2013 SEMA Show: EcoTrek F-350 Is Ready for Deep-Op Environmental Service

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Created by EcoTrek Foundation founder Tom Holm, this Ford F-350 Lariat 4x4 crew cab was designed to be an eco-friendly extreme expedition vehicle, capable of being deployed during disasters in remote areas.

The truck uses the stock Power Stroke powertrain with the factory six-speed automatic, but the engine runs on a unique algae-based biodiesel fuel (also being looked at by the U.S. military) and, along with the 50-gallon auxiliary tank under the bed, will go up to 1,800 miles between fill-ups. This “off-the-grid” rig has a 9-inch suspension lift with air bags and sits on aggressive 38-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires.

The truck uses a reinforced SpaceKap shell that offers access from either side and houses a full complement of kitchen (including a refrigerator-freezer) and sleeping gear; the shell is mounted to heavy-duty slide-out racks that sit on top of a pair of TruckVault lockable (combination locks) storage bins that protect equipment.

On top of the bed cap sits a massive, fully insulated foldout bed tent, complete with an ultra-long ladder for easy access. For added protection, the EcoTrek Super Duty has a monster front bumper and brush guard, complete with a huge winch, as well as a super-heavy-duty rear bumper, complete with an overbuilt tire carrier capable of handling a full-size spare.

The truck is set to make appearances around the country to promote the idea of eco-friendly exploring for future generations as part of nonprofit EcoTrek’s mission to educate folks about renewable fuels and materials. We’re told much of this truck was built by a student team at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

According to EcoTrek, the truck is designed to help preserve cultural and natural resources or to serve as a support and recovery vehicle during natural disasters. But until it gets that call, it’s likely to be showing up at a host of military air shows.

To download a file of the display specs for the EcoTrek F-350, click here.

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Speaking about extreme expeditions has everyone seen the new Miley Cyrus video...smoking hot!!!!!!!!


With a wheelbase as long as that, it would be of limited usefulness on the roads in the mountains here and I don't imagine it would make a very good rock crawler. And it's probably overkill for a desert expedition vehicle.

But if they'd tone it down to a midsize, F.o.r.d. would have something I'd consider buying. Especially if it ran on biodiesel and had sick range like that with an auxillary tank and some bright, exciting paint colors again like they used to in the 90s. I really like what they did with it.

It's just marketing - AKA another aftermarket manufacturer's pipe dream.

Personally I prefer to save money on those ridiculous low profile 4x4 wheels and tires and install bulletproof materials, gun turrets,...

Nice tire carrier and racks galore for storage.

More a students project than a practical vehicle Off Road. I agree it would be pretty limited Off Road.

The truck looks nice. Again I'll agree with MaXx and Robert Ryan limited off road ability, but under certain conditions. Most wouldn't use the it's off road ability. But the truck is marketed as a long range off road tourer, it would be expected to be in some tight spots.

Those hoses hanging down by the front axle don't look good. Ramp over is reduced, but it will get you more place than a standard 4x4 HD. Maybe that was it's intention.

It's got quite bit of lift, but it's size is a killer. If you are going to move that much truck down dirt roads and beaten tracks you would want more load, amenities and manoeuvrability.

The 1 800 mile range? On an interstate?

Bio-diesel sounds good.

I think it's marketed more for the 'looks and appeal' than the grunt.

All in all the truck looks nice, not as nice as the Ram HD "expeditionary vehicle" about as useful as the Ram for days on end in the middle of nowhere.

Nice enclosed bed and tire carrier, but where is the snorkle? I guess it doesn't need one because it is up so high?

This one is more capable than the Ram. This one has an enclosed bed for cargo with slide outs and plenty of storage bins, a tire carrier, and a roof rack The only thing against it is the weight but the Ram also had too much weight...

@Big Al from Oz - one could argue that this truck isn't big enough. A larger canopy or utility shell would make more sense for an "Expedition" truck. I don't know anyone with a HD who goes into the back country to sleep in a tent on the roof or in a morgue tray sized sleeping compartment in the shell. Once one goes to a larger shell then the height of this truck becomes a liability.

It is a cool truck for showcasing accessories.

We live in higher elevations so we don't need a snorkel.

Not sure it would be of any use anyway.

@The Real Lou
The truck could be larger on the same chassis if it has a forward control cab. This would maintain its current capability, plus probably able to carry more weight.

Most of these vehicles of that size are forward control, with believe it or not a diesel half the size of the engine in this truck.

The terrain these trucks should be able to operate in doesn't require a huge diesel, it's just a waste of endurance (fuel).

Also, again an engine like the 5 litre V8 Cummins would be more suited as well.

Probably give it a 2 000mile range.

These trucks are really a lot of eye candy and are pretty, but their usefulness could be debated.

Better than the links below would be the new Transit with the 3.2 and a lifted 4x4. Decked out for longrange off road touring.



I think a van would be a better choice for this application.

Should have done a slide-in camper with slide-outs.

A camper with slideouts will have payload limitations on a short bed pickup with a crewcab and cost too much. For us the compactness of a cap is an asset. It helps us keep things simple; keeps us packing light; and keeps the expectation of extra repairs low.

@MaXx and RobertRyan

It's the same wheelbase as the PowerWagon yet has greater suspension travel, ground clearance and articulation and larger tires. The extra weight on the tires is actually better for off road use.

Uhh, no sorry Robert, manufacturers like Earth Romer and others have been building vehicles like this with many years of proven capability off road.

@Glenn, I'm sure EcoTrek made sure it was within the GAWR and GVWR of the vehicle with room to spare your gear.

Big Al is right, if I were to build something like this truck I would start off with a Isuzu NPR 4X4 or Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4 cabover chassis. Then again, the true propose of this Ford is to sell accessories........

@Dafuq, I don't doubt EcoTech and that was part of my point. The ligther cap that EcoTech used is the better option than huge camper with slideouts. I was responding to Alex who wanted the camper instead of a cap.

Everything about the truck looks nice, the only problem is it still has a Powerstroke. Those of us who have had the privilege of owning a Powerstroke know the joys of $15k engine repairs. Even if you have that kind of money, their ain't no repair shops in the wild.

How about put a Cummins 12v in it and that truck will be bullet proof. Then and only would I trust it enough to go on a trek somewhere.


@Skeptical, good thing "The Wild" is the last place this gigantor behemoth will ever be. Theres probably plenty of repair shops a stones throw away from the trailhead where this monstrosity will likely get stuck. Can it really be called an expedition vehicle if you have to do a 15pt turn just to pull the thing out of your driveway? Good grief.

No way this is any kind of trail rig. 20" wheels and no lockers? It's bound for arenas and parking lots as a marketing tool.

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