Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: August 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

Pickup trucks continue to do the majority of the heavy hauling in what some are calling a recovering auto industry. Clearly sales for full-size trucks are on the rise as the truck segment is outpacing the auto industry as a whole. In fact, the big players continue to see huge sales gains, especially when compared to August of last year. Some experts are even saying with just a few strong sales months ahead of us — sales for big pickups usually gain a bit in fall — the auto industry could hit the 16-million-unit mark by the end of the year; that’s something we've not seen since the early to mid-2000s.

Some of the big sellers this month are predictable, like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, both with new 2014 models in dealerships with aggressively priced 2013 models right alongside. We're told demand for the 2013 models is strong, and average transaction prices are higher than GM was expecting. Additionally, the Ram lineup continues to improve, posting a stellar 29 percent gain over August 2012. We expect companies like Toyota and Ford to keep their steady and incremental gains for the remainder of the year but look for the bloodiest fight to take place in the heavy-duty arena in the coming months. Ram, GM and Ford are all likely to come to the 2014 marketplace with several surprises.

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there must be alot of rich people in America

nice to see big three still climbing. Ram still laying down great numbers.

Whether it's due to forces beyond their control, it looks like GMC Canyon sales are in a slump. The following are a few simple ways GMC can improve sales:

Advertise More - Just when you may think it's time to cut back the marketing dollars, they should probably be advertising more. I haven’t seen one add for the 2013 Canyon!

Examine Your Pricing Strategy – GM, your product price should be competitive, but still profitable. Ultimately, the right price is the price the customer is willing to pay for the truck.

Design dealership for Sales - Take advantage of cross-merchandising strategies and impulse sale opportunities. Play Pontiac, Chevy and Old’s against each other. Think out of the box and release a Saturn mid-size pickup!

Connect With the Customer – GM excellent customer service is the key to increasing sales. Listen to your customer to understand their needs and wants. Then educate him/her about the products. Finally, let the customer know you appreciate their business. Offer value-added services and products. I’ve been to 6 GM dealerships in southern BC and I can’t find one Canyon on the lot.

Just saying.

@ THE FAKE Lou GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado have been out of production since 2012 TROLL!

@Tyler B,

If you work hard and dont expect someone (government) to do things for you,you too can have a new truck ! Stop being lazy,stop thinking you can only work 1 job..Stop being on the internet all the time,put you cell down stop texting people about where you are and what you ate and what sports game won or celebrity did,it doesnt help your cashflow ! Think of what you can do to get extra money..For myself I had a job then bought and fixed up sold cars on the side(for 22 years)..That became profitable,so I quit my day job and restored older cars and sold them as my day job,and even newer cars as well ..Yes,I have extra money but I work 7 days a week,always thinking about work,and it didnt happen overnight,I worked my butt off and still do,but can relax now and then.But I love what I do and make alot of money doing it.

When you buy a new truck it doesnt mean you are rich,just you work hard and you can get a few newer things if need be,or like myself nice old classic cars and a few new rides..

@Mark Williams

Ram actually posted a 30.9% gain not 29% gain; don't sell them short.

Canadian Dodge RAM owner !!, congratulations to you. However, some people aren't as fortunate as you are. 41% of Americans don't have a job right now, assuming Tyler B is American.

I expected Chevrolet's sales gain to be a lot more than 13.9%. A little disappointed in that, especially with high demand for the old model and the new model already on showroom floors. Don't know what to think, but I bet there are a lot of GM Execs holding their breath right now. Ford is absolutely killing it with an outdated model, there's no reason GM shouldn't be doing better. I think GM needs to cool their jets with the "Texas Edition" crap on every truck they build and send to Texas!! I'd like to see the 6.2 liter available and more trim options like a "Sport" or "SS" model out soon! There's no Denali or High Country available yet so that's disappointing as well. I'm just now starting to see 2014 single cabs and the 4.3 liter in some of the trucks on dealer lots. I've also noticed that GM has removed fog lights from the "Special Editions" or "Texas Editions" unless you opt for the expensive Convenience Package at an additional $1,625! What a load of crap GM!!! Another trick by GM to save money and decontent their trucks. Another thing I noticed on the Camaros is the XM/OnStar antennae's are no longer painted the color of the car. What's up with that? Chevrolet finally started matching the color with the body and then just like that, they stopped. It looks stupid to have the antennae stick out like a sore thumb on an otherwise beautiful car. Whomever is making these stupid decisions at GM needs to be fired. Period. I love GM and particularly Chevrolet, but they can never get over that hump of stupidity that has plagued them for all these years. It's like they keep at least 1 dumbass from the 80's and 90's eras on staff to screw something up. LOL!!

I will end the BAD lead on FORD ..... I replace my trucks every 10 years ( Chevrolet ) My brother ( ford ) every 5 years.

Gm driver evrytime you pass beside a ford pickup smile ,,,,they don't no what is driving a real pickup day maybe they understand ....:)

@Canadian Dodge RAM owner !!

I disagree with you not everybody can be what they want to be so they might as well stop and smell the roses. Life is short find some way to enjoy life and make it through.
If everybody could be what they wanted to be this world would be great but that is a fairytale. I am glad everything worked out for you and you have a vehicle you love but that won't be the case for everybody who works hard as some people will work hard and not be fortunate.

Whoa, way too GO FORD!!!

Putting an ass whoopin in sales. Lol! Ford knows how to build a truck and knows how to market them too. Poor Nissan, put an Ecoboost engine in it and it will sell. Put a Chevy motor in it and it will go bankrupt.

Chris: I have to agree with you, all the "new trucks" on the Chevy/GMC lots are all priced in the 40's, the only other trucks for anything under that? are the older models they are trying to get rid of! I for one can not wait to see the "Cheapskate Country " model in reg cab with just the work packages and V-8 4x4 and trailer tow HD cooling and work related stuff, I am in the market for a work truck not a cab or suv!

The Real #'s General Motor Series 471,166 combined.

Let's not forget that Ford owe 30% of their dealership and anything Ford Crap's Out and sits on one of their dealership is counted as Sold. It's only Inventory if it's on a Privately own Dealer.

Where's the Dodge Girls, I mean Rammie Ram Girls. We are in September and was Fiat Trucks to outsell GM lol where's that powerful 8 Speed Trans, where's Diaz and where's the Recall Notice.

Seems the GM's are really high price and I don't think the dealers are coming down as much. You can get a 2013 Ram or Ford in Crew cab for 12K off sticker if you know where to go.

Well if you're so smart Johnny then how did they sell 910 units?

I think you're the troll!

@graham - read the article Sherlock they say that "We're told demand for the 2013 models is strong, and average transaction prices are higher than GM was expecting" why would they give you a deal. Maybe GM is telling you where to


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yeah well candian Dodge Ram Owner Tyler B is only 16 and even if i was 36 there is still alot of people who can only by used trucks

oh yeah and Tyler B is American

Got my new 2014 LTZ silverado.. Love it!

Ford is killing Chevrolet again I see. Govt Motors needs to set Chevrolet free so it can actually build a truck that competes with Ford head to head on all fronts. It will never be able to accomplish that as part of GM. Especially not with their GovtMoCo truck.

@Chris, right on. And no doubt the High Country will be a joke compared to Ford's Platinum.

Most people on this blog are American, Some North American, Some Central American, and maybe some South Americans. But, probably mostly North American which includes Canada, US of A, and Mexico. So chill out . Read the results, understand that four of the models on the list are out of production and if the list was extended the Dakota and Suzuki would also be discontinued. If you don't know anything I would recommend you don't say anything. Enjoy!

@CanadianRamOwner - you said a while back that you don't use your truck for work and drive to an office everyday.
Plein de merde.
Maybe Miath can help you with the translation.

Not everyone can afford a new truck. The USA was hit very hard by the 2008 downturn. Canada faired much better overall. What is interesting is that a well respected economist has said that interest rates in Canada need to start to rise as we are creating the same "bubble" that burst in the USA.

Vehicle sales in Canada have been buoyed by deep discounts.

Any post not linking my name to Type Pad is a fake.

Sales Rankings in Canada as of July 2013. Totals Year to Date.

1. Ford F - Series .........71,824
2. Ram .......................49,904
3. GMC Sierra..............27,396
4. Chevy Silverado.......24,418
5. Toyota Tacoma........6,168
6. Toyota Tundra.........3,686
7. Chevy Avalanche.....2,239
8. Nissan Titan............1,727
9. Nissan Frontier........1,712
10. Honda Ridgeline.....1,030

It is interesting to see how the Canadian market differs from the USA market.

Ram is #2 instead of #3.
The Sierra has always done better than the Silverado.
The Tacoma is kicking ass on the Tundra and like the USA is outselling the Tundra.
The Titan outsells the Frontier by a slim margin.

@ Chris

I disagree with your comment because you are a bulls**T

@ CJ50

and I disagree with your comment because you are a bulls**t and I am biased with Chevrolet

@The Real Lou
I think you're correct with what you said about who can afford what.

I don't think some people can visualise what it is like to try and gain employment.

My niece is waitressing, another niece is working a checkout at a supermarket. My step brother is working in a lumber yard.

These people can't afford to buy let alone operate a pickup. They all drive sub 2 litre cars.

I do know my step brother would like a pickup to take his grandkids out camping and fishing, but he can't afford to operate one.

It's all well and good to talk about V8 and diesel pickups, but you require the means to maintain one.

Even a small Taco/Frontier is expensive for them.

As CAFE takes a greater strangle hold on pickups less and less will gradually have the means to afford one.

I'm really surprised Ford continues to grow it's lead. They increased sales by over 12,000 units compared to August of last year. GM twins increased by over 8,000 units. I really thought GM would be running away with the sales totals by this time of the year, with all their new models along with their cheaper old models to choose from. Ford is laughing all the way to the bank. They have to be wondering if they need to gamble on a new model for 2015.

I drive a ford, we all do.

@Big Al from Oz - "My niece is waitressing, another niece is working a checkout at a supermarket" Interesting Al tell me more about your "niece's" they have boyfriends?

I had a "niece" at work a few years back...I know all benefits of having "niece's".

It doesn't look like GM will be able to match Ford's sales for the year, even if you add all 6 products from GM compared to Ford's 1. It appears Ford really did move most potential Ranger buyers up to the F150. If they hold off for a while, and then bring the global Ranger design to the US, they will likely pick up many buyers who are ready for a smaller truck again.

@Lou_BC - who gives flying #uck what sales are in Canada. Does Canada even Hey idiot maybe you can update us on sales in is the Frontier doing there?


@HEMI RAMPAGE - I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back). Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with Ford then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind your fat ass.

Happy to see Ford still climbing. They build an awesome truck. That is why F-series dominates month after month and year after year. Between my 11 Ecoboost, and my families farms 8 trucks (one Ecoboost, 2 6.0, 3 6.4, 2 6.7) I have a lot of experience on how well theese trucks perform and hold up under heavy stress. Even our 6.0 trucks have over 200k and they have been great thus far. My dads 01 Supercrew 4.6 still running decent with 310k miles, and it has had very minimal work done (fuel pump, 2 cv axles, plugs and coils, starter) my brother drives that truck now and dad bought a preowned 12 Supercrew 5.0 that he loves. Don't get me wrong, all of the big 3 make great trucks, but Ford seems to hold the formula for high sales consistancy, and I do not see them ever going down.

Interesting how the Sierra is higher in sales percentage wise then the Chevrolet, I think it is due to the fact that the new Sierra looks much better then the Silverado so you will probably get a lot of Chevy guys going over to GMC.

The mighty Blue Oval leads the way again! Enough Said!

Ram sells an awful lot of Fleet vehicles Hemi only seems that Ford has double the fleet sales because Ford sells double the trucks, but the % of personal to fleet is about the same.

Ford is King

@All - Someone hacked my password on Type Pad.

@Dave - Welcome to Team Diesel and Team Ram. It takes guts to admit that you made a mistake.

As you know, I will be trading in my 2010 F-150 for a 2014 Ram with the legendary TorqueFlite 8 Eight-Speed Transmission and the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine soon.

The Ram website says it will available late 2013.

The one thing I regret in life is not kissing Roger Bonham Smith on the mouth when I had a chance.

@All - Someone hacked my password on Type Pad.

@Dave - Welcome to Team Diesel and Team Ram. It takes guts to admit that you made a mistake.

As you know, I will be trading in my 2010 F-150 for a 2014 Ram with the legendary TorqueFlite 8 Eight-Speed Transmission and the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine soon.

The Ram website says it will available late 2013.

Posted by: Lou | Sep 5, 2013 1:08:20 PM



I'm on Team Diesel now too. I don't know what I was thinking earlier. I will be trading in my Ford for a 2014 Ram EcoDiesel.

The industry's only light duty diesel+. Exclusively from the Ram brand.

The right tool for the right emissions
2014 RAM 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Engine

For years, fans have dreamed of a diesel engine in a light duty truck. The 2014 Ram 1500 will make that dream a reality. Paired with the legendary TorqueFlite® 8 Eight-Speed Transmission, the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine is the ultimate combination of power and innovation.
Posted by: Dave | Sep 4, 2013 6:09:01 PM

Wow! It looks like Dave has finally seen the light too and switched to Ram? Please confirm.






@Dave, I agree. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about switching to a Ram 2500 Power Wagon next year.


Any post using my old blog name "Lou" or my current blog name "Lou_BC" that isn't linked to typepad was not made by me.

Funny to see a troll moron talking about "legendary TorqueFlite® 8 Eight-Speed Transmission".


1.Of, described in, or based on legends.

Based on legend?

Reliable Dodge Truck transmissions with logical gear spacing IS based on legend.

And legends are based on what?

Myth and fantasy.

I'm not buying a Ram or a diesel. Someone is pranking me. I will buy a F-150 in the 2016 MY.

@Lou, I changed my mind again. I WILL be trading in my Ford for a 2014 Ram HD like our buddy Frank!

The new 6.4L Hemi deliver livers best-in-class power. After careful consideration I have become a true beliver in coil springs and air bag technology and so should you!

What's the advantage of coil springs over leaf springs you ask? Cairns also explains shows you that and much more in just under three minutes!

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