen it too much it will ruin it. At the very least give Chevrolet the same nice touches because there are a lot of disenchanted ex Chevy lovers out there that would like to see Chevy become a champ again (that includes yours trully). My wife presently has a 2000 Taurus with 70k miles leather power seats, moon roof, 24 valve motor, in Toredor Red with tan leather interior. The car still looks and runs like new and the 3.0 24 valve V-6 has the power of a V-8. The car is a blast to drive. I would like to get a few more years out of it but I will see if the wife agrees. She still loves the Taurus.

You broken record guys would'nt buy it if it did have rounded wheelwells! That makes your opinion mute.
If you would rather complain about a crappy TV show than switch the station, that is not rational. As you approach adulthood, you will learn that not everyone has to share your opinions. Seek help & good luck.

M.Willams: I sympathize. I always get picked for J.Duty!
I don't have a problem w/civic duty, but some of the civil cases I have had to sit on have no business clogging up the jury system. I do have a problem with people wasting my time to settle something they should be able to work out between themselves.

I've been picked for jury duty once. Fortunately it only went 5 days. I have been subpoenaed as a witness. That ate up 5 days in supreme court not including 5 days for pre-trial stuff. I would of been stuck hanging around for a few weeks more but luckily, the accused changed his plea to guilty. Over the course of my work life, I'm surprised that I haven't been in court more.

Funny how people on this site claim that Ford and Dodge are the only trucks that matter now....

if thats the case then why do GM trucks still easily outsell Dodge? and thats with a 5 year old truck.


what are you talking about? The Corvette is a freaking beast....Its just as fast or faster than most cars that thousands and thousands of dollars more than it.

The Corvette ZR1 has the tenth fastest lap time ever on the Nurburgring...Every car ahead of it costs way more. The Corvette is the best performance value in the world.

The new Corvette is going to be amazing as well.

@Junner - I'd have to say that cars like the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza WRX STi give way better bang for the buck than a Corvette.
Ultimately, a sportbike will give maximum bang for your buck. A litre class sportbike will run rings around most cars.
This guy set the fastest lap time ever with a stock engined 2011 Yamaha YZF R1 at 7 minutes 10 seconds.
The Corvette you mentioned did it in 7:22.68.

@JeffS., I agree, the Buick is the nicest of the bunch. The Traverse is probably the worst looking out of all of them. The Lacrosse is also very nice. It would have made a great Malibu that would have sold in huge numbers I think.

@Stevadore, I hope your comment wasn't directed at me. I was a Chevy guy in a Ford family for many years. I never said I absolutely would not switch back, although it's unlikely. If however Ford let me down and I wanted to go back to Chevy, I'd probably skip the Bowtie and go to Dodge instead. I genuinely think those wheel openings look awful. I've read not one positive comment on them on the internet or from people who have seen these photos yet. So it's not just me. It's the general concensus that they just look bad. Chevy can be stubborn and let things look bad, or they can listen to their potential customers and make things look good. It's their choice. After such an off putting design in the 900's, you'd think they'd want to step away from the polarizing stuff for awhile. The 900's were not pleasant to look at in any way, shape or form. Really, neither were the 800's.

After such an off putting design in the 900's, you'd think they'd want to step away from the polarizing stuff for awhile. The 900's were not pleasant to look at in any way, shape or form. Really, neither were the 800's.

@ft1- ya you'd think. no such luck with those idiots. they need to fire all of their truck designers after the 2003 model forward. Chevy trucks have looked like dog $hit since then. this looks to be no better. maybe even worse in the wheel cut out department

WaltR: "Does anyone Really take Chevy seriously in the truck arena anymore? I don't know anyone who does."

It must be a very boring place you live in or else you just don't get out that much?

There is more to see in the spy shots than this control PR B.S.
At least we can see they are'nt putting that daisy chain LED eyebrow on the Silverado that I see in the Sierra spy shots!

FordTrucks1: You say you were a GM fan in a Ford family? What shape were the wells back then? My '77 Jimmy had square wheel wells.
You say the concensus is against them because all posts say the same thing. Maybe it's because GM owners see it as a non issue, nitt picking, waste of time and thus don't bombard message boards with pro positions. GM wants to please people who will actually buy their product. Ford owners won't switch to GM because they change the wheelwells. You say so yourself.
We have a saying here in the South:
"There's no acountn' for taste"

@Steveadore, I don't like the wheelwells either and I'm a Chevy guy. How do you see this as a non issue? Ugly is ugly. I posted the same thing about the new Colorado. It's not a good looking design. It doesn't matter what brand you drive. I can look at any vehicle and tell you if it's attractive and will be a big hit or not. I agree with most here as well, the wheelwells on the Silverado look all wrong. The square thing was fine for the 70's but this will be 2013. Ford used to have square openings too. So did Dodge. Both have stepped into the new era. I knew when the 2004 F-150 came out it would be a big hit just by the design and it was/is until this very day. I knew this Silverado would be lackluster in sales when it launched in 2007 because of the design and sales show that. Ugly is ugly man, Chevy guy, Ford guy or whatever. Chevy needs to get this one right or they'll lose out big time to Ford and Dodge yet again. They shouldn't dink around with bad designs like this.

I'm not expecting much from this new truck. GM style has been just awful since about '03 and the interior and build quality is even worse in the current truck. I'm afraid it has been so long now that GM built and styled a strong and good looking truck that they can't remember how anymore. It would be nice to have a truck similar to the GMT400's with styling cues from the 73-87 trucks or maybe vice versa but not more of the same that we have now! It's not been that long ago here in my part of the south that "Z71" was held in reverence! And back when I was a kid growing up in the 80's Silverado was a luxury vehicle! I grew up driving Chevy's from the 60's and 70's and they looked and performed as good as any new truck for the day! But it seems that GM can't remember when Chevy was #1. It's almost like nobody at Chevrolet knows that CST and Cheyenne started the luxury truck segment. Or set the bar for perfromance from a small block. GM seems to be trying to build CHevy's version of a Ford when all they have to do is build a Chevy again and people will come back!

@OldGMGuy, I agree with you.

@Stevadore, I liked Chevy trucks all the way up until the 2003 model came out. That's when their styling went off the cliff and never came back. As noted above, I think the last awesome Chevy truck was the 400's as well. And my favorite Chevy was the 67-72's that had round wheelwells. The 73-87's I like also but not as much unless they were lifted a little with beefy tires. Then the square wheelwells looked good. I did like the rest of the truck but it too was square so somehow both design elements worked well together. This truck will never be square because of aerodynamic concerns now. So a rounded truck with square wheelwells doesn't look good. Make them more like the current Avalance and they'd be fine. Those are square, just not AS square as what we see here. I've said before I'd like to see a kick ass Chevrolet again even as a Ford guy. It's been sad to watch them fall. The 800's is pretty much the era in which I went all out Ford. I'll also note, I was never a GM guy. Just a Chevy guy. Mostly trucks and V8 rwd cars. I wasn't much into the other companies GM owned outside of Chevrolet.

@Old GM Guy, I agree on this as well. Chevrolet really needs to get it's act together on both their small and full size trucks. Their designs have gone downhill fast. I feel they once built the best looking small and fullsize trucks in the industry. I also drove Chevy full size trucks for many years. It was also the 03 model that really hit a sore spot with me concerning that slanted front end. The 07 took it to a whole new level though. I can honestly say I dont like anything about it except for the fact the front end is no longer slanted and darty. They went from having the best looking trucks for decades on end to probably the worst looking trucks out there. It was the 800's as well for me that got me looking into Ford trucks. When the 900's came out, it just sealed the deal. I couldn't stomach the design at all. I'm on my second new F-150 we have bought since 08 and am thrilled with the looks even after several years. The Platinum interior is also very nice. Unlike FordTrucks1, I would have no problem being in a Chevrolet again if they'd make their designs the best out there like they once were. Gave them proper build quality and interior luxuries like my F-150 has. Maybe with the new truck they will. I will however cast my vote in the 'do not like' category for these squared off wheel arches. They don't look right.

Well here is my opinion on All 3 trucks. Let me first say that for the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to drive all 3 F150, Ram 1500, GMC/CHEV 1500's current year models for many miles under many different conditions. All have their ups and downs. Gas mileage, I don’t know where any of the others get off in saying they have the best but from my real experience GM won. Out of a 100L tank on GM, 700km out of tank of gas, Ford 140L tank about same. Oh and we’re talking v8 not a turbo charged v6. Ram well not worth mentioning. Now in regards to traction well again GM, I had the chance to test all 3 in the exact same situation at my favorite fishing hole and on a steep grade to get back on the road in summer, in 2 wheel drive both the Ford and Ram had to be put in 4x4 to make it up, the GM did it in 2 wheel. Though I haven’t had the chance to use a Ford with its new electronic locking rear diff, I would say it’s a good idea since the G80 on the GM’s does work well, though never too crazy about electronics when it comes to such things, only time will tell for Ford I suppose. Never was too sure why Ford has 4x4 decals on its trucks when I have been stuck in an f250 our company owns in snow with what I would call 3x4. Ride quality, Dodge is probably my favorite on smooth to slightly rough roads, though I wouldn’t tow heavy loads with it due to the multilink coil suspension, doesn’t trailer well at all, way too much sag, and front end control suffers greatly. Ford not a bad ride trailers well but a bit bouncy for my taste and not crazy about the EPS, can’t feel the road. As far as rear end bounce on bumpy roads I would say Ford has slight edge over GM and Dodge suffers due to its suspension choice since when bottoms out the bumpers cause too much bounce back. Interior I will give to Ram, better feel and quality overall and best factory sound. Transmissions, well up until now GM better shifting and smoother than both Ford and Dodge and from my experience less problems and oh in comparison to Ram, 6 gears better than 5. Engines well Ford and Dodge will out do GM on hp but again for problems our GM trucks were way more trouble-free than both Ford and Dodge, and Dodge being the most problematic of the 3. Build quality for exterior I would have to give to GM both Ford and Dodge seemed to have long term quality and sturdiness issues, you could beat the crap out of the GM and it’s still together while our other trucks were falling apart. Overall there are ups and downs to both and it all comes down to personal preference.

No doubt!!........But if the price doesn't keep going up in double digits each year, GM may have to look at a lot of them on their lots.

You can bash GM all you want, but I work on the 2013 trucks and they are comfortable trucks and have plenty of horse power. The CNG package they offer is by far the best on the market. The interior is alot better than the Ford interior. I think the GM trucks will dominate the automotive ind. for 2013 and 2014.

New diesel engine in 1/2 ton would surprise me.

Expect nothing that is not expected when GM introduces their new full size trucks, GM is trying to catch the competition.

It's so funny to see all the hate. ... There is a difference between best selling and BEST PERFORMING. Sure F150 has sold a lot in the past decade. But when you make something cheaper of course it get bought more often. ... GM has still held the awards for towing and hauling capacity more often than Dodge and Ford in the last decade. But if you just want a truck and not use it for anything more than being able to see over smaller cars in traffic, sure, I guess the F150 and Dodges suit your needs.

Real men, do real work, and use real trucks. Sierra and Silverado!

where are the dual pipes-they are not on chevy or ford .only
dodge has them--and they look good cant even order them from the factory.

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