2012 L.A. Auto Show: Thin on Pickups, but ...

1 Model M-B

Some call the L.A. Auto Show the official beginning of the unofficial U.S. auto-show season. (We'd probably throw SEMA in there, as well as the State Fair of Texas, but no matter.) It starts in Los Angeles with stops in Detroit, Chicago and New York. These are important places for automakers to highlight key products to each region's dealers.

Unfortunately, California is not seen as a huge pickup-truck market for most of the buyers, so automakers typically don't reveal the latest and greatest pickups at the Los Angeles show (but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of new cars being revealed).

It's a shame, really. Not only is it a huge population center for the West Coast, there are tons of pickup trucks all over the place. Granted, these pickups are not usually hauling produce to market (though some do) or cleaning out the stockyards (though some do) or pulling mining equipment into the mountains (though some do). In fact, many of the pickup trucks in Southern California are likely to be upper trim packages with quite a few "stylistic" aftermarket additions: 22-inch rims, bed caps, grille guards. 

It doesn't take long, driving around the seemingly endless city of the Los Angeles, to notice that many in California use full-size pickups like midsize and large family sedans, especially for those who like to play with boats, motorcycles or camping gear year round. For that reason alone, you'd think this auto show, in this huge metropolitan city, would get more pickup-truck reveals or debuts of new trim packages. Oh well.

This year, like many before it, we'll have to be satisfied with much of the attention at this show on electric cars, new hybrid powertrains and eye-catching supercars. Of course, it wouldn't be an auto show without other "eye-catching" display models as well. 

We thought we'd start this auto-show season by highlighting a few of the hard-working spokesmodels who literally have to be the face of these new (and sometimes very old) cars and trucks on the show floor. Believe it or not, some of them actually know quite a bit about the vehicles they represent.  For more truck news and photos, click here

2 Model Chevy Spark

3 Model Dodge Dart

4 Model Fiat 500

5 Model Lincoln MKZ

6 Model Red Bull

7 Model SRT Viper

8 Model Wrangler Rubicon



Oh, boy. Is this goilng to be a my wife is a better housekeeper bashfest now. I bet after 10 posts the bashers somehow start talking how much better their truck is than the others ...wait for it.

I'm not sure about the relationship between a gull wing Mercedes and a violinist doing the splits but it does get one's attention.
Was there a Jeep in one of the pictures? Hard to tell with all that latex and silicon blocking the view ;)

Sad to see news is hard to get. Not too many NEW Pickups being released or updates of current ones.

These girls have on WAY too much clothing.

They are sexy but dam go read a diesel power magazine and look at them women:)

What, no mention of the Veloster with the roll-up top used as a pickup? Remember that article you posted some months back asking whether it should be considered a car or truck?

Look at the teal-colored back wheels that match the back wheel of the bicycle mounted fore-and-aft rather than transverse. Look at how the back seats lay almost flat to create a 5' long load floor (when the tailgate is down). Look at how the canvas top slides forward in a manner similar to Fiat 500's rearward-sliding canvas top so you can carry outsized loads the little car shouldn't be able to carry (like a Grandfather Clock standing straight up?)

It's all in knowing how to look and remembering old articles.

Hey, while you're at it, why don't you show that TrukDek thing you mentioned on Facebook?

I scrolled through and looked at all of the women first (and not the cars).

Then I scrolled through a second time...

...and looked at all of the women again.

You know… whenever I attend a conference whether it’s for something in IT (my profession) or in automotive (my passion) it can’t get over the booth-babes. They can be showing me the latest refresh of a RAM pickup or the upcoming release of VMware. They get my attention, however I do not remember what they were talking about as I move on as they tend to sound like the teacher on the peanuts to me… focusing on the visual information more than the audio information, perhaps a character flaw… or I’m just a guy!

Where are the cars? All I saw is hot women.

I have a sudden urge to buy a Dodge Dart....

I like the gull wing Mercedes best of all the cars pictured.

Lou: if any of these girls have silicon, they had better go back an get the $$$ back from there Dr.'s from what I see here, expecialy in the picture of the Jeep and the babe with the auburn hair, I see no sign of any thing but natural beauty! and then there is a very nice Jeep! then there is nothing I can say here about the girl with the fiddle without the censors .........,... ..... here!

@Snowman - I'm waiting for the Chrysler chicks are hotter than Ford chicks debate to start ;)

@sandman4x4 - kinda hard to tell nowadays (with clothes on), reminds me of those old cassette tape commercials - "Is it real, or is it Memorex".

The young guys out there - "WTF is a casette tape" :o


Better yet, an 8-Track player! Waiting for Hemi V8 to bitch how his chick died in a Fire.

Here is another pickup story putc missed or is late on http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2012/11/29/2013-toyota-tundra-wins-kbb-award/. Thanks Tundra Headquarters

@Frank - 8 track.... WTF is an 8 track?

@5.3 LOL - I believe that Oxi has covered that news 50 times in the last week or two ;)

I did notice the Mercedes SUV wall poster behind the Gullwing.

I wonder if she can play the violin, it would be worth watching live.

It also appears but this is subjective that Mercedes has got the best vehicle display.

Creative yet tasteful.

@5.3LOL - did you look at the runner ups?
2nd. Ridgeline
3rd. Avalanche

I'm not doggin' the Tundra but that looks like some pretty stiff competition in the er.... truck ranks....

Like your style AJ !!


It's called an 8-Track because it only has 8 songs. LoL!

Here is one in a 'Stang.


why is the transit connect news not mentioned here? furthermore not that i care about a transit connect but it is commercial/industrial, the only reason that car is mentioned here and a tahoe, durango, expedition (which is rear wheel drive with available V8 and 2 are body on frame) is not. shouldn't this be cars.com/commercial/industrial?

@Frank - just givin' you an nudge in the ribs. 8 tracks were before my time but I remember a friend who purchased a beater Chevy boat anchor and it had one. The guy even threw in a few tapes. His car died farely fast so we didn't need to listen to the same songs over and over and over again.
I remember one song "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs on a "Goofy Greats" 8-track he had.

"What's that I see walkin' in these woods?
Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood.
Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood,
You sure are lookin' good,
You're everything a big, bad wolf could want..."

Seems very appropriate for this thread.

frank: that can't be right, because I had 8track tapes with more songs on them than that! I believe it has something to do with the way there magnetic heads pick up the sound off the tape. Does anyone out there remember hearing quardraphonic tapes? I do know they were developed by an employee of the man who ownes Lear Jets, he had them designed for people to be able to hear recorded music while flying high on their very expensive Lear Jets! mostly the name come from stereo 8 tapes, and they had a 45min. capacity at first. Oh yea man lets play quadrophenia, a new tape by the Who! and don't bogart that bong man!

Mark Williams post more female model photos, no one is fighting haha!

@sandman4X4 --I am not sure about quadraphonic tapes but I believe Lear developed the 8 track tapes. My mother had a 72 Cadillac Sedan Deville with an 8 track stereo. I remember a guy in college had a quad stereo system (1973 to 1974) I believe it was a Pioneer and he was playing some quad records on it. The sound was unbelievable but if I remember they never went over and the selection of albums was very limited. Quads were great. The speakers were massive and so was the receiver.

PUTC Missed this at SEMA. Caballo del Diablo bulletproof Ram.
When it absolutely positively has to get there.


Then I guess you won't like it when the 2013 Tundra takes JD Power Most Dependable giving the 2nd gen Tundra a clean sweep over "Built Ford Tough" and "Longest Lasting Most Depenable Truck On The Road." If their is any good news for you PUTC probably won't cover it. Just Sayin

@Hemi V8
The last picture looks as if it dropped a chilli wing goat turd:)

so many women...so little time

@5.3LOL - I got nothing against the Tundra. I just thought it was funny that KBB picked the Ridgeline as #2 Fullsized and the Avalanche as #3 fullsized.
I like to compare JD Power to Consumer Reports since it is always better to compare sources of data. Another source that I did not know about until this site posted it was Vincentric.
In the future, I will look at what they also have to say.

The Tundra was too expensive and did not offer enough features for the price when I was truck shopping. It may be reliable, but according to industry reliability data, it isn't superior enough to the F150 to warrant me paying an extra 8K.

As you mentioned the Tundra was 8k dearer than an equivalent F-150.

It seems that is a typical Toyota formula though. If Toyota was chasing sales to outsell the big 3 they could lower the price of their products across the board.

I think Toyota thought they could use their name when they released the Tundra to sell with a higher profit margin.

I do think Toyota is reliable, but as I have always thought the Toyota difference doesn't compensate enough. Its really not great product for the price difference, there are better value offerings that will give you reliability.

@Big Al from Oz - Concerning the Mercedes gull wing and gull wing violinist - In the background, It isn't a poster. It is the Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept SUV.
Cool looking vehicle and may give styling clues to the next G-Class vehicles. The G-Class is long overdue for an upgrade.

How do we know you don't like women.... You noticed there is a vehicle behind the attractive woman.

Nice looking vehicle, but it will definetly be out of my price range. In Australia the G Wagen is very expensive.

Looks like a cross between a 200 Series Landcruiser, FJ Cruiser and a Chrysler Deranger or what ever its called.

Looking at its style could be designed primarily for the US market.

I never judge what sexuality a person likes. Do you always judge men who like each other.

Don't worry you can move to one of your progressive states to sate your desires.

Also, I don't recommend you using this site to pick up guys. There probably is more appropriate sites, remember kids read the content on this site.

Hemi V8 revelead...

Hey you guys!!!!


@Big Al from Oz - kids do read the content on this site, they also contribute a large amount to that content ;)
The G-Wagon is out of my price range too.

Girl with the black whatever kind of car that is has my vote.

Heck I'd let her eat crackers in my bed

I think that Ram is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

Judging by the name (which I haven't seen on this site before) and the time it was posted it very well could be one of Hemi V8's many psuedonyms.

During summer it was all about hemi engines and his phantom Power Wagon, when the weather turned towards autumn (fall) it was fire and Fords.

Hemi V8's many personalities might be due to humidity and prevailing wind direction, or the seasons.

Now in winter, we have the "other" Hemi V8, Hemi in the closet (or out of the closet):).

Judging by the name (which I haven't seen on this site before) and the time it was posted it very well could be one of Hemi V8's many psuedonyms.

During summer it was all about hemi engines and his phantom Power Wagon, when the weather turned towards autumn (fall) it was fire and Fords.

Hemi V8's many personalities might be due to humidity and prevailing wind direction, or the seasons.

Now in winter, we have Ernest the "other" Hemi V8, Hemi in the closet or out of the closet :)

@UncleBud The Fiat 500 girl has my vote :0

@UncleBub - the blonde in front of the black Viper? I think there was a car in the picture. Maybe Flambo V8 could tell us what kind of car it is. Trolls don't like girls. They like goats. Like the story "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

@Big Al from Oz - I think that one reason Toyota holds their value is the fact that they often sell only at suggested retail price. When I bought my truck, I started out looking at used trucks but Ford, GMC, and Ram were offering 8-12k off of retail. A new truck with discounts was worth the same as a 3 year old truck. At that same time period the Tundra had 4k off of retail and the Tacoma 2K.
Simple math really, if it costs more to buy up front, it is worth more used. One could also argue supply and demand. If one sells 75k a year and one sells 500k a year, there is more to chose from in the 500k a year sales group. Competition forces prices down.

I just noticed that this thread has had almost as many hits as the Ram Commercial and Pornmaster van threads combined.
Nice to see guys who have their priorities straight. LOL

I think that the Ram Pornmaster is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

PUTC Missed this from Allpar.
Chrysler dodges touch-screen woes by letting Ford blunder


Chrysler has the best looking vehicles and the best looking models...Proud to be a Mopar guy !

This just in.. Man dies from massive leg cramp while trying to get busy in a Fiat 500.

Best story in weeks! Thanks Mark!

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