March 2017 Pickup Sales Breakdown

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The big sales news for March, beyond the fact that Ford and Ram killed it, is that GM pickup trucks did not do well. While GM has kept incentive spending down, has a reasonably low days' supply of pickups on dealer lots and runs efficient production plants, its market share is in the red when compared with 2016 sales. And that's for full- and mid-size pickups. This is the first time since GM began producing the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-sizers that it hasn't outsold Ford. And Ford is doing that with just two pickup lineups — the F-150 and Super Duty — to GM's six, the Chevy and GMC mid-sizers, half tons and heavy duties.

The other interesting thing about March sales is that Ram outsold Chevrolet in the full-size pickup segment, meaning that Ram could potentially overtake the Silverado with just a few more months like this one. That would be a big shift in the pickup truck universe.

In other March sales news, Nissan continued to gain traction with the new Titans. We're told that about half of the total Titan sales are the Titan XD with the Cummins engine, which is not the kind of gain Nissan needs for its heart-of-the-market half-ton Titan. Nissan knew this strategy would be a long road, but it will need to get better traction against the main half-ton competition.

Mid-size pickups remained stable with the Toyota Tacoma in the lead but down a few percentage points for the year and a few more for the month. We understand that about half of the Tacomas are sold with one of the three TRD trim packages — the TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport and TRD Pro — so no doubt the summer months will play better for Toyota as its buyers look to explore the great outdoors. graphics by Paul Dolan; manufacturer images


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@heyyouguys -
Ram and GM uses registration data to base the claim "longest lasting".
GM claimed it for years in the USA and Ram only claims it in Canada.
Registration data does not show maintenance and repairs. It does not show what the truck is used for and where it is used.
As far as your claims as to Ford selling more to companies, that varies by region and by manufacture incentives. Pickup fleet sales are profitable because work trucks tend to require more upkeep than civilian vehicles. They tend to have poor residual values and therefore exert little down-pressure on used pickup prices.

PUTC really drops the ball when it comes to monitoring these blogs. Most of the posts are pure drivel.

Sad to see how this site has fallen.

Right on Lou. In fleet sales you have a lot of subsegments. Commercial fleet is very profitable specially on trucks. These are businesses that buy multiple trucks from the dealers for their businesses. Ram and Nissan are busy trying to increase commercial fleet sales. Toyota was targeting fleets on the Tundra but I don't know how successful they were. If GM and the fan-boyz, don't want commercial fleet anymore, that's their loss.

"Nissan is looking for new opportunities in profitable commercial fleets..."

"Ram is trying to break the stranglehold Ford and General Motors have held for decades on PROFITABLE commercial fleet sales."

Contrary to bozos here, if a manufacturer isn't selling to fleets you can be sure it's not because they don't want to. More likely it's because their vehicle is not seen to be viable. Could be up front cost, economy, reliability, return value etc...

Jack, I like the idea of breaking out the 1/2T and 3/4T, PUTC anyway you can do that?

@Dave/Lou/Tom: GM loves fleet sales. The GM fanboys on here are trying to come up with excuses as to why their entire pickup line is getting outsold by just F-Series. They are a bunch of crybabies.

The GM fanboys on here are trying to come up with excuses as to why their entire pickup line is getting outsold by just F-Series. Posted by: Chris | Apr 20, 2017 8:58:47 AM

Not! Last chart clearly shows GM still has a 3,000 unit lead and pulled it off with older trucks with less incentives then Ford as the story says.

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