January 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II
As strong as 2012 ended, with a total auto industry sales number around 14.6 million units, it looks like 2013 is going to be even stronger. And many analysts are predicting continued growth for 2013. Clearly this is a good start for all the truck makers but we're guessing many will make note that total GM vehicles sales far outpace F-Series numbers.

Whether GM can keep up this pace as they clear out older stock to make room for their new full-size and midsize trucks remains to be seen. Additionally, we decided to put the Ranger in, even though Ford tells us they technically did not record any sales in January. This year should be fun to watch.


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +21.7% January 2013 46,841 +21.7%
46,841 January 2012 38,493

2 Chevrolet Silverado +32.0% January 2013 35,445 +32.0%
35,445 January 2012 26,850

3 Ram Trucks +14.3% January 2013 20,474 +14.3%
20,474 January 2012 17,909

4 GMC Sierra +35.0% January 2013 12,846 +35.0%
12,846 January 2012 9,517

5 Toyota Tacoma
+30.6% January 2013 11,622 +30.6%
11,622 January 2012 8,898

6 Toyota Tundra +27.1% January 2013 7,004 +27.1%
7,004 January 2012 5,512

7 Nissan Frontier -30.6% January 2013 2,624 -30.6%
2,624 January 2012 3,782

8 Chevrolet Avalanche
+19.9% January 2013 1,939 +19.9%
January 2012 1,617

9 Nissan Titan
+6.7% January 2013 1,394 +6.7%
January 2012


10 Honda Ridgeline +0.6% January 2013 1,252 +0.6%
1,252 January 2012


11 Chevy Colorado * -71.4% January 2013 822 -71.4%
822 January 2012 2,872

12 GMC Canyon * -71.5% January 2013 302 -71.5%
302 January 2012


13 Cadailac Escalade EXT +59.3% January 2013 172 +59.3%
172 January 2012


14 Suzuki Equator * +29.6% January 2013 140 +29.6%
140 January 2012


15 Ford Ranger * -100% January 2013 0 -100%
0 January 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.


I have decided to wait till the new Ram and Chevy/GMC have been out for a few mo. then I will pick one or the other, I will want a reg cab 4X4 with the biggest engine that I can, and I don't think Chevy will have the 6.2 in a reg cab, as they have never offered it before in a reg cab, but the new 5.3 might be fine, as the old one in my ext cab Z-71 is fine, and at least the Hemi is cheep enough in any Ram that it would be a good engine in a reg cab, that and the fact that I will not get another 8' bed again! that and I will try and sell the F-150 when I am ready, the only problem is I will want to order exactly what I want, and if I don not sell the Ford, I might be forced to trade, but maybe at the time, the Chevy/GMC or Ram dealers will be more interested in selling their new truck, and give me a decent deal on my trade, that and the fact I will have paid it down even more! I should have bought the 5.0 in the first place, that, and the fact that the E/B engine I have, has a record of trouble, and all the Ford dealers know it, and the history of it, but I am pretty sure the other dealers might just know about it also, but if they take it is trade, and then convince the new owner to purchace an extended warranty, it wuld be out of their hands? and mine!

Maybe the GM twins huge increase was really due to the disappointment of of the 2014 trucks, I mean why wait around for those when you can just get a massively discounted 2013? ;-)

I think once the entire Ram lineup is available, their numbers will continue to rise, but it's great to see the sales increases across the board for all the automakers.

Toyota is ever closer to taking over ram.......................

@sandman 4x4--You are making a wise decision. Sometimes it is better to wait and who knows a dealer might be a little more motivated at a later date to give you more for you F-150. With all these new models coming out there will be some fierce competition among the brands. Everyone will be coming out with a new truck in the next couple of years and they will be competing with each other.


Hurry up and sell the F150/EB. I am tired of hearing you bitch like a GM girly. Waiting for you to begin you trolling.

@Ramfan25, Disapointment with the 2014 trucks???, how is that possible, they haven't been sold yet, pretty hard to tell reliability of a truck you have never driven. I certainly like the interior and exterior of the 2014 GM trucks, so far so good. I have 3 friends waiting to buy the 2014 GMC 1/2 tons.

What's the matter Big Al, you still don't get it? Or do you just comment every time I comment just to say the opposite of what I say?

They know what's going on, they've seen the commercials, and they show up at the dealership and say "Where's the eightspeed v-6, the hemi 8 speed, the air ride, the crew cab? They also know that there is a lot of new stuff coming with the heavy duty trucks., would you wait for it would you run out and buy?

The GM truck buyers see the future, and a lot of them realize the new GM trucks look like bricks.

Usually, Big Al, you are the 1 to point out that GM doesn't make that great a profit if any at all on their trucks

Doh, you didn't see that comming!

Gm give you the choice to get to difrrent grill,, chevy or gmc same tuck y dont like the chevy grill but gmc is nice specialy the 2014

hey fwank: lets give it to the folks here, who is the biggest troll? me who ownes one of each domestics, and has put my $ where the rubber meets the road, or fwank who owns ?

@TRX4 Tom or elvira/zveria

Do you have a paranoid based complex?

Tom, maybe if you didn't write so much crap and stopped with your fanboism I would deal with you like an adult.

I'm not anti Ram, Chev or Ford, my even ute has FoMoCo stamped all over it, literally.

I really like the ute and I think it is superb. But I don't ever say its the best. Why? Because it is only the best to me (at the moment) and there probably is a better ute out there or will soon be out there.

But when I bought it 12 months ago it was the better valued product. When I bought my ute I looked at a number of vehicles in my short list.

They included LR Discovery, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sorento, VW Amarok, Ford Ranger and the BT50 I ended up with. All were diesels and with a large variance in prices. I ended up with the 2nd cheapest vehicle. And I use it as an SUV.

I would really like to see the Amarok come out with a bigger diesel and more on offer for the interior.

As I told you if you want to submit comment as an authority, then take the heat when you are wrong (most of the time). And if you post endless pro Ram fanboism dribble, then you leave yourself open.

Wow, just a few short weeks ago all the Ram humpers were saying they will take over the #2 spot shortly. Now Toyota is right on their tail, only 1800 trucks from taking over #3 and pushing Ram down to #4. I feel bad for those Rambies, thinking they will take over #2, but now smelling like a #2.

My friends New 2013 Dodge Ram is still leaning to the left when braking, same thing in his previous truck and his previous previous truck, all Dung Ram's!!!

Congrats to General Motors and Ford.

No Al, I am not Zveria! WTF! Get it thru your head!! No, I am not paranoid, just making a statement! That would be like me acussing you of being Robert Ryan.

Maybe if you actually considered what I said instead of thinking you know it all?

I have only posted under TRX 4 Tom, and Tom (in 2010) like it or not!

Some people (like you) get a little education, then you think you know it all!

Rambies, You claim sales were not great because 8 speeds and the new V6 isn't out yet, but they are. They are sitting on the lots all around me. And they have discounts on them already.

@TRX4 Tom
I would feel if I was complimented if you call me Robert Ryan.


I was really just kidding about the disappoint in the GM twins, but you'd have to have your head in the sand not to understand that GM was sitting on massive amounts of inventory and really had no choice but to throw tons of money on the hood of them to bring their levels down to something reasonable. All of the automakers do that. Will the new truck be better? I'm sure they will be, but the update struck me as a bit underwhelming and if I were a GM buyer, I would have taken a marked down 2013 instead of waiting for the 2014 model.

one thing with all these rebates and sales going on with gm truck, chevy must think their upcoming truck is going to be relly big and take of, but it probably wont and could send them into another crash. one dealer in my area was advertising 12,000 solmons off

Interestingly, my local Ford dealer offered me $22,500 on my now 6-year-old Jeep Wrangler, unsolicited. If I wanted, at that rate I could trade even on a more basic Ford truck--but why would I want to? If you ask me, at least some Ford dealers realize they need to spur sales before the new GMs hit the market. The C/C combo is expected to hit somewhere around June and the S/S combo for the '14 season probably around September. For all that Ford as a single brand may sell more now, two darts and two arrows from GM's bow could really bite into their market.

Sorry for the interruption everybody.

I would like to know if anybody else thinks the nose on the spy shot Tundra http://www.trucktrend.com/features/consumer/163_1301_2014_toyota_tundra_wish_list/photo_03.html is longer than the current Tundra http://image.truckinweb.com/f/tech/1007tr_2007_toyota_tundra_buildup/33038577+w800/1007tr_25+2007_toyota_tundra_buildup+after.jpg?




Thanks but for some reason it still looks a little long to me. I think it's because it is flatter.

@Frank- the only one trolling here is you!. Sandman had to deal with a blown head gasket and had to fight to get it fixed under warranty. That would sour me to a product as well.

@5.3L LOL (name may change when numbers are released)
Might just be a case of the "padded bra effect". LOL
They'd need to lengthen it a bit to be more traditional. I'm not sure why they are hung up on that. I don't mind the looks of the Tundra. The self named hardcore trucker types won't buy a Tundra regardless of what it looks like or how good it is.

@snowman - sounds like you are quoting Canadian price rebates. I think the biggest HD rebate I saw in the USA was around 3,500 dollars. Car companies can offer higher rebates in Canada because they charge way more money for a truck than in the USA. A loaded diesel is in the 75,000 dollar range. They top out in the 60's in the USA.

I agree with Frank. Sandman should be a man and accept his reasponsibility in voting his warranty with the CAI. I'm tired of hearing him bloviating. Be a man and learn to accept the responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for the choices you make. You choose how your life goes.

Lou is trolling Frank now.

toyota lol,

The extra length is an optical illusion due to the camo/padding.

First, the Tundra isn't that good. Most people won't buy a Tundra because the true full-sizes are not proven. They have only been already since 2007 and there is no heavy duty. It's the least capable of the full-size trucks. Third is the attitude at the Toyota dealers. Price and Value equation. Among other things.


I respectfully disagree with your view of blown head gaskets and warranty issues.


The following is just MY OPINION: With regards to the blown gaskets, you basically wanted to steal money from Ford. Earlier you said you should have taken the CAI and returened to to stock before bringing it in. Taking the system off after the event would be your attempt to cover up your mistake because you knew it was wrong. Your modifications caused the failure; I don't know if Ford ever paid on this but you should have paid the full amount.

With regard to the after market intake, Ford (not the dealer) will deny the claim (it has never been the dealer's option as the dealer is not paying for the repair). There have already been Special Service Messages to dealer shops regarding modifications to the EB engine how ANY modifications will void the engine warranty.

Ford has way too much invested in the EB engine to allow high warranty claims.

End of my opinion.

Slapping an after-market intake on is going to cause Ford to deny any engine related warranty claim just as fast as tuning it will.

The stock intake and filter will provide more than enough air flow for 99% of the RPM range. Check the dyno sheets on the Afe and Airaid. At what RPM range do they indicate higher hp and torque?

I personally see no reason for any drive train related after market mods. You want it to last, leave it be. Ford tunes all of it's equipment to achieve optimal MPG's, power and durability. It's been proven over the years that if you mess with that, you either pay with no results or things break.

Frank and shotg,

I agree 100%. You play, *you* pay.

But if somoeone stealsl or tries to steal money from Ford - he/she didn't steal it from Ford, he stole it from Ford's customers - i.e. us.

Paying warranty claims on head gaskets on problems not caused by Ford's design just results in inflated prices for the rest of us.

@Toys R Us: Yeah, the 8 speeds and V-6s in CHARGERS and CHRYSLER 300s are out there. Not in trucks yet, and certainly not any 6'4" bed crew cabs, or air suspension. Atleast not in Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, or at Telegraph Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep in DETRIOT. Good try tho!

Seriously, if you really see trucks with 8 speeds and v-6s on lots, go ahead and link the window sticker from it (yes, it can be done). But I think you will have a hard time remembering where it was, right? Lol!

Interesting to see the tribes lining up in defence of each other. The Ford guys are slagging Sandman4x4 for him voicing concerns over the failure of his truck and his subsequent loss of trust in it.
I do agree that as @shotg has pointed out that the installation of a CAI may of been the cause and it should of voided the warranty.
I do recall that Sandman said he had used CAI's on other trucks without problem. Was the CAI to blame? Maybe? Maybe not?
The end result whether or not it was Sandman's fault for installing the CAE - he has lost trust and faith in his 3.5 EB equiped truck.
I own a Ford and I am not upset or offended by Sandman's distress. In my profession I see people have to go through grieving over loss. We tend to think that it is a process that only occurs through the loss of a loved one but any loss - personal or financial can set up a process where one must come to terms with it. It is a matter of perception processed through emotion as to what triggers a sense of loss. Loosing trust can also trigger a process of reconcilliation.
An example of a grieving process that has become completely harmful and ineffectual would be HemiV8 and his Mustang that burned. Considering the fact that it occured a few decades ago and it still bothers him shows that he needs to seek help.

@shotg - I do agree with your comments about leaving vehicle drivetrains stock. The only thing I've ever modified from stock would be tires and rims, lighting, armor, sterio, and box accerories like tool boxes, canopy/cap, cargo racks, etc. I have gone to aftermarket exhaust but that was after the truck's exhaust had rusted and the truck was well off of warranty. Even then, it wasn't a huge departure from stock.

@Sandman, I read your story forums. Shame on you for not telling the whole story here with your little head gasket issue. Accept responsibility. You have only yourself to blame. You created the situation you are in. You will never fix a problem by blaming someone else. Next time, choose the right mod or just leave it alone. You'll be much happier.









I do have empathy for sandman 4x4 for the trouble he's having with his truck. I wish him well, but hopefully he doesn't hold a grudge against the manufacturer.

But look before you leap and just because something worked before on another piece of similar equipment don't assume it will transfer with little or no problems.

On any aftermarket alteration ensure the supplier will provide coverage for you modification. Some aftermarket suppliers will cover any damage when a vehicle is still in warranty or even out of warranty.

Remember guys, why buy a new vehicle that doesn't meet your power or performance requirements.

When I was young we didn't have a large range of affordable performance vehicles you have now. You can almost buy off the shelf what you require, and yes it will cost money.

If you aren't an engineer don't try and make modifications on heresay or percieved views, or just to impress your friends.

Vehicles are engineered by people, oddly enough called engineers to meet form, fit and function (I've mentioned this term before).

Changing the form, fit and function on one component can place another component under stress or create secondary damage in places you wouldn't even consider, because most people aren't trained to design modifications.

And another term I have used is conformance and compliance, if the vehicle doesn't meet that you can kiss you warranty goodbye.

I do work with this every day.

Learn from this.

TRX 4 Tom,
They are all over the place. Here's a quick one for you. V-6 8 Speed:

I see the fixation on whis selling more trucks is still the biggest topic here. Listening to grown men plead their case on why they are or aren't selling as much is almost embarrassing to read.

There's plenty of discounts on all Canadian trucks. Nobody is dumb enough to pay drastically more for a comparable model of a different brand.

As far as Ram trucks, I bought a 2012 in the fall with knowledge that there
will be a 8-speed and air suspension. There's plenty of air ride trucks available on the lots and have been for a month. I can see the 8-speed being popular but air ride will be a niche for guys who like gimmicky stuff. Not saying it can't be a useful option but for $1500 a lot of guys will think twice. I can even see how it could be useful to me but there was no chance I was considering it. Truck works fine with normal suspension and rides great. I did buy a light duty truck with the intent of using it that way.

I know afternarket is popular but anybody who tampers with a new vehicle is asking for trouble. All dealers are becoming less forgiving and more vigilant and I don't blame them. Diesel mods are a perfect example of why they need to clamp down. Denying warranty claims to these guys will ultimately help keep costs down for all of us.

I have no problem with what anybody does on their truck but I couldn't care less if your warrant is denied. In fact, I hope it's denied lol

TRX4 Tom,
Here's one in Northwest Arkansas for you:

These are just a couple I picked as examples, but they are all over the place.

If you can point me to a dealer who has a Pentastar V6 with 8 speed tranny Crew Cab Ram 1500 I'd like to see it.

They aren't on the lots yet. My local dealer doesnt even have a Hemi with 8 speed yet.

Now, I'm in Canada, but still.

Here's a Crew Cab V6 8 speed in MI:
The V-8 8 speeds won't be out until late 2013. Ram really screwed up this launch by advertising new products when they are slowly trickling them to market over a year's time, piece by piece. Many buyers walk away and then buy a competitor's truck rather than play the waiting game.

Yeah, they need 2 truck lines to try and outsell Ford.

-Exactly. The GM'c' nutswingers like to try and hide that fact but they can't. You have two different truck brand companies and they can barely hang with the single one in Ford. Those morons at GM'c' should just make the Chevrolet's nicer like the Ford's and Dodge's are. If they made Cheverolet's nicer, they might actually match Ford sales with Chevrolet sales and not need to cheat. I still say all dealerships should have been Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac. Taken the GM'c' and made it a grille/trim package for the Chevrolet Silverado.

I see both sides of the issues that sandman 4x4 if having with his Ecoboost. Today's vehicles have become so complex that any modification to mechanical systems can have drastic effects upon performance and reliablity. Unlike vehicles of 25 to 40 years ago every mechanical and electrical part is designed to operate at exact specifications and any deviation from those specifications can cause dire consequences. On the other hand if sandman has done the same modifications on more recent model trucks then I can see his side. But the Ecoboost being a new engine has its own unique characteristics it might not be fully know how modifications can effect it.

I say that the Ford fanboys give sandman the benefit of the doubt. Unless you are on Ford's payroll and are paid to defend Ford, then you need to take a chill pill. I do not get upset if someone says that they have a negative experience with a product that I like. Anyway sandman says he will trade this truck in in the future.

GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Some good sales, I figure if Ram was going to beat Chevy it will be with in the first few months of this year. Ram hasn't pulled it off yet. So good job GM, plus they outsold Ford trucks it's only going to get better with the new trucks no matter how many people bash on it.


Why when the GM twins out sell ford and you make direct comments about it do you still put pictures of ford on the page. BIASED ARE WE?

Ford had plenty of rebates on their trucks this month, its not like GM is the only one...Maybe not as much rebates as GM, but they shouldn't have too.Their truck is 3 years newer...

once the 2014's arrive GM will be outselling Ford again on a regular basis.

I drove a 2013 ecoboost and i was very impressed with that motor. I just dont see GM overtaking Ford and I'm a GM guy.

Right now in my zip, there are the following base incentives:
GM = $7750
Ford = $5500
Ram = $4500

@jb1023 - GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are separate brands. GMC markets them separately. Sierra = professional grade and Silverado is work grade. GMCorporate cannot claim number one selling brand.

Sales are listed by brand not by corporation.

@Toys R Us: I stand corrected, but they sure sure haven't been on the lots a whole month even. Lets see, my local dealership doesn't have on. I just stopped by Tri-Lakes Ford Chrysler in Branson, a whole one. Corwin Dodge in Springfield Mo has one. Wow, toys are you, that's everywhere! Lol! 1 of maybe 40 something in Branson, 1 of 77 in Springfield, that's really putting them out there! Like I say, they get the whole lineup out, your toys won't be close at all! You have an old Tacoma, and it can' t get the mileage of a smaller more powerfull v-6!

Sounds like you are upset Robert's stickered up Tacoma lost to the Ram! Wonder if Tundra fixes the pogo stick suspension, lol! I test drove one 65 miles!

"GM trucks outsell Ford in the month of January."

Pathetic, GM needs two truck lines.

Posted by: Frank | Feb 1, 2013 5:23:21 PM


If everyone else gets banned for trolling, this clown should be at the top of the list.

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