Expect Big News From Ram on Wednesday

7 Ram EcoDiesel action II

As if another strong sales month isn't enough, Ram Truck issued a statement that it will make an important announcement at 11 a.m. Eastern time Wednesday. The big news seems to be about the Ram EcoDiesel. Following the announcement, Ram President and CEO Reid Bigland will do a live web chat at 2 p.m. Eastern from the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, where most of the Ram 1500s are manufactured.

You can join the discussion by sending questions to Bigland via Twitter by using hashtag #ChryslerLive. Although this type of event is a little unusual, it wouldn't surprise us if the news was about the release of actual EPA numbers for the EcoDiesel or the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award, since that's one of the last major pickup awards still pending this year.

The 2013 Ram 1500 won the Motor Trend award last year after a significant redesign but did qualify for Motor Trend's 2014 competition this year because of the new powertrain option.

Stay tuned for more.



My guess: Ecodiesel delay.

Timing is spot on for the Motor Trend award.


I'm assuming it'll be the 2014 Truck of the Year announcement.

According to the Ram website, under Ram 1500 - Capability, the Ecodiesel is delayed until Early 2014.

The sooner the better Ram. You've teased us long enough.

My guess is they will announce that the ecodiesel gets 30mpg highway. The GC already gets that, so for the Ram to get that is not a longshot. Sure it's a bit heavier than the GC, but not by too much. Even if the highway mpg doesn't quite reach 30, Ram will still be besting its already best in class fuel economy. Either way the competition has a lot of catching up to do. Ford and GM don't even have a diesel in the lineup for the near future and the Titan is not appealing to a great majority of buyers. Way to go Ram and keep up the good work!

The EcoDiesel is already on the lots in the Grand Cherokee but the problem is the pricetag. The ones I'm seeing are north of $50K. That's INSANE. Chrysler is basically making sure they will never sell many by only offering them in Limited and greater trim.

At least on the Ram the option will be available on base models. This to me means that the EcoDiesel will sell better in the Ram than it does in the Jeep.





I am not surprised by the price tag on the GC. It's always been considered to be more of a "luxury" SUV, especially the more recent models. I think that now the new Cherokee is out the Chrysler has to maintain a distinction in price between it and the GC, otherwise sales of the 2 will cannibalize each other.

The news is not that Fiat-Ram won the Motor Trend Award. It's that GM lost with an all new truck.


You can get a new Cherokee for 30K, not the overland or the summit but a Laredo model which has everything most people need, they need to put the Diesel in this model.

@wxman @hemi

Prices north of Fifty K are exactly the impediment to wider diesel adoption that I've been commenting about recently. It's the added cost of diesel powertrains that will prevent average Americans from pushing that button.

Ram's choice to offer diesel exclusively at nosebleed price trims was determined by their most influential dealers. The dealers really know what the public wants. You can trust them to know what sells.

Its most likely the MT's Truck of the Year Award.

Motor/Truck Trend TOTY, since they say the winner will be announced tomorrow. I am guessing 30 or 31 highway on 4x2 models. 28 or 29 4x4 models.

A TOTY award would be a HUGE snub for GM and a victory for Ram. I have no doubt in my mind that Ram is capable of winning for the second year in a row.

A quick comparison between GM and Ram reveals that the GM trucks leave much to be desired. I don't think a freshly redesigned truck is automatically going to win TOTY. If you go to the gminsidenews site there are so many debates about the new design and it seems that the GM guys are sharply divided between liking and not liking the new design. That is not good for GM, because it means that a good number of buyers are alienated. Among the top complaints are a "boxy" design, square wheel wells and people saying that the interior looks weird. I'm not saying any of this to start a debate, I'm just repeating what I've read on gminsidenews.

Ram on the other hand has a lot going for it. First off, people who buy Rams absolutely love their trucks. There will always be haters, but the TOTY award doesn't take that into consideration, because vehicles competing for the award are evaluated objectively. Ram's interior is top notch and definately outdoes Ford, and depending on who you talk to is better than the brand new GM interiors. Additionally the powertrain options are in my opinion the best aspect. Ram currently has best in class fuel economy and once the ecodiesel is released it they will top their already best in class numbers. I don't ever remember this happening before. Usually one brand jumps ahead of another, not ahead of itself. Ram is pretty much setting the mark for other makers to reach. I think this point is what will enable Ram to win TOTY. If the GM trucks were setting the standard for trucks then they would have a shot at the award, but I don't believe they are doing that right now.

I should add that I just found this on trucktrend:
"Find out which contender becomes the 2014 Truck of the year at MotorTrend.com on Wednesday, December 4."

I think it pretty much guarantees the announcement is a TOTY award for Ram. There is also speculation that it could be for the ProMaster. Either way, Ram is doing a lot of things right.

@Hemi, @wxman

The Motor Trend award has a spotty past. Never forget they picked the Chevy Vega as car of the year. Ouch!

@papa jim

I don't take everything that MT, TT or even PUTC says as an abosolute truth. Similarly, the TOTY award has never actually affected my decision on any truck I have purchased.

What matters though is that there are many people who do make decisions based on this award, and it can have a considerable impact on sales. Additionally it gives whoever wins bragging rights.


I can do this all day, guy! Chevy Monza 2+2, Chevy Citation, Renault, (there's more).

It's ugly dude!

@papa jim
Let me get this straight, you're saying that because MT has made a few bad calls in the past that invalidates any present or future critique/award? Well it appears that you know how to make an ad hominem argument, which in intelligent circles are a prime example of a logical fallacy. Believe me, I can do this all day too, but I'm not, 1) I don't want to waste my day, and 2)If I'm going to debate with you it needs to be an intelligent debate, which means you need to develop your arguments to be somewhat reasonable.


1977 Caprice, 74 Mustang II... really ugly. It sucks, right?

Ram interior is not the best because it is lacking in big ways: no load flat floor and it has a smaller crew cab than Ford. Ram's western packages do nothing for me. The new GM's have better gauges. I can't stand the big Ram badges. Ram also has terrible roof strength for passengers. Overall it's looking a bit tired and worn in the styling department for Ram. It looks like something my grandfather would have driven.

HEMIMONSTER: to say the Chevy GMC is just a refresh, and the RAM is new? come on! the only thing newer in the Ram is the diesel engine, and maybe some radio/nav systems, and interior trim, and radiator shutters and trans., while the GM twins are completely new! with NO parts that are interchangeable at all! it might not look that different, but those of us that like them are keen to that idea, and there are hundreds of thousands of us that think so, yes the Ram is a nice truck, but you ramfans are getting way too childish over this! I have been thinking about a new Ram. but do not know if I want to be known with such company. I do at present own a Dodge Dakota, and have owned more than a couple of Dodge trucks before, and have had good service and luck with them, I have also had the same or better with the Chevy's I have owned. BUt not so much with my F-150 EB.

Of course Ram will weasel out an award for an engine that isn't available and that will cost more money to own and that get less performance. Where do I sign up?

oh, that gage they are showing is probably going to be some type of hybrid/diesel announcement, but I would imagine if you think the diesel is expensive, just imagine what one of those are going to cost! it might even be in the same price range as those electric/hybrid Chevy's trucks made in Mexico VIA? is it?

They are going to drop the Ram name and start calling them Fiat's. They are also shutting down the plants here and in Mexico, and from now on they'll be built in Italy.

I would suspect that it will be the MotorTrend Truck of the Year award.
They could announce that the Ecodiesel "problem" has been fixed and there will be a firm date on stateside availability.

Maybe the Iveco Daily 4x4 van is coming - that would be cool news.

How about a Ecodiesl powered PowerWagon?

The only other thing that might be in the works is an expansion of Ram Commercial by bringing over rebadged Iveco trucks.

Josh c. You are wrong. The Ram has a flat floor. It folds out if you need it flat, otherwise i allows for underseat storage. It is actually more useful than the floor of the F150.

Retard, Pay attention. Ram's floor is not flat load floor. It also has less rear room.

nobody can complain about price really, you guys can sya 50K is too high, and thats fine, but all day long I see people driving BMW's, bran new tahoes, bran new diesel pick ups, all brands, and they are all well over the 50K mark, so yes they will have a market for this for sure, I am also not big on putting that kind of cash out for a small half ton truck or a small suv, but if I see the right fit than I would, I am in no market for half ton, only 3/4 or 1 ton trucks, so I'm already paying that, my point is, many will fork out that doe for that truck with the diesel, and me included if I was in the half ton market and didn't need to tow heavy 5 ers

My guess is, fiat is announcing that they're recalling the ram altogether, due to too many recalls, all the way back to the 2002/2003 model year. They're going going to round them all up to get crushed, kind of like cash for clunkers.

My question for bigland would be: what took you so long?

Guys, My F150 just broke down on the highway. I'm trading my Ford in on a Ram first thing tomorrow morning. I have seen the light!





It's probably going to be about the new batch of magic towing dust that Ram bought.

As previously stated, I'm sure it will be the EPA ratings. The problem I see with sales is where the new ecodiesel will be in demand and probably not eligible for decent rebates. The current $10,000-$14000 rebates is what helped sales numbers climb to where they are now and if the demand becomes too strong, the lack of rebates will offset the fuel cost savings and make it not worth the extra coin to buy out front. Ram needs to aim their pricing to be competitive to the Ford ecoboost and have the same rebates. Regardless, I'm happy to finally see a small diesel come to the table...about time.

Maybe Ram will reveal the Americanized PornMaster City?

This is an interesting conversation. In the "is Ram better debate" I have to say that in a non biased way that is not exactly true. The Hemi has to use 2 sets of spark plugs, one set of which has to be changed every 30-40k miles, the crew cab is better than GM for rear seat room but lags behind the F-150. This new diesel is something that is not going to be a game changer. Ram/Dodge gets a lot of mileage from name association back to their glory days or by making a tie to over 18 wheelers. Before they decided to call their engines Hemi's again the called them Magnums, a switch to Hemi and the Ram/Dodge faithful flocked to the heritage of the name. Then back in the 80's when Dodge couldn't give away their old antiquated trucks they slapped a cummins engine and name on the side of the truck and while they were still the same old antiquated trucks from 1972 people were knocking down the doors to get them because they had a diesel sound and the name Cummins slapped on the side.

It has been and seemingly always will be with the Ram about style (names) over substance. It is a proven marketing concept that pulling out a name that has an affinity factor will sell more of the product then a new name. Ram/Dodge are banking on the equity of the glory days. And it works, in the posts from the Ram guys here it is so obvious.

My user id reflects my heritage as a GM driver but I no longer drive anything GM and would not touch the 2014 Silverado if it was free.

No truck is perfect and each make has their fans, even the Titan, but with the Ram/Dodge crowd it is a religion.

The "baby" diesel that they are bringing out is more hype than substance, aiming squarely at those too poor to buy a Ram Cummins HD but want the diesel bragging rights. Its not really a towing motor based on the Jeep specs, maybe a bit of a compromise in towing and mpg's.

The V8 Cummins in the upcoming Nissan Titan is something to get excited about. That is a lot less of an economy engine and a lot more of a puller that will be worthy of diesel bragging rights. Will Nissan gather a cult like following as Dodge did 25 years ago? What will happen when a Ram/Cummins rolls up to a stop light next to a Nissan with same Cummins badge on it?

That is when things are going to get interesting.

@Silverado_Driver - great points. There will be some sort of identity crisis with the Rambo crowd since they will no longer be able to brag about the exclusivity of a Cummins powered truck.
I do believe that as Fiat gains total control of Chrysler post VEBA buy-out that we will see the Cummins I-6 replaced by a Fiat sourced engine.

Ram made the announcement that they were going to try and keep the recalls for 2014 lower then what they had in 2013. Good luck Ram!

They could just do what Toyota does, have no recalls! Don't fix problems, that leads to the perception that you have reliability problems. Instead just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. I think Obama took a few pages from their book.

@ Alex

your a funny guy. thats why Toyota is the ONLY manufacturer that does a stop sale if they find something that should be changed before the consumer ever gets it.... or how as soon as something comes up they fix it right away.

Tell me when your favorite manufacturer PAID to replace a frame on a 12 year old vehicle with 180000 miles on it just to "make it right" replacing ANYTHING that was compromised due to the spare tire carrier rotting out before its time including brake lines and lower control arms or fuel tank straps ect. ect. ect. YOU CANT because NOONE else would step up to pay $10,000-$12,000 to fix a 12 year old truck.



You can say you're non-bias all day long, but your are bias. You're just being sneaky about it.

It comes across when you say "they slapped a cummins engine and name on the side of the truck and while they were still the same old antiquated trucks from 1972"

That Cummins was a game changer. It was the 1st turbo diesel, in a pickup. It had about double the torque of Ford and GM's offerings. Dodge had to beef up the complete truck to handle that motor.. Yes the interior and exterior looked the same as past trucks, but adding a turbo charged diesel was a game changer. And with the turbo, unlike the competition, it didn't lose 30% of it's power at 10K feet of altitude.

You also state you wouldn't touch a '14 Silverado, if it were free. Don't make use laugh. How many people, do you or I know, that wouldn't take a brand new vehicle, if it were free? Shoot, I'd take a minivan, if it were free...

Non-bias, my foot!

@ Josh

What good is that rear flat floor, once the seats are in, for anything other than a rear center seat passenger?

Once the seats are in, you probably only have about 20 inches of flat floor to load anything on...

It's nice how Ford made that video with all the seats removed, so it looks like there is this huge flat space ....

It's not a bad design, since it does help any possible rear center seat passenger with feet space, but outside of that, I don't see it being useful. There just isn't much space, once all the seats are in....

It's the same amount of load flat floor with or without the seats.
Here is another view.
You also get a few more inches of leg room.

The reason I mention this is because of the best interior design argument raised by Hemi. Does Ram have best materials? Maybe. Roomiest? No.

@hemi lol, you take this way too seriously man. They're just trucks - big piles of metal! :)

@freenews, i used to run a rental business. I'd always put the large LCD TVs on the floor in the back but they would have to balance on the hump and I would have to hold on to support it. That's when I really wanted a flat floor.

Another recall?

freenews, you're kidding right. Game changer? First it took Dodge 6 years after Ford to install a diesel in their pickup. It was direct injected and turbocharged, while the 6.9 IH in the Ford was not. However the NA 6.9 had more HP. Cummins had 400 ft/lbs while IH had 315 ft/lbs., nowhere near double. Plus that Cummins was known to shake the Dodge apart. I'm not putting down Cummins, just getting the facts straight. BTW, Ford has more powerstrokes still running than GM and Dodge combined with their diesels.

To Silverado_Driver:

While I agree with some of what you say, that below statement is all wrong.

"The "baby" diesel that they are bringing out is more hype than substance, aiming squarely at those too poor to buy a Ram Cummins HD but want the diesel bragging rights. Its not really a towing motor based on the Jeep specs, maybe a bit of a compromise in towing and mpg's. The V8 Cummins in the upcoming Nissan Titan is something to get excited about. That is a lot less of an economy engine and a lot more of a puller that will be worthy of diesel bragging rights"

The new Dodge Ecodiesel was not built for people who can't afford a HD Ram.......It was built for people who don't need a 3/4 ton truck, and want the "best" fuel mileage. Like myself...I don't want to pull 40" trailers down the road, but i want a half ton. However, I don't want a half ton gas guzzler. The small diesel is the answer. It's always been...

The 5.0L cummins that is coming out in the Titan is just wrong. It's a bad idea.... It's a truck with lots of torque, but that can't handle the torque (it is a half ton). As for mileage, it simply won't have it- the motor is too big. I dare say that motor might only be slightly better on fuel than any of the big three HD diesels out now. So you buy a Titan, to pull big loads, only it can't because it is a half ton, or maybe you bought it for mileage, but no, it gets bad mileage.......so why did u buy it???

So a diesel engine with 420 lb/ft can't be a towing beast? You guys realize that when the 5.9 Cummins came out it made the same torque as this engine, in a 2500 and 3500 truck, right?

Please.... this EcoDiesel will tow like a champ and get better mileage than the Hemi doing it.

Second, this crap about Toyota doing stop-sales... whatever. Look at the Tundra list of problems.. driveshafts grenading, crank shafts breaking, air injection systems failing, on and on and on. And the thing about these Toyota failures is that all of them are THOUSANDS of dollars to get repaired at dealerships. Ram recalls last year were for software flashes. Toyota recalls are for major mechanical failures. Who makes the better truck? I rest my case. Take your Jap crap and find another sand box to play in. Oldest, most out-dated truck on the market, lowest fuel economy on the market, highest MSRP on the market, worst warranty on the market....yeah that's the truck I want. LOL.

Tom: the powerstrokes engines you talk about in Ford still running? are not made by Ford! but then again neither is the diesel engine in the Ram.

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