2013 NAIAS Video: More Details of Ram HD

The Ram Truck display had a 3500 HD LongHorn right next to a bodiless frame and chassis of the same platform, so we decided to talk a little more on camera about the big tow ratings that came out last week. We thought you might like to see what lies under the Ram HD skin.



@TRX4 Tom
Do you always try and belittle everyone? Man you must be a gem to work with.

I just google you tube for dumb a$$ things you guys do. Guess what? Due to the fact that there are 15 times the people in the US I can have a field day, but I won't.

If you want to be an Aussie the first lesson I will give you is that aborigines don't drink Forsters, their preferred beverage is VB or Vic Bitter. Forsters isn't served very much over here. It's considered a low quality beer by most of us, on par with cat pi$$.

With your prowess on gearing and wheel/tyre combinations, why were they unsucessful in their first attempt of going up the incline?

Listening to the engine and it was supposed to be a 2.5 diesel in an older BT50, the engine was developing around 250ftlb of torque. That's the only hint I'll give you.

@Big Al
I don't know elvira, TRX4,Tom,
but I know you are jealous, because I was just about the same 14 years ago before I moved to NA- Canada from the center of the Europe. I hated empty trucks running beside me and couldn't understand no small diesel engine in them, waiting and waiting for some to make it here, checking forums and rumors for GM , Ford, Cummins baby diesels sitting in the shelve.
I have red about this 5 years ago. Check this out:
Well, guess what, it happened , I have a truck and it's a RAM Laramie Crew. My box is full of tools and parts, running on gasoline HEMI and I am very happy in -40 C to start it and make my truck feel cozy like at home.
I just wanted to tell you, I know exactly and understand your thinking, because I was exactly like you. But please stop pushing people at this forum to use stuff European or Australian use for their living, because it doesn't work in here and will never work. At least not yet. It might change, but very slowly. We use our trucks for many different purposes. Mostly for work and then for holidays or long weekends. We have many small businesses in here, which depends on trucks. This is the most efficient way to use one car for all purposes. You can pull a 30000lbf for work one day and go to the cinema next day in the same truck.
My truck will run with reliable HEMI and you'll be on second Mazda already. Tell me, what's more efficient please.
And because this RAM 3500 costs just about the same as your Mazda, you'll be the first one to buy it when you'll move in here, just to pull your fifth wheel once a week. Or maybe a Power Wagon.
I know that , because I know Australian pricing for cars, electronics- cell phones and motorcycles. It sucks. You do best in your part of the world, we do our best in here. Let's keep it this way. All the best to you anyway.

@zvieria @TR4Tom,or @HEMIV8, Thanks , it appears Big Als comments are getting under your skin. How many more Alias do you have??????

I don't know what the other guys position is, but I can tell you by myself, I sensed a jealousy in your post . You must be from Europe or Australia as well BTW: Nothing can get under my skin in my age, not even stupidity. Enjoy your overpriced polytruck.

To Tom and Dave and the guys posting about trailer tow vs. payload capacity... You're flat out wrong. I'm not a Dodge owner (actually own a Subaru WRX), but I AM a mechanical engineer both by education and trade.

You're numbers don't fit the description you're trying to say they do.

37,600 GCWR. That's what the entire package of truck/occupants/accessories/payload/trailer can weigh, you can't count the tongue weight of the trailer as both trailer weight and payload weight... Which is exactly what you're doing.

20% of 30K lbs is 6000lbs, therefore, the payload capacity is at least 6K lbs (give or take a few hundred).

If the truck weighs say 6500lbs, which is more than what the 30K lb rated truck weights (because the maximum towing version is probably a 2wd, regular cab 3500 dually with the AT), that leaves you with 1,100 lbs for 2 passengers, accessories, and even an aux fuel tank.

Its not hard math.

6,500 (truck) + 1,100 (Driver/Pass/Fuel/Luggage, etc) + 30,000 (trailer) = 37,600lbs GCWR

Its impressive, better than Ford or Chevy, by a lot. Deal with it...

@Ziviera @TR4Tom @Zoom Zoom. @ HEMI V8 , @Rob from Aus or whatever,
Alias are just that, I am more interested in actual information on a specific pickup like the RAM HD3500 of the article. Not rehashes of Chrysler PR. If you do not drive anything fine, just contribute to info about the RAM 3500HD in this case.

@Elvira, TRX4 Tom, Hemi V8, zveria from europe.
I actually grew up in the States and didn't know anything about iddy biddy pickups.

We had a Rambler, Galaxie, Chev Suburban, even F trucks etc. So the Ramblers was the compact when I was little.

Just the opposite to you. That's why I travel to the US so often, be with my family. And most of them can't see the logic in your pickup market.

I also don't see the logic in using HD's when going to the movies, especially taking a container with you. I don't mind who does what.

Being a Fiat fan, you have to admit the diesel engined Grand Cherokee with 420ftlb of torque at 30mpg is great. That is the kind of performannce we are getting in our iddy biddy trucks.

It always seems you Fiat guys are the worst with your inferiority complexes. What are you ashamed/scared of?

Don't worry the Italians make some good vehicles.

Actually all of the global manufacturers make good cars. Just some are more apt.

An engineer?

How did you evaluate and risk assess the loadings?

You are a Ram boi.

Be honest.

Big Al with a tiny truck, Check this out mate. She's a beauty.

@big Al
Did you actually have some Italian car? I don't think so. Because my first one was Fiat 127. Then I had 2 Toyota diesels and 3 German turbo diesels . So you are barking at the wrong tree completely. And because I am not ashamed or scared of anything new, I drive a RAM with HEMI, even I was driving 5 diesel engines before. Don't even go this diesel way, because I grew up 200kms from the place where diesel engine was invented and can put you down with my knowledge about any European diesel ever made, from VW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat.
And because you use a diesel engine just recently, it doesn't mean I didn't use it 24 years ago. Mazda was the last one in the diesel club. And their first ones had horrible reputation in Europe. Maybe Sky Active line will change that.
I don't know any NA guys to open Australian polytruck forum to tell everybody how stupid they are, they don't drive HEMI or 6.7 Cummins in there.
So please be nice in here, because you didn't see everything in your life yet and there are people with more knowledge than yours.
You are getting annoying with your short minded view like OXI. Sorry oxi, I know Toyota is your hobby. Everybody needs a hobby.
You don't see a logic in using HD to see a movie.
It says it all.

@Hemi V8 aka zveria, TRX4 Tom
My father's side of the family came from the south of Germany. My mother is French.

I have many relatives in Europe. I also see them.

What do you know about Mazda diesels? Obviously little, all Mazda diesels came from Europe, Perkins designed and licenced. My current Mazda has a British diesel designed by Ford.

It appears you are the only fan of your European knowledge HemiV8 from Poland.

@big Al
No Poland, you have one more try.
BTW Mazda diesels where horrible . It includes your British diesel, designed by Ford comparing to VW. Your engine is basically improved small Ford diesel running in Ford Mondeo and London Taxi. The first design is from 1999.
Get back to me, when you have a new Mazda design Sky Active diesel in your truck. Anything else is just Junk from Mazda - Ford European cooperation. NA market is different story, but I still wouldn't touch Ford HD diesel.
Cummins all the way in here if I have a needs to pull that much.

@Hemi V8, TRX4 Tom, zveria and whom ever elses aliases you are using.
The Ford diesel I have is a 4 cylinder Duratorque with an extra cylinder added on.

It's good enough to use in a large Transit size vehicle, that a V6 eco boost will be used in.

Says something about Euro tech.

I've always been a fan of German automotive engineering.

Look at some of the best chassis in the world, ZF, Getrag which my ute has a MT82, the same gearbox in a Boss Mustang. Not bad for a mid sizer and a modified Mondeo/Fusion engine. That should illustrate the diesel potential.

Your pickups and cars use much Euro tech.

Believe it or not Australia is one of the better chassis designers in the world. The global Ranger/BT50, GM's high performance cars around the world. Even the next generation Hilux/Tacoma chassis will be Aussie designed.

The US has some nice looking vehicles, but unfortuneatly my view is regulations and barriers have stiffled the US's potential in being a world leader in design and export. This has cost the US dearly.

@big Al
Stop calling me a different names. Those other guys might get back from work and will be pissed
to see your comments.

This truck is freaking awesome! I want it!

@Big Al from Oz - zviera isn't hemiv8 or TRXTom. They are all different.
@zviera - the point that annoys Big Al, others, and myself included is the personal attacks and the bashing and my brand is best commentary. You are knowledgeable and so is TRXTom but both of you have been on the offense with your posts. Keep the personal stuff and the chippy commentary out of it and you will both be more credible and make your brand sound better.

I can get that way too but I target trolls or rabid fanbois.

There are those who take offense to Big Al's posts but why?
Our full sized trucks are mostly used as a SUV with a box.
The truck market would be pretty small if only businesses or workers purchased pickups. With the high price of insurance in Canada people will buy the 30k tow gorilla from Ram and once every 2-3 weeks will tow their 10k trailer and the rest of time use it to run around. It is their money to spend as they please but still a poor choice for most people.

Still made in Mexico.

"Just to clear things up - Nobody gives a rat's a** about a truck's manufacturer payload ratings"

Towing capacity is what really shows how strong a trucks frame is, because you're putting the weight right on the frame. When towing your letting the trailer carry the weight directly, and putting significantly less forces on the frame.

"8 heavy duty crossmembers stronger than previous" That's not saying much. Ram upgraded from a 36K PSI steel-strength frame to a 50k PSI frame. The new Silverado had 8 cross members and a 50 KSI steel frame since 2011, and is fully boxed. Chevy could could have pulled a number, say 35,000 pounds out of there ass like Lamb did.

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