Recall Alert: 2013 Chevy/GMC Fullsize Vans

2013-Chevrolet-Express II

GM is recalling 980 model-year 2013 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans due to a problem with the ignition system that could result in a rollaway accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects Express vans manufactured between Nov. 1 and Dec. 21, 2012, and Savana vans manufactured between Nov. 14 and Nov. 20, 2012. In these vehicles, it may be possible to remove the key from the ignition when the vehicle is running or the transmission is not in the Park position; this could allow the vehicle to roll away and result in a crash or pedestrian injury, NHTSA stated. Although similar to a more pervasive recall just a few weeks ago, this transmission-related issue is separate. 

GM will begin notifying owners on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Dealers will replace the ignition lock cylinder and the two associated keys for free. Chevrolet owners with questions can call 800-630-2438; GMC owners can call 866-996-9463. NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline (888-327-4236) can also provide more info.



It's not only ugly it's also a safety hazard

Gosh this van is ugly.

I'm pretty sure that nobody buys this van for it's looks.

I have owned a 2005 Chevy 3/4 t van before, with the 4.8 and 4:10 posi, and I thought it was fine, it was very comfy on the hyw, and in the city was no worst than a Sprinter I have driven for a couple of yrs, and it could haul well over 2k, with no problem, and in a pinch I have had 3300lbs! in one, and the newer ones come with the 6spd, even with the 4.8, now with that said, who in the right minds ever, and I mean EVER takes the key out of the ing., even if you could while the engine is running? and then leave the vehicle! you would have to be a gov employee or some other dimwit! my guess is it was a goverment EPA employee, in some type of test or another, and he did exactly that! must have been in a hurry to get in the donut shop that had no drive through!

The best VAN in the market,hands down!

Oh yeah,its the best looking VAN!

GM guys and others love to be disingenuous and call out other vans for their looks and how "ugly" they are. So I will call out their ugly 1990's vans.

I am not being disingenuous when I say these Chevy vans are the ugliest vans on the road today. Thy are as ugly as sin.

Somebody please help GM. Chevy has these ugly vans and now the new half tons have those ugly squared off sadlebag sides and a 90's inteior. Why is this happening? I don't understand why this is happening.

No, I don't think people buy vans like these for the looks, I do think it looks better then most of the others on the market.

At least it's not that ugly a$$ Nissan or Dodge Sprinter with it's stupid "European" styling it shares with its uglier brother the trashy Ram

Dag nabbit! Everytime there is a GM post the Ford girly men have to bash GM. If you don't let GM, get out of the GM posts! By the way, I find it hilarious how the Ford fan girls in here bash Chevy for how ugly their trucks are. ISN'T THAT WHAT FORDS ARE? UGLY? Ford's new van and Atlas concept is so FRIGGEN UGLY that it needs to be run off a cliff. LMAO!!!

If I hear one more idiot talk about Chevy's square wheel openings I'll shoot myself. Who care's??!!! I personally picked my 2008 Silverado because of it's capability compared to the competition. NOT BECAUSE OF TGE SHAPE OF IT'S WHEEL OPENINGS. I personally don't mind them that much but I don't buy my trucks for looks or girly glitzed up interiors like most of you urban cowboys.

I actually like the Express vans looks! The new Eurovans from everyone else are terrible. Chevrolet has the Best looking van on the road in my book if you get it with the chrome grille. The round wheel arches really set it off. It's exactly what I hate about their new trucks. Those big square bulges or saddlebags as everyone is calling them now.

If I hear one more idiot talk about Chevy's square wheel openings I'll shoot myself. Who care's??!!!

@Likarock, I care quite a bit actually. It's not the shape I don't think people hate so much as it is the huge bulges. The Tahoes and old Chevy's from the 90's and earlier 2k's had the same shape but they didn't have the cartoon bulges. The new Silverado looks downright ridiculous. They either need to clean up the bulges or make them round. Even the current model Sierra mini bulges would be better than anything Chevrolet has had since 2006. I won't be buying a new Silverado because I don't want that goofy looking thing parked in my driveway. Yet again unfortunately.

Ford vans are ugly! The Transit with the high roof and super dooty grille is for ford girly men that feel the need to compensate for their little wee wee's.

The Transit will probably offer ford girly man steps just to get to the roof. Now watch all the ford girly men respond with anger because I said the ford transit was for ford girly men with little wee wee's. Just watch, here it comes.....

Is it just me or are recalls rising at the same rate as off-shore parts?

If they are replacing the ignition lock cylinder then it is *not* a transmission problem. Call it what it is.

@AmericanChevrolet Hate to break it to you but the '99 to '06 Chevy's were the trashiest looking Chevy's ever made and they had your dumb round wheel openings!!! At least chevy is trying to separate from the pack and do something different. You call yourself AmericanChevrolet and the talk $hit about them, might as well call yourself ItalianRam.

@Bob just saying your one of the only guys I respect on this site. SCREW THE FORD GIRLY MEN

AmericanChevrolet Hate to break it to you but the '99 to '06 Chevy's were the trashiest looking Chevy's ever made and they had your dumb round wheel openings!!! At least chevy is trying to separate from the pack and do something different. You call yourself AmericanChevrolet and the talk $hit about them, might as well call yourself ItalianRam.

-You sir are a moron. Chevy hasn't had round wheel openings on their trucks since 1972. I'm a Chevy guy as well and this this new design sucks because of the fenders bulging out so far. It looks stupid. I OWN an 06 classic and the wheel openings are square but they don't look stupid like the new ones. Like I said in the other thread, I'm keeping my current truck until they get their act together and put out something that looks good again. It's not the front or the back, it's the sides that wreck the whole thing.

@LikeaRock, I talk bad about them? Did I not just say I thought the Chevrolet Express was the best looking van in the marketplace? I've owned probably over 50 Chevrolet trucks and cars over the years. I'll own nothing else. I'm not however going to swing from their nuts over every design or product they do. If it's a piece of junk I'll call it as it is. If it's an ugly design I'll likewise call it as it is. And you're wrong about round wheel openings. The last fullsizer with round openings was the 1972. The GMT-800's did Not have round openings. They simply did Not have bulging side profiles. If these new trucks looked like the 1972's I'd probably buy 2 of them. It was always my favorite along with the GMT-400's. I'm very loyal to Chevrolet. I'm not buying anything else but I'm not buying this new Silverado either. The Atlas design blows this new Silverado out of the water. It's Far better looking. The only problem I have with it is it's a Ford.

Likewise the Pontiac Aztec was "trying to be different". Sometimes that's a downright foolish thing to do. Chevrolet's not only seperating them from the pack, they're seperating themselves from everything They Themselves once were. They are once again looking like GM's new pack of fools. I wouldn't doubt if elements of team Aztec worked on this new and even current Silverado designs. The side profiles of both are the worst in the business. Everything else Chevrolet is doing ouside of the new Malibu is fantastic. Their trucks however are the worst when it comes to exterior design.

Bob and Likearock must really hate Chevy. It's like if your kid is screwing up badly and you don't call them out on it. You're only an enabler who doesn't care one iota about their kid as far as I'm concerned. Guys all over the net are just calling out Chevy on their mess ups. Not because they don't love them, it's because they do and they actually care. I don't like the new Silverado side design either. It is what it is. I still like Chevy though.

I have owned more than 1 Gm Van . I never cared much what they looked like but more how well it did its job as a work truck. They are great . My service man has over 300k on it with no major problems . Regular oil changes , brakes, tires and some steering parts . I would buy another any day .
As for looks the Nissan is Butt ugly , Dodge hasn't made the full size for years . Ford Full size are a good alternate . We will see how the new Big Transit does . Sounds interesting and hopefully priced better than the Mercedes . I have trouble giving a brand new 70k plus truck to one of my workers .

Some of the conversion up-fitters really take the GM van to the next level, looking really classy.

All vans are ugly!!!

This van is gorgeous! Good job GM!!!

Hello, my name is Bob. I'm 39 years old and from Michigan. I live in one of these vans down by the river.

Hate to break it to the GM bashers...

This van is going to be the best seller,once Ford has its Turkish Econoline replacement in...

These GM vans look good when done up in the Travel Van Conversions..

I am not a GM fan but these vans are the only real vans left,after the Econoline is replaced..

Ford has gone European,its cars all European except the Mustang and F-series far it could be the new F-150 will be the Euro Ranger ,as alot of people on this site say they want a new smaller truck,so this is Fords plan !! Ford is done lol !!

You dolt Americans voted for a anti-car anti-driving Pres...

Guess what,your truck will be smaller,3 cyl and get 55 mpg and you will get better mpg but...the price of gas will be higher and you will pay a toll on roads and pay per mile (meaning you pay for every mile you drive,it will start at 3-10 cents at first then jump to $1 or more per mile)

So you are better off driving a 14 mpg vehicle that uses Premium fuel at $4 a gallon today then driving a truck that gets 30-55 mpg as you will pay for every mile you drive plus road tolls plus people will use less fuel so the gas price will skyrocket !!

Guess America will be back to the 1600's pretty fast,better buy some good walking shoes and running shoes for the people who commute....LOL !!!

Not a serious problem...

Those who own/restore old classic vehicles have this problem on some vehicles...Happened to me on Ford/GM/Mopar and oddly newer Acura's newer Lexus/Toyota products..

I had a 1968 Chrysler 300 2dr h/t with a 440 TNT and when it hooked up and you got traction in 1st gear the power/torque would throw you back into your seat,front end of car lifts up and if the key/ignition was worn from years of use....The keys would fly out of the ignition and get thrown under the front seat....Those were fun powerful hotrods high 12-low 13 second cars even with some tire spin with smaller slicks and the stock 14 or 15 inch tires would spin and burn rubber at a quarter throttle ! Closest thing o a stock 440 today are the new 392 hemi cars...and they have stickier rubber and traction control aids...

By the way,it was great I could start the car on a cold morning,take the key out and lock the doors and let it idle for several minutes while I got my coffee and messed with my woman for a bit before I left...

Furthermore,the van wont roll away unless you leave it in drive or reverse and take the key out...If you are in park and take the key out it WONT roll away !!!!!!!

The Nissan NV, will take the Fords place in the upfitter market, its body on frame like the GM and also offers more front leg room for long trips since the motor is not impeding on the footwell space.

Lou had one of these vans and he hated it.

Lou loved this van!

The best VAN in the market,hands down!

Oh yeah,its the best looking VAN!

Posted by: SILVERADO | Jan 20, 2013 12:39:21 PM

I love these Chevy vans too! Oh yeah,I'm thinking about trading in my F150 for one because my tranny went out!

Great job GM! Love these vans!

This is my dream van, wait until the new motors are out.

@AmericanChevrolet well if you don't like it dont buy it. I'll enjoy my 2014 Silverado 6.2 that'll put out 450hp whether it has square wheel openings or not ;)





An ignition normally keeps you from leaving a car in Drive before walking away. You don't necessarily think about putting it in Park and if you're in and out of a work truck dozens of times a day while multitasking, well you do the math.

Every OEM has recalls, and it doesn't affect me personally, so I won't give it another thought.

@likearock - You should expect more power from the new GM engines, but I wouldn't expect too much. The Corvette's 6.2 is up to 450 HP so that's less than 5% over the current 6.2. The Silverado's intake/cam/tune means under 420 HP.

Btw, GM dropped the "Like a Rock" ad campaign after that whole piston slapping fiasco. "Like a Knock"...

The Express/Savanas are by far, the best looking of the molester vans.

Congradulations GM. It's only a matter of time before the all New Colorado is offered here in the US. The Ford fan girly men will act like well "Girly Men" and try and tear this apart because it's made by GM.

I expect to see this the New Colorado GET CLASS LEADING FUEL ECONOMY.

GM wins and ford loses AGAIN!

The problem for Ford is GM. GM is getting their new trucks out first and Ford's alumninum tin foil trucks won't be out until a year later.

Yep, Chevy finishes their new trucks first and WINS AGAIN!

I bet those ford girly men get sick and tired of finishing behind Chevy! Chevy Rules and the ford girly men drools!!! Ford, we give you the girly man step ladder rack. GM we give you class leading trucks that get the job done and class leading fuel economy. GM wins and the ford girly men lose again!

Quiet Cabin Testing | 2014 Silverado

@Bob - you must be a handsome hung stud since you obviously aren't getting by in life on brains and personality.

Aluminum tin foil? WTF? ROTFLMFAO.

The 2014 GMC trucks use aluminum too.

Funny, when Ford and Ram released their trucks, no one published a top 10 list of missing features.

@Lou, You talking crap on the internet? Meet me somewhere! Give me your address! Meet me somewhere!!! I will smoke you.

Meet me somewhere. Give me the address since you're talking all that crap! Meet me somwhere!!!!

MEET ME SOMEWHERE! Meeet me somwhere and I will smoke you.

Lou, Meet me somwhere and we can end this crap today. Don't do it over the internet. Meet me somewhere. Let's do this for real! Where do you want to meet at? If you want to do this for real, give me an address. Meet me somwhere and I will smoke you!

@bob - you will smoke me?

I never thought you were a pipe smoker!


A closet commie and a closet poofter.

Will wonders never cease.


GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS. You want make personal insults, don't do it over the internet. MEET ME SOMEWHERE!

@Bob - sorry, I've been told not to "date" people I've met on the internet.

Why don't you post your address?

And pictures,

we can see how handsome you are and how good your truck looks sitting on blocks in front of your trailer that oddly is still on wheels.

You want my address? Then give me yours! Quit posting on the internet like a girly man and meet me somwhere!


We had a fleet of 4 vans, 2 fords and 2 Chevys, fords didn't held up as good, alignment problems, wavy floors, suspension problems, squading like crazy when loaded. Spitting spark plugs, poor MPG, Etc. so we got rid of both fords and got more Chevy's

It's very uncommon in Australia to not to use the park brake (or as you guys call emergency brake) when parking, hence the name.

It's drummed into use during our driver training to use the park brake everytime you park a vehicle. You don't even realise you do it, just like fitting a seat belt, or turning your key to start a vehicle.

Because US drivers don't use their park brakes the 1995 Jeep Cherokee had park brake failures. The manufacturers didn't manufacture durable park brake mechanisms.

When my Jeep brake failed they told me why.

As most realise I'm a great supporter of more vigilant training/assesssing and certification of all road users.

Teaching people to use the park brake will benefit all.

There is no excuse not to use the park brake. You're the captain of your "ship" and responsible.

@Big Al from Oz

Funny, growing up we were taught specifically not to rely on the parking/emergency brake, as they often failed. Especially on older vehicles. Which I think is part of the reason why we use them less here.

Instead, I was always taught it was more important, even when using the parking brake, to leave the vehicle in a gear that's the opposite of the way the vehicle would roll. (i.e. First gear if it is likely to roll backwards, reverse if it is likely to roll forwards).

Of course, that was with a manual transmission. Nowadays, with just about everything here having an automatic transmission, I just put it in "P" for park unless I'm parked on a significant grade.

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