Ford Atlas Concept Wins AW Design Award

 020b Ford Atlas II

Each year, the editors at Autoweek Magazine walk every inch of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. They scrutinize every new and futuristic car and truck on the floor in order to present four special awards; those awards are Best in Show, Best Concept, Most Significant and Most Fun.

Although some may argue that the Ford Atlas concept could have (maybe should have) won each of the four awards at the 2013 NAIAS, Autoweek gave the Atlas the Most Significant prize for both its design and technological advancements. 

“The Atlas Concept is clearly Most Significant winner for the things you don’t see, like hidden aerodynamic improvements and weight savings from high-strength steel and interior parts, like thinner seats,” said Bob Gritzinger, Autoweek executive editor. “Those things add up to significant fuel savings for pickup trucks down the road. A next-generation EcoBoost with Auto Start-Stop technology also signals why Atlas is a real game changer.”

Other distant competitors for this honor were the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel and Lincoln MKC concept. This is the sixth year in a row that Ford has won at least one of the four titles, with the F-150 also winning Most Significant in 2008 and 2009. For a list of the other winners and to read the full press release, click here



I wonder why Frank did not answer my question, so I'll ask again. Frank, have you trolled the forum lately like you used to under the name Frank F-250? Maybe you changed your name to something else, I don't know. You weren't liked too well in there from what I can remember when you went by Frank F-250. Maybe because you are related to the Hemis and the Bobs of the blog?

I understand innovation and updating trucks, this is an update which does look pretty good, but its not really a new design and does it deserve the award. I don't think so.

Why all the excitement? It is juat another Ford truck with many projected repairs just like the present F150. Trucks should not be bought on looks alone because durability is where it really counts. Ford's quality and repair record is near the bottom of the list. Funny how you cannot fix stupid.

"So you won't get an American engine in that car — with all due respect to my American friends, it needs to be an (Italian) engine, right. Let's be absolutely honest, right?"

looks pretty much like the current model except for some small changes made to the body design like bulging fenders, new grill, character line differences, etc. even the tail lights look the same to me. i thought they might have gotten more creative with this one?



I won't go bad mouthing Ford or Ram, but i will say that the GM trucks look awesome. I know a lot of you GM haters like to call it ugly, homely and all, but i think it looks great. I also like the Ford Atlas concept, looks a lot like the new GMC front grill and dual bulge on hood with stacked lights, Kudos to Ford.

@Greg - quote "Funny how you cannot fix stupid."

Higher life forms are by definition "self aware".

By making that comment you show to us that you are not!

wy you dont put a picture the gm all terrain hd beside the ford concept and what ford take from gm truck...

I was totally considering a new GM truck before the Atlas concept dropped. This thing will sell more than a million units its 1st year easy.

The more I looked at the Atlas, the more I kept seeing the cab and the tailgate (the plastic cladding on the top of the tailgate resembles a crease). Then I remembered where I saw it: the Great Wall Wingle CL pickup from last year's chinese auto show.

So now Ford is copying a Chinese design instead of the other way around. And the Rtlas looks like the umpteenth rehash of the Super Duty. This can't be good ofn Ford. They need help.

They won a design award for this? haha
All they did was take the current truck and modify it a bit. Seriously, I do not see a whole lot of creativeness here.

I think the truck looks amazing the only little details I can say that I would like to change about it judging from just the pictures. The glove box is a lot better with its larger size, but it should have a door which I don't see. The other thing is that I always really liked pockets in the back of the driver seats. I always use those.

I was gonna give ford up but after seeing this truck i think not 2 words that front end will dominate all the other new trucks period

Wow! Seems like NOBODY cares about the "truck" part of truck. Everyone commenting is interested only in "new looks" and changes in looks. I think all the trucks are pretty good looking except Toyota. My 2002 Sierra looks simple ,and some say plain, but I still like that look too.

And ,man< I wish more people had decent grammar!

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