Ram 1500 V-6 Road Test Under Way

Ram Faces Lead II

We've been busy the last few days on the road with a pair of closely spec'd Ram 1500 V-6s to see how well they work empty and at maximum trailer weight.

Readers may remember our FX2 EcoBoost 2,200-mile road trip in 2011 where we took two identically equipped F-150s (one with a 9,000-pound trailer and the other empty) to find out exactly how well the all-new twin-turbo, direct-injection V-6 performed in several different performance tests. The results gave us a new understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the EcoBoost technology, as well as what it was like to live with the new F-150.

We're doing something similar with this pair of 2013 Ram V-6s equipped with the all-new, segment-first TorqueFlite 8 transmission. We aim to have all the details and data by next week, so stay tuned.

Pair of Rams II


What is the maximal trailer rating for these that you guys are pulling?

Will be very curious to see the MPG's both loaded and empty.

Yep, right off the bat everyone is going to campare this N/A engine, to a Twin-Turbo engine, of cause it is not going to be any better than the E/B! but it will get better M/T MPG, but that will be it!

Should be interesting to see if it does better or worse against the competion's V6's and if it is an improvement overs its own previous motor.

And then they get to do it all over again as soon as they can get their hands on a couple of diesel 1500's.Life is a bitch,ain't it,lol.

@Mark Williams

I assume these are 2WD trucks?

4,150 max towing with 3.21 axle on '13 Ram 4x4 Quad with V6. Weaker than Honda Ridgeline.
5,850 lbs max towing with 3.55 axle.
Better wait for the diesel V6.

80 percent of light-duty owners tow trailers weighing less than 6,000 pounds.


Should be a good test, although most people opting for the V6 probably do so because they don't tow much, so I don't think MPG while towing is a big deal at least for me. I want to see what the truck gets in everyday driving, I'm interested to see how the truck can handle the wieght of the the occational tow I might do.

According to Ram's website a SLT Crew Cab 4x2's max towing is 6050.

I am really interested in this test. I wany to get rid of my 2011 ram hemi quad 4wd and go with a v6 2wd. I'm going to start driving 20,000 miles a yr. instead of my current 12,000 miles per yr. Gas is going to be a big part of my income (I'm retired) and I never tow over 5,000 lbs. Since I buy new every 2 or 3 years, if I don't like it I'll buy a bigger motor next time. By the way, I do get the 19 mpg on the road with the cruise set at 70-72 mph.

I remember back in the 80's,one of my brothers has and have been since restoring older wooden boat called Lymans, and he had a 28' inboard cruiser, and an all iron trailer with no suspension, that he had to use twice a yr, once in and once out, when it came time to put it in, we used my 1986 Dodge Ram D-150 reg cab 2X4 with a 3spd auto/tqflite short bed, at least in the rear it had 4:10 locker I put in I had left over from an older truck my uncle had, and it might sound funny today, in the age of 300-400+hp trucks, but that truck pulled the boat and trailer just fine, it was a little tricky stopping though, and I would not do that every day, when it came time to take it out at the end of the summer, we used my other brothers 1988 F-150 reg cab 4X4, 5spd man. 300/6cyl, I am not sure what rear gears it had, but that too had plenty of power, but limited brakes, however, that truck was all over the road, as the back of the truck was so low, and the ft so high, the twin/traction beam axels were hanging, and the tires were both well slightly off camber (have any of you seen what those axles do in their travel)? so if you needed to go right on the hyw, you turned the wheel left!!! it was a nightmare, and we never used that truck again! do we realy need all this power? and the mileage I use to get with that slant 6 was not bad even with the 4:10 gears and 3spd, I got 18mpg M/T loaded cty hyw, did not matter no better no worst, that was a nice truck, I made the mistake of letting my cousin use it, and he totaled it! at least no one was hurt! Today, and for yrs now, my brother has had a 1998 F-350 Super Duty Diesel XLT reg cab 4X4 with 4:10 gears, and yes it does say Super Duty on the F-350 insignia on the fender! he has over 300K on it delivering boats all over the N.East, and the only problems he has is the trany, and the injector pump leaking oil? oh and this truck has a SFA, no twin traction beam!





Should we start a timer to see how long it takes for "HEMI PENTASTAR V6" 's comment to be removed?

The red 1500 looks like the same pickup other mags and online blogs have test driven in the last month or two. The V6 Pentastar gets 16/23 mpg, 2mpg better than the Ecoboost.

Ken, is that in 4WD for the Ram? Ford's base V6 gets 17/23 in 2WD and 16/21 4WD. The EcoBoost gets 16/21 2WD and 15/21 4WD.

@Sandman4x4 - I do agree that we've gotten too spoiled by HP. The "I need to be able to pull 10K at 85mph" mindset is somewhat disturbing. People do not think ahead when driving. I see it all of the time. a steep hill is looming and the driver doesn't build up steam to carry momentum, they just mash the throttle and hope for the best. The same can be said at traffic lights. The gas pedal is used like a light switch as opposed to a rheostat.
Trucks have gotten better. These V6's easily outclass most engines from the 80's and 90's with 2 more cylinders.
My current truck is bigger and heavier than my 1990 truck and has well over 100 hp more and still gets better mpg than my old truck ever did.

@Toycrusher, Last month, the Ram brand unveiled its new tagline: Guts. Glory. Ram.



That was per MotorWeek's review with a 4x4 V6.

"Even without the available automatic stop/start system, the RAM 1500 Pentastar boasts best in class Government Fuel Economy Ratings. Our 4X4 rates 16-City, 23-Highway, and 19-Combined. Overall that’s 2 MPG better than a comparable F150 EcoBoost, and that’s without the complexity of a turbo."


@Lou & Dave -
If you are a Ford owner you belong in Ford posts. Same goes with your Ford comments. They don't belong here. These new Ram commericals are AMAZING and will help sell a TON of trucks. Sales are up for 13 MONTHS straight! NOBODY else can say that but RAM. Dodge lovers like myself have no choice but to religiously defend our trucks and what we believe in and don't need to hear about Ford in a Ram post. The only way Ford trucks could ever compete with Dodge or Chevy performance was to turbocharge their engines. That being said, their non aspirated engines suck when it comes to performance. The modern Hemi produces more HP per CI than any Chevy or Ford, even more than the old Hemi. And that's what bothers me the most from you Ford guys, the 0 to 60 times showing it beating the Ram. I don't care about the towing capacities, I don't compete with that and don't care to. I like the Ram for it's style and looks, and performances. Ford and Chevy both look like crap to me with Toyota coming in second to the Ram. People will soon see what the Hemi is capable of when they release the 6.4/475 HP for 2012. This motor is capable of an easy 550 HP. The Ford 6.2 is their modern version of the Boss 429 and using the same valve cover design but will never amount to anything and will prob have to turbocharge it like they did the lightnings, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Mopar Man | Jun 15, 2011 3:05:37 AM

@Mopar Man
Get a life dude! You seriously have nothing better to do with your time than type /\ THAT /\ crap?

Are you 12 years old?

As for the article, I am looking forward to it, but If I was buying a Dodge, I'd wait for the Hemi/8spd...

@Hemi, you're allowed to post things about Ford and Chevys on this thread but other people aren't? Seems hypocritical to me!

Anyway, I am excited for the Ram EcoDiesel, I just hope it will be rated to pull at least 10,000 lbs

Yeah, everyone "got by" back in the day with less HP, but it sucked compared to today.

My old Ford "could" pull my trailers, but it was wrapped out, downshifting to 3rd (manual trans), and maybe hitting 35 mph on the hills--while getting worse MPG than a larger more powerful engine.

Granted, 99% of my driving is between 5000-10,000', so maybe a new V6 or older engine would meet other's needs, but I do not long for the quaint days of old when it comes to HP.


I came on this site 7 months ago and was cool to all.
Then TROLLS like Lou, Frank, cory, Keith started in with their Ford truck bull after there precious ford got whipped by the Ram Runner. I am not the only one using the hemi name on this site.In fact someone is posting under my name at times. I could car less what you think of Ram or Dodge. I had a P.O.S Ford once it burned from a faulty switch and I lost thousands.

P.S. I can post what ever I want on here so kiss my @$$!

All Guts

All Glory

All best in class Ram!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 10, 2012 11:02:00 PM


If your half ton truck, fully loaded weighs more than 5500 lbs, forget the V6. It saves you nothing. It takes torque to move a 3 ton truck and torque needs gasoline, gears, and cubic inches to make it happen. The V8 is flexible, durable and efficient. If you like Ram trucks, get a Hemi. If you like Fords, get a 5.0, GM truck? Get a 5.3 or 6.2.

@Hemi, if you can post what you want and everyone can kiss your ass, then you should at least expect others to have the same attitude. But yes, I would love for all the trolling to stop. Looking forward to the posting moderation.

I would be surprised if that truck towing that horse trailer gets more than 11 mpg

that things a brick

The Ford 6.2 is their modern version of the Boss 429 and using the same valve cover design but will never amount to anything and will prob have to turbocharge it like they did the lightnings, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Mopar Man | Jun 15, 2011 3:05:37 AM

That the only way Ford can any make power forced air with 500 spark plugs/valves with turbos lol.

@Hemi you aren't helping ram's image with your posts. You are hurting it. I drive a ram. I'm excited about the new diesel. But immature comments like yours are really annoying. Enough with the guts. glory. ram. I see it enough on the tv commercials and frankly I'm really just getting sick of it. I appreciate comments from frank, lou, sandman and others you call trolls because at least they have something interesting and novel to say even when I don't agree with them. From you it's the same stupid post every time. There aren't rules against mentioning another brand truck in a comment. Comparing one truck to another is the most interesting thing about this site and the main reason I read the articles and the comments.

Looks like the trolls are sneeking past the moderators.
I am interested in all brands of trucks and all of the models. Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. If we can discuss those strengths and weaknessing in a mature and respectful fashion, the car companies will pay attention to these blogs. Stupid posts coming from the trolls undermines everyone's credibility.
My wife likes my truck more than her minivan. If the timing and price is right, it would be nice to get her a V6 short box 4x4 truck. These trucks will compete directly with the 2 remaining Japanese badged small trucks.

Geez, this isn't even a story yet. Can't you all just get along?

Testing two unknowns isn't worth much. Loaded truck will rev hard to move a trailer, unloaded truck will be faster and use less gas, we already know that.

The elephant in the room is whether the new V6 / 8 speed lives up to the mileage claims. That means an apples to apples against a V8 truck. Missed opportunity here.

@Hemi V8, Watch the first one and then the second.



Damn, i miss those commercials!! Those HEMI guys made my day!

V8 for life FORGET that whole ecobost bull RAM FOR LIFE!

That thing got a Hemi???

@mopar man, Your about to find out.

Way to go guys! Can't wait to hear your report.

Good job, Pickuptrucks.com and Ram!

Wow, Fiat is now building a hemi pentastar V6? That is the impression I'm getting from the sheep tribe.



Sweet! I can imagine Hemi V8 and Mopar Man doing that in real life. That would be awesome.

@Hemi V8, Hey, You got a Hemi with that?

I'm particularly interested in both "real world" mpg figures. I wonder how close it will come to the manufacturers numbers.

I would also think Ram would have given 2WDs for the test as they will give the best fuel economy. A third 4x4 with the Pentastar would also be nice in this comparison.

We have the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler both with the Pentastar.

The Cherokee's fuel economy isn't great but it is good. The Wrangler is considered a fuel guzzler.

But a future diesel Ram test will really be fantastic up against the Hemi and Pentastar 8 speed, even running a max load in the back of the pickups.

Also, to the Ram guys, please keep it real.

I have read that the Pentastar will be made in Italy. I read it on the Fiat spa site.

The new Fiat truck commercial will be saying "Hey, non quella cosa ha un Hemi?".
I have to laugh when I see those Hemi commercials, that show the mentality of the Hemi buyers. Drag race from light to light, but still have the slow car roll up beside you before the next light turns green anyway. Genius!

It sounds like no one is skeptical of the transmission... which frankly surprises me . I would wait a year or even two before buying any of the 8 speed combinations, diesel, Pentastar or Hemi.

I don't want to wind up in a class action suit for thousands of shredded trans units.

Technology has a price: for example, Google "f150 ecoboost problems."

I have a Jeep Wrangler with this 3.6L V6 in it.

Mine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with 3.73 axle gearing.

In summer, I average 19.4 MPGs doing a 40/60 mix of city/highway driving.

In winter, I average 18.25 MPGs doing the same mix of driving. Winter fuel sucks, and cold weather hurts some too.

In my opinion, this engine belongs in cars. It makes a lot of horsepower...BUT you have to rev to over 5,000 RPM to get it. The torque is pretty low at 265 lb/ft or so. It really isn't a truck engine in my opinion. When I hook on my utility trailer, the mileage drops like a rock. It definitely will get the job done...but it likes to run at high RPMs to do so.

I am also concerned about the long term reliability of the engine. It's got fancy cam phasers, VVT, exhaust manifolds that run internally through the heads, dual stage oil pump, and other garbage. Mine has been VERY dependable so far with 13,000 miles on it...but as time goes by I don't trust it to go past 100K without trouble. Look at the Ford engines with cam phasers and fancy heads...all kinds of problems at high mileage.

Overall, the Pentastar is a NOTICEABLE improvement over the V6 engines of 10 years ago...but in my opinion it still doesn't belong in a truck or Jeep. When the horsepower numbers are higher than the torque numbers...that is a red flag.

I think the V6 will do fine in the Ram, I don't think you should get the V6 if you tow heavy reguarly, but for those that just have a truck to haul light loads home from Home Depot, maybe pull the bass boat down the road to the local Lake on the weekends it will work just fine for those 80% of truck buyers.

As others have said, this is a small engine with modest numbers. I'm not sure why it is being compared to the EcoBoost. It has low tow and payload ratings. It should be compared to Ford's 3.7 V6, and it should prove to be a step ahead of that. This is Ram's entry level engine so great performance should not be expected. Good performance thanks to an 8 speed tranny, yes. On the other hand, great fuel economy, yes.

@WXman Mine has been VERY dependable so far with 13,000 miles on it...

Very dependable with 13,000 miles on it???? 13,000......LOL

I think "very dependable" goes to my 2000 Silverado with the 5.3 at 248,000 miles!

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