2014 Silverado Designer Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Peters Silverado II

After 30 years with GM Design, with some incredible vehicles under his belt like the Pontiac Banshee and Cadillac Sixteen show cars (as well as the production Camaro and the new 2014 Corvette Stingray), the designer of the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500, Tom Peters, received a lifetime achievement award from his alma mater, the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, Calif.

Peters worked briefly at GM following his graduation in 1980 but then went to Texas Instruments for two years. He came back to GM, where he's been for more than 30 years. His portfolio is extensive, with many of his concept and production models debuting on the world stage, displayed at big auto shows and automotive events. He led the design team for GM's new full-size pickups and SUVs.

The award was presented to Peters at the annual Car Classic, which takes place on the campus of the Art Center each fall and is typically attended by celebrities such as "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno and other automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Although the Car Classic is typically dominated by stylish cars from Europe, there is always plenty to see and drool over from Detroit as well.

To read the complete press release, click here. And for a closer look at some of the more interesting vehicles from the 2013 Art Center Car Classic, go to our Facebook page

PetersLifetimeAchievementAward1 II
Tom Peters holds his Lifetime Achievement Award next to Jay Leno (Corvette lover), Pete Brock (first Stingray designer) and Stewart Reed (current chairman of the Art Center's Transportation Design Department).


1949 Restored GMC, 1947 car hauler, and three Nash cars.

CC 1 49 GMC II


1948 Ford F-6 rat rod tow truck.

CC 3 48 Ford F-6 II


2013 ICON Ultimate Thriftmaster

CC 2 Thriftmaster II


1953 Chevrolet 3100 pickup

CC 4 53 Chevy 3100 II


1957 Buick Wagon and mini Airstream

CC 5 57 Buick Wagon Airstream II


GM screwed-up hiring that guy for GM's 2014 pickup designs.

And how many trucks have your designs sold Ken? Go troll somewhere else.

Get lost DB if you can't handle it.

GM's 2014 design effort has fallen flat on many accounts including the comparison review on this site.

I think he has lost his touch.

The 2014 trucks are not good. The 2014 Corvette a$$ end is one of the most hideous things I have seen on a vehicle. And the Camaro was cool when the concept debuted, but by the time it actually came to market it aged horribly, and the refresh hasn't helped.

Good for him for getting the achievement, but I think GM needs to show him the door.

Yeah I am not a fan of the 2014 styling either. Looks like it pays tribute to the 1990s trucks, which had no styling. The Ram is the best looking truck and its a shame the others haven't tried harder.

I certainly agree with you Ken. The Silverado has been ugly in the last generations, makes you even wonder who would pay thousands and get one.
Anyways, congrats to Mr. Peters for all his years of dedication.

GM should have hired RAMs designer. Then they would not only have a competitive design, but they would realize that boxy trucks ain't gonna cut it no more.




He should hang it up and give somebody else a chance.

@Alex, I don't think the new Silverado looks anything like the 1990's 400 series. Those were perfect sized and had smooth clean lines with soft rounded edges. This new Silverado is 73-87 to the bone. And instead of using the single round headlights from the 70's, it uses the double stacked headlights from the early-mid 80's. The 73-87 was the definitive Square Body with the square front, square sides, completely square wheel openings and all. This new truck is an obvious tribute to that. Just bulkier and has the stamped out wheel flares. I think it looks cool for what it is. I like the 50's Chevrolets up top better with the round arches, same with the 67-72 Chevy's. I still have a soft spot for the square era though. That was their last SFA truck and looks killer with beefy tires out on the trails. I just don't know how well that goes over with today's buyers. Ford and Dodges looks so clean and mean. Not bulky and square.

@BigJohn, I'm with you on the Corvette. That car is sweet until you see the back. Love everything else though. I bet it will be like that split window design and be changed quick. Then it will be a collector someday. They destroyed the Camaro front end this year I think. Our Chevrolet dealer doesn't even park them out front. They keep those ZL1's out front instead with the old front ends that look mean. Chevrolet design is hit and miss these days. I think that new Impala is sweet. Don't know if this guy had a hand in that or not.


I agree 100%. The biggest joke, however, is that GM thinks it can get by without throwing all the discounts on the hood like in the past. Sales numbers are showing that strategy just isn't working. In fact, just like in the old days, Chevy & GMC combined sales is still below Ford. If the truck is so good, then why aren't people buying it?

We all know GM will eventually revert to it's strategy of discounting, just like everyone else still does. The clock is ticking.

I certainly agree with you Ken. The Silverado has been ugly in the last generations, makes you even wonder who would pay thousands and get one.

- The Silverado has been dog ugly since 2003 man. When they put that Japanese Chinese front end on it with the angry china man eyes. Probably to match that nasty looking Colorado and plastic clad Avalanche thing they brought out. WTF where they thinking??? Did the Pontiac Aztec team run out of crap to build or what? The 2007 model only got worse. Probably the ugliest truck in history by any company. The GM versions of both stayed ok. I don't know if they were planning on killing off Chevy or what. If Tom Peters deserves an award for anything it should be for somewhat salvaging the 2007-13 Silverado design. The 14 model looks better. Not great but not as nasty as before. For several years there it was like Chevy Wanted their customers to go somewhere else. Either to the GM store or better yet to Ford or Dodge.

Too much trolling still on this site. They provide the same trash talk from article to article. It's about time this place steps up and cleans house.

For those who think there is no one who'd buy this generation: I'd be buying one strongly due to it being a throwback to the GMT400 in some ways. GM is still using pushrod engines, and that is a HUGE selling point for me.

Hey Ram Girls, maybe your panties are on fire. Let me put you girls in your place, yeah in 3rd Place.

No more BS and before I post who the heck cares about Rammie, yeah only a few POS followers.


You are right in some ways, there is excessive trolling. Don't confuse trolling with criticism though. When the '14 trucks came out, I was ready to buy one, in fact I could pay cash if I wanted to. After I saw the "refreshed" design, I said to myself "no way!". I have a 12 year old truck right now, and I can't bring myself to buy a new Silverado, because I hate the way it looks. On the other hand I don't want to buy non-GM. I don't know what to do.

mopar 4 ever, the Silverado has nothing body design wise on the F-150 especially or Super Duty. Not the Dodge Ram either for that matter. Those dudes have been lost for a good 10 years when it comes to body designs. They just need new designers period. Start over. They make a good powertrain but wrap them up in some ugly and cheap wrappers. They also keep dinking around with 2 trucks splitting up resources. They can't keep doing that forever either. They need 1 united effort for 1 truck. All resources, all hands on deck.

The 2014 even 2013 Silverado kick your ass in every way you can think.

Don't believe even PUTC had an article that the most registered trucks with the DMV was GM, thats right GM.

Makes you think that Ford sells its trucks to itself and claims those sells as sold to the public.

So what, Eat It....

@Chevelle SS, I'm with ya. I love Chevrolet all the way but their trucks just haven't looked good since the 90's. No way is this a throwback to those 90's trucks. Looks nothing like them outside of the stacked headlight design element but that went back to the early 80's on the square trucks. I agree with many this is a square truck throwback. Cool but not really my thing. And they've got too big. I do like the real 1pc front bumper again and the new cab design with the doors inside of the casing. I agree with Kemo on the pushrod engines too. I wouldn't own anything else.

Nice one Tom congrats Mate.
I own a chevy 3500 hd ,and I love the look of it , not too sure about the 2014 chevy 1500, but I am sure it will grow on me.

What a great job to design,engineer vehicles..I should have done that years ago..But then,I wouldnt have the wealth and knowledge I now have about building a business from having no money at all,good for him...Bet he will jump ship to Nissan and help with the Titsan err...Titan...

What they dont mention about his help with the Fiero,Cimaron,Aztec,Lumina Vans..not all of his work was stellar ,but those were all better then the Asian comparable vehicles of the day..

The trolls ruin this. Ford and GM pickups are neck/neck in sales. The new 2014 GM pickups are creating excitement in my area.

The Ram 1500 is much improved in its sales figures but still trails the leaders quite a lot.

Ram has bet its future on two powerplants that may (or may not) deliver new customers--the small diesel and the 3.6 gas engine.

The 4.7 V8 is still around for a few more months. It's a good engine but is no longer competitive in this space. The 3.6 does nothing for me but it's better than the 3.7 it replaces.

The Hemi is a very good all-around choice and has reasonable resale value. The 4.7s languish on the used car lots and nobody seems to want them. The 3.7 cannot be given away.

@ Chevelle SS ,

Well a no-brainer...Buy a used one,low mileage GM truck of your liking ..

Going by your name if you own a Chevelle SS you must know how to turn a wrench,so minor older truck issues you can fix on the fly,NO ? So just keep your ride,maybe 10 years from now a new body will come out...10 years seems long but it goes by very fast !!

Many car guys in the late 70's-late 90's just bought and drove older cars(until the value increased so much most sold their old daily rides for big cash then got stuck with a newer ugly ride) This is why so many trucks are sold today,most people who are into trucks are into older classic cars,many own them as I do.I owned/drove my classic cars and bought a new RAM since the 90's as every year the looks got better and better (except I didnt like the 06-08 RAM big headlights,so I kept my older one longer as you should do)

BTW,I dont like nor never did like the looks of the newer 88-07 GM trucks,but the the new GM trucks look,perform 1000 times better then the one you own !

So ,I am not a GM fan but bought/sold many over the years.Its not hard finding a late model GM truck you like with low miles and like new,you will pay a premium for it but thousands less then a new one.Then you can find a Chevelle as well if you dont have one with the cash you saved.$10000 for a mint GM truck you like,$25,000 for a very,very nice looking,running 396 Chevelle SS ! Yes,$25,000 buys a mint 396 Chevelle and they run solid 13's all day long,do the heads/cam run 12's or better !! My 383 SuperBee ran low 12's in the 1/4 with mild cam and mild head work,rest stock rebuild...Anywho,You will be better off this way,as the Chevelle increases or stays flat in value while your truck goes down and down and down !!

Good Luck ! And do a burnout if you can,its good for the Environment !!

68 Charger, kind of enjoyed your post. Put a modern trans and rear end in the 440 and watch it go. The 66 Chevelle SS with big block was a riot! Ditto the old Road Runners.

Ford's 427 was a neat mill but they didn't make many of them for the street. The 428 was a dog by comparison.

I knew a guy back in summer 68 who had a Yenko 427 Camaro. Nobody could touch him.

None of this has anything to do with trucks apart from your remark about muscle cars and classic trucks holding their value.

Funny, I thought this was on the Chevrolet truck. Who cares about GM. Sure as hell not me. It's hilarious these GM apologists always say 'Well ya, combine Chevrolet AND GM trucks and our totals go up!' Please, you need 2 companies and/or brands to even compete? How sad is that? And it's cheating. GM can't take sales of Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick cars and say they outsell Ford cars. No, either Chevrolet outsells Ford on it's own merit or it doesn't period. It's that simple. There is no tossing Buick into Chevrolet totals for cars and there is no tossing GM trucks into Chevrolet totals for trucks. If they insist on having all these stupid companies/brands, deal with it. If they can't hang, they should call ALL of their cars and trucks GM. Or just rename the company Chevrolet and be done. Most Chevrolet guys don't like GM anyway.

Chevelle SS,

Don't want to get rid of your truck? Then keep it, and repair it as needed. Engines are plentiful, so are the transmissions. Body starting to rust? Plenty of replacement body panels are readily available as well.

GM needs some young blood in there design team.
This explains why the new trucks look so out dated. We all know how old people don't like change.

GM get you some 20 to 30 year old and watch what they come up with.

I would think that Chev would have had a number of ideas for the Silverado to start with.

A selection process occurs then the 'winning' design is put forward.

Engineers then have to make this work.

I would say GM's senior management would have more to do with the direction of design styles than the designer.

I think the Chev looks okay, except for those wanna be a big rig grilles.

I can't believe the absolutely negative comments coming from "fanboys" on this site. I highly doubt most of you have driven a new 14 or looked at one up close. Honestly think most of these comments come from people who have not test driven all three trucks to really have a comparison. When I bought my Silverado in 2010, I had driven all three and it felt the best for me. Just a bunch of online critics.

But to the real point of the article, thanks Tom Peters! Thanks to him some great designs have made it from the paper to the streets.


No doubt that, Tom Peters made some great designs in the past.

As a side note, I think a lot of the people on here claiming to be GM fans are just trolls trying to point out the flaws in the Silverado.

I can honestly say that one of the top reasons that I drive a RAM is because I can feel comfortable in my own skin doing so. I will admit that I haven't driven a '14 Silverado, however, I don't like the looks of it and I know plenty of people feel the same way. I don't here nearly as many complaints about the exterior styling of the RAM as I do regarding the Silverado. Just some food for thought. I would not have a problem purchasing a GM product if they could actually come out with a styling that equaled their past successes.

If you can draw a square you can design a Chevy truck, somebody needs to take away the right angle protractors from these guys.


LOL that is so true. I remember who everyone was waiting to see the "revolutionary" new design for the '14 Silverado/Sierra and when it finally came out, I thought to myself are you kidding me?!?!? Anyone can design a box. A boxy truck is not much more difficult.

On the other hand.... designing a RAM is a much more intricate process

First they have to CHOOSE THE GUTS


And the result is RAM

At all the RAM whiners, you will always be in third place so deal with it. Don't like the 2014 Silverado the don't buy one! GM outsells everyone worldwide so they must be doing something right. I still drive my stock 2000 Silverado with currently 261,000 miles on it, I'm gonna try to keep it until the new Titan with the Cummins comes out. Designed and build in America!





LOL that is so true. I remember who everyone was waiting to see the "revolutionary" new design for the '14 Silverado/Sierra and when it finally came out, I thought to myself are you kidding me?!?!? Anyone can design a box. A boxy truck is not much more difficult.

On the other hand.... designing a RAM is a much more intricate process

First they have to CHOOSE THE GUTS


And the result is RAM

Posted by: HEMI RAMPAGE | Nov 3, 2013 4:15:43 PM


Congrats for the award. In my personnel opinion. Chevy has not had a good looking truck since 1987. 5.3 is gutless. 6.0 plus
good power poor economy. Only in high price models. Cheap sheet metal. Cheap drum brakes. Cheap C-channel frame. Paint chipping off. Not a Fan.

Like the new 2014 G.M.C. Has a pushed out front grill and recessed headlights. Reminds me of Ram. Probably why I like it.
If I was in the market for a new 1/2 I would take a serious look at the 6.2L Sierra. Would not pay 50,000 for a half ton.

Since I am in the market for a 2500 I am going to have to go with the only heavy duty in it's class. The awesome off road combat proven original 4x4 truck with class leading Hemi 6.4L power.

More Guts

More Glory

More off road capability

Ram Power Wagon

This is not a Ram post. Stop spamming!!!

@ Steve

Being a Mopar fan is not spamming!!! If we are limited to talking about Chevy it would be pretty boring here ..........YAWN........

Besides, the comment section of PUTC is useless unless comparisons are made against the competition. I'm sure being a GM fan you would know that GM has a ways to go before they come out with a competitive pickup. Perhaps you GM people should take a look at what the competition(AKA RAM) is doing, so that you can come out with a truck that people like me might want to drive.

@Steve & HEMI V8

Like a charging bull, it's a juggernaut
With steam at full, never to be caught
Incarnate power, roaring from the sky
While others cower, RAM ain't gonna die

Now you can ride it high
And you can light the way
Lift up your hands in praise

You can't stop RAM
You can't stop RAM
You can't stop RAM


Hey Ram Girls, was Miss Piggy the design inspiration behind the Dodge Ram oh wait I mean Ram lol what a POS... Miss Piggy sure does love it....

@ AllAmerican AKA Steve

Miss Piggy the design inspiration for the RAM??? What are you smoking?

Let me tell you a little secret, the design inspiration behind the Silverado/Sierra was none other than the.... you guessed it, the BOX.

BTW you don't happen to be that dude that drove by me today in the Silverado that sounded like a diesel due to the piston slap noise the engine made?

GREAT JOB TOM!!! GM is lucky to have you!!!

Tom Peters - Congratulations on the award.
It is rare to see someone work for the same company for so long. Loyalty like that deserves praise.

Designing a new truck must be one of the toughest things to do. There is a risk of alienating loyal fans by changing too much and there is a risk of not attracting new customers by not changing enough.
I do think that a reasonable balance has been struck with the Silverado. It does remind me of the mid to late 80's Chevy but with a grill that is more of an evolution of the last few generations. I do like the 2014 truck but the more I see them the less attracted to them I become.
The 2014 Sierra initially hit me as a GMT 900 on steroids. I didn't like it as much. The interesting thing is that I the more I see it the more I like it.
GMC will hold its own with these 2 trucks but I don't see them regaining 1st place with them. Time will tell.

The Ram guys shouldn't be so smug - Fiat held 19,000 Cherokees due transmission shifting problems, the VM 3.0 diesel has been held due to "problems". The HO Cummins was slow to hit the streets along with the 8 speed 1500 transmission.
The Ram may look better than the GMC siblings but like women - the hot chick tends to be high maintenance and not good for a long term relationship ;)

The '14 GM twins aren't bad looking and are actually an improvement over the flabby chested GMT 900's. The only thing I don't like is the loss of the unique extended cab design. The new extended cabs now look like slightly shortened crew cabs. And, we can thank the yahoo's who designed the 2nd gen Ram for starting this. Yuck!

The Sierra has been bonked with the ugly stick this time around. From the goofy fad driven LED bejeweled headlights to the out of place black textured trim around the wheel wells, it is too over styled.

I've been up close with these trucks and what strikes me most interesting is how much smaller and trimmer they appear out on the road; even though they are basically the same dimension as the last generation.

Everybody likes to talk about how beautiful the '88-'98's GM PU's were, but I never cared for them. I liked the old style ('73-'87's) better and the newer '99-'02's especially the HD's. The cat eyed '03-'06's were an abomination and I never got used to them. Yep, I do agree about the '14 Camaro though. The revised front clip looks much less aggressive and the rear tail lights are horrible. It looks like they tried to emulate an older Acura or Honda with the rear tail lights. Double yuck!

Correction. 3rd gen Ram that is....

I like the 2013 Chevies looks with the exception of the front end needing a bit of work. I don't care for the 2014 at all, not one good angle on those tucks that I like.

Remember 1969 Camaro? You're probably not old enough to go back 44 years, but I'm sure you've seen one.
Take a look at this picture and you should understand what they were emulating when they designed '14 Camaro's taillights


@ Chevy Guy

I've written something to this effect already, but I want to say it again, I will admit that Chevy had some great designs in the past. Kudos to Tom Peter for his work on those.

I just don't see very many great designs coming out anymore from Chevy. I already said that I don't like the Silverado design, but when compared to the design of cars like the Malibu, it's 100x better.

Chevy needs to take a look at what Dodge has done with the Charger and Challenger, in bringing those cars back and making them relevant. Dodge may have had past quality problems and still has lower sales numbers than Chevy, but I think they have set the groundwork to make a great comeback. Some of Chevy's cars don't look too great, and even GM guys will admit as much. If they really want a comeback then need to get the whip cracking and start coming out with good designs again.

The Camaro is an ugly train wreck. Sales numbers prove it.

The Silverado is ugly and boring. Sales numbers prove it.

I wonder if this guy had a hand in the Aztec, generally regarded as the ugliest production vehicle ever assembled?

Note to self: Do NOT ever allow children to attend art school where this clown went.

@moper power,
There will always be hits and misses. They won't all be great. Every car manufacturer goes thru those bumps. We have to keep in mind as well that what doesn't attract your eye will attract someone's else.
I will have to disagree with you on new Chevy designs. New Impala, Corvette, Silverado, Tahoe are great looking vehicles. Majority agrees. They will sell great.
I'm sure new Camaro will go in the same direction.
Cars like Sonic, Cruze, Spark they don't have to be beautiful. Just look at the competition. Those cars have to be cheap and reliable and Chevy's small car line up is just that. They sell very well for a reason.


Sales thru 9 months of this year:

Camaro 64,815
Mustang 59,165
Challenger 42,577

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