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Pickup Horror Stories 3 II

Did you ever have to borrow a buddy's pickup truck and something went horribly wrong? Did you tell the whole truth when you brought back his pride and joy? Did you ever say no to a buddy who wanted to borrow your pickup? Did you tell the whole truth when explaining why you weren't loaning it?

We know that winter has ended — according to the calendar anyway — and that usually means pickup trucks are in high demand. Whether you're moving furniture, office supplies, garage gear or doing a favor for neighbor, if you don't own a pickup, it's likely you know someone from whom you can borrow one.

But did you know there's etiquette involved in borrowing pickup trucks? The rules may not be written down, but they do exist. We're sharing those rules in a two-part story that covers what to do before, during and after using someone else's pickup.

We want to hear your stories — good and bad — about these Good Samaritan adventures involving borrowed pickups. We have no doubt your pickup has done many good works, but maybe you've taken a friend's truck and pushed it to the limits, then tried to cover it up, or maybe you discovered how your truck was abused when you weren't looking. We want to read it all.

Give us your best, descriptive and detailed truck-loan story and the lesson you learned. The truck you save could be your own.

Pickup Horror Stories 1 II


chances are; the peopel who have to borrow a pickup probably aren't avid readers on putc....

I've lent out a truck and had it returned with the key broken off in the ignition switch. Who knew you had to put the transmission in park before you could remove the keys?

I've borrowed a 2008 F-150 several times and returned it every time with more gas than I got it with and freshly washed if I had the opportunity to do so.

I had another friend that would frequently borrow vans/trucks to get his motorcycle to races. He always paid people for their kindness.

Never never never lend a person a truck with a chip in it. In fact....just offer to do the errand for the person wanting to borrow the truck. Then you know for sure things will go right. Or tell them to look into Uhaul or Budget or any other rental companies. Afterall, is that not what they are for?

Watched my neighbor unload a full load of 7 retaining wall blocks from his X5 and then had him tell me he needed 37 more. I might have hit him a little too hard when I threw my keys at him so he could do it in one load.

I have a free Motorola XT910 given to me by one of the phones designers for letting him use my truck to tow a trencher from the rental place a couple miles up the road.

My friend owns a F350 but he wants to borrow my Silverado HD all the time and I refuse. I tell him, if you want a real truck, then trade in your truck and buy a real truck.


You got lame jokes dude, you must have a red-neck.

There are a very select few people in this world that I would let borrow or drive my truck without me being in it. My father, being one, of them who will always have rights to my truck no matter what. I don't mind helping or pulling the occasional trailer for someone, but if I can't be there to drive my truck when they need help then they just need to reschedule the day they need help.

Another thing I hate is when someone asks you to come help them move on a weekend and they had two weeks to pack things up and put them in boxes but waited until the weekend they moved. A lazy a-- family member of my wife's(she is the only reason why I help him) that I do not like did this to me twice. The first time was shame on him and I was not going to let it be shame on me the next time. On his second move I reminded him to start putting things in boxes to save time a month before so it will only take one day and not two days to move. I got there and not one thing was packed or put up in boxes ready to be moved. Luckily for me there was a Bar and Grille close by his house. I dropped the trailer and told him to load what he can and call me when the big stuff was ready to be put in the trailer. I told him I will be at the Bar and Grille down the street. The look on his and my wife's face was priceless. He looked at my wife and said "Is he serious?" My wife looked at me and saw I had my don't-you-dare-argue-with-me-on-this face and replied back to him "You want us to pick you up something to eat while we are at the restaurant?"

He asked us if we could come back the following weekend and he will have everything ready to be loaded.

Greg No sit my girl too

I'll let ya borrow my woman and maybe my dog, but my truck? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People ask to borrow my truck all the time. But it seems like everytime someone wants to borrow my Ford it's broke down.

I have lent my truck out a few times. Fortunately I have friends with trucks and there are a lot of trucks were I live so I seldom get asked. Also a lot of people cannot to drive a 5 speed manual. I usually offer to help if they want to pick something up. I am asked a lot less than I use to be.

Loaned my 93 F-150 to some friends for an extended time, as their car had died. Three weeks later when they were done, it had developed a nasty (and rock steady) Check Engine light and a stumbling idle... odd since it had just had a full tune-up about 2 months before I lent it to them.

@Jeff S - My friend had a 1980 F-100 Custom with a 'three on the tree' (last year for that?). No one would ask to borrow it, because no body could drive a 3/tree.

Actually, friend couldn't drive his own F-100 either. When he need to use it, I would have to drive it for him.


You got lame jokes dude, you must have a red-neck.
Posted by: Frank | May 13, 2013 4:31:07 PM

It should be easy for you to pick up on that sort of thing because you are the king of LAME.

Alright .... After Hurricane Katrina my Twin Brother, my Father, and my oldest Brother went down to Mississippi to set up for Disaster Relief Efforts. We had two huge dump trailers, skidder, and 3 that was a new to me 2003 RAM 2500 Cummins, 4X4, Quad Cab, Sport, in all Silver. I had just sold my older 2001 6-SPD HO and bought this truck. She had 34,000 on her and was in great shape. I purchased new tires, steps, grill guard, mud flaps, goose-neck reese hitch, and had the steps and guard powdercoated silver to match the truck. In total I had about $32,000 in this rig. Well Hurricane Katrina came through and devastated Mississippi and Louisiana's Coast line. My Twin Brother begged me to let him take my truck down so that he could get all of the equipment down with dedicated trucks and have my fathers older 97 12 valve as a go getter truck for parts and food while down. I had just switched jobs and could not get off to go help in the efforts. I was very hesitant to let him take her down but I did under the ONE CONDITION that he and my father were the only two that could drive the truck. My older brother did not have that much expereince towing large loads and should not drive my truck.
Well after about 6 weeks worth of NOTHING getting done because of FEMA dragging there feet they finally started working cleaning up tree debris. My Twin calls me and asks for my insurance information one evening.....I ask why.....he then hesitates and tells me that my older brother wrecked my truck!!!!!
I laugh because I knew that he was not supposed to be driving it anyways and that this must be a gag. NOPE! Guy pulled in front of him and the eldest bro ran the truck off into a ditch..destroyed the front left of the truck....the dump trailer had 12,000 pounds of logs in it....bent the tongue of the V-bracing and coupler out about 3" off center!!!!!! AND pulled the entire bed up into the cab.
$17,000 worth of damage!!!!!
My insurance adjusted drives down and looks into the did not mention to the adjuster my trailer! Thus------NO $ FOR TRAILER! Sold the truck for $19, a guy out of Texas a few weeks after getting the truck back.
Sold the dump trailer for $2,000 after paying $7,800 for it a year before!

We had worked for a GC in the past and I did not own my own loss to claim on that one :(


Both Brothers know NOT to ask me to borrow ANYTING! They also do not like to go out to eat with me because I MAKE them pay for my meals!


So, there you have it.

I only allow my non-drinking friends to borrow my Silverado, which of course means that it never gets borrowed.

hint: I don't have any non drinking friends that I'm aware of.

I loan the USE of my truck on occasion--especially for charity. But not the truck itself. I drive it, you load it, you unload it. Period.

The only stories I have are from parents who let thier childern borrow the car or truck. Seen burnt trannys, bent axles and such, but my favorite was a lady who brought her truck (03-05 Dodge diesel) in for a check engine light. Cause was a fuel delivery error, a generic code that can mean almost anything, but the data showed it was set while the truck was going 165 kph. Cleared the code and told the lady not to worry about it unless she makes a habit of going 160+. She had a confused look on her face and said "I've never gone that fast in my life". Asked her if she had lent the truck to anyone. Her expresion changed, "The light came on after my son borrowed it". I hope the twerp got his driving privedges revoked untill he was 18.

In 1987 (when I was 19 years old) my uncle asked me to come with him so he could pick up his brand new Chevy pickup at a dealer approximately 15 miles away. I assumed I would be driving his older station wagon back home. When we got to the dealer, he handed me the keys and told me to drive it back to his house before he had even got a chance to drive it. Over the next few summers he let me borrow it many times for weekend camping trips. I always was impressed that he trusted a kid so much with his brand new truck and I always respected that truck like it was my own.

When I was younger my Dad asked me to take his truck and go pick up his trailer from winter storage and bring it to the house. I had driven his truck and picked up the trailer plenty of times but this time I took a right turn too sharp for his long truck and rubbed the right panel of the box against a wooden post in a tight alleyway. The dent was pretty large. I told him the truth after driving the trailer back and paid for the repair work myself (it wasn't cheap). It was an expensive way to learn how to drive a long truck lol. I won't be doing that ever again.

I loaned my best friend my truck for what turned out to be close to 6 months. I had purchased a new truck and was going to sell my old one privately. His Camaro was getting painted at the time. He changed the oil and had it detailed. He took better care of it than I did.
I won't lend my vehicles to anyone else. No one has ever asked, all my friends have trucks.

You just got to know who you can trust. Two friends of a friend who were in the Navy asked to borrow my truck to go parts chasing. When they asked what kind of gas I wanted put in the truck, I knew there was nothing to worry about.

2012 Ram 2500 4x4 with Cummins and G56 manual transmission, the only people that have ever driven it are myself and my brother. My wife loves to ride in it, but one time right after I bought it, just sitting behind the wheel she said that it's too big for her and refused to even try to drive it (she drove my 550 hp manual transmission Mustang Cobra all the time)

Denver Mike--My 63 IH had a three on tree as well. I know two brothers who are twins that are 57 years old that have never driven a manual. I always thought that learning how to drive a manual was a right of passage into manhood along with shaving. Today it doesn't matter as much because manual transmissions are almost completely extinct.

I did lend my S-10 out to a friend for a month 4 years ago after Cash for Clunker. His 97 Corolla died on a trip and he was looking for a new car. He took care of it and returned it with a full tank of gas and took my wife and I out to dinner. I usually will drive and go help pickup or haul off items rather than lend my truck out.

@J Brown--I am not too fond of my family either, they have done much worse things to me than wreck a truck.

I do not lend any of my vehicles to anyone nor do I ask to borrow someone's ride. My truck is a daily driver so I would be SOL if it got wrecked. In the past if I had a need for a pickup I would go rent one from Uhaul for the day.

I loaned my chevy to a friend whos Ford Excursion was in the shop to help him move about 1/4 mile up the road. while I was skiing one weekend. he called me up asking for my insurance information i asked what happened. It had been sonowing and there was about 5-6' in the ground with more faling, his nieghbors had just got a brand new 2009 subaru outback in white, and parked it in front of their house. My friend proceded to back my 05 suburban into the side of tha subaru and thought that the truck had lost traction so put it in lowrange and cruhed the subaru. other than a dent on my bumper the truck was fine the subaru needed a new drivers door and some other repiars, i choose not to file a claim for my truck as i could not tell wheather the dent was from before the accident.

My parents 99 suburban is probably one of the most abused vehicles i have ever seen, my self than my sibilings who are triplets drove it to high school every day. I drove it over parking curbs at a high rate of speed to get a better parking spot, drove with people on the roof and all sorts of crazy stuf, my brothers decide to take it 4 wheeling with their friend who had a rubicon, theoi freind said that he didn't want to take his jeep on a particular trail so my brothers called him a cat (think about it) and put the suburban in low range and removed the exuast system with a rock and banged up the frame pretty baddly. My sister moved up to montan and got in a wreck so my parents let her barrow the suburban, when my mom finally went to get it back from her the oil hadnt been changed in 17000 miles and she had used it as a kennal for her dog. it was cleaned up just in time for me to use after i wrecked my Raptor, which i loaned to my best friend for 2 weeks as i was going back and forth between UT and CO and it saved me alot of money and my friend gets away with barrowing other peoples cars. when he picked me up from the air port my truck had a full tank of gas. I would never loan that truck to my brothers, as i dont want to see it flying 90 feet into the air on youtube or to my sister as it would look like an episode of hoarders occured in the cab.

My story goes in the opposite direction: I lent someone a truck and they returned it to me in better shape than I gave it to them.

1997 Silverado, I kept the body and interior really clean but the engine stuttered now and then and I knew it at least needed new spark plugs. I lent it to a buddy to go pick up his four wheeler from his hunting land, and he said he would have it back to me the next day. When it wasn't back I thought nothing of it, he is a good friend and I figured he must just be busy, no big deal he lives just a few blocks away.

Anyway 4 days later, Saturday, I go to his place to find my truck and there it is, the hood up and a new alternator, spark plugs, and he had done some work on the wire harness. He figured that because I kept the truck in such good shape that he must of done something to it fording a little creek on his land, it had died going up a hill and he had to have another buddy come and pull it back to his house.

So he just fixed everything he saw that wasn't right because he was afraid I'd be pissed that he had killed my truck. When I told him it was having problems starting and staying on anyway, he pratically hit the floor. But we laughed about it and I did pay him for the parts.

I would never again lend my truck to a friend. I did once years ago and found out later he was overloading it and hauling it on drives out of state. He would lie and tell me it was, “just in town”, but when you see about 500 miles on the odometer for an in-town move, it doesn't add up.

Today the only other person allowed to drive my truck is my Dad. He taught me to drive and I trust him behind the wheel.

I borrowed my dad's Dakota a few years ago to head to the beach. At the end of the day, I took the highway to my girlfriend's house to drop her off. We were in the right-most lane and going the speed limit as the exit was coming up. I look in the left mirror and noticed a Mazda 3 speeding and weaving through traffic. When the car passed us, the female who was driving lost control, clipped a minivan that was traveling several car lengths in front of me, and slammed into the guard rail. I stood on the brakes, they were just too close at this point. I ended up slamming into the front right corner of the Mazda. The Mazda was totaled and the minivan had to be towed away due to a blown tire and rear end damage. The truck? Passenger side door was hard to open since the fender on that side got pushed in, bumper and radiator support were pushed back a bit, the headlights were busted, and both front tires had flat spots. I was able to drive the truck home and the other driver's insurance covered the repairs, which were just under $7,000. My dad wasn't mad.

My father has a 2006 f250 Power stroke that I asked to use for my first date when I was 16. He happily lent it to me with no strings attached. I drove that truck like I had the pope in the bed. No Jack Rabbit starts, no muddling, nothing. Just easy driving. After I dropped off my date, I filled the truck with diesel, washed it and then returned it to my dad. He latter let me use the same truck to take me and my friends camping, just us with his truck and camper. A little respect goes a LONG way.On the flip side, I lent out my 1974 f250 to my uncle who was using it to move out of town or so he told me. When he returned it, the tank was empty (I filled it before lending it to him) the rear right tire was practically bald, the bed looked bent out, the tailgate was bowed out, and the transmission had trouble shifting. When I questioned him about it he initially lied saying they were already like that. I knew otherwise. Finally he admitted that he had let his 19 year old son drive it to MONTANA and back! (I live in Idaho) When I asked my cousin about it, he too lied at first then admitted that he had been doing burnouts with it, had loaded it with 6,000 LBS of bed rock, and was using the large 390 to race. I WAS LIVID. Moral of the story, they will never use any of my equipment ever again and if you are graced with some one who lets you borrow their truck, return it better than they lent it to you.

Fordman999: that's why I don't let anyone borrow my vehicles, trucks or otherwise. :-)

I don't loan my trucks except to my trusted and best friend, he takes care of then just like I do. I have an ole 1 ton dump there on the place and I do hauling for folks around the community. Like one of the earlier bloggers said we are in a rural part of the state so trucks are everywhere but mine unloads itself so it's pretty popular! Well, I was asked to haul a load of chicken litter to go on a friends garden. If you don't know chicken litter is dried chicken poop and dirt and it is quite dusty, like powder or snuff. We were getting loaded and the stuff was covering up the truck but would blow off real easy when we started down the road. We got loaded and started home when my friend got hot and reached down in the floorboard to open the fresh air vent. Poof!! the cab was instantly filled with dusty, powdery chicken poop and we were covered!
I think I'll just loan him the truck next time!!

Back in my Youth, my good friend loaned me a F150 from his family buisness (plant nursery) to tow a car to the Drag Strip.
All went well & I dropped the truck & trailer at my Brothers house. I parked it in the circle by his house.
Seems there was a Drug bust with a certain Herb involved, two doors down.
Come Monday, the local newspaper had a picture of the drug bust & my friends company F150 on the front page of the evening paper.
my friend went to the Nursery right after school like he does every day.
His Dad hollared at him as soon as he came thru the door.
Needless to say, there was alot of explaining to do. LOL
Thats the last time I borrowed a truck.

These are some great stories. PUTC should publish these as "Why You Should Never Lend Your Truck". This is too good just for a couple of articles.

I was waiting in line at a loading dock with 30 other people at Christmas time to pick up a treadmill as a gift for my wife (flame suit on). A gal came screaming around the corner in a brand-new F150 with the window stickers on and dealer plates, jumped out and and yelled "Can I get my treadmill next???!!! I have to hurry so I can get the truck back to the dealer!!!".

@Douggy--That is a good one. Leno could use that one on his monologue.

I have a friend that is always making plans with my truck before I know about it. He usually doesn't ask if he can use my truck, he just says there is something to pick up or do and he'll need it. Has never put a drop of gas in it either.
I've told him once before that Home Depot delivers, and all he does is laugh. I want to punch him in the face and then kick him in the nuts. He makes more than double what I make and yet he's the cheapest guy I know.
I call my truck "The Community Truck".

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