Recall Alert: 2014-2015 Chevrolet/GMC Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Pickups


Vehicles Affected: About 11,400 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500 and GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, 3500 pickups

The Problem: Certain vehicles may have a faulty weld on the seat hook bracket assembly on the seat track that could result in unpredictable restraint levels during certain types of crashes. According to data collected from the laser welding machines, there may have been a loss of power at some point between July 2013 and January 2014 to cause an incomplete weld. GM is unaware of any crashes or injuries related to this issue.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the weld to determine if weld is sufficient; if not, the entire lower seat track will be replaced.

What Owners Should Do: Contact your local Chevy or GMC dealer, or call the 866-694-6546 (Chevy) or 866-790-5700 (GMC).

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To download a pdf for a full list of GM vehicles recalled this year, click here.

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Are those laser machines from China? It loses power, but keeps running? Who set the treshold for this ? A china engineer?
At least, they address that one year later.

This year has been a disaster for gm... I'm not a ford guy but I'm a f150 fan boy, on that note I think gm has better cars, but there's no way in hell I'm buying a cruze... I will never buy a gm product. I'll wait for an updated dodge dart.

This tells you how dumb the public is as they keep flocking to GM dealers to buy GM cars and trucks.

How do they recall only 11,400 vehicles from a six month period? The problem ran from July 2013 to January 2014, are they saying they only built 11,400 Chevy and GMC 1500, 2500 and 3500 series trucks for both brands?

Something is very fishy and this recall needs to be for every truck built during that period not just 11,400 trucks.

I can hardly wait to see the parade of recalls for the Colorado. It should be quite entertaining.

Hooray for Government/UAW Motors. What a great job!

@Bighorn1500: "The problem ran from July 2013 to January 2014"

False. The said the problem OCCURRED between those dates. Odds are GM knows EXACTLY when it happened to the day/days and the odds are equally high that they're checking for several days before and after the event just for safety's sake. They're not listing the exact date for legal reasons. After all, they may choose to litigate if they can narrow the overall cause to a specific problem with the welder itself or some other device that supplied power to the welder.

It's fear-mongering like yours that causes so many problems in our world.

Nothing worse then laying out huge coin for a new vehicle and spending your time dealing with recalls.

personally I see a huge failure in the new GM trucks and the styling appears to be a remake over what came before only worse.

I hope their mid sized have better quality control otherwise this could really blow up I their faces.

zviera, way to blame China for a problem made with pride in the USA.

This is the 10th recall on the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500.

I have always tried to keep an open mind about recalls, everyone has them and it is good for safety issues to be addressed and repaired.

This year past year has forced me to look at recalls differently. GM would like the public to believe that they are getting all the recalls out of the way at once and at some point in the near future all the recalls will be over once and for all.

With all their vehicles made during the era of the "old GM", it is understandable that there would be some serious safety issues, because everyone has been aware that they had past quality issues.

What has forced me to look at recalls differently is the sheer number of recalls on the redesigned GM trucks. Back in 2012-2013 when we were hearing all the rumors about the new trucks, we were told at how much $$$ GM was putting into these trucks to get things right. Additionally, we were told about the quality control measures that were put into place.

Did all the changes GM made to improve the quality of their trucks help? Apparently not as much as it should have.

When a company stumbles financially, the best & brightest engineers go elsewhere.

People say "first year vehicles always have lots of issues" but I don't believe that is true. I have had a lot of issues with my 09 ram, which was a first year redesign, but I'm not aware of any recalls for my truck and they haven't done anything to fix any of the problems I've had with my truck on the new model years. (pretty sure the current new ram trucks still have the same tailgate/bed design, same radiator, same ignition switch, same sheet metal, same radio, same window motors as in 09 which are all things I've had issues with). I believe ford didn't have any major recalls or issues when the 04 f-150 or the 09 f-150 first came out which were both pretty significant redesigns. Nor did they have any issues with the new engines introduced for 2011 except for that intercooler thing. Not sure about GM but I haven't heard of any major issues on their first year trucks other than these recalls this year.

Hey, the government had their hands in it. Name ONE thing that the government does right or without an ulterior political motive. Just ONE! And they want to control more and more and more. It's got to stop.

There's nobody to blame but FORD and RAM for GM problems.
Because they are so much better than the previous GM trucks. GM had no choice but to rush a new design to market. This is the results of a rush job.

You're not serious are you?

@beebe, Sure thing bud. lol

NEWS: Ford to recall 1.1 Million pickup trucks for gas tank problem.

YAHOO NEWS -- August 1, 2011 – Ford is recalling more than a million pickup trucks because their gas tanks can fall off and cause fires.

The recall, announced Monday, covers 1.1 million F-150, F-250 and Lincoln Blackwood pickups. The models involved were sold in cold-weather states where road salt can cause straps metal straps holding up the tanks to rust. If the straps break, the tanks can hit the ground, rupture and catch fire.
The pickups have been involved in three recalls going back to 2008, involving millions of vehicles.


zviera, way to blame China for a problem made with pride in the USA.

Posted by: CDN_Mark | Jul 26, 2014 12:27:05 PM


Drive at your own risk: Dodge Ram named 'most dangerous car' in America



2014 Ram 1500 and 2015 Chrysler 200 Among Vehicles Recalled for Possible Shock Problem

Certain 2014 Ram 1500 pickup trucks and 2015 Jeep Cherokee SUVs are also included in the recall.

What is the USA / Made in Mexico content of GMs anyway?

How much of it is made somewhere other then North America? Just asking, I would look at a window sticker but their sales people might take me to me a potential buyer and bug the heck out of me.

Well, they used to say the new 1500s were strong. Lol! Now they have a commercial out about freedom, too bad if you buy a new GM it will constantly need tweaked.

They used to show commercials saying no other truck is quieter inside, lol, of course for GM to match the quietness of Ram and Ford, it only took them 5 more years.
LOL, Chevy vs. All!

In a week when sales numbers come out, Papa Jim will look at the GM numbers (even with their high rebates, zero interest, and 90 days no payment), and he will blame the economy, or weather is bad (too hot!)



2014 Ford F-150 Recalls
NHTSA Campaign Id Number: 14V316000 Get Details
Recall Date: 06/12/2014 Model Affected: F-150
Potential Units Affected: 4629 Component: STEERING : ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST SYSTEM

Read more:


May 06, 2014 Ford Motor Co. (F - Analyst Report) announced the recall of 3,976 commercial versions of its F-Series full-size pickup truck, mostly in the U.S. The recall is being made as the vehicles can accidentally slip into reverse, which can cause a crash. Only 3 of the recalled vehicles are outside the U.S.

The vehicles recalled include F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty trucks of model year 2015. An error in the transmission control software of the F-series trucks that are equipped with 6.2-liter gasoline or 6.7-liter diesel engines and 6R140 transmissions could lead to reverse movement of the vehicle for 1-1/2 seconds.

More laughable news from GovtMoCo (GMC). You only need to watch the first 15 seconds really from each clip. You gotta love the Chevrolet vs. GM'c' dealer infighting... Those GM clowns will keep it running though with their Chinese GM'c'-Buick crap.

LOL. It's funny, but it's also sad at the same time. GM is really become a laughing stock in that regard. I mean, what other company competes against itself?

@Beebe, Here is your 2004 Flamming Ford FIRE RECALL

Recall ID # 90406 - VEHICLE SPEED CONTROL Plus Hide Details
Recall Date:
AUG 03, 2007
Model Affected:
2004 Ford F-150
Potential Units Affected:

Read more:

What concerns me is that they are recalling 2015 models. I am sure GM is making a much bigger effort than they did in the past to avoid recalls, but 2015 models are still being recalled.

I am also concerned by the type of recall. Roughly 70% of the parts in a typical vehicle are made by outside suppliers. I can understand an issue caused by a vendor supplying a defective part. How can a GM plant not know there was a power issue? If they did know, how can they ship a vehicle when they know it the manufacturing process could be impacted?

This is the 5th recall on the 2015 Chevy Silverado HD.

@HemiV8 -
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jul 26, 2014 2:44:51 PM

Is that a case of "the pot calling the kettle black" or a case of "takes one to know one"?

Care to tell us about the VIN Number on that Power Wagon you are planning to buy?

Californians mustn't look at Mexico as a foreign country since Hispanic is the dominant language.

Recalls are hurting GM big time.

"Autoblog reports GM made a net income of $200 million for Q2 2014, in comparison to $1.2 billion during Q2 2013. Speaking of $1.2 billion, that was how much the automaker paid in recall-related repairs this quarter, with a $900 million charge ready for future recall campaigns. Finally, $400 million has been set aside for the Feinberg compensation plan, though $200 million may be added down the road."

TTAC did have a story a while back that pointed out that car companies are not required to publically report the number of recalls or the number of vehicles affected but they are required to report the cost of recall repair and mitigation.

Those costs can be found in their financial statements.

Recalls happen. To everyone.

The complications with design, execution, use of such a product in so many various situations dictates that there will be issues.

Good design, Good Engineering, and Good Execution help to limit the frequency, and scale at which recalls occurr.

GM has always had issues with consistently displaying excellence in these areas. At this point they have been SO bad for SO long in suhc a BIG way that they have effectively forced themselves into the siution of being "recall bound".

Effectivly trying to make up for the magnitude of past sins (the ignition recall which make no mistake is EPIC) by issuing recalls at the drop of the perverbial hat in an effort to cultivate an image of care and head off any new negative press.

The sad part here is that the road out of this self created mess for GM is long and hard and will continue for some time.

These messes will gradually fade with time if they handle them properly and get a grip on their own processes. While the ingintion recall and the string since them in my mind represent the biggest/worst recalls ever not so many remember the big incidients prior to this new epic mess... The Corvair? The Pinto? The Firestones on the Explorers? The Ford Cruise Control Fires? All big headlines some of them even criminal with fatalities. All did pass and only historians can recall them.

@Clint, yes history does show us that they have all had major recalls. History will also show us that some people learn from their mistakes, whereas others do not. Dodge also had a lot of problems and did a complete 180 with the Fiat takeover.

GM isn't giving Michigan Bob much to work with ;)

No surprise here seems generic motors averages about 2 recalls a week. I thought the new trucks had about 4 or 5 recalls already but someone on here says it was ten..anyway almost 30 million vehicles this year...I have always said that gm was made on the cheap, stuff always squeaks and rattles, etc. just cheap and poor build quality and workmanship. That's why I will always stick with the Fords, although I like the Ram, they too have to many quality issues and also are the worst rated for crash safety...any way anyone with some common sense knows that real trucks don't wear bowties...

@HEMI V8 & TRX-4 Tom ,

Speak to me, WARRIORS!!!

I was hopeful that with GM's reorganization that GM would learn from the past and change, but in order for that to happen GM needs to do a complete 180 and change. Start with removing those who are part of the culture which like a cancerous tumor needs to be extracted so that the patient can survive. Quality and customer service need to be the top priorities. GM will probably survive but not without some major changes. It might be better for a competitor to take GM over. Ford would be a good candidate.

My salesman told me they dont make much off the sale of new trucks. So service and maintinance is where the $$ is.

They are finding that recalls don't produce as much negative publicity as extra profits for the service garage.

"While you are waiting we have a special on oil change and rotation..." etc.

Free car washes and upgraded waiting areas are common these days. Mine has a Continental breakfast for the early birds!

They would recall a licence plate bolt if it means they can get you face to face with a service pro.

@Jeff S. You say Ford should absorb GM?

Go to Wikipedia and look up "Sherman Anti Trust" It would take about fifty years to get a Ford GM merger through the courts.


So how's your ethanol fuel distillery working out. I still crack up every time I remember you talking about brewing your own motor fuel. Saving a lot of money, I bet.

I've seen commercials like these in many places traveling for work. It's always been laughable and continues to be. They do it with the trucks and small suv/cuv stuff too. Chevrolet & GMC dealers have declared war on each other. It's long term suicide what GM has done. Their short term profit ideology is very short sighted. Nissan and Dodge/Ram are chomping at the bit to take over disgruntled Chevrolet dealer networks.

Buick should have just become for China only so Chevrolet could offer nicer cars. And since most people gravitate towards the Denali trim including Chevrolet people, Denali should have become part of a Black Tie line of Chevrolet products. Including different grille options. Chevrolet simply can't compete with the premium competition of Ford, Kia, Nissan etc.. And one line of products would certainly help simplify things so maybe these guys could focus on building quality.

@Papa Jim: I enjoyed that too.
So much has gone on this year, I don't have time for anything but work. At least I can't complain about my income and gas is still deductible. (pun intended). Ha.

Vaya con Dios

@papa jim--The point is I would rather see GM absorbed by someone else rather than disappear. As for Ford and the Sherman Anti-Trust act I don't recall any US corporation in recent times being charged with anti-trust acts. IBM and GM at one time, many many years ago had anti-trust charges brought against them that were later dismissed. Now IBM and GM are no where near being a monopoly. Ford is far from being a monopoly as well with Toyota, VW, and Fiat being much larger on a global scale. It would be better for GM to remain as GM but they are the ones to blame for their own problems. Mulally was given more leeway by Ford to implement change. Barra on the other hand is more limited and the GM culture shows no signs of changing. Papa jim I realize you are completely loyal to GM, but they need to change their internal culture for their own survival. I like GM products and have owned many but they need to change.

@Jeff S

Zero chance of a Ford/GM merger under ANY circumstances resembling those we have in the present. Or any time in the last 70 years.

Regarding my cars and brands. Once again you're mistaken. To set the record straight.

I've owned an Audi, several Subaru's, numerous Fords (a F-Series, two Rangers, a TBird, a Freestyle and several Mercurys), a Nissan, a couple of Plymouth 1500 vans were my company cars back in the early 80s, an Olds, one GMC and several Chevy's (a Vega, an S10, a rear-drive Nova and a rear drive Impala, a Silverado comes to mind).

I reject what GM did to its former self in the Bush/Obama bankruptcy. Ditto Chrysler and its various ownership scams. If you live long enough you'll have a lot of cars.

Brand loyalty was for my dad's generation. Guys his age would shop at Sears but wouldn't be caught dead in a Montgomery Wards. Go figure!

I agree with papa jim. GM merging with Ford had to be one of the stupidest posts of all time by Jeff and in PUTC history. papa jim rejected the bailout. Jeff supported it!

I'll say that Jeff and Jeff's liberal and establishment friends are more responsible for the culture at GM than papa. Papa was steadfast against the big govn't bailout and wanted GM to go through Chapter 11 and a regular bankruptcy which would have changed the GM culture more than anything, left the same jobs but GM would be better able to compete.

But Jeff S sided with the establishmenl, unions, Bush and Obama and wanted "save" GM with a poltical bankruptcy. How's that working out for ya?

Jeff S believes in big govn't controll and likes to overlook the gross mishandling of the economy.

@Chris T--Go back to drinking your Cool Aid, I never said that Government bailouts are a good idea. What is done is done so the best that could be hoped for was that GM would learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. Hopefully GM gets their act together and emerges from this latest set of mishaps. As for Ford acquiring GM, I never said it would happen I said it would be better for GM to merge than to disappear.

@papa jim--My father was much different than yours in that he did not practice brand loyalty. He drove a series of Chrysler products, Studebakers, and GM products. As for Sears and Montgomery Wards my father shopped for the best price and best value which can be found other places.

@papa jim - Agreed. Ford would never merge with GM because it would kill Ford's "Global Ford" "One Ford" strategy. Where would be the synergy? Ford would end up killing off 99 percent of GM because of overlapping markets.

Ford just went through a major restructuring and the killing off of most of its old corporate culture. I doubt they'd want to live through that all over again with GM which has a culture much worse than what Ford ever had.

@Lou BC--I was giving Ford as an example. I seriously doubt anyone would want GM unless possibly the Chinese. It would be better for GM and for the taxpayers if GM gets over this and becomes a leaner and more efficient manufacturer without the old GM culture that seems to be ingrained in it. Maybe it would have been better if GM was sold off in parts, but we will have to all wait and see what the final outcome is. Actually after reading all the fan boy comments over the years on this site I have become less inclined to buy any product from GM, Ford, or Chrysler. I am less interested in the nationality of a corporation and more interested in the quality of their products and how they stand behind any problems.

Wow some have Very hight IQ,,,

@Jeff S - I know that you were putting that out as an example.

Ultimately GM would of been better off in the long run if they would of been allowed to go through bankruptcy proceedings without manipulation and intervention by government.

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