2014 Nissan NV200 Review


"The 2014 Nissan NV200 cargo van is exactly what it looks like — a simple, useful, inexpensive miniature work truck that should serve urban businesses well without breaking the bank," says Cars.com reviewer Aaron Bragman. Check out Bragman's review for more.

2014 Nissan NV200 Review

Cars.com photos by Aaron Bragman


Blind spot at A-Pillar

cute little van.


Vans but no SUVS? Come on PTC, get with it!

I don't see why automakers don't make a small pickup out of van, just hack of the top of the cargo area a fit a bed...Like the Fiat Doblo/Doblo workup. Otherwise awesome alternative to small truck with extra security of closed cargo area.

@Liam - "I don't see why automakers don't make a small pickup out of van, just hack of the top of the cargo area a fit a bed...Like the Fiat Doblo/Doblo workup..."

They do it's call a Hemi RAM 1500. Here it is at it's best....






Its a well thought out quality work vehicle whos time in the US is overdue. For light duty assignments in congested settings it has big advantages. The Ford Transit Connect having had this market all to itself the last several years. These small vans with Dodge having an entry and Chevy rebadgin the Nissan further cut into the small truck market (think companies like Orkin that bought Ford Rangers) as these vans do have cavenrous space and call haul all but the most irregular of cargo more cheaply and efficiently than any small truck while also exceeding its maneuverablity. Yes they are Vans. Vans arent cool (havent been since they lost shag carpeting and mattresses in the back in the 70s). But vans can be smart and for someone doing a job the right tool trumps the cool tool any time.

GUTS GLORY we rebadged the K car.... we call it RAM

490 lb payload with a diesel.

come join the excitement and see why our dealers have the largest service centers on the planet.

We made the Neon, we made the shadow... we rebadged the volare and aspen as dusters and roadrunners.

we literally destroyed the heritage of the charger by adding two extra doors.

we built excitement by badging rams with the hemi nameplate even though it's heads are not really hemispherical.

We reinvented the neon and call it the dart

we have a new vanish crossover called the journey... The only journey you will take is to our service department and we will shuttle you where you need to go in a competitors vehicle so you get there on time.

We put mini van engines in our jeep products and in 2016 or 2017 we will destroy the jeep much like the heritage of the charger as we will rid it of solid axles... we may just rebadge the fiat 500 and call it the new improved wrangler.. you'll love the fuel economy.

yes it was our engineers who spent countless thousands of hours to decide to mount the spare tires in our mini vans directly under the center of the vehicle because no one gets a flat in the winter do they?

Guts glory and sure our vehicles depreciate faster then any other brand.

alcoholics love the option of our vehicle equipped cooler so they can drive with freshly chilled booze.

we have gone bankrupt twice because of our guts ,glory and poor business practices and you the consumer know things always happen in three's.... don't worry though the Italians will sell us to Syria or Iraq and our new motto will be Guts Glory and I blow you up!


How did this turn into a Ram discussion? Anyway can't know Ram biggest sales gain year over year of any truck. Conquest sales from other brands and that's why they are on here bashing it because they are afraid of the Ram.

These little vans are good for what they're for- small, light service and delivery. They use half the fuel of an Econoline or Express. A long time ago we used to have Astro and Aerostar cargo vans that were about this size. They did their jobs well enough, but neither was perfect. I think the manufacturer who can first bring a mini argo van with a diesel FOR A REASONABLE purchase price will be holding aces.

Mr. KnowitAll, The Astro was much bigger then this van and truck based, much different vehicle.

Oh great, now people are going to accuse me of being R3NxSTONEx too.

I learned more about the Transit in this article that was supposed to be about the NV... This was a review, not a comparison test.

I'll tell you why these articles about vans, especially small ones are valuable to have on a site about pickup trucks. ..
With so little innovation and virtually no competition in trucks, truck buyers like myself are seriously looking at alternatives.
We need to find ways to do more with less amongst much higher truck prices, much higher gas prices and rising costs all across the board.

Please keep these articles coming because I am very interested to learn more about the nv200 series. ESpecially the env200.

@Joe - this thread turned into a Ram because PUTC does not control the moron trolls.

@ Lou_BC

this thread turned into a Ram because PUTC does not control the moron trolls.

You should be happy your allowed to post here then

You may know by now that the 2014 Ram 1500 is Motor Trend’s Truck of Year for the second year in a row. Thanks to the innovation behind the EcoDiesel engine, Motor Trend found the Ram 1500 to be worthy of the first ever back-to-back Truck of the Year title. You’d probably agree that 28 miles per gallon on the highway is an award-winning feat for a full-size lightweight pickup.

I love my RAM!

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