Teenager Fights Neighborhood Association To Keep His First Pickup

Ford F-100 65 Matt Perry 2 II

Like many other homeowners associations and cities around the country, Valley View subdivision in Wildwood, Mo., doesn't want to see pickup trucks cluttering up its streets and driveways. In fact, according to the neighborhood bylaws, overnight parking by a pickup truck is prohibited more than four times in a given year.

As we understand it, the ordinance is designed to prevent construction crews or local businesses from parking their fleet vehicles in the area, with occasional exceptions allowed for remodeling and home improvement projects. But when teenager Matt Perry (living with his parents in the Valley View neighborhood) scrimped and saved his way into a gorgeous 1965 Ford F-100, one of our favorites as well, the full force of the neighborhood ban on pickups fell on his head like a high school civics lesson.

According to our friends at Jalopnik, the original intent of the ban was to protect property values; the "law" has been on the books for many years. We're guessing it was put in place before the average price of a fully loaded top-trim-packaged pickup was $60,000.

We've seen these types of homeowners-association rules before and they all seem to rely heavily on an old stereotype. We have no doubt there are plenty of beat-up trucks in the world that very few would be happy about seeing parked in front of their houses, but by all accounts this is a well-maintained, classic pickup. If the association is so worried about property values, there are probably plenty of other ways to help out the neighborhood than preventing a kid from parking his first truck in front of his parent's house. And what about all the other cruddy-looking cars in the neighborhood?

To offer your support to Matt, he's set up a Facebook page and has more than 12,000 likes so far.

To read the original story in the River Front Times, click here.


Images reprinted with permission from Matt Perry


Ford F-100 65 Matt Perry II



Just one of many reasons I have never and will never buy a house where HOA's exist.

I heard of this type of story before, in Florida, I think. The tenants association decided to take an individual to court over the parking of his own pickup truck, not his or employers' pickup truck, outside his property. The tenants association lost the court case .....

heres a great idea... buy the ugliest beast of a clunker car for $200 and park it there. that will show that hoa

^^^^^ Not only the ugliest piece of crap but also a full size car piece of crap. Lol

My neighborhood has a house size requirement and a no non attacked garage gimic as well. I didn't know that when I moved in so to get around the non attached garage gimic I had the local college built my 16 by 20 ft garage. Free labor and as long as it is a educational program by law I could build it.We don't have hoa fee's just a committee who always stick there nose where it doesn't belong.

Cargo trailers where also frowned apon and the local lawyer/neighbor had no problem telling me only campers would be permitted and that I was in violation for having my 8.5 by 24 ft racing trailer in my double driveway..It has no decals on it or does it having anything that say's its for racing purpose except [not for hire ] written very small on both sides.
According to the lawyer a camper is a camper when it has one window in it and a stove.

Not a problem I ordered two side dark tinted windows and put them in in about 3 hrs from a camper site.Man they look great in there and give of off a lot of natural light.Thanks neighbors great idea.I went to a local salvage store and got the top of a solid surface stove and mounted it on my cabinets.Its not hooked up to anything but its in there.Then they came back with I needed a bathroom to comply. Not a problem I took the racing suit full lenth cabinet and put a toilet in it. Its in there side ways to fit but its in there and of course it has no water or plumbing to it and the lid is glued down. I guess enough was enough and they finally decided I wasn't going to leave or move my trailor.

I took my cub cadet lawnmower and replaced the muffler with the racing exhaust of a racing go kart and started mowing every sat morning at 6 am. Its amazing how nice my neighbors are to me now and even ask how I ran last weekend. I guess sleep trumps racing trailers all day long and really a lot on sat's. lol

Sometimes you just have to make a stand......and a lot of noise!

That would never happen in my neighborhood, I live in a subdivision with about 500 homes and a HOA, I guess that at least 2/3 of the houses here have at least one and sometimes two pickup trucks in their driveway.

Guess what? The story of him fighting the HOA and the police isn't true.

Even though he has been breaking the rules for over a year, no one has fined him, gone after him or his truck.

The HOA actually sent 2 mailings out to the homeowners ON HIS BEHALF to assist him in getting the rule changed. He has most of the votes he needs but needs a few more. If he really wanted this rule to be changed he could just go out and get the additional votes he needs.

He actually has a simple way to get this rule changed but instead of doing so he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame going to every media outlet with an untrue story and they are reporting every word he says.

Don't believe everything you read or hear in the media folks. Just because it's in print, on TV or on the Web does not mean its true.

Like Obama, HOA's are non-American....

If you need to ban vehicles from any area to maintain property values, then what is the real value of the property.

You obviously made a bad investment.

Also, are these 'estates', managed by strata title?

Also, if the son's parents (I would assume) knowingly bought into an estate with those regulations of not parking a pickup, then the son moves out or sells the truck.

Nice truck.

Which HOA was it? Hillary Clinton?

I believe HOA's actually hurt a homes value, because there's so many people that simply WILL NOT even look at a house that is governed by one....including me. A true HOA is a neighbor that sees you painting your house hot pink and kicks your ass for it.

Reminds me of my 63 IH 1000 Step side. It was a sweet truck and attracted a lot of attention. I would much rather see a nicely restored old pickup than a rusted out car with torn seats and a headliner that is hanging down. Property values are more likely to be brought down by the rusted hunk parked in the street than a nicely preserved classic pickup.

Would never happen here in Texas where a lot of pickups (mine included) spend more time as a daily commuter than a work truck.

Unless you sign a valid contract with an HOA, they have NO jurisdiction.
Just living there, is not a contract.
Mount a rife & shotgun in an internal rack. A nice little reminder to the control freak losers who run HOAs.


That sort of thing actually did happen in Texas around five years ago. A man in a Houston suburb had bought a new Ford F-150 an parked it in his driveway. Soon after, the president of the HOA came to his front door telling him that the neighborhood rules did not permit pickups to be parked on the curb, in the driveway, or even in the backyard; it must be stored out of sight and in the garage at all times. She then gave him a list of vehicles that were permitted to be parked in public view, including the Honda Ridgeline and Lincoln Mark LT. He sued the HOA and won.

This also recalls a story from 2005 when an HOA successfully sued a war veteran for putting up a flag pole in his yard and displaying US flags on Flag Day because they made the neighborhood look tacky.

Trucks don't decrease property values, HOA's do. That's why I live in the country, on my own property. I can park any of my vehicles anywhere I want, without nosy neighbors giving me grief about it.

I'm gald to see the kid wroked for his truck.

However, they should have checked this out before he bought the truck. They chose to live in an HOA neighborhood so IMO you can't be outraged when they act like one.

Dream car is very subjective and if that what he likes more power to him. I'm reminded looking at that truck, that just because something is old doesn't make it a classic.

Its a stupid policy, some things do bother me though like people parking On their front lawn or keeping big rv's and boats in their driveway I think looks trashy. My parents lived in a neighborhood with an HOA for a while when I was growing up, they didn't have a pickup policy but they did against cutting down trees or parking boats on the front yard and driveway.

Makes me glad my house is in the middle of the woods on my 80 acres. Thank God I'm a country boy!

This is a bloody joke with these HOA's. To me they are the uptight, GG people who have no real sense of what's going on in the REAl world. People like this should be brought to the Bayou's and left there.

Good luck with your new classic pickup

@ dave

You're right, just look at how the rat media covers for the fraud that's trying to be a president, the vacationer-in-chief.

He can park it in the friggen garage. I'm sure what pissed off the ACC to begin with was that it was parked in the street. To some that old truck is a thing of beauty but to most, including my truck loving self, it's a noisy, smelly, beat up old jalopy that is best kept out of sight.

I have an aging truck in my driveway and I too will soon make the tough choice to garage it or get rid of it so it doesn't make the whole cul de sac look bad.

Nice old truck regardless of the politics.

I read the article, the neighbor needs his teeth punched out, what a douch.
Im glad i live in the woods, if someone came on my property and told me what to do thay would get a 12 ga shotgun shoved in their face.

What a poor display you have given. Are you a child or school kid. A bully.

A fact of life is, if you sign a contract and agreement, then you must honour that.

Do you understand the concept of honour? Obviously not.

Sort of like when you get a drivers licence. When you sign for your licence you make an agreement that you will obey all the laws and regulations controlling the use of your motor vehicle.

By the sounds of it the parents bought a home in what they thought would be a nice neighbourhood for their child.

He's grown up and wants a pickup, which is great. But where he's living pickups aren't allowed on the street at night.

He must move the vehicle off the street at night. It's not that hard.

Sick,sick, people ,,to take time to right this law you need to have nothing interesting to do in you life like a looser,

@Miath - it is all done based on the human need to place people into visible groups.

It is no different than racial profiling.

We assume certain groups have certain characteristics.

In this case the assumption is that trucks are for work and/or are used by a "lower" socioeconomic class.

We keep the pickups out and we keep those lower classes out of our neighbourhood thus preserving our group's socioeconomic status or way of life.

It happens all of the time and we are all guilty of it to some sort degree.

You do it all of the time............. You favour GMC and discriminate against anyone with a Ford.

Being a fanboy is similar to being one of the people who drafted this policy and put in place.


Don't reach for grandpa's old Mossberg until you've taken a minute to calm down.

Next time you start to get that panicky feeling, try breathing into a paper bag for 30 seconds or so--nice and easy. Those huge green snakes will go away just like that!

i park my truck in the road and at any time there is 1-5 trucks in my drive way and in our street in front of my house. the HOA is a joke where i live.

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