New 2014 Silverado Website Revealed!

2014 Silverado Website 3 II

GM has just revealed a new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 website to highlight many of the new features and technology in the new light-duty pickup. It includes rolling footage of engineering testing, testimonies from testers and detailed descriptions of each of the changes made for 2014. 

The new website is deep and wide with content, photography, 3-D-type graphics and videos, and, as you might expect, eventually leads you to the act of building and potentially ordering your own "perfect truck." Of course, we still don't have many of the specifics related to the three engine choices or how much it can tow or carry, but we're told that will come later and be added as the information is made available. However, there are several areas you can scroll to that give a general idea how much the vehicle is able to tow, represented by various trailer images. 

Some of our favorite aspects of the site include the amazing, multidimensional photography, the different information screens that provide various areas to explore and that you can get recommendations on exactly which truck combinations will fit with exactly what you like to do, carry and/or tow.  

This new type of website is specifically designed for Silverado customers and those interested in learning how this truck was developed. It seems to offer more information about this new truck than any other competitive full-size half-ton sites have ever done before. Brochures about the new website will be passed out at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit (for its debut to the public), pointing consumers there to provide feedback. As to GMC, it will offer a more traditional web experience to their customers. Take a look and let them know what you think.  

2014 Silverado Website II



all you low slung frame guys are uneducated i d i o t s.... wow.. you really think people buy 60k trucks to take them to a mud bog, or go rock climbing.. where the extra 2" of frame matters... your solid front axle sits lower than the frame on the Chevy... also like 1% of Chevy guys have asked for a solid front axle.. GM continues to make IFS becuase it is the best of the best.. better in Ride, better in Handling and better in ground clearance... wow...
Get over it... I bet you didnt know that Ford had pioneered an IFS for thier 3/4 and 1 tons did you??? why was it not produced... because they couldnt make it as good as GM.

If the GM engineers would simple see some of the comments here they could learn a few things.

SFA is superior over the IFS. An an excellent riding platform. Great for heavy towing cross country too. Heavy towing...more then the gm will allow...

If I was in the market for a truck it would either be an F-150 Platinum or the Dodge Ram Limited. Third on the list would be a Chevrolet Avalanche. I'd prefer it was the new SIlerado though. This new Silverado would be Nowhere on my list at all. Ugly as hell. Kind of like the current ugly one I suppose. Chevrolet is a lost cause. At least that's the opinion I've come to. If this was a Super Duty fighter maybe I could understand some of the tacky crap like the square fenders. Since it's not though, this is a pretty stupid looking 1/2 ton.

GM, Ford and Ram look at what attributes are required from a vehicle.

Just because John Doe wants a pickup to be more capable off road isn't necessarily their primary goal in the design of a vehicle.

Look at the use of 95% of all pickups and you will find they are much more capable than the potential that is actually used.

You guys rant and rave about tow weight, 2hp difference, 1ftlb of torque etc, when in fact most of you will never use that capability let alone comprehend what is in the manufacturers brochures and advertisements. If one brand has a larger number it has to be better.

Most 4x4s are more capable than most owners ability to use them.

Your pickups are designed as 2WD vehicles first with "bolt on" 4x4 capability second. They are a comprimise vehicle.

The people who do need 4x4 are in construction, mining, forestry, farming etc. and you will find that most fill that role. They generally require additional traction over rough ground and pickups probably fill 99% of that capability.

If you really want a good 4x4 you wouldn't buy a pickup as there are many more capable vehicle to fill that role.

I do wish the Big Three would offer AWD trucks for better onroad traction in foul weather. It would be lighter then 4wd and it could ride at 2wd height for better entry/exit and loading.

I think GM's Sliverado is gonna become unsellable like the camaro in the early 2000's did and, until they come back with a better pickup truck programme like camaro this current design will simply not cut it! I'm sure the GOV has all to do with lack of materials usage & lack of creativity here!!! It's time for Big brother to F*** off!!! leave our damn trucks alone!!!!!


What would this site be without multiple personality disorder that's plaguing it's readers.
This guy will actually never run out of stuff to write because he writes about what he wrote in the previous post.
Now I have to scroll down and look for the names of guys that I know they will post interesting stuff to read.

The new and improved GMC website! Designed with Angelfire and viewable on Netscape 3. Includes a midi of Bob Seger's "Like a Rock".

Gregory J = Tyler, Sierra, Sierra GS, Bob's, Bvonscott and all the rest of the GM 'c' nutswingers who can't accept that their truck is ugly as hell and subpar compared to the competition. What a joke. Crybaby.

Here is a link to an AWD VW Amarok pickup we get. Hopefully the Canadians will get them and you can cross the border and buy one.

It get over 30mpg average.

The raise the bar video is my favorite. They test the gas cap cover. No mention of bed durability but damn it if that gas cap cover doesn't shut perfectly. lol... I like the Made In American weight too. Right there with the Made In Mexico Silverado. Sellout's. You're welcome for the money GovtMoCo. It's nice to see you still can't build a truck that looks worth a damn.

@Gregory J. : Get over yourself. The new Silverado IS Ugly as hell. Nice fender flares. Did a pre school class design those with a right angle square? What a joke.

It's ok at best but they stretched the living hell out of the front end to make it wide enough to match the humongous fender flare's. Kind of like the present model, it looks really bad I think. They should have kept it more narrow up front and not done the huge fender flare's. Big mistake. They had the perfect formula for all of those years and then comes 2007. They pissed it all away.

Going by the looks of this thing they'll be discounting these pretty heavy by next years end. It is indeed the sides that wreck the whole design. It looks better than the last one but not by a whole hell of alot. I'm not sure why GM-Chevrolet is stuck on the big side bulges. It looks ridiculous.

Color me unimpressed. The square fender sides look generic and cheap. I don't know why GM can't go back to doing it like they always did. Ford and Dodge have nothing to worry about with those stupid square flared sides going on.

What's with all the keyboard warriors here? How many of you actually drive a truck? How many of you actually own a current generation truck?

No matter what the outcome is of any manufacturer, the same exact people flame up every article. All you do, is ruin what this site is mean to be. Instead, you all argue on here like middle-schoolers about who has the better ride, and bash vehicles that aren't even on the lot yet. It is clear that a lot of you aren't even adults. But if I'm wrong about that, you all need to grow up. Don't like what you see? Then move on.

GM's trucks have come a LONG way in the past 10 years. Myself, I can't wait to see what numbers the next generation engines put out!


Let me add above names to the list.

Haters hate.That's ok. It doesn't bother me. I just ignore you. I just scroll down to Jeff's, Lou's, Big Al's, Robert's and others like them posts. They're much more informative and pleasure to read.

That new Silverado is one great looking truck. Hate it as much as you like. Sales will prove you wrong. :)

Who cares what this truck has been tested with? As if Ford or even Dodge don't do the same all weather testing etc. The problem with the Silverado is how it looks. It has been for many years now. And others are right, it's the sides stupid. Fix those bulges! Just awful. I cannot fathom how this got past design stage one.

That new Silverado is one great looking truck. Hate it as much as you like. Sales will prove you wrong. :)

-LOLOLOL!!!! It looks THE SAME as the current HD! It just has WORSE FENDER OPENINGS. It DIDN'T sell Before, it WON'T sell NOW. Stupid Square Bulge Chevy's! AND GovtMoCo Sissy Sierra's!!! This Square Bulgy Bulge Trend better disappear BEFORE Chevrolet Does. Dumb Ass Designers. It looks like Eyes are Pushing and Popping out of the BedSides! A GovtMoCo delinquent on Meth. Chevy will be DONE in 3, 2,.....

@kemo... I do, and I do, and I have.... 05 Sierra 2500HD w/Duramax... Best truck Ive ever owned... 08 Sierra SLE z71 work truck... great truck, plenty of power.. 07 Gmc Sierra 2500HD w/ 6.0 work bed and always weighing in at over 10k 217k miles... 2012 Sierra 2500HD w/6.0 and work bed weighing in at 10k and 08 Sierra Denali AWD.. blow any Titan, Tundra or Hemi away any day of the week... Only problem out of any of them was throtle bodies on my 07 2500 and my 08 z71.... and that only effected the remote start. all these trucks apart from the Denali are and/or were abused daily in the Oil Field and never failed me once...
all these SFA is better than IFS wackos need to get a life... I cant count how many new Powersrtokes Ive seen broke down on the side of the Road... guess that SFA didnt save them did it.

The longest lasting pickup available today and that is a fact Ford or Dodge cannot claim. The jealous negative comments from the little Ford and Dodge boys have as much strength as your junk pickups. I love reading your comments because they just show you are running scared because of the great pickups coming out of GM. Do yourself a favor and buy the longest lasting pickup built today and you boys can become a man.

I love Chevrolet cars and even their suv's but I'm with nearly everyone else on their trucks. I haven't liked Chevy trucks since they started flaring out their beds and fenders either. It just looks akward and not right. I don't know why they started doing that but I wish they'd just go back to doing it the old way like The Ford's and Dodge's still do. :(

@Greg, I have no doubt they still run a long time because they always have. It's just they look so bad now I can't bring myself to purchase one. It's not the reliability, it's the looks. They're all reliable with good warranties now anyway. Why bother spending money on something that looks so akward?

I hate the Puffer Fish sides too. I hated them on the GMT-900 and I hate them on this truck. Maybe even worse. It's literally the one single thing that's kept me off the Chevrolet dealership lot in search of a new truck. I'll keep my GMT-800 until they fix their damn designs on the sides. I'm about sick of waiting though. I thought this would be the truck that fixed the GMT-900 joke. Yet they only fixed the front end. Great going GM. I kid you not the F-series is looking better and better each day and I hate Ford's. I'd buy a new Ford before I bought the new Chevy though. Just ugly.

I don't get why Chevy can't clean up their sides either. People have been bitching about them since the introduction of the current model. And then they go and do it again. I don't get Chevy sometimes. They do look like crap on an otherwise handsome truck. Why ruin it like that with the big square bulges?

I don't see what's so impressive about anything listed on that site. I see the same durability testing every other company would use. What about interior quality? What about body/bed durability? Are they still tin foil boxes and bumpers or did they make them worth owning again? Absolutely none of this stuff is addressed. Yet disc brakes and such is? Big deal. Likewise, I think the new fender bulges look terrible. Dare I say the current truck almost looks better and that's saying quite a bit. The sides are horrendous.

@Greg quote"The longest lasting pickup available today and that is a fact Ford or Dodge cannot claim."


Dodge makes the same BS claim in Canada.

Maybe GMC should of copyrighted that slogan in Canada too.

Jealous - that word is used once again, and once again, it is used by a rabid fanboi.

@Gregory J - I do think that many of those posts are from the same guy.
I like the looks of the Silverado and for once in a long time I think it looks better than the Sierra. I like the fact that they fixed all of the body issues that I didn't like on the GMT900's. It also looks like they cleaned up what I didn't like about the interiors too. I can't wait to see one up close. The drivetrains will be the deal breaker. GMC has always made reliable drivetrains, but will they be able to out muscle or get better mpg than the competition?

This truck is the new Malibu all over again. A Piss poor exterior design right out of the gate that will cause what potential sales they have left to stagnate. If I was looking at the new trucks I'd take one look at the big front end and honkin bulbous sides and keep on driving. Just very unattractive. Why the need for the bulbous sides? Why?? I thought the last one looked like a cartoon but this one is worse from the side angle. Nice job Mr.Ackerson and Mr. Reuss. I'm sure shareholders are flipping out about now.

@Lou, I think the Silverado looks better this time too but what's up with the sides? This seems totally legitimate to me. The openings are so bulbous and overdone it's ridiculous. The last Sierra looked better because it didn't have the bulbous side flares like the Silverado but now they're both all weird looking. They just fixed the front end on the Chevy is all with a real bumper this time.... but those sides. Man. Just ridiculous looking.

but those sides. Man. Just ridiculous looking.

@TJ, yep. If you envision that truck up top with clean sides (no bulges) it looks fantastic!! I too wish GM had done it that way. Oh well I guess. Next time perhaps? I still love my Chevrolet's but I may pass on this. Don't like the bulges either.

Now I know why I never read the comments on these sites. Just a bunch of bias views from GM haters. These trucks haven't even bin given a chance and everybody thinks it's a failure. Who buys a truck solely on looks I bet their new engines will have great performance and just be a good dependable truck. So if you ppl are so loyal to your fords and rams stay off the GM websites if it bothers you so bad cuz nobody wants to hear you bitch!

All three companies make great trucks, so much better than they were even ten years ago. GM took what people complained about and fixed most of it. More technology, updated interior, fix the front end (no complaints about the back), more power, better mpg and so forth, then they went and improved the most important parts, the drive train. So the truck doesn't look amazingly car like some prefer, many other think between the two GM trucks they look amazing. They went with the style many said was historically the best, the late 90's c/k series and brought it up to date. These trucks have sold well even though they lost a little the last year or so due to being out of date, these new ones will gain that back and then some. They won't be some huge flop and many buys will be brand loyal, then the others they will win by having the best drivetrain (many here agree and will be the most reliable like always) and a great all around truck with technology and uniqueness.

Ford makes a great truck, Dodge does to (I am impressed with the turn they have made in the past decade reliability wise) so I am unsure all the slamming of this truck. I think it is more jealousy than anything. Everyone making bash claims against the truck is the same three things, exterior design, sfa on HD trucks and frame sag, nothing else to really knock so sounds like jealousy. It is like the nerd picking on the jock because he is jealous, all he can pick on the jock for is the fact he may live in a trailer, but the jock has everything else going for him. Keep knocking the trucks, we know what you really mean.

Hemi btw, this truck will win all the truck awards and comparo's next year just like the f150 will the year after, there is no competition so there is no reason to brag. That is like bragging you are the hottest girl as a party full of dudes and just one other fat girl.

Good job GM, gonna be interested what Ford comes out with next, if it weren't for competition we wouldn't have the great trucks we have today.

Oh, and bring on the Colorado/Canyon!

Wow. Thanks for the link to the website. I am impressed, brown leather wrapped dash with cream stitching, sweet looking instrument cluster. GM has really upped the interior on thier trucks. I am in the market for a truck, and found the winner. The body style is great. I used to hate the Dodge because they always have wierd bulges in the hood and rear fenders, GM has done a great job of having subtle bulges that are usefull for keeping the dirt under the truck, not all over it. thanks to PUTC for this article. I now know what truck i will be buying.

I agree, GM looks like it has the best interior this go around. Like that they didn't do anything drastic with the body. The stamping in the fenders makes the sheet metal stronger than a flat panel. Nice job GM, i llike my Ford still, but seeing the new Chevy is getting me to thinking on a new truck.

I see that when GM does a better job with their truck, the Ram and Ford boys get all jelous and start badmouthing it. I have had Fords for 30 years now, ya they are good, but the GM is showing some great advancements. I can't wait to see what the next F150 looks like, trucks are getting pretty fancy now. Lots of guys will buy this new GM, especially with such a good job on the interior materials and storage. Posting hate is just a way of showing your jelous of the competition, i see a lot of you feel threatened, wich always amazes me, its not like any of you had a hand in building the brand you are so firce to defend.

I have to laugh at the guy who commented on the IFS not belonging ina truck. Wake up buddy, Ford ,Fiat and GM all use the IFS in thier trucks for years now. The GM uses it in thier HD truck to give the truck better handling and steering for the large loads they pull around. IFS is a much better setup for stability and handling, as well as ride comfort.

All you Ram fans that think the GM is ugly, you will be eating crow at this time next year when GM outsells the new Ram again

Here is a supercharged 5.0 litre falcon. This engine might have enough power to drive the Atlas.

I read an article (I'll try and find it) that Ford Australia developed the 32 valve 5.0 V8 out of the 4.6 heads. I don't know who developed the 5.0 supercharged V8, but it will have some real balls.

Australia does developmental work for both GM and Ford in many areas prior to launching in the NA market.

Dearborn said it was impossible to make the 5.0 litre into a 32 valve engine using the 4.6 heads, so Ford Australia took on the challenge and succeeded.

I don't think the F-100 will be the name since the Ranger was reknown as an economical vehicle. Unless of course they will add the F numbers into their totals sales.

If the Transit is coming with the 3.2 in the US a Ranger would come basically as is, but after the "Americanisation" process of detuning the chassis/suspension/drivetrain so not to be to competitive against full size trucks.

Here is another article on the supercharged V8 Ford. There is a nice 5 minute video of the car going around Bathurst (Mount Panarama).

Here is an article on the Ford Miami V8 that will be used in our Nissan V8 Touring Car this year.

The article goes on to say that it will be fitted to the Nissan Patrol.

I don't know if you understand the significance of this, as the Nissan Patrol is similar to the Nissan Titan pickup and Armada.

As there was talk about the future Nissan Titan, well it might end up with a Ford V8.

The Ford Miami V8 will be used in the USA in Titan, Armada and Infinity equivalents.

Read the link in the above post.

Well, I'll be damned, didn't see that coming.

A global Ranger Frontier? What next.

i always thought chevy made the ugliest trucks period that center bar across the grill needs to go . chevy never really changed all that much acts like they are cared to spend the money what little they have. i love my fords

Went to the F series website, not as peppy as the Chevy website:

All 3 Big trucks are good looking, why all this hate ?
I like Ford, but since 1995 Dodge Ram change the rules of
styling, Ford get the same design with the
1998 Super Duty F250 and F350. Now they get the same design with the next F150, the Atlas. Ford are all good looking Trucks, but copy the same design Idea as the 95 Ram.
So Chevy is not a perfekt truck, but is DNA is different , and doesn't copy the same Ram design.
P.S. I drive Ford, Chevy and Dodges, love American Trucks
In My opinion the best looking trucks are the 1993 Ram, 1995 F 150 and 1995 Silverado

@ Kemo,

I tow daily with my 08F20. I am usually right around 23-24 GCVWR. I need the SFA as alot of times I am off road with some trailers putting them in some hard to get at places.

Tow cross country too. Many hours behind the seat on long runs.

That is why I can tell this new version does not cut the mustard.

For those who say they are done with GM, you sure waste alot of your time looking and talking about them.

If GM isn't tring to attract the attention of the competitor's loyalists, they aren't doing a very good job of it.

So a completely redesigned interior but the center passenger STILL doesnt deserve a headrest............ Yeah they're really paying attention to safety LOL LOL.

I have a question........................................ Is Ford, GM, and Ram buying dash clusters from the same company?? they sure do look just alike lol lol.

I will say that website is HORRRRRRIIIBBLEEE. seriously if you want people to pay attention tell about some of the technologies! every video looked exactly the same to me. they were makin claims with no facts just talkin smack....... disapointed really i wanted to see some cool facts about new stuff..........


"I need the SFA as alot of times I am off road with some trailers putting them in some hard to get at places."

No, you aren't going anywhere with a trailer that an SFA has the benefit over and IFS, period. Besides, your truck probably doesn't have a front locker, maybe just a rear, and the rear articulates plenty with the locker as all trucks have a SRA...

@Big Al, the "Miami" 5.0 V8 is a supercharged version of the Coyote 5.0 V8 used in the current Mustang. The 4.6 is gone and done away with. The Coyote already has DOHC and 32 valves. I think Ford will roll out an EcoBoost version of the 5L V8 in the next gen Mustang rather than supercharging, which I could see a version used for the Super Duty. I think the F150 will stick primarily to a V6 EcoBoost and an even smaller version. I really hope Ford adds the 3.2L and 4.4L diesels to the US half-ton trucks. I haven't heard anything about Nissan using Ford V8 engines. Nissan has its own 5.6L V8 with direct injection and 7 speed auto for the global Patrol and Infiniti QX. Hopefully the Armada gets replaced by the new Patrol.

My understanding was that the 5.0 Coyote was designed to handle supercharging or turbo's. Shelby has prefered superchargers in the Mustang but IIRC it is easier to maintain a lower deck height with turbo's. If we are already seeing forced induction in Australia, that will serve as a test bed for our vehicles. I'd like to see a diesel in the F150 but Ford has indicated that it prefers small turbo's gassers.
I doubt that the Ford 6.2 will go away. It will probably be kept for F350 and larger trucks. It could benefit from DOHC, and DI.
Cylinder deactivation must be more complex with DOHC as the only ones to offer it are Ram and GMC with cam in block engines.

That was som other doofus using the Dave name. To suggest that someone doesn't like this truck solely on looks is false.

One example on this truck I dislike is the grip for the bumper step. Look at the picture on the new Silverado website. It basically removes the stake pockets so you can't install tie downs, rails or anchor points. There are no stake pockets. They added 4 small anchor points in the bed - great!. But then they took away the top anchor points. This is smart design? This is foolish design. If you put a top on the bed, it would also eliminate the handgrip.

So now you are just stepping on the bumper with nothing to pull yourself up. And you have to pull yourself onto the side. They should have just done the tailgate step like Ford stright on. Another foolish desgin from GM.

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