2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Video Review

Chevy Colorado ZR2 II

Chevrolet's new off-roader, the 2017 Colorado ZR2, debuted at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, where we spent a lot of time with it.

From what we've seen from the passenger seat — we haven't driven it yet — it looks pretty good.

The mid-size pickup's new technology shocks — Multimatic's Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve dampers — are the heart of the truck, but there are some other subtle and important upgrades. Pricing, of course, will be a big issue. There's a fairly tight window between its competitors: the $42,000 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and the $49,000 Ford F-150 Raptor.

Here's a quick walk-around video of the new ZR2 highlights. For a full photo gallery, click here.

We'll have more when we can test it.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams





I would never buy anything than FCA product, but I am impressed, what GM has done. Much better than raptor.

It doesn't look like it has much suspension travel. How much suspension travel does it have?

When is Ford going to build a real off road truck? Ram and GM got lockers all the way around. Pfff Ford and their mall crawler sticker packages.

Does GM have hardware traction control for the open differentials, when you are not locked up?

I sure hope so.

@johnny doe

Raptor has had an electronic locking rear differential and Torsen limited slip front differential since 2012.

This is a similar Torsen front differential to the one used in the Hummer H1.

Can't wait until they test drive it I would like to see how well it performs. Also would like to see a shoot out between the TRD pro, raptor, and rebel that would be awesome.

They could take them on the same trip they took the TRD pro just recently through Colorado.

With a diesel this is the best powertrain available in this segment for sure. Ford will soon have the Ranger with diesel, i expect Toyota to get with it and release a diesel, they already exist let us North Americans have one.

I keep looking at the design of my 4x4 ATV and the UTV's such as the Yamaha XYZ and always wonder why nobody makes a small pickup similar to that design.
I mean they have bigger axles, much more heavy duty control arms and we beat the hell out of them off road with no problems.
The day someone builds a street legal UTV will be exciting to me.

Those rear lower shock mounts need to be tucked away!

My 2016 Tacoma SR has 32" tires with stock suspension, so I have better off-road angles by far and paid way less!

LOL oxi the kid is so butt hurt, acts like you can't put 32s on a Colorado, or that the taco shock mounts hang down just as much.

Since this is supposed to be an off-roader, whether rock crawler or desert runner, hopefully I can get one with out many options

All I need/want is, power windows, a good radio(no navigation), heated and cooled seats and ac/heat....

Those rear lower shock mounts need to be tucked away!

My 2016 Tacoma SR has 32" tires with stock suspension, so I have better off-road angles by far and paid way less!
Posted by: oxi | Nov 21, 2016 11:43:48 AM

The Tacoma's shock mounts hang just as low, they're just positioned on the outside of the frame. That's nice and all but it's terrible for the shock and the upper shock mount. Tacomas, besides being famous for their frame corrosion, are well known for their upper shock mounts rotting off due to the salt and mud exposure it gets in the wheel well. Same goes for the shock. They body of the shock gets nicked, rusts, the seals go faster and start to leak.

Besides, you still have the pumpkin in the middle of the rear axle and I'd be far more concerned about damaging my diff than a shock mount.

"My 2016 Tacoma SR has 32" tires with stock suspension, so I have better off-road angles by far and paid way less!"

Paid less, but also have less. Less frame strength, less differential strength, less suspension travel, less engine power, less transmission gears, less diff lockers, less offroad-worty tires, etc etc

Price Announced for Colorado ZR2.. 41K


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