Video: Domestic Creativity at the 2013 SEMA Show

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We take a tour through the Ford, GM, and Mopar booths at the 2013 SEMA Show to see what kind of wild pickups they have for showgoers. Some are near the out edges, while others could offer hints about what we might see next. Although we chose just two from each truck maker, there were plenty of other highlights to be seen. 



Chevrolet was extremely smart to bring in that beautiful 78 square body. It ties the 73-87 square body trucks to the new 2014+ square body trucks. The first time I saw this new Silverado it reminded me of my 83 Chevy I had years ago. It's the perfect square body tribute truck. They need to focus on this in their tv commercials. Even bring out a SFA version as a Power Wagon contender. There's square bodies everywhere off road because they were the last of the SFA's. If they switch it up and go round wheel wells someday again, they can tie it into the 67-72's at shows like this in the same manner. Or even the 50's models. Task Force even for HD's. What's up with calling the SS a Cheyenne? I agree with you Mark. Dumb.

I'm not that impressed with the Ford booth. The Striker was ugly and near pointless. They should have done something that would potentially make production. Bring back the Lightning. That was an awesome truck. The Super Duty was neat I guess.

The Dodge booth was good. I really like the Case idea. To tie into the farming community is a good idea. Most farmers use Super Duty's here but I see more Dodge's showing up all the time. Years ago most were Chevy's until the SFA went away. Dodge is smart here. I like the Sun Chaser truck but it's too big for a beach. They should have used a Jeep instead. The Jeep is the ultimate beach cruiser.

Excellent video.





That '78 Chevy K10 is beautiful. Glad to see they just restored the bench seat instead of dropping in some awful bucket seats from a Camaro or something.


I love that '78 resto mod. I wish one of the big three would do a true retro pickup, not SSR but a real pickup.

That brings me to a question to anyone out there. Why are today's vehicles so much larger than their old counterparts from just 25 years ago?

This is more a "Customizing Show" rather than a Concept Show.More emphasis on the decals i.e Case, finishes, themes.

I concede, RAM makes the best trucks PERIOD.




The RAM 1500 is my favorite truck, PERIOD.

The Ford F-150 is my favorite tuck, with the Ram dead last period

The '78 K10 is my favorite out of all of the trucks shown.

Frank is the sexiest poster in this blog.




I would say the tundra looks like miss piggy

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