Super Duty Takes Back Max Towing Lead

Super Duty F-350 2013 II

In the never-ending pickup battle for Max Towing Supremacy, the Ford Super Duty reclaims the lead from GM after a quick announcement at the 2012 Texas Auto Writers Association's Truck Rodeo. (To see the full press release, click here.)

Ford has announced that the 2013 Super Duty F-350 dualie will have an increased maximum conventional towing capacity, now rated at 18,500 pounds, up from 17,000 pounds. Also, the same package will have a slightly larger maximum payload capacity of 7,260 pounds, up 100 pounds from the previous maximum payload number. 

Both the Super Duty's maximum payload and maximum conventional towing numbers are best-in-class ratings for the heavy-duty truck segment, for now. Astute readers will recall, it was just before our popular Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker multistate, multitruck max-tow test that GMC announced it was upping its maximum conventional towing number to lead the one-ton class. (we also included a good max-towing time line as well.)

We predicted then that it wouldn't take long before either Ford or Ram Truck responded. Clearly, this took longer than expected. The new 2013 Ram HD, which recently debuted at the 2012 State Fair of Texas, has yet to release its exact max towing or payload numbers for the significantly upgraded trucks; they'll do that at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

Ford fans are sure to point out that the F-450 Super Duty leads all personal-use pickups with a best-in-class fifth-wheel rated maximum towing number of 24,500 pounds. Of course, GM no longer has a Class IV or Class V medium-duty truck, and Ram Truck does not offer a personal-use Ram HD 4500 or 5500 model.

The obvious question here is whether or not the increased ratings were achieved with any chassis or mechanical changes, and the short answer is no. The springs, shocks and powertrain all remain exactly the same; however, the brakes have been improved by offering larger rotors and brake pads to all Super Duty pickups. (It should go without saying these are non-J2807 factory numbers because Ford has already said it won't use those SAE procedures for calculating maximum towing numbers until an all-new model of Super Duty comes out.)

Engineers increased the brake-rotor swept area by 16.4 percent in front and 14.5 percent in rear for maximum braking to help dissipate heat, especially on long downhill grades. Additionally, Ford engineers retuned the booster to improve the brake feel and included a larger parking brake for F-250 and F-350 models. 

“We’ve really improved brake feel,” said Michael Watkins, lead Super Duty brake system engineer. “There’s refined modulation in the pedal – you really feel the stopping power. With a full load of cargo, drivers will notice strong, confidence-inspiring brakes.”

Exact GVW and payload numbers for specific models are yet to come, but we'll report that info as soon as we get our hands on it.  

Super Duty F-350 SRW 2013 II



I bet the number will stay the same when they introduce the new SD with J2807 standards. The truck will be built stronger and the other manufacturers will be left with their pants down, again.

Posted by: Frank | Oct 19, 2012 12:21:56 PM

And when will that be? The year 2025? At the rate Ford is going that sounds about right for the introduction of the new Super Duty.

whoever said that spool of cable on the back of that dually probably had no cable on it was more than likely correct. we have about 4 super duty trucks at my place of work. it does not take a whole lot to squat them. the 2wd f-250 has 3 leaf springs while the 4wd trucks have four. they certainly aren't what they used to be years ago. that is for sure.

You don't know anything! Wait and see, I know you are eager.

Please be a man and post under your real name, but I know you are just a troll and have absolutely nothing to contribute, right Bob, or HEMI V8.

I get the feeling that HEMI V8 is our past resident turned into TROLL poster "BUY AMERICA OR SAY BYE TO AMERICA." Serious!

Rather trying to one-up everyone on the towing payload numbers I think Dodge and GM should just match whatever number Ford puts out thus neutralizing that metric as an indicator of the most capable truck. Ford will no longer be able to continue out doing the competition with numbers that magically increase every time. Lets face the fact here, these numbers have reached astronomical levels and are way beyond what most of people will ever need or ever hope to exceed. If all 3 had the same towing capacity then they need to focus on other areas of improvement such as best mpg, most durable, most reliable, stuff that really matter to all truck buys in the real practical world.

I personally wouldn't tow much more then a jet ski with the Ford, but thats just me.

It seems as Chevy has gave up on trying to keep with a big boys (ford and ram)

@Dodgeguy, That's because Chevy can't compete. They have not the looks, the build quality (as part of the nickel-n-dime GM corp.), the Proper HD suspension nor the luxury that Ford and Dodge have.

Wow. This post is chock-full of angry and jealous Chevy and Dodge owners spewing their nonsense.

There's a reason why Ford owns the HD truck market (and it's not price).


Damn it!
Frank and Dave pulled off the chain leash again!

Bunch of cowards on this site.

2015 is the new model.

One needs to understand how engineers design something. Let's take a bridge for an example. When they look at the design, they build it taking into consideration what the structure can safely support and what its limits are. They know at what loads the structure will receive stress. They also know at what point the structure will fail.
Trucks are the same. They know the absolute failure points of components. They also know how various loads will affect component life. They can apply the magic spring dust to increase capacity because they already know the numbers a design will take.
Tweeks to components can easily change the capacities of the product.
Engineers have professional standard guiding their work. They cannot put the public at risk with their designs or design changes. Their work has to be validated or replicated by other professionals. Engineers do have insurance to cover the risk of litigation just like a doctor who carries malpractive insurance.
It is better to avoid that issue and overbuild. Everyone knows that people overload their vehicles and they know that people do stupid things. The proliferation of electronic nannies are an example of engineering to the lowest common denominator (read the biggest idiot).
Manufacturers do have an escape clause. It is called an owners manual. They also have those pesky little door tags with tire pressures and GVW's etc.

Frank, Amen. J2807 is a joke and can easily be defeated. The next gen trucks will be lighter and stronger; thus, the numbers are going up, not down. The haters haven't figured this out yet, but they soon will.

They need to upgrade that exhaust brake too in order for it all to work.

"Frank, Amen. J2807 is a joke and can easily be defeated. The next gen trucks will be lighter and stronger; thus, the numbers are going up, not down. The haters haven't figured this out yet, but they soon will."

The next generation Ford isn't even on the horizon yet!!! It's light years away!
We're talking about TODAY. You idiot!
ford is staying away from J2807 because it would be such an embarrassment for them it wouldn't be even funny! They looked at GM's numbers, they looked at Toyota's numbers and they looked at their pants all the way down to ankles, they swallowed a big ass phlegm up their throats and said we're not prepared to play with the big boys and will once our next turd comes out!!



And of course the mopar queens are out in full force lol what a bunch of tools . Hemroid V8 blogging away under different names no job in lala land about there sh$t box Rams ! TRX4 Tom will be on here trying to put his crappy 2 cents in makeing up storys and spewing lies u mopar queens make me sick!!!!!!!

I believe that every ford should be required to have automatically adjusted headlights, every new supper duty you pass the headlights are blinding you, if it has anything in the box.
Also they should be required to have brake pads and rotors that smell nice, when they are burning, I live at the bottom of a hill and every time a truck goes buy that smells of burnt breaks, it is a FORD.
#3 Ford is always posting things that are not true, a 5 litre is really a 4.9.

@phillyguy and @paul850 I would be very suspicious of "stroke of a pen" increases of towing capacity. Especially the only change was increase in braking capacity of the GM.

@somone. Practical daily usage DOES include those sort of towing and payload figures.

US Superduties to get a big hit in capacities when rated here. Still it is all relative to other vehicles on the market.

"Especially the only change was increase in braking capacity of the GM"
That should have been
Especially the only change was increasing the braking capacity by GM.

To me these forms of trucks have limited use and are probably expensive to operate.

If you need a truck buy a truck that can do the job. This would be safer than towing. An HD single cab with a 16' tray I would call a truck, not these huge SUV style pickups.

Some people on this site talk about the size of our pickup beds, but these HDs are only good for people who want to tow a 5th wheel. Then drop in a CNG tank and you might as well buy a different type of vehicle.

It seems alot of people on this site also talk towing. When I'm in the US I don't see many pickups (1/2 ton) towing (very few) more than a 8-12' long trailer for a carpenter/plumber etc. Actually is see more of your vans actually working.

As I initially stated buy a truck for work not an SUV. But I understand buying one to pull a 5th wheel for touring.

I do belive that ford pourposly holds back on deisgnsn and weight a while to impliment all the changes, 1) to play the game of staying ahead of the compition , and 2) Keep people coming back to them for the lattest and greatest. I'll use what i drive as an example of the latter since it appeals to alot of people who want the lattest and greatest. I own a 2010 Ford Raptor with 5.4 L v8 In 2012 they had many imporvoments out over the original 2010, but you could tell that some of these where planned well in advance, Forinstance the 2012 can be ordered with a grill mounted camera (pointless in my opinion) but when you compare my trucks grill to a 2012 w/ camera you see that they have the same grill. mine has the points to mount the camera and washer fluid to the grill. I used that to ilistrate that ford holds back for a variety of reasons. the Raptor is proof of that 2010 launch, 2010.5 6.2L 2011 select shift, crew cab option and productivity screen,hood stickers, 2012 front veiw camera option, front LSD, new optional stickers, new wheels, optional AC seats 2013 new center stack, optional HIDs, optional beadlock wheels. I beileve this is more of a marketing ploy as i doubt any body goes i really wish i could bumper pull and extra 500lbs so ill trade my chevy in for a ford, its just a gimik to get existing buyers to up grade and say look at me.

@Carilloskis - you make a very appropriate comment. Engineers, planners, stylists etc have a plan already in place for the future of that product. It makes more sense to plan ahead and trickle out upgrades to keep a product fresh then to release a product with all of the "bells and whistles" and have it go stale a few years after release. GMC and Toyota are both guilty of that and is reflected in their sales.
Ford and Ram both release updates and upgrades over the product life cycle and both do well in sales. (Ford maintains sales leadership and Ram is showing steady growth).

I find this crazy. All of the current pickups can pull and tow these kinds of weights with no problems whatsoever. Hell even the trucks made just 6 years ago could pull these weights even though the tow numbers were way lower. The real problem is most people who own these trucks have no business towing that heavy without some experience of towing heavy trailers first.

@Big Al from Oz,

"When I'm in the US I don't see many pickups (1/2 ton) towing (very few) more than a 8-12' long trailer for a carpenter/plumber etc. Actually is see more of your vans actually working."

I agree NA trucks see a lot of light work and trips to the shopping mall. I don't know if Aussies own dedicated work trucks and then switch to their Utes or sedan for picking /dropping off the kids or running around on the weekends.

You're looking at the Swiss Army knife of vehicles... sunroof and all. You could also be looking at trucks that serve as a family's sole vehicle.

A lot of pickup trucks replace European luxury or high end SUVs. Status symbols in many cases and premium models are now 25% of F-series sales. You can pick up clients at the airport or out to lunch in a Platinum or Long Horn edition just as a 7-series BMW or Escalade.

Remember, it's tough for business owners, entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers to completely write-off 7-series or Escalade (depreciation) on their taxes.

I don't own a luxury or muscle car for my free time, just a pickup truck. I could, but choose not to. If you saw me driving an SS Camaro or 7-series, you'd have nothing to snicker at. I don't care either way. Foreigners... just kidding.

My inference was, if you have to tow 8 tons, then why not use a truck. Unless its a fifth wheel.

I understand the status symbol with pickups. We have people here who buy 200series Landcruiser wagons and 4x4s to take the kids to soccer and school.

But I would think it was funny if you took someone out for a business lunch with 20 000lbs (or even 15 000lbs) on the back to swing a business deal. Maybe in Texas:)

This scares me a little. the Pofessional truck tests showed the Super Duty smoking it's brakes in the downhill tests at the truck's max tow ratings. I think Ford should have upgraded the brakes without upping the tow ratings for now, and they probably should have done some work to that so called exhaust brake too. I hope those new brakes really work wonders, if not, they'll still be smoking the brakes down the hills and giving their owners that white knuckle feeling. I think Ford is walking a fine line in the ethics department and just asking for a lawsuit from some dumb idiot that crashes while towing that much weight. Just my opinion.

I don't care how much they say it can pull. I don't want to be in front of it when somebody tries to stop fast with that kind of weight behind a pickup.

And that goes for any brand fellas.

Frank & Dave just got owned!

Ram introduces more-powerful, -refined Heavy Duty pickups

“It’s virtually an all-new truck from the frame up,” said Fred Diaz, president and CEO, Ram Truck Brand, noting the new Heavy Duty trucks are a result of instructions from Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne — “Boys, go big or go home.”

@Frank & Dave, boys, go big or go home!!!


2013 RAM

@ Frank & Dave the Trolls
What has GMC and Ram said about J2807 ?
Ford says next gen, GMC withdrew their specs based on J2907 standards, and Ram is choosing to wait as well.
If anyone is getting "owned" it is the truck buying public.
The only company that can stake out the moral high ground is Toyota because they adopted J2807.
Funny thing is - they post statistics based on J2907 and then tow the Endeavour.

Maybe none of them can claim a moral victory after all.

I would still buy RAM, if I am on the market for HD. Cummins power!

@Harley F150 Ford Queen: So what story do you believe it is that I "made up"?

Was it the un made up autos Superduty? The HD shootout that the 6.2 showed it needs gear to run better, otherwise it's average?

You are just a name caller, smack talker, and you are full of hot air.

My two cents are crappy? You have a right to your opinion.

You on the other hand have no real substance. You are just a crap talker, here to talk bad about Rams, cause you have no life.

GM has posted their numbers and withdrew them only after ford said they will not adhire to the new standards after they said they would at first. GM made it very clear why they're withdrawing their specs. Either everybody attends to the party or f@#$k you all! And I think it was a very smart decision on their part.
Ford saw GMs and Toyotas numbers and they new they would get caught with their panties down all the way to their ankles with their bare ass pointing upwards saying....
....I think you can finish that sentance.
Ram is not even bothering saying anything. Even smarter decision.

Go big or go home!

@Frank & Dave the Trolls - or is your name Bob?
Why is it a "very smart decision" to chose not to play by the rules?
Toyota chose to comply and gained credibility.
GMC could of advertised that "we" play by the rules and Ford doesn't.
"We aren't afraid to post our numbers by the agreed upon standard."
That would of carried more weight than "boo hoo" they don't want to play so we won't either.
GMC missed a golden opportunity.
Showing some true grit after going bankrupt would of been great for their image.

One-upmanship carries no weight when everyone is childishly trying to claim superiority.
Ford is guilty of it.
GMC does it.
Ram does it too.

All of the dumestics are being childish and cowardly and Ford is leading the pack.

Children..........lets play follow the leader!

Ram will BEAT FORD for the 2012 Truck of Texas




2013 RAM

The new 2013 Ram HD, which recently debuted at the 2012 State Fair of Texas, has yet to release its exact max towing or payload numbers for the significantly upgraded trucks; they'll do that at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

It's a safe bet that for 2013, Ram has the best offering, despite how good the new Silverado will be (even if it has 500HP/1000 lb-ft), I highly doubt it will be better than the new Ram HD. Come on Ford, time for a new truck and chassis. Nothing wrong with the current powertrain though.

@Lou-I would have to agree with you about overbuilding most trucks and that even includes ones from the 60s. I know as a fact that I hauled well over a half ton in my Grandad's 63 IH and it took the overload without too much effort. My 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max took the load as well but at almost a ton it broke the back leaf springs which I had replaced and doubled the springs and then it hauled a ton.

As for preparing for the future standards, I would be willing to bet that all the manufacturers have a pretty good idea of what their trucks will be like by 2025. They all work several years in advance and I bet all of them, especially Ford will introduce some of these changes each year on the new models. They also have mules that they test and some of these mules will have features on them that will be introduced in future years. They will test and retest these features and introduce them over the next few years.

Most half tons in the US don't have enough payload rating to pull a fifth wheel. There are some small fifth wheels out, but as far as I know they still have hitch ratings over 1000 lbs. Most half tons seem to have sub 1500 lb payload ratings which makes even a small fifth wheel a stretch. I guess that is what we get for everyone buying a tricked out crew cab. Some half tons are still good to go. I know that Ford has a max tow and a max payload package that puts the payload rating over 2000 lbs. I don't know if Ram and Chevy have max payload type packages, but I would assume that they offer them on at least some models.

Here is some information on towing regulations in Australia. In Australia, like the US we have states that also have there own standards.

From what Robert Ryan has posted it seems your pickup trucks are downgraded for towing in Australia. There is a government department link at the bottom, so you can look through it.

If I have read the information correctly if the GVM (vehicle gross weight) ie vehicle and load comes in under approx. 10 000 it is not allowed to tow more than the GVM.

So if one of your pickups loaded (GVM) weigh 8 000lbs it is only allowed to tow 8 000lbs max.

So if you have a Raptor that weighs what 5 400lbs with a 1 200lb payload it can only tow 6 600lbs.

Or an HD that can carry 3 000lbs and the truck weighs 6 500lbs it is only allowed to tow 9 500lbs, and so on.

But the manufacturers can stipulate their own weight limits as long as they don't exceed the government regs.

Towbars are not allowed to exceed the max permissable tow weight either.

God who cares...All of these trucks can tow anything you will ever need anyway.

Cant wait until the new towing standards come out..

I have a 2008 GMC and with a felt pen and a magnetic sign I changes my GVCW to 50,000 lbs, and it has single tires.
I live in the mountains of B.C. and we have mountains, The standard should be set for a vehicle pulling mountain passes in B.C. or Washington. 5% is not a real test 11 to 14 is.
When their is a new truck on the side of the road, either from going up or down it is a Ford.
when any weight is added to a new ford Supper duty, the back end sags so bad the headlights are out of adjustment.
They have not had believable ratings for a long time, if they did they would post them under the SAE standard.

That is where the much higher payload ratings on he Global Pickups allow this. The cruise speed for these lightweight 5th Wheelers goes from 65-70mph(weight varies from 8,500 to now over 9300lb max can carry extra weight as it is not a bumper tow)

not impress until every one will use the sae test cycle

poor ford try to look strong and big....but we no is not the case..maybe one day they change the glue they sniff..lolll

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