New GM Towing Mirrors Debut on Silverado High Country HDs

2015 High Country HD front ps[3] II

With the introduction of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy duty pickup trucks came questions about why GM didn't improve their towing mirrors. After all, their fifth-wheel tow rating had been raised to just less than 23,000 pounds and their maximum conventional bumper ratings is class-leading at 19,600 pounds. But the towing package still offered the same manually operated oval mirrors.

Set to debut on the new High Country HD package, but eventually work their way into all Chevy pickups, the newly designed chrome towing mirrors incorporate side- and back-mounted clearance lights, projected cargo lamps and internal turn signals. They also fold into the door (for parking) with the touch of a button.

Additionally, since the new mirrors are newly electronically controlled, they are heated to limit and prevent ice buildup and fogging, and are tied into the preset memory feature that controls seating positions and mirror angles.

The new mirrors are still manually extendable (meaning you will have to be outside the truck and physically pull out each mirror to get the wider viewing angle), giving the driver better views of the rear trailer and cargo.

Manufacturer images

2015 Trailer Mirror front[3] II

2015 Trailer Mirror rear[2] II



Always copying the leader...FORD...look almost like Ford's, but still don't have the power telescoping feature..nice try, but not..

Ford the company that's number one for recalls at 14 million for the cruise control problem back in the late 90's. So I'm ok with the GM mirror looking like a Ford, but please GM do not copy the Ford cruise control.

I have said for years here if their was something I wanted off of a F-Series pickup it would be those tow mirrors and GM went and did it. If they could get rid of that big chrome bar on top of the grille and make the one in the middle a lot smaller that truck would look awesome to me.

Once again it looks like the blind spot mirrors are worthless. I had some 2010 & 2011 Silverado's on a big road construction project and the blind side mirror were horrible, absolutely worthless, looks like they didn't improve them, just add a bunch of lights.

GM trucks are becoming more and more pathetic in the face of the competition. That has got to be the ugliest front end on the market, it's even uglier than the 2010 Ford Super Duties!! If I were a Chevy fan I'd be really upset that Chevy brought out such a pathetic new truck. I guess they really are trying to be the 3rd place in truck sales......wait, in the HD market they already are!!! Looks like they are planning to stay there a good long while!!

Okay I will admit I am curious how the mirror mounted cargo lights work?? It looks like they are pointed straight back, what are they aimed at and why would you need cargo laps on the mirrors?? Do they just shine down the side of the truck?? Any one know how they work??

Those are some ugly mirrors.


I guess you forgot about the fireball Chevrolet pickups with their fuel tanks mounted to the outside of the frame rail where it was exposed in a side collision and lets now forget how those trucks bodies would rust away even in nice sunny areas.

I swear you could hear those Chevy truck rusting as they sat in the driveway.

So how about we stick with what each maker is making today instead because every maker has an issue at some point.

So back to the current GM trucks, man that Chevy is one ugly truck.

hopefully they make a paint match option for the mirrors, that seems to be a popular DIY mod.

to recap, GM copies Ford after 12 years of crappy mirrors.

Anyone know if the ugly low hanging DEF tank was moved and not hangin out in the breeze on these trucks? with the mirrors, I now like the truck

Bout time!

WTF OMG LOL, OK I've run out of acronyms!

I know I say the new trucks should get different trailer mirrors, but dang I didn't say copy Ford! Mirrors do look better than the flimsy black ones that span the 800, 900, and K2XX and are even being retrofitted on the 400 models!

Me: have you ever thought the cargo lights in the side mirrors are used for the cargo OUTSIDE the truck in the dark area around the truck, to be seen at the time of loading? to help bringing said cargo into the area of the tailgate to then be illuminated by the lights in the bed/back of cab? maybe? I would like them even more for those idiots that come up behind me with their high beams on! on all my trucks I make it so I can turn my cargo lights on just while driving, to "remind" those idiots coming up on me with the high beams on!

As a GM fan, GM failed at copying Ford. The Ford with the power extend (years ago) is clearly better.

How hard is it to push a mirror out? People these days are so freakin lazy they want everything to be "push button". Just one more thing to break...

These look like great mirrors and about time GM stepped up in this department. Hats off...


1) Center the steering wheel
2) Stretch the cab 3"
3) Solid Front Axle
4) 450 HP 900 FT-LBS

Welcome to 1999 GM....

LMFAO!!!! They look just like the Mirrors on my '99.

@jeremiah soltis
1) That would be nice don't see it happening.
2) Doubtful to ever happen
3) I wish but Gm thinks IFS is so great.
4) Should be a power boost mid/nxt yr sometime

Finally GM comes out with the first great looking tow mirrors on a pickup. Never had a desire for tow mirrors before but now I think I may see about adding these to my 1500 if possible.

What is wrong with you guys??? IFS is superior in every way, and in most cases GM's IFS has a higher rating than that of Ford and Dodge, That truck is the Best looking Truck out of the big 3, and while the Tow Mirrors look Similiar to Fords, they do look better... the Low DEF tank, well Dodges isnt any Higher, and who cares?? get a skid plate, or running boards... if you are stupid enough to rip a Def Tank off then you seserve it... Grow Up.

Show me a Dodge or Ford Solid Axle that has 217K miles on it untouched from the Factory?? wont happen... Ive got 217k Miles on my 07 GMC 2500HD which was an Oil Field Service Truck straight off the Show room Floor weighing over 10K its entire Life.. I Personally own the truck now( bought it off the company) and still has the factory front end under it, and is just now starting to have a little leak from drivers side diff seal... Done with my rant...

I like the mirrors. I bet those cargo lights will not work with the truck in reverse.

Kinda sad if you think about it................

Ford news is about new aluminum bodies, new engines, drivetrains, frames............

Ram news is about new suspensions, new engines, new drivetrains............

GM news..................... new mirrors


@ Jason - okay...... my brother is on his 3rd GM crewcab HD since 2007.
225,000 km (140,000) miles is the most he put on the 2nd one he had.

Nothing left to them after 3 years. Mostly gravel roads, logging operations, road building and construction sites.

All brands fall apart at similar rates driven in similar environments.

His last one was sold off at auction "As is where is". You buy you tow away.

@ Lou_BC
I disagree with you here "GM news..................... new mirrors."
Not so the 2015 HD's got a new interior, exterior and Chevy got a top level trim in High Country. I admit drivetrain improvements are needed only to be more competitive.

The 2014 1500's got a new exterior, interior, chassis, drivetrain, cargo management with stuff like the under rail bed lighting, EZ Lift and Lower tailgate (Tundra copied) and bumper step (don't laugh Ford made a big deal out of their tailgate step They also got new safety features such as Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning with an Active Safety Seat, and Front and Rear Park Assist. StabiliTrak with Trailer Sway Control and Hill Start Assist are standard on all Silverados. To stop the complaints the Chevy had no top of the line trim and GM had no King Ranch fighter Chevy received High Country.

Now if that wasn't enough truck engineering for 2 model years they did the Colorado and Canyon twins as well.

People tend to want to focus on a few things they didn't add but for get that all companies have their own strategy for trucks. Ford is the only company doing the gas twin turbo V6, Ram diesel V6 and GM three truck platforms Midsize, 1500 and HD. To say GM did nothing the last 2 yrs is just not true you may not care for them or their strategy but they have done a lot because a little would be changing the interior, exterior, shocks and stamping Tundra into the tailgate on just one platform. I would say GM made a lot of changes and minimized risk but maximized resources as you only but so much cash on hand to make changes.

Love IFS... Solid front axles were also used by horse drawn wagons over 100 years ago. I wonder how the ride was on one of those

What news has Ford had in the HD segment over the last 10+ years other than abandoning lousy motors? THey are basically on the same HD truck design since 1999. Yikes...

Well those are a nice improvement, I always hated the old style that weren't even mounted straight but at like a 35 degree angle.

Good addition for the best and longest lasting HD truck available today!!! Driving down I95 in Georgia on April 9th and there was white smoke along the road in front of me. Not to my surprise but there sat a dually Ford diesel pickup in the middle of the white cloud with the engine making a loud rapping sound. Just another dead Ford found on the road dead.

Trucks that you see with tow mirrors tilted up are guys that retrofitted old body style GM trucks with the current tow mirrors. Been there...done that...

They don't come that way from the factory.

@AD - that was an exaggeration on my part. I admit. but when compared to the competition - those changes you mentioned are what fanboys deride Ford for doing - truck shows little change other than cosmetics.

Lou_BC...IM CONFUSED...ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR??....I CAN SEND YOU PICS IF YOU WANT. ... only thing that truck has had is a throttle body(at about 177k miles) and diff pinion bearing because I hit a boulder in a gravel road being graded. .... and a rear brake caliper that froze up on me recently..... get a life...

@Jason - nope not really. Looks like you won the lottery since most of the people I know that have work trucks say the opposite. That applies to any brand.

I do know the rare guy with a truck that has been ultra reliable. Those are the guys that swear by the Ford, or Chevy, or Dodge they own.

That is an aberration far from the norm.

I like the new mirrors GM came out, I just hope the engineers are smart enough so they're compatible with the 2014 1/2 ton's that out there now.

Regardless of all of the new things they've done or are doing, it's still a Chevy, they suck at money management, safety, and responsibility. Remember the 2008 bailout? Who needed money? GM and Chrysler. Ford only showed up in support. 2014, GM was fined 35 million for not reporting recalls on a myriad of cars that resulted in deaths.

Y'all drive what you want, but GM is a shady company and should've been left to die in the dirt back in 2008

Ric - Blasphemy!

My 2015 Sierra replaced a 2014 Ram, both fully loaded duallys. The mirrors with cargo leds are simply superior!
They do turn on in reverse and make backing or loading large trailers much easier, however, won't turn on in drive bc people would use them to blind people with their brights on(assumption). I just shift to neutral momentarily... lol. And thay are bright as F!
We'll watch everyone copy this feature in some manner.

As far as the ball busting between manufacturers, everyone has their opinions. I have owned all of them and I got tired of replacing motors and turbos in my fords, 3 engines in my 11 f450, so I'm over them now that GM finally updated the interior. The interior is the only reason I kept buying Fords.
The Dodge is still a slightly stronger tow in hills and mountains and gets better mpg under a load.

I have a 2001 2500HD with Duramax. I now have 590,000 miles on her with the same motor. Transmission has never had a problem. I don't know of any Ford, Dodge or Toyota that even comes close to this. It is the best vehicle I have ever had in the 76 years that I have been here. You can talk all you want but the Chevy is the most durable and long lasting of all of the trucks.
And as for as the mirrors are concerned I do wonder why it took Chevy so long to come up with a nice towing mirror. Glad they finally did it.

I have used both of the ford tow mirrors and the two chevy tow mirrors the old chevy ones were bad the had large blind spots but the mew ones do not yes they still have blind spots but they are smaller and have way smaller blind spots than the fords.

Just installed new camper style mirrors on my 2015 silverado by the dealer and no power to turn signals or park lights on mirrors.
Is there a way to wire my truck to have this working?

I am a made in America buyer when I can find it.All you diehard Ford, GM,and Dodge fans make me think you are brainwashed.Buying a new truck my main concern is cost.I have been working on them all for 50 years and never found the perfect one because they all have there problems.When they drop them off at my house for free I might agree with you all.

Longest lasting trucks period !! Chevy /gmc driven them all as company vehicles as of late gm first and now dodge is second ford as usual nedds front end replaced and rearends on the ford vans then ford extende the van by body only great engineering on that one but hey i get them free im just glad i dont have to pay for the repairs the only reason im stuck with so many others is ford is the cheapest in price you get what you pay for as far as the guy that says he works them hard is lying as we would be hearing from him what im saying now it hasnt changed in many years i live in ford country and i will never buy one again i dont make money waitng for my truck to get out of service dept !!

Just installed new camper style mirrors on my 2015 silverado by the dealer and no power to turn signals or park lights on mirrors.
Is there a way to wire my truck to have this working?

Yes. I just had them mounted on my truck today. They had to order 3 wiring harnesses to get everything hooked up. The "cargo lights" on mine don't come on with the reverse, and didn't think to try the "cargo" light switch to see if they come on that way.

does anyone know how to stop the mirrors from moving when you put the truck in reverse ?

Anyone know where I can find the marker lights that are on the roof ? Looking for a set just like them to install on my truck. Thanks

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