Nissan Releases Pricing for Titan, Titan XD Single Cabs

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Nissan recently announced pricing for the single-cab versions of the 2017 half-ton Titan and more powerful and capable Titan XD. Each single-cab model will be offered in S (base) and SV trim levels, with the 5.6-liter V-8 gas engine offered in the half-ton and a choice of a V-8 gas and 5.0-liter V-8 turbo-diesel Cummins engine for the XD.

Pricing for the 4x2 Titan S single-cab gas V-8 will be $30,775 (all prices include a $1,195 destination fee), while the heavier-duty 4x2 Titan XD S single-cab V-8 gas will start at $32,285. Pricing for the Cummins-equipped Titan XD S single cab will start at $38,335.

Four-wheel drive on the Titan and Titan XD will cost an additional $3,030, while the price step between S and SV models is $2,880 for the half-ton and $3,900 for the XD. A complete pricing list for single-cab models is below.

Nissan's pricing strategy is interesting, the half-ton and XD models will cost a little more than competitors' similarly configured full-size trucks. Nissan is hoping to be a better one-stop-shopping resource for commercial fleet buyers looking for a full line of options: large and small vans, light and heavier duty pickups. The average take rate for other manufacturers' single-cab models is just below 10 percent, but this does allow Nissan to compete in a segment, and with certain buyers, like it never has before.

Nissan Titan, 5.6-Liter Gas V-8

  • Titan S 4x2 single cab: $30,775
  • Titan S 4x4 single cab: $33,805
  • Titan SV 4x2 single cab: $33,655
  • Titan SV 4x4 single cab: $36,685

Nissan Titan XD, 5.6-Liter Gas V-8

  • Titan XD S 4x2 single cab: $32,285
  • Titan XD S 4x4 single cab: $35,315
  • Titan XD SV 4x2 single cab: $36,185
  • Titan XD SV 4x4 single cab: $39,215

Nissan Titan XD, 5.0-Liter V-8 Turbo-Diesel

  • Titan XD S 4x2 single cab: $38,335
  • Titan XD S 4x4 single cab: $41,365
  • Titan XD SV 4x2 single cab: $42,235
  • Titan XD SV 4x4 single cab: $45,265

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I looks like it suffered a roll over due to the rake of the windshield and the triangular side windows.

I'd love to test drive an xd 4x4 with the cummins. Curious what the payload and towing specs are

I always thought it would be nice if ram had the option of the 2500 and 3500 with a 5.0 I6 with 250-300hp and 400-550tq and 20-25mpg for those guys that don't need to tow 30,000lb that's only towing 20,000lbs

Pricing is disappointingly high- the NV2500 can be had for less with a V8. No price advantage over the domestics and you're not going to sell work trucks on ride.
@Gasser V8- the Cummins ISV is not setting things ablaze in terms of fuel economy- in the TFLT head to head with the Gas model, it came in at 10% better fuel econ, both towing and unloaded.
Ford will start offering the Lioon V6 in the F150 for the 2018 model year. HP and torque will be stellar, and even in crew-cab form that truck can carry almost 3000#.

There is something missing on new titans body wise it has ford front looks they to work on body style more popping the body more so it looks like sand racer

I have yet to see a single picture of a king cab.

Its supposed to be called REGULAR cab, not single cab

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