2013 Ram HD: The King of Towing at 30,000 Pounds

2013 Ram HD Max Tow II

The numbers are out! As the Ram Truck team teased when they debuted the 2013 Ram HD pickup trucks at the State Fair of Texas last year, the 2013 Ram HD 2500 and 3500 trucks will offer some of the largest towing and weight ratings in the industry. 

As you may recall, the new Ram HDs have a new frame, beefed-up front and rear suspensions on most models, and an upgraded Cummins motor (now with a new Diesel Exhaust Fluid injection system and extra cooling technology) that is now rated at a class-leading 850 pounds-feet of torque. These are only some of the key changes made to the heavy-duty pickups and chassis cabs that help Ram produce the bigger maximum fifth-wheel towing, payload and gross vehicle weight ratings.

Specifically, Ram says that its HD 3500 has a maximum gross combined weight rating (meaning the maximum weight the vehicle can tow when combining the weight of the pickup, trailer, personnel, cargo and fluids) at 37,500 pounds. As you may have already figured out, there will be select models and configurations rated to tow a 30,000-pound trailer, which is more than 5,000 pounds than the previous category leader could tow.

We expect Ram to be releasing a full list of 2500/3500 payload, GAWR, GCWR and specific towing numbers soon, and when we get them, we'll pass them along as soon as possible. For now, we can say the 3500 Ram HD maximum fifth-wheel towing numbers will beat the current max-towing champion, the Ford Super Duty F-450, which is rated at 18,500 pounds for conventional towing and 24,700 pounds for maximum fifth-wheel towing with a personal-use, non-commercial chassis cab pickup truck. It should be noted that the Ford F-350 has slightly lower conventional and fifth-wheel towing numbers.

Oddly, due to what is likely to be issues with the structural design of the current Class V hitch, the new Ram HD trucks are only rated to carry 17,000 pounds with a conventional hitch (presumably a weight-distributing hitch). That means Ford will retain that particular crown for the time being. 

Ram also says that the maximum towing and GCWR numbers for the HD 2500 models (or three-quarter-tons) will also rise significantly, with maximum fifth-wheel towing numbers listed at 18,350 pounds and a GCW rating of 25,000 pounds. For those with relatively good memories (dating back just 10 to 15 years ago), these are the types of numbers that we were hoping for from our one-ton pickups. 

We should say here that this new Ram HD 3500 is no Long-Hauler, with its extended range and monster length, but clearly there was plenty of learning garnered from that concept exercise. In fact, there are several unique towing features that were on the Long-Hauler that have made it into production. We'll have more on those at a later date. For now, all we can do is champ on our bit and wait for the first available break in our schedule when we can get all the one-ton trucks together again for another Ultimate Showdown. You can bet this one is high on our priority list, and we'll be looking for suggestions on how to best test all of these monster pullers to determine the champion. More to come. 

To read the full press release, click here.  

To see one of the 3500 HD rating charts, click here.

To see one of the 2500 HD rating charts, click here.

More charts to come.  

HD Class Leaders

Max conventional towing — Chevrolet Silverado HD 3500: 18,000 pounds

Max conventional towing — Ford F-450 Super Duty: 18,500 pounds

Max conventional towing — 2013 Ram 3500 HD: 17,000 pounds

Max fifth-wheel towing — Chevrolet Silverado HD 3500: 23,000 pounds

Max fifth-wheel towing — Ford F-450 Super Duty: 24,500 pounds

Max fifth-wheel towing — 2013 Ram 3500 HD: 30,000 pounds


Josh I agree with you. well said. Many people buy overkill. I have a Hemi for my lighter loads and a Cummins for my heavier loads.

Congrats to Ram. Sounds like they are really pushing hard to up end the commercial market strangled hold Ford has. I would really like to see the payload ratings when those come out. Too bad they could also take the conventional towing crown but at least they are right in the fray.

The switch to DEF should help the mpg's too. Sounds like a good 1-2 punch for Ram. I hope it helps translate into strong sales and high margins.

Can't wait for an updated Heavy Duty Hurt Locker comparison and the dyno runs.

So are the numbers per the J2807 or just generic numbers from the manufacture because of BS marking reasons they don't want to compare apples to apples if the other manufacturer's ever start using them.
Personally, I would feel more confident in numbers from a manufacturer that has used the standard and stated so than one who is releasing numbers without any sort of standard to rate them on.
Why do manufacturer's seem so scared to use them? To me, tat would be a great marketing tool because they could use it to discredit generic numbers from a rival.

The more I see this truck....the more i love it

Ford is getting the magic pixie dust ready as we speak. Does a 100 or so lbs. make that much difference when your talking 30,000 lbs. If Ford wants to brag, let them be a man and change their crappy warranty. Anybody can talk tough. The guy who said 5yr. 60,000 mile warranty is the same as a 5yr. 100,000 mile warranty is an idiot. I am personally a Ford fan (owned one), but I drive more than 12,000 a yr. None of my friends drive 12,000 a year. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. What's wrong with having more coverage than you need. It doesn't hurt a thing.

I bet it can pull two space shuttles! (stripped of equipment and weight inside, not weighing as much Toyota will have you believe, like Toyota did)Ah, but who would want that.

But the Toyota commercial says nothing about up hill, down hill, on and on....

Flat towing and of course not even going 55 mph, not my definition of towing, at least from a pickup truck point of view. Maybe from an aircraft moving tugs point of view (Mister, that's one expensive fancy tug you got there!")

LOL! Anyway, real towing rigs don't say Toyota on them!

@RonMichaelsen: Yeah, Chevy messed the 1500 up worse. It now looks uglier, and if it is any better aero, that will be a real surprise. They added fuel management to two engines, (waiting to see if that active fuel management goes over like a turd in a punchbowl on the v-6.) direct injection to all, and couldn't build atleast one four valve engine. Oh, and they get a step on the bumper. They made the doors open better on extended cabs.

I agree with ford 850:
"What happened to the J2807".
Any new towing numbers are BS if they are not using the SAE standard. On this issue, Toyota did it right. Time for the domestics to man up and get over the "my xxx is bigger than yours". Look at the new advertisments for the 1/2 tons. For the most part, they are no longer marketing HP, but MPG. This is why everything in the states is "SuperSized". Anyone with a Full-Size 1990's to early 2000's will attest that their "full size" domestic trucks are the same size as the global platforms!

That GVWR is a 25% increase over last year's truck!

I have no idea in the world why anyone would want an outdated piece of crap like a Ford Super Duty. Hideous grill, outdated 14 year old design, ugly chopped up looking dash, low slong control arms, death wobble, bad diesel reputation. The list goes on and on. Must be Ford is too cash strapped to fund redesigns on their trucks. Could it be all of the massive debt that they have?? They owe billions to various banks and the federal government. Ford seems to have lost their way with truck the last several years.

For those who want to compare a "common" truck... numbers from the respective manufacturers --

2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 DRW SLT/Big Horn, 4.10 axle and Aisin AS69RC:
GVWR: 14,000
Payload: 5,740
GCWR: 37,500
Max trailer-5th: 29,070

2013 Ford F450 pickup Crew Cab 4x4 DRW XLT, 4.30 axle and TorqShift:
GVWR: 14,000
Payload: 5,880
GCWR: 33,000
Max trailer-5th: 24,700

Ram wins by 4,370 pounds in 5th-wheel trailering and Ford wins by 140 pounds of payload. Note the Ford needs the more powerful/less economical 4.30 axle ratio.

I am going to laugh my balls off if the less HP TQ Duramax still out tow this truck like it did the Powerstroke. GM should have room to bump the numbers up some since they got a newer frame.

johnny doe....right now the olny problem is the Ram is the onlyone who can tow that much.....hope they make an even playing field...then again im not wooried who beats who up a mountain.....these arnt 37,500lb drag racing trucks

No worries. Tomorrow, Ford will sprinkle some magic spring dust and be at 30,200 or something. LoL.

I posted a few hours ago. Has Ford raised their payload and towing yet? They only waited a day or so before raising the rating on the 3.7 truck.lol

Enjoy the champagne, quickly, Fiat -- the party is short-lived.

Ford's upping the output on their newer-tech motor as we speak...

" Anyone with a Full-Size 1990's to early 2000's will attest that their "full size" domestic trucks are the same size as the global platforms!"

Correct the older FullSize Pickups are the same size as the current Global "Midsize" ones.
But it is not a one way street. European owners of Expedition Vehicles build them on Cabover MDT European trucks. Frequently these vehicles are described as "Behemoths' by people from North America. who see these wandering around the US/Canada

"My wife and I headed over to the visitor center to pick up the latest backcountry road conditions out to The Racetrack. Parked in the visitor center was this behemoth of a vehicle with signage saying “Yes, We’re from Austria”


inside word is that the ford engineers are recalculating their numbers and admit their old numbers were too lenient. the new tow ratings for the 2013.5 model yrs f450 is now 32,100lbs with 5th wheel towing, 19,876lbs for conventional towing and payload is 6,543lbs.

@Toycrusher: no they didn't say it in this article (anything about being more efficient) This article is about towing more, and that includes the taller (numerically) gear you need for that, along with more power. Along with chassis changes.

But I believe you can have 2 or 3 gearsets so if your dually diesel only needs to haul say 10,000 -15,000, then get the lesser gears. Or if you don't haul the heavy trailer as often, or...maybe you buy it for use in Illinois, or some place flat like that.

I have a friend that pulls an enclosed car hauler, he might only pull 10,000 or less, which if a person was pulling that with the diesel, that's light work. He pulls with a 2005 Hemi dually. Glad to see the Hemi being available for a 1 ton again. Not everybody needs the diesel torque and power, and the price tag that goes with it. But they might need the stability and payload.

Us half ton people would be fine with 400 ft pounds of torque in a diesel.

@Josh: no need to keep the six speed autos around in half tons, I can only see them keeping the current 6 speed that is in the 2500s.

Would be nice if both the HD trucks and the 1500s could be had with MANUAL six speeds, or better yet, a 7 speed manual. Be a bit cheaper to. Put down your phone, people!

@redbloodedxy: meaning Ford is pencil whipping as we speak! That's Ford alright, "Anything you can do we can do better!" Or so they think. Without changing a thing! Typical Ford! Just like their 3.73 geared single cab v-6 that they raised the tow rating, after doing NOTHING to the truck! Simply after Ram came out with a slightly higher tow rating for it's NEWLY released, never had a rating before, better then Fords six speed, 8 speed v-6! Oh, by the way, with those v-6 F150s, you get a whopping 30 more pounds or so of payload over the Ram with the 3.6, yep, that's it! They don't make their max payload available unless you get the Egoboost or 5.0. And even then, you have to have 3.73 gears.

Ford is just a player, can't back anything up.

BTW, aren't Ram HDs 100% Hecho en Mehico?

Posted by: DenverMike | Jan 8, 2013 11:53:06 PM

aren't those Ford diesel engines 100% Hecho en Mehico?
aren't those Ford F 650 and F 750 100% Hecho en Mehico?

Sorry to break it to you, but the global trucks, like the Mazda BT-50 is not near as wide as a full size truck from the 90s. 72.8 for a Mazda, 79" for a 93 D-150. Nor is the bed very big. Wow, you get a whopping 44.8" between the wheelwells, and a whole 61" long bed!

The wheelbase? 126.7 for the Mazda, and a normal 8 foot bed single cab 93 Dodge D-150? 131"

The front seat of the older trucks is much wider. Mazda would like you to think 3 people will fit really comfortable in the back of their cramped little trucks. Nothing like our current fullsizes. Nothing like if you had say a mid 80s crew cab Chevy 1 ton.

LOL at the little global trucks. What a joke, they over rate, we under rate. They still are using drum brakes! Little ones at that!

@TRX4 Tom,
"LOL at the little global trucks. What a joke, they over rate, we under rate. They still are using drum brakes! Little ones at that!"
US Pickups and vehicles generally overate. Your Pickups are still tiny compared to Light or MDT truck here. The seating in a F150 is still cramped compared to a SUV.

@TRX4 Tom,
These are roughly the same size and more cramped than the Global Ranger.

@TRX4 Tom

the hemi used to come with a 5 speed in the hds 2003-2005. idk about 2006-2008.


well does anyone know when the 2014 Ford F-1050 with the 500cc ecoboost V-twin that can tow 100,000 lbs is debuting? i hear it's going to have 1000 hp and 2000 lb-ft of torque.

idk why everyone is complaining about being more capable. i am glad 2500s can tow as much as older 3500s. that means i dont have to waste much on extra tires and fuel consumption (higher gvwr on bigger trucks). and i am suprised no one said that 30,000 pounds wasn't enough. you all complained that 10,450 lbs wasn't enough for a 1500 ram, damn. 1500 is considered a large passenger vehicle, and is more focused on mpg and all around capability, you know, jack of all trades master of none. compromise a little on everything so that you don't have to compromise on one complete thing. i love full size trucks and love having an all american cam in block V8 under my hood, but i will never tow over 10,000 pounds and if i did it wouldn't continuously so a 1500 fits me perfect. i really don't need 4wd but i will take it if it is on a nice truck (and find a reason to use the 4wd). if i could afford anything i would have a power wagon and a sport r/t (and a 2500 reg cab long bed 4wd outdoorsman with cummins and six speed and 4.10 rear end), considering how things are a 1500 reg cab or quad cab standard bed 2wd or 4wd outdoorsman or sport (with the sport hood like on the the truck motor trend tested) with a hemi 8 speed and shortest rear end (don't know if it will be 3.92 or 3.55 with 8 speed). when i buy a truck it is my only vehicle (unless i hit the lottery) so i have to get a one size fits all, and i don't tow much, but love a v8, and lean towards hot rodding a little more than off roading so a quad cab sport would be good for me.

GOOD LORD those are some huge numbers! I will never use the full capability but a SRW, CREW, 3500, HEMI, 4X4, LB, is in my future. All this talk about transmissions is just funny! RAM has very durable transmissions when compared to Ford and GM. RAM has made a huge leap in technology and actually listens to their customers wants and needs. You all keep crying about your weaker trucks. Even is someone does not NEED the full capability of the RAM 2500 or 3500...it will last allot longer in the oil fields and wheat fields of America compared to the scrap metal junk of GM. Ford makes a great truck and a great motor/transmission combo. Having worked them all into the dirt the RAM and Ford are King. GM better get their crap together and SOON! The SFA of the RAM and the now better suspension will no doubt take over the segment for the people/businesses that actually need the truck to make them money. All of you keyboard truckers go grab a glass of bubbly out of your fridge and let the real heavy haulers talk. Your brand bias is worthless in the real world. When you depend on your rig to get you to and from the job site over 20 miles of HELL...loaded with tools, fuel, and towing a 14,000 pound skidder on a 8,000 pound trailer...let me know how that mall crawler GM works out for ya! RAM/FORD = $$ Made ... GM = $$$$$$ SPENT/LOST

@ trx4 tom

the reason i said they are keeping the 65rfe is because when allpar asked fred diaz if we will see the 65rfe in 2014 he said yes. the 4.7 is on its way out, leaving the hemi. it will most likely be the standard transmisson on the tradesman and express. it will probably be standard on any hemi that is an option over the V6 like an slt, so you will have to option for the 8 speed as well. zf has four eight speeds, 8hp45 8hp55, 8hp70, and 8hp90. each transmisson has a different torque rating (331 lb-ft, 406 lb-ft, 506 lb-ft, and 664 lb-ft) chrysler will purchase transmissons from zf until they start building their own versions of the transmissons (the ones that they need considering torque output, which will be the 8hp45 for the pentastar an the 8hp70). chrysler's versions (torqueflite 8) will be named 845re and 870re (or they might make an 890re so they can have room to expand torque numbers) and the differences are that the transmissons will be built under licence by chrysler in indiana and will have improved friction plates (and probably a few other things). chrysler will make the 845re for 2014 (v6) but will have to import the v8s 8 speed until they start building it (it is unclear if it will be an 870re or 890re, it depends what transmisson is in the 2013 ram 8hp70 or 8hp90). the 65rfe 66rfe, and 68 rfe are all made at the same plant an are in the way of the 8 speeds. if chrysler would use the aisin for all cummins they could quit the 6 speed manual and 68 rfe leaving more room for eight speeds (i don't think the manual is made at the same plant but it would cut costs to get rid of it considering no one gets it). if they used the 66rfe (the true 6 speed) for 1500s as well as 2500s they could cut the 65rfe as well (until the 8 speed could replace them all).

JBrown : Did you really say that Dodge Ram have very good tranny ?????/ you compare a crapy dodge transmission to a Allisson trany ? excuse me but RAM tranny is garbage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my uncle have a 2006 ram 3500 dually and it is 5th tranny in he's truck WHAT A GOOOOOD TRANSMISSION!! WOW

ohh BTW it is A dodge cummins

@TRX4 Tom
You said "LOL! Anyway, real towing rigs don't say Toyota on them!" I keep wondering why you have Toyota on your mind all the time even in an article about HD pickups which Toyota doesn't make.

As for the Tundra space shuttle thing I am not big on it surprisingly but I will say I at least got the point they have been trying to make. Let’s take a fair look at it shall we:

1. Power- As you noted many of times the Hemi makes comparable power to the 5.7L iforce with just a little more up top advantage Stock Hemi.

Now that would make you think wow the Hemi can do it just as well as the 5.7L iforce lest we forget about durability to do the job. As we all know towing takes a lot out of any tow rig so let’s take a closer look shall we?

2. Durability- We must remember the 5.7L Hemi has cast internals. Now let’s listen to the start of that commercial 20-50sec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0YUw5TuFJA. The 5.7L iforce has forged steel internals as Toyota tells you here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G2g1AxSSUo. I get the feeling the Hemi and its tranny is the "competitive truck that’s engine seized and tranny gave up" in the 1st commercial and the "any old V8" in the 2nd commercial.

That is what I see as the biggest difference between the two but it doesn't really matter since nobody will be towing a space shuttle on a specially built dolly with their half ton. I think with towing or just pure performance you can't go wrong with either engine.

Oh, and they get a step on the bumper. They made the doors open better on extended cabs.

- OH WOW!!! Avalanche meets a DODGE! YAY! Chevy can't build a REAL truck to save their GovtMoCo owned LIFE! THAT'S a Fact. And GovtMoCo spent OUR taxdollars via OBUMMER for this new K2XX POS. THEN they BLEW money on the GovtMoCo Sierra too! Dodge will OWN Chevy in a Short Time in BOTH the HD AND 1/2 ton arena.

I STILL Want My Money Back Govt. Motors! NOT for Chevrolet Motors whom I Respect. For all the REST of your GARBAGE ENTITIES! GovtMoCo trucks INCLUDED. NO company NEEDS 2 DAMN TRUCKS you Taxpayer Swindlers. I want my money Back from European OPEL-BUICK TOO!

Pathetic. Govt.MoCo should have died. Only Chevrolet should have lived WITHOUT taxpayer money!

I gotta get one of these, the F-150 just isn't cutting it pulling the jet ski to lake anymore.

I admit that I am a Chevy guy, but this battle of the HD trucks is getting crazy. I'm all for the improvements to each of the manufacturers, but when is too much.........too much? What went from simple workhorses years and years ago has morphed into high end luxury, basically small semi-trucks that people seem to want for whatever reason. The only reason to buy a Dodge (Ram) all along was for the Cummins. Aside from that, it was a last place truck every year. Now somehow, they are the king of the hill with the most advanced technology??? Chevy 1/2 tons are my favorite and most common for families around here, Ford 3/4 tons seem to be doing the most commercial and farm work, and Dodges seem to usually have the biggest rims and huge semi stacks going through the bed for that awe inspiring mighty 6 cylinder. Maybe this new Ram can pull double duty if modified to run on rails to assist in hauling freight trains over the Rockies. It could be called "The Ram Bigboy Edition". Who needs Kenworth , Mack, Peterbuilt, or Volvo. Just replace them with RAM HD's. Because that's how ridiculous this HD war is sounding to me now.

Guys...did anyone notice RAM has a new engine in the 2500? They're calling it the "Cummings". (see 2500HD rating chart pdf above).

@Josh: yes, my friends 2005 dually wth a Hemi has 5 speed, hope they go back to giving people a choice

Dodge is a3500 ford is a 450 ford never beat dodge whit a 350 they have no frame .?...

Wy use ford tow numbers if the truck have hard time to pull this numbers??

I just got word that oxi sent out a fresh batch of "MAGIC SPRING DUST" to ford.
So next week ford will be able to tow 30,100 lbs

As i posted a week ogo, i ordered a 2013 Ram 3500 dually for our fleet of trucks. It is not the max tow of 30,000 lbs like a select few, with the options we ordered it is 25,800 lb 5th wheel towing, and 17,000 conventional towing, so not as much as our 2011 Dmax 3500 in conventional but slightly more with 5th wheel towing. It should be here in 10 weeks or so. I hope it is as reliable and pulls as well as the new Dmax, it is a beast and never misses a beat, we haved logged 310,000 miles without a breakdown. We usually haul conventional trailers so the Ram is still short of the Ford and GM in that category. The problem with the high ratings of all the big 3 is that it is useless unless you have a Comercial Drivers liscence, luckily i have one, but most guys don't.
GM is getting set up with some improvements for 2014, and will increase GVWR and GCWR, wich will be even higher than the Ram. Ford will require a new frame to keep up with GM and Ram now.

This doesn't mean anything! Didn't youread the 2010 HD shootout!

The GM 1-ton diesel outstopped the Ram by 8 feet! That is the measure of a real truck and what real truck guys are worried about.

Heck, the 1-ton diesel GM loaded even outstopped the Ram empty! That is what I base my truck buying decisions on!

I am withholding judgement on how good of truck this is until I know it can outstop the competition by at least a foot!

@Judd - A CDL requirement isn't necessarily going to keep people from buying these trucks and towing beyond their skill level. When the whole topic of CDL's came up to drive these trucks fully loaded, I found that there was plenty of evidence throughout the web of people getting caught for towing beyond their licence level or beyond the ratings for their vehicle. One of the RV sites had a thread about unscrupulous truck and RV dealerships that were not providing the unsuspecting public with all the facts. I had read about DOT setting up shop at the exit to a popular California destination for toyhaulers and people were made to park their rigs or leave their trailers behind and they were surprised by the number of underlicenced or overloaded vehicles.
Having to walk into a Kenworth dealership is a better deterent than walking into a Ford or Chrysler dealership.

@JK hotshotter service - you have a valid point, for Ford to keep up with this insane tow number's gain, they will have to release a new SuperDuty. They could re-release the original F450 to replace the current F450 which is just a rebadged for towing F350.

@Truckerman - maybe Ford will install those "arched the opposite way" Deaver springs that Oxi uses for class leading performance.

JK Hotshotter.....I wouldnt call 2,800 pounds more towing in 5th wheel "slightly more" than GM. Since these trucks usually one up each other by a 100 or 200 pounds. If you think GM is going to best 37,600 GCWR with little to no changes, I would hghly doubt that. Allison tranny is maxed out at 800 ft pounds currently. But we will see.

For you guys that keep comenting about oxi's rear leaf springs, guess what? They are still logging mile after mile with no issues and no rear sagging! That's more than I can for the Rams!

All this with the same transmission. Good luck Dodge boys with keeping that transmission from going out. I hope they improved their juck ball joints that go out every 60,000 miles.

@HEMI V8 - I don't have problem with foreign/imported trucks like Ram HDs, but all things equal, I'd rather buy a made in the US, domestic.

Numbers are out. Stop crying bitches. Congrats to RAM.

3500 H.O. has all new frame, suspension, cooling sytem, rear end, majorly beefed up Aisin trans etc.

Pussies need to find something else to cry about, this is not a rebadged 5500. I knew this is how the crybaby Ford and Chevy people would act. If Ford or Chevy built a truck with this much capability it would be the best thing since canned Beer.

Since Ram did it isn't needed and really should be illegal because this is so much weight.

Sore losers! Take your ball and go home??

I guess you can buy a Ford 250 with no Diesel engine lol. According to the latest FORD FIRE RECALL WAY BACK IN 2011 LOL. YOU WON'T BE BUYING MUCH FROM FORD LOL.
Ford says the faulty BCM was manufactured by Lear Corporation in Mexico. The problem was discovered after two F-150 pickups caught fire during manufacturing at Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant in Michigan. I guess this is some of the other 25 %.
Ford F-Series pickup trucks are manufactured at a variety of plants depending on cab style. These plants include Dearborn, Michigan; Kansas City, Missouri; Valencia, Venezuela and Cuautitlan, Mexico. The Transit Connect cargo and passenger vans are built in Kocaeli, Turkey and Craiova, Romania for the American market. lol

SUCK IT UP FORD BOI! YOUR FLAMING FORD F SERIES IS GARBAGE. LEADING ALL IN FIRE RECALLS. It's no wonder FORD has a firemen as a spokesmen in their commercials.
Kane lawsuit: Defect in Ford’s cruise control burned down Aurora home
By Matt Hanley mhanley@stmedianetwork.com September 25, 2011 10:01PM


Ford Recalls 2011 F-Series After Two Fires
Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable?

@Warfish - and your post does not contribute to the animosity?

"Best thing since canned beer?"

Does Corona beer come in cans?

Cerveza corona hecho en mexico.

@HemiV8 - maybe those fired Chrysler employees are now working at Ford.
Union employees being what they are ..........

U guys are bunch of idiots ford will outow u dodge boys there not sitting down and letting dodge take the crown dont forget whos number one seller ford is 645345 trucks to be exsact rams always gona look ugly with there ugly ass pig looking fron end and always be 3rd place in sales lmao ford rules idiots face it youre truck is garbage built ford tough for 36 years running

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