Ram Truck Hints at Rumble Bee Concept

Ram concept Teaser II

Ram Truck just released some images that offer a few hints at a new Ram 1500 concept set to be revealed Aug. 17 at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. The two images leave little doubt that it will be resurrecting some kind of "Rumble Bee", paying homage to the Super Bee muscle cars of the 70s, likely with the new eight-speed transmission and 6.4-liter Hemi recently announced for the 2014 Ram Heavy Duty lineup. And, given the dual sound icons underneath the transmission dial, the concept will offer a dual-pitch exhaust system. This will be the first time (and hopefully not the last) the bigger Hemi will sit inside a Ram 1500 pickup truck.

The Rumble Bee option package was offered on the Dodge Ram for two years (2004 and 2005), with almost 9,000 produced and sold. The regular-cab two-wheel-drive vehicle was sold with a unique scooped hood, black striping, ground effects, 3.92:1 gears, 20-inch rims and a 375-horsepower V-8. This type of truck was so popular we decided to build our own more than 10 years ago.

It's no coincidence that Ram is revealing this concept during the same week we're in Detroit looking at the new 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor that offers essentially the same sport truck option package (regular cab, short bed, 20-inch rims, 4.10:1 gears, graphic package and 365 hp). We fully expect Ram Truck to announce production of this sport truck, and you can expect that we'll have fun testing both trucks.

Ram concept Teaser 2 II



Nice to see this come back. Used to own a '79 Lil Red Express...fun truck. Would pass anything but a gas station! My guess is the Ram with the 6.4 will eat the Ecoboost for breakfast. Not being mean, I like Ford but let's be realistic here.

This was on Motortrend.com for five days already.

I like

Lets hope the two buttons are for real v8 rumble. rather than for fast and furious rice burner crap.

Whether you're a Ram fan or not, I'm glad to see them offering lots of choices for us pickup buyers. Chevy could learn a thing or two from them. Offer more trim and special packages. It helps all of us.

That's great and all, but what about a supercharger? There are LOTS of Hemi truck owners who would love to bolt on a factory supercharger that adds 100+ hp.

I'm not a fan of Toyota (not even a little bit), but their TRD superchargers make a ton of sense. Mopar needs to do the same thing.

I agree Fred.. Hopefully Chevy will Bring back the SS... with something different than just a paint job and grill....an HO version of the 5.3 or even the 6.2 only available in the SS

I am confused how is this different from an R/T other than appearance?

I saw one of these a few years ago near where I live in bright yellow with the bee logos, spoiler, and decals. If it isn't a collector's item now I am willing to bet it will be. When I lived in Houston in the early 80's a saw a couple of the Lil Red Expresses. Nice to see some of these specialty trucks. I have seen a number of Raptors but they have made many more of them. I would like to see a new Silverado SS produced.

Hank - It was on Allpar before all the rest. If you really wanna know what Ram (or the rest of Chrysler) is up to, that's the place to get your info. It's the most accurate, and it's usually the first to report anything. They have so many insiders there that help them stay that way.

Jeff S - It was numbered and a limited production vehicle. It is already collectable. So much so that people are copying them and trying to rip people off. (Same with the Daytona packages, which were similar.)

Personally, I doubt if the Rumble Bee does come back, it will have the 6.4L, unless the Rumble Bee is wearing an SRT badge. I feel the Rumble Bee will be a sporty and agressive package for the 5.7L Ram regular cab, similar to the R/T package. I feel that an SRT Ram is around the corner, and that the 6.4L or the new 6.2L Hellcat (Supercharged Hemi) will power that machine, possibly even with a manual like the old SRT-10s. The market is there for these sport trucks, (especially with the niec ride of the Rams) and they don't have as stringent of emissions standards to meet - yet...

The original Super Bee was a lower dollar/high performance version on a Charger, with Coronet body work. How bout it, Ram? Roll up windows, less options, just go fast goodies! Let people buy the R/T for that!

The Roadrunner was the same way to the GTX, go fast goodies, less luxory options.

That being said, make a limited number of 6.4 engined half tons, and no, we don't need 3.92s, they would only spin tires behind a 6.4/8 speed with the 22" tires. Maybe make it optional, I guess? Some people live just to spin tires, I like to be able to accelerate myself.

Since they have a paddle shifter with a 8 speed Durango, throw that in. Or make it optional- dial, colum, or paddle, you pick.

Want to sell trucks, right? (they are wooping GM in Canada and started cutting into Fords sales) Reach out!

If you like this or the F150 Batmobile thing, you have to be a geek. Just make sure these concepts stay at Comic Con and not an actual autoshow.

I was under the impression that the 6.2L would only be offered in the Ram 2500 pickup. Wasn't the Rumble Bee a 1/2 ton.

Just as long as they don't put another stupid decal on it like the last one! I laugh every time I see one on the road! That bee over an engine is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen! That one thing ruined that truck!

@TRX-4 Tom,

Kinda true about the Super Bee and Road Runner,you could get them in a base model trim,with tire burning power !

But then fully loaded as well,even more loaded than a GTX or Coronet R/T.Power seats,windows,a/c,a little more chrome trim ect..They had alot of choices back then,thats why so many 1 of 1 or 1of 500 ect......

I have a loaded 1969 Super Bee power seats,cruise,a/c,p trunk,console,p disk brakes full chrome trim,side scoops,hood scoops,2 door hardtop (coupes had a post between the a and c pillar,a post behind the side front doors window,hardtops you can roll down all the windows and no post between the side windows, I hate when some know it all auction calls a 2 door hardtop a coupe,when its a hardtop people are clueless)its loaded as much as a Coronet R/T (not Charger for those that dont know) I also have a 69 Coronet R/T with 4 wheel non power drums,no power steering,no power windows or seats and no a/c.Both cars are original never restored and are complete but future projects,solid and got them running after decades of previous owners storing.I also owned a Coronet R/T that was loaded to the nines ! And a 2 door post Super Bee .I also sold a GTX years ago with little options then had a same year Road Runner that was loaded like my Super Bee ! I do have many restored Mopars,that I kept and drive daily .. Chargers 68-70 I have alot of ,and cant seem to ever sell them once they are done,as I love them too much.!

They ran 11-13 seconds in the 1/4 mile bone stock,when new that is if you could get them to hook up,even the 10" slicks back then dont hook up like todays radial tire.They tested a new stock 440 4bbl Cuda back in the day and it was running low 14's and spun through the whole 1/4 mile,they added a 10" slick the car still spun and it ran low 12's ! I know people who had those cars new,and 426 HEMI cars with slicks ,headers ran low 11's easily,10's were done by jetting the carbs and rear end gears !

Heck,my low compression,smog motor hi performance 400 4bbl (they also had a 400 2bbl and 400 4bbl non hi po,like the 383 they had 3 versions)73 Plymouth Satellite 3.23 open rear (non posi) ran 13.98 after a good burn out and got it to hook good little spinning,and thats a low compression smog motor,not the high compression/power HEMI or 440 or even a 383 ! Car had a verified 44,000 back in 1978 ! I drove that car 500,000 miles ( 1 bottom end work at 220k then a rebuild later )and later I saw it for sale advertised as a 80,000 mile original car(i kept it mint and new high quality paint),lol they all do that today.5 digit odometers are reasy to lie after 99,999 they roll back to 0 !

Yes.GM,Ford fans you add slicks to your old Chevelles,Buick GS,Ford Torino's with 454,455 or 428 SCJ and you too run low 12's in the 1/4,with street tires you just spin and smoke them.All old road tests were done by smoking the tires and going sideways down the 1/4 and 0-60 mph runs,thus slowing the times down.Its basically like doing a performance test in the snow on a new car.Even the big New Yorkers,300's,Rivera's,Galaxies would light them up and leave any new 1/2 ton in the dust !!

That looks really cool! I love the knob with the bee in it.

@Evan - they could take it one step further and replace the letters "N" and "D" with an "I" and "C".

Rumble Bee is nice, or a Chevy SB reb cab with the 6.2 posi 6spd with special exhaust and intake for 460hp would be sweet! My bet it would be the lightest also.

Glad to see that Fiat is paying homage to the former American automaker. I mean what can be further from an American truck. It is built in Mexico by a European manufacturer....lol

So what do they do...put a bee decal on it and sell it to Americans...lol. They even ensure that there are plenty of recalls to ensure it is build to american quality stardards. Maybe they should call this an Abarth.

How about an offroad version of the sport truck? Same styling and performance, but in a 4x4 and sitting higher up and level with all-terrains?

Great, just what we need from Chrapsler, more noisy redneck "muscle trucks". We didn't have enough of those already in this neighborhood.

@Alex: I think you're confusing the Rumble Bee with "Bumblebee", the yellow Camaro tie-in to the Transformers series.

Think Tremor Ford or SS Chevy, or if you must think Chrysler then think Super Bee, Daytona Charger, etc. Not geek car, but muscle car badging.

@Vulpine, yes my mistake I was thinking Bumblebee. I see some of those wanna be superhero kids driving around in those Camaros.

This truck will smoke Ford's Trembler.

Who cares, really.

It's like me saying a Holden Maloo will smoke this. Who cares.

I like the truck except for the colour. Bright Jeep red would be a better colour.

I don't really care for the little yellow tockley noise button either. This has to be targeted at high school kids.

Great news !!!! Dodge RAM is coming out with these hot Rumble Bee trucks again.Hope they still will have the Black ones with Yellow Rumble Bee stripe !

Though as it should be noted the RAM R/T was out before the Ford Tumor err Tremor !

RAM R/T has a mean sounding,not muffled lawn mower 6 shooter ecological boost 6 cyl lol !! Hot sounding,better performing better average mpg 5.7 HEMI and the R/T RAM's 4.10 gears,again Ford copied Mopar !! Like always !!

6.4 Hemi in a reg cab 1500? Yes, please...would be a collector's item, especially with smaller displacement truck engines probably becoming more common.

Back in the old neighborhood I grew up in I had a friend that had a Little Red Express Truck, and yes it was quick, at the time I have a 76 Scout II Terra pickup, and it had a 345 4brl w/dual exh. and a tq/flite automatic, 4:10 limt/slp rear,4X4, that was the only truck that would run anywhere near his rear bumper, even the Trans Ams of the day were not a quick as either of those trucks, never mind the Mustangs II's they were a joke! there was also a hard packed dirt strip in a place we used for 4wheeling, and we had low range drags there, and that Scout II was the quickest truck to ever run there at the time.

The 4wd on the Rumble Bee trucks aint good LOL! Seen one few years go pulling a snowmobile trailer, he made it bout 6 feet into an unplowed parking, and there he sat frying all four tires off with his trailer in the middle of the road lol. Ok ok so it was mostly because of the fat street tires they come with but it still was funny to see.

Breaking news this is a link to the new 2015 RAM 1500...a little retro, but if they slap a Yellow Bee decal on it, they are good to go!


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s....


@hey Give it up! Remember the Lightning? It came out before the R/T! Ford copied themselves not Ram! I believe the Ecoboost gets better mpg than the Hemi. Proof is here on this site in the light duty challenge!

@jim, " Give it up! Remember the Lightning? It came out before the R/T! Ford copied themselves not Ram! "

Muscle trucks[edit source | editbeta]
Several high-performance versions of trucks have been produced over the years. Besides the obvious big block equipped trucks, other notable models include:
Dodge: Warlock (1976–1979), Li'l Red Express (1978–1979), Midnite Express (1978), Shelby Dakota (1989), Ram VTS (1996–2001), R/T Dakota, and SRT-10 (2004–2006).
Ford: 5.8 HO F-150 (1985–1986), Lightning (1993–1995 and 1999–2004) and NASCAR edition F-150 (1998 only), F-150 SVT Raptor (2010–present)
General Motors: Chevrolet 454 SS (1990–1993), GMC Syclone, Chevrolet S-10 Xtreme, Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme, Chevrolet Silverado SS, Joe Gibbs Silverado (2004–2006) GMC Sierra Denali, and Chevrolet SSR.

Dodge, The first sport truck that all others would copy.

@HEMI V8 Nice post there, but has absolutely nothing to do with my post! I never said Ford was the first to come out with a sport truck so your post is invalid! My post is simply pointing out that the Tremor isn't copying the R/T! The Tremor comes from Fords own Lightning, not the R/T like "Hey" said. Let's call it the modern-day Lightning. As much as you may hate Ford, even you have to agree with that.

Give it a regular factory ride height, get rid of the black on the hood scoop , replace the shifter knob with the dead bee it it and replace it with the new bee graphic. Also you do not need to use aftermarket black wheels. Then it will get my attention !

I'm going to com all over this truck ;)

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