Ram Plants Shift Production for Refreshed 1500

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As announced previously, the refreshed 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck will be made in a newly refurbished Sterling Heights, Mich., production plant. But in a clever production play akin to what it pulled off with the all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will not stop producing the current-generation Ram 1500 when the new half-ton comes online.

According to Automotive News (subscription required), the idea is to continue feeding the commercial markets with a less expensive set of old-gen models to fleet buyers and consumers who are more price conscious.

Current-generation Ram trucks are made at the aging Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan and Saltillo plant in Mexico. Keeping the existing plants running while the new Sterling Heights plant (which begins its remodel in late December) comes online to produce the 2019 Ram 1500 models should give FCA a significant production and volume advantage that could lead to record-breaking 2019 sales during the overlap.

Spy photographers around the country are spotting both upgraded and heavily camouflaged light-duty and heavy-duty Ram pickups at the same time as Ram is experiencing a strong sales surge. Interestingly, some truckmakers are predicting or preparing for a segment slowdown while Ram sold almost 30 percent more pickups in September than it did through that time last year, and it is expected to be up almost 10 percent by the end of 2016.

The Automotive News piece also suggests the refreshed Ram 1500 will have more technology and slight design changes both inside and out, but no exotic materials such as aluminum will be used.

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I think they are the best looking trucks out there. My daily driver is a Ram.

However from 10 years of owning 3 Rams, they are anything but reliable...

How come pickup trucks.com hasn't posted the leaked pictures of the next RAM 1500 yet? I've seen them all over the internet for a week now.

So they can produce 2 unreliable vehicles at exceptional rates. Good.

Two best trucks you can buy will be fighting it out for #1 GM and Ram. Ford will fall to 3rd place.

FCA about to ram up production while FORD has rammed down.

RAM + 7% in October. Enough said.

In a mean time....

An electrical fire is delaying Ford's October sales numbers. Make sense.


So this is their plan 2 years from now. A little premature I say for an announcement. Their first announcement should be that they are working on better reliability. When you rank in last place for so many years maybe you should work on that first. But for now they will build 2 versions of junk trucks. 90% old style so they are ultra cheap and 10% new style for press releases and magazine articles.

I don't know why are they still building junk?

Fiat would be better off taking the money to Vegas. Who knows if they'll even be in business 3 years from now.

I I've had 0 issues with my 2014 ram. My friends with GM are going to the shop all the time.

In a mean time....

An electrical fire is delaying Ford's October sales numbers. Make sense.


Posted by: RAM | Nov 1, 2016 10:41:09 AM

With all those BBQ Fords parked in one place it was bound to happen. lol

Ford Issues Trio Of Recalls Over Fire Risks!!!!!!


Ram beats Ford in dependability.


Stay thirsty,

Ram longest lasting pick ups.

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