2013 Ram 1500 Wins Another Award

FWOTY 2013 Trucks II

It's starting to look like a dog-pile. We've already reported that the Detroit News and Motor Trend have selected the 2013 Ram half-ton pickup as their Truck of the Year, but there's another accolade that Fred Diaz, president and CEO of the Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler of Mexico, can put on his mantle. Our friends at Four Wheeler Magazine just announced the winner of its 2013 Pickup Truck of the Year is the new Ram 1500.  

After an abusive week of off-road punishment in the mountains and deserts above Los Angeles, the magazine has now announced the winner. Although not a large group of competitors, the two trucks Four Wheeler tested included a new Ram Outdoorsman CrewCab 4x4 with the Hemi and six-speed transmission, as well as a new Toyota Tacoma TRD T/X Baja. 

We know the competition must have been close because we had the chance to test the Baja, along with three other hard-core 4x4s in our Ultimate 4x4 Shootout, where the Ford SVT Raptor was the eventual winner. 

"Our judges appreciated that the Ram 1500 was able to handle the on- and off-road segments of our test with ease while supplying a smooth ride via the new and versatile air suspension." said John Cappa, editor of Four Wheeler. "The Ram 1500 is an all-around great truck for work or play and that’s why it has earned the Four Wheeler Pickup Truck of the Year award."

No doubt the new Ram 1500 will continue to be a favorite among 2013 shoppers, but we expect there to be strong competition from both GM and Ford (and possibly news from Toyota) with their new versions in the coming months. 





Toyota is getting lazy. These trucks were pretty good in 2004/2005, but its already 9 years old already and they havent improved some issues.

LOL Fords are the Original, the only real truck this was so dumb to read lol, HEMIS SUCK

@oxi - new trucks aren't supposed to creak and rattle. Wow. How many lame excuses are you going to come up with. Read the test, and read the test criteria. Based on the criteria used by 4 Wheeler Magazine, the Ram won and the Taco lost.
Any savvy reader looking for a truck will look at the test criteria and compare it to their own criteria and pick their own winner. You are no different than many on this Site who's only criteria is the badge on the grill.
The Tacoma was a decent truck a decade ago. Since Toyota has virtually no competition and fanbois like you, the Tacoma will remain the king of a dying truck class by default running a severely outdated product.

I hope GMC does not bastardize the global Colorado for our consumption, Toyota needs to get its assets kicked into the 21st century.

RAM is a separate company from Dodge. However Dodge, RAM, Jeep, and Chrystler are all owned by Fiat.

Holy cow, the new Rams are sure weak, the payload is pathetic even for a 1/2 ton. Not even a truck anymore, just a low riding car with a box. Glad i have an older one.

Good job Ram. You won when you have only one other competitor to compete against in this test. Not much to brag about.

Posted by: Mikes FX4 | Jan 7, 2013 10:57:56 AM

You are dumber then you look on FACEBOOK.lol
I know you FORD guys don't read much but sales info. READ THIS. While Ford and GM had eligible trucks, the two manufacturers declined to participate in this year's competition.

@Frank, P.U.T.C. Duel in the desert. RAM RUNNER WINS!
05, 10, 12, POWER WAGON 4 wheeler of the year. 2010 POWER WAGON WINS OVER RAPTOR!
2013 RAM 4 wheeler truck of the year!

Congrats to RAM for another title.

@cummins i6, I thought we covered this already.

Another common complaint we hear about the Power Wagon is the lack of a diesel option. In the real world where this truck is designed to work well, a diesel as we know it would be a hindrance. The 6.7L Cummins is nearly twice as heavy as the 5.7L Hemi currently found in the Power Wagon. The added weight would simply ruin the off-road performance at any kind of speed. You would have to dump the 4.56 gears to keep the low-revving diesel happy. Plus the addition of a diesel engine would require an intercooler. Unfortunately the intercooler wants to sit in the same place as the winch and possibly the electronic disconnecting sway bar. So at the end of the day a diesel Power Wagon would have less off-road content. You’d probably only have a tire and wheel package, skidplates, shocks, front and rear lockers, a few stickers, and an estimated base price close to the $60,000 mark. No thanks! We’ll take the Hemi Power Wagon.

The Ram consistently did everything we asked and was always ready for more. At the core, the Ram is more workhouse, than a subtle sheep. Again, and again the Ram surprised and impressed us, which is why it went onto receive our coveted award for Pickup Truck of the Year. Look for more PTOTY champs as we'll add quarterly reviews of the 2013 winner over the course of the year.



@Oxi: So from your point of view, sounds like you think they should not try to improve fuel economy? Ah, it's a pickup truck, why should we care?

If you have atleast two choices and one can do the very same job using less gas, there must be something great to overlook less cost going on.

I could maybe see it if we looked at the Tacoma and Frontier, and say they had another 30 ft pounds torque over the Ford and Ram naturally aspirated v-6s. But they don't! Those two are choked by the togher rules they supposedly have, but it's like "why bother caring" about gas mileage attitude. Those two "trucks" are so behind, it's actually funny.

Not all of us full size owners park in a garage....kinda a stupid arguement there Oxi, alot of folks buy the midsizers because they do fit in their garage. I could care less, it would be nice if the snow was not on my windshield, or if it was only in 40 degrees in the garage, but it sure hasn't been any part of decision making of where I live or will live. Getting ready to move now....haven't thought one bit about if my quad cab fits into any garage.

I don't get a v-8 so I can speed when I tow, but it's nice not having to run the *&^% out of something to climb the hills.

Your truck might be the best just for playing off road, but we don't all buy a truck to play around in. You tell me about parking spaces, what, at the mall? Shoot, I take my car to the mall, unless I am getting something big from th mall-hardly ever. Matter of fact, I don't even like malls.

Somebody has to haul the old cars to the scrapyard, ever done that will a Tacoma? Lots of folks make a living just hauling scrap. Can you even do that with a Tacoma?

You want to haul a snowblower and go offroading? Hell, buy a Jeep, they can do that fine. Oh wait, maybe they don't have space enough for your rations you need after watching too much Red October.

What kind of houses are you people buying, I have a standard 20'x20' garage and my ram fits fine in the garage, learn how to drive and or park.


It's amazing how many people turn out to pan a 1/2 ton truck against what is essentially a 3/4 ton truck. To qualify as a half-ton, it only needs to carry 1,000 pounds; not 1250, not 1425, just 1,000 pounds. You want to carry more, buy a higher-rated truck--quick panning something that carries more than it's rated for by class. You want to carry 2,000 pounds in the bed? Buy a 1-ton truck. You want an HD? Buy an HD. Quick comparing a half-ton to something bigger in an effort to pan the capabilities of something you don't personally like.

Remember, I'm the dude who hates road whales--even though I now own one. In my opinion, even the Tacoma is too big and with 1425 pound load capacity simply too harsh for my normal trucking purposes of hauling junk to the landfill and recyclables to the reclaiming lots. The old Dodge D-50, Ford Courier or Chevy Luv were plenty of truck for my needs. They were also more fun than any of these road whales too. Agility does have its advantages. Even the Jeep Gladiator concept would be better than anything else currently on the road/trails.

Photo of the day, pair of Tundra's leading a Chevy Trophy Truck down in Dakar:


@Hemi V8,

The Ram Runner is not built from Factory. Nice try Troll, now go crawl under your rock.

Speaking of TROLLS @Frank, I can get it financed and ordered through the dealer. Just like the power wagon. It doesn't surprise me ford sells more trucks. Look how many dip s#!^'s
their are in this world. lol

@DWFields: How much fun is a D-50 when the Mitsubishi head cracks? Nothing to do with head on my DODGE 2.2L.



I agree with Jay and oxi...

Notice how much better ground clearance the Tacoma has in the pic!

If these testers knew what they were testing for they wouldn't care about rattles!

Rattles are normal if you've eve been off-road!

I'd like to see that 2013 Ram hold up down in the Baja like oxi's old desert race truck did for 7 races!



@George: So you are comparing a factory built truck, one that 5 people can actually ride in comfort (it's not for loners) vs a modified truck? Would that be like us seeing how good a Tacoma can haul a 7,000 pound trailer? it can't, because it is NOT BUILT FOR it! The Ram is built to do work, move things, people can ride in comfort. Get decent mileage, and still be able to go offroad. Not for offroad racing/playing around....people with too much time on their hands that want to spend the day seeing what they can and can't climb that they don't need to climb, because they are worried about the zombie apoclypse.

So they said something about rattles...offroad if you hear some noises, it is sorta accepted, given the use. But since it isa comparo, and they are talking about build quality. That rattle that is heard just when offroading, might become normal to hear on the highway or on some imperfect road after some time.

They ae comparing the WHOLE TRUCK, not just ground clearance!

People that have anything to do with racing trucks, cars, be it offroad races, or dirt track races, or nascar, or the local pavement short tracks, know that you don't just race and park things. atleast, competitive ones. They do maintanance, check for damage, check for loose hardware, replace things as needed (you think he got 7 races out of a shock?) and welding, a whole bunch of that. They are always trying something differant, or atleast checking to make sure if something is working, that nothing is broke. Which something always needs attention.

Now lets see, can Oxis old racer even get over 15 mpg at 70 mph? Does it even compley with new vehicle safety regs? It may just have a roll cage, maybe fire suppresion system, safety harness changed every 2 years or so, a good window net, maybe if your lucky a check valve preventng fuel from spilling out on a rollover, ok, I bet it has that?

Are you the same George bitching that the Pentastar equiped Rams don't have 3.92s with 8 speeds, and Fords don't have 4.10s with their 3.7s?

Oxi fan club...what a laugh....what do you get a little sticker that says that?

@TRX4 Tom: You mean the same 2.2L engine that was in my Mitsubishi pickup--that never once cracked its head?

That's right, the Dodge 2.2L was a Mitsubishi-built engine until the K-cars went away. In fact, Mitsubishi still built some of their engines up until Daimler Benz bought Chrysler.

@George: Notice how that Tacoma's rear wheel is floating up in space because of the lack of flexibility in the front suspension.

@DWFields: Wrong again. Mitsubishi had NOTHING to do with the 2.2/ 2.5 liter engines. The D-50 was totally Mitsubishi. You probably had a 2.0 or 2.4.

The 2.2 2.5 production ended about 94 or 95 or so. I believe it was also built in Mexico.

Here you go:

DWFields: If you had any of these:


In your D-50, you put it there! It didn't come that way from Mitsu. Alot of Mitsu engines were used in vans, some had a rep as being smokers.

Most people typically don't know the differance between which Dodge engines used were Mitsu built, and which oones had NOTHING TO DO WITH MITSU...

Back in 89 or so you could get the DODGE 2.5 in a van, with or without a turbo. I have a friend that has one, and he embaresses alot of so called muscle car owners. Yes, he is in Colorado.

I love Rams but got to say that motor trends truck of the year is the dumbest award. Pretty much meaningless considering it was only put against an ugly van and one other. Chevy will win next year by default, it's dumb. Car and drivers ten best list are much more meanigfull considering the car from last year gets to compete again and new models. Just my two cents.

@DWFields: Nor where these Mitsu engines!


But the 2.4 turbos TURBO itself was a Mistibushi! I had one, a 2003 SRT-4. My ex had a 2004 Stratus 2.4, which was actually built by Mitsu, but in the states.

DWFields: Maybe if you had a 2.2 in a small truck, you coulda had a Rampage.


Ignore George and Jay. Those 2 dipsh-ts show up everytime Oxi starts to post. Some think he is just Oxi trying to make himslef sound smart by having a cheerleading squad, but I think they are trolls agreeing with Oxi just to pss everyone off.
(and no, this George is not the same as the other George).

Ignore Lou who never has anything intelligent to say about small/mid-sized trucks. Lou is a hater!!!

I like the approach Toyota is making, less bling, crap and gimmicks that can break, they just make a solid truck, hence why people buy it...

The most important part of a truck is the powertrain and rear end. The Tacoma has a solid powertrain and rear end!

Tacoma has a massive following and Toyota will update it in 2015 and even more people will buy it!

I'd like to see that 2013 Ram hold up down in the Baja like oxi's old desert race truck did for 7 races!


Posted by: George | Jan 8, 2013 1:11:04 PM


Nice ride!

Anyone who knows anything about off-roading knows that the Ram Outdoorsman is not made for REAL off-roading...

The rear end on the Outdoorsman is not made for real off-roading hence why it overheated!

This magazine liked the bling bling and better, that is all...

How about Four Wheeler tell us the truth instead of promoting this useless propaganda!

@TRX4 Tom ,

How many 2013 Ram Outdoorsman will be racing in Dakar or the Baja 500? Or any off-road race quite frankly?



The Outdoorsman package is a gimmick sticker package...if you like stickers this is the truck for you!

@Jay: Like Lou said, Chrysler doesn't need to go prove anything to anybody at Dakar.

If you happen to read the WHOLE story, you would see, it wasn't just how good it could play offroad. For a person that doesn't buy it to play around all the time, the Outdoorsman will work. If you just like to play, and don't need a big bed, and are ok with hooking up a trailer (maybe one made from the bed of a pickup?) for anything as big as a riding lawn mower, and no full size people ride with you, and you want a truck that looks about like it's 8 years old, and your max towing is only about 6500 (barely) and you are ok with poor mileage considering it's weight, you like going slow, and you don't mind a noisey low quality build, and YOU LIKE BIG STICKERS, then this TACO is for you!

I don't follow Dakar...really don't care. Is it on now? I would rather see pure stocks, modifieds, and superstocks, late models running around a track.

But I wonder....just how stock is a Dakar stock class? I seen the picture on this site of the Ecoboost Ford SAYS they tested here there and everywhere, getting ready for the Baja whatever, and the stuff on top of the engine didn't look so stock.

I would say Lou has alot more intelligent things to say then you, Jay. I may not always agree with Lou, but oh well, but he's alot more intelligent then your "go Oxi go" cheerleading!

"Ignore George and Jay. Those 2 dipsh-ts show up everytime Oxi starts to post. Some think he is just Oxi trying to make himslef sound smart by having a cheerleading squad, but I think they are trolls agreeing with Oxi just to pss everyone off.
(and no, this George is not the same as the other George)."

Oh absolutely! Great catch!

Ignore Oxi and his fake groupies and his fake photos. If he knew half of what he pretended to on this board, well he would not be on this board. Marines convoy too DB, its part of CENTCOMS general orders. Not that you would know. If toyota was so great offroad then why did it lose the offroad section of the test? And too a Chrysler vehicle of all things. But I wont complain about the interiors because the new Toyota's have hands down the best interiors 1992 has to offer.

Wow, just beat the Tacoma by one foot for $10 000 more!!! Not really impressive... Add this $10 000 on the Tacoma and this truck will be the king of the hill!

2013 Dakar Tacoma's & Tundra's





Tacomas and Tundras are made in the U.S. So you can't use that excuse for the Ram. Where are the 2013 Ram Outoorsmans? Nowhere to be found!

It has been reported that the top Tacoma #431 was 24th overall in car category after 2 stages...

one of my favorites...


I have driven many Toyota's trucks over the years unlike 99% of those that respond on here!

Toyota interiors: yes they creak and rattle, big deal its a pickup truck not a fuel economy sedan that full-size owners want to create out of this industry!

Nobody comes close to making an off-road capable 4-cylinder pickup like Toyota, hence their popularity here and abroad! Not everyone needs the dimensions of full-size nor the loud V8's...

The Tacoma with 2.7liter and 4.10 gears with 5-speed manual are bulletproof and tough. Yes they cannot tow much nor are fast on the freeway but that is not why I choose my pickup. That is to speed pulling a large trailer and having higher operating costs like full-size!

Too bad most full-size are garage queens anyways!

Posted by: oxi | Jan 7, 2013 7:35:04 PM

Well said!

@Team Oxi: Most people that park their trucks in a garage are midsize owners, that makes alot of their decision, if they can fit a "truck" into their garage.

I hardly ever see a Taco pull anything, or get used for much more then playing around. They make some people that have have no need for a truck, feel tough "let's take the truck!" "look at my new truck!" so people can move a washer and dryer (not at the same time) a trash can or two, take the dog to the vet...real hard work there!

Off road king: some Tacomas are made in Mexico.

@Matt; did more then beat that 1300 less pound truck in braking. You see, it actually fits 5 people. I know you can't see that, or maybe that's all you need is 1 seat because you only have one friend.

if Ram's are supposedly "made to do work" then why don't I see farmers, construction crews, landscapers, etc driving any? All I see are Ford's and GM's.

@TRX4 Tom: At least one of your Wiki links clearly stated that the info needed verification; however, I did look through them and realized my truck had the 4G54 engine at 2.6L--note that I had the Mitsi, not the Dodge/Plymouth. I've continuously stated I had the "D-50 equivalent". And while I will give you that the 2.5 and 2.2 were Chrysler built, they were both based off of much older designs that--wait for it--were owned by Mitsubishi and licensed to Saab, Renault and -- Fiat as well.

That still doesn't affect my point that the smaller truck was in many ways the better truck--especially back then when gas prices had jumped to over a dollar per gallon and people thought paying $25 to fill up that huge tank in full-sized trucks was exorbitant. Now they're paying 3x that much and not even whimpering. Me? It takes nearly $65 to fill my Jeep and if I topped off my F-150 (two tanks) it would go over $100. Fortunately for me between the truck and the Jeep I gas up about once per month on each and only alternate fill-ups on the truck's tanks at $50 per visit. Total miles driven per month averages about 400 with the occasional longer run to visit in-Laws or parents adding another 3,000 miles or so per year. Even then, $100 per month or more for gas pinches the wallet; I feel sorry for you folks that have to spend 4x that just to keep driving your trucks.

@Robert: Maybe because you're not looking? I've noticed a lot of RAMs as well as Fords and GMC/Chevys, though admittedly not as many since both Ford and the GM twins together sell about 3/4ths of all US-branded trucks combined.

@George: Exactly what is "real off-roading"? Is it playing in the desert, climbing things that shouldn't be climbed, or is it wirking, carrying a load to a remote location--like a hunting cabin or oil pipeline or logging site? Take a look at the trucks at sites like those and I find it highly unlikely you'll find a Toyota there in the US or even Canada. I'm not even sure you'd find one in Mexico since it seems the average truck--at least near the US border--is an American clunker.

You want a sport truck, then by all means trick out that Toyota and go racing. I prefer something I can rely on for slow-but-steady progress with a load on board.

@DWFields.....no mention of Saab, Renault, and Mitsu having anything to do with the 2.2/2.5. You are rather confused. It was designed by Willem Weertman, who was an engineering grad that worked for Chrysler since 1947.

Where do you get this stuff from? You don't make sense.

You are probably thinking about old Colts, and I don't mean the ones of the 80s.


Read about the middle of the page, he talks about the 2.2/2.5.

He also worked on slant sixs and the austailian straight six "hemi".

I will tell you that the Omni had a bit to do with VW, and it actually had a 1.7 liter engine built by VW, before Chrysler made THEIR OWN 2.2/2.5.

Maybe you need to get off the ranch some, Robert. I use my Ram for work, couldn't imagine even a longbed Tacoma doing what I do with my truck. I had a Dakota with a wider bed, and probably longer then a Taco standard bed as well, that truck wasn't big enough.

Not to mention I would have exceeded the Tacos weight limits many a times.

My brother spends more time off highway than Oxi and all of his minions put together.
What does he drive?
3/4 ton 4x4 Dodge, Ford or GMC trucks.
Little trucks do not cut it on the day to day grind of living and working in remote areas. Gravel roads get a packed solid groove from heavy trucks. Small trucks have a much harder time staying in that groove. Getting out of that groove is akin to getting into the "marbles" on the high side of a corner on a racetrack.
I can easily travel at highway speeds on straighter stretchs of road even with mild bumps and pot holes. Bigger trucks do not deflect as badly. I've had small trucks and it is much harder to do.
Try driving icy roads or plowing though snow in a small truck, again - bigger truck is much more stable.

Oxi plays offroad, he does not work offroad.

Huge difference.

I have nothing against small trucks. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Match that up to your own preferences and desires.

@TRX4 Tom: You're only proving the questionable validity of Wikipedia because I used the exact same links to information that you provided. You might also remember that some of those engines did get the label "Hemi" simply because they used semi-spherical heads. Again, Mitsi bought the patents and licensed them to the other brands. Oh, and you might enjoy remembering the 1.6L turbo "rice rocket" Colt built by Mitsubishi--yes, of the '80s. Dodge used the base engine without the turbo during that time (I was selling them at the time) in their Colts.

Yeah, some where labled as hemi.

Now, since I showed you the link to where the 2.2/2.5 came from, who designed it, and that wasn't Wiki, maybe you can show me whatever info you can on the 2.2/2.5 being anything to do with Mitsubishi.

Come on, I am waiting!

I don't care so much about Colts, but I think you maybe confused Colt/Mitsubishi stuff with actual Dodge stuff.

Still waiting, but not holding my breathe, because I would die then. Cause you have nothing.

I can understand oxi wanting a Tacoma to off road in. Not much else. Which leads me to wonder. If I did not need to tow 7,000 lbs plus. I would buy the most capable 4x4. Jeep Rubicon. Lockers all around. Since I tow 9,000 lbs off road in soft sand I drive a Dodge Ram 1500 with 35's 4.56 gears Rancho suspension. Wanting to get a 6.4L Hemi Power Wagon. When it arrives next year.

robert: you mentioned something about your 2011Z-71, and the fact you could not shut the T/C, or stability cntrl off, if you had read your manual, you would have known how too, all you do is push the button once and the t/c is off, but if you hold the botton in for a few seconds, it will completely shut all the traction and stability nannies off, completly! and they will not come back on untill you either push the button again, or shut the truck off! I know this for a fact, and I am able to do donuts and burn-outs any time I want, I am able to drift as long as there is not enough traction.

oxi's Tacoma is a garage queen. His daily driver is a Toyota Carolla.

Only thing I see ram having trouble with is road salt! All the electronics cant handle the winter but not everyone has a real winter.

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