2017 Ford F-150 Raptor News: Reviews, Racing School and Towing


We know we're not perfect — as our loyal commenters frequently remind us — but when the first line of a Los Angeles Times pickup truck review about one of our favorite vehicles contains a sizable error, it makes it difficult to take the rest of the article seriously. And that's a shame, because aside from that glaring error — it's the F Series, not the F-150, that's Ford's best-seller — the rest of the review about the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is pretty good.

We know we don't have a perfect record when it comes to getting all our pickup facts right, but we're comfortable putting our batting average up against anyone else's in this playing field.

As to the Raptor itself, we're not surprised that quite a few auto writers are impressed by its abilities. We love it as well.

Raptor Off-Road

There's nothing else like it in its class, and we agree with the three top criticisms leveled by most auto writers — no diesel engine option, high price and poor fuel economy — but there needs to be context. When was the last you saw a high-speed Baja racer with a diesel? Specialty vehicles are expensive to produce, and twin turbos need a lot of fuel to spin. The single most important thing we learned during our 2017 Monster Factory Off-Road Challenge was that the Raptor is very good but not perfect. It's heavy, the payload is dismal, and it brakes like a pig.

Race a Raptor

Current and potential Raptor owners can get the most out of the desert racer by attending Ford's racing school. At the Ford Performance Racing School on the newly revitalized Utah Motorsports Campus, they can learn to race on big or small high-speed tracks. Start hinting right now by leaving a few strategically placed racing school pamphlets lying around the house. It would make a great Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday or holiday gift. Not only do you get to run Raptors on dirt, but you can also slide a Ford Focus RS around the track as well.

Raptor Video

If your tastes run in a video direction, check out this Raptor-on-the-sand-dunes video from Motor Trend. Superstar Gymkhana driver Ken Block does some dramatic dune jumping in the Raptor. The video calls the Raptor the world's best flying truck. If you want to know why that might be an exaggeration, check out Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series of off-road racing.

Raptor Fuel Economy

A Jalopnik report about towing with a Raptor has us shaking our heads. A writer there used a new Raptor to tow an old Jeep from Detroit to Moab, Utah, and then complained about the pickup's poor fuel economy. From what we could tell, he didn't weigh the trailer (which means he probably didn't test for proper tongue weight, which is crazy small on a Raptor) and used regular gas rather than the premium gas Ford recommends for the Raptor.

It was as if they'd never towed with or driven a twin-turbo EcoBoost-equipped pickup before. Yes, it has 450 horsepower and 510 pounds-feet of torque, but why assume that's going to translate into the same kind of fuel economy you'd get driving a Ford Super Duty with a single-turbo Power Stroke diesel or a 6.2-liter gas engine (no turbos)?

We have a hard time believing that Raptor buyers purchase the truck with fuel economy at the top of their priority list. Still, we love seeing people using their Raptors in different ways, even things the pickup was never intended to do. To read the full story, click here.


Cars.com photos by Evan Sears




I enjoy your articles. The hurt feelings comments come from GM fanboys who can't accept their beloved GM just can't compete in the truck arena. Even with tax payer money and wiped away debt! I hope they go bankrupt for good so they can't force their overpriced, stupidly packaged, junk on the public anymore and then we have to bail them out every few years.

The guy on Jalopnik is a piece of work and did a bad job. I also don't like how he comments and has to get the last word in on every single person that disagrees with him. That's not professional. Just stand behind your article and let people comment without you commenting back on everything.

Go on some raptor forums and see what some are getting for mileage with their raptor. They are not towing, just driving it. Some are pretty impressive .My lie o meter was 17.5 and now is 16.5 last tank. I did not by the truck for mileage, but will see how high I can get with it. If I wanted to tow or have payload i would have purchased a super duty or a regf150. Everyone has different needs and wants, its good to have a lot of different vehicles out there for consumers.

Anybody who's dying to have an offroad truck has had suitable options from Toyota and Nissan for more than 10 years.

his is the umpteenth story PUTC has done in recent weeks humping Ford trucks.

Every week or two they publish photos of the latest RAM front end, which might actually scare women and small children. No favors there!

They are on a No-GM trucks diet at PUTC lately. The Nissan gets more attention.

Next up? Another story telling us why we should all go out and buy a Ridgeline.

I see pickuptrucks.com is still swinging on Fords nuts

Poor Robert ,,,,gm don't need to build a truck like Ford,,,, gm don't need a truck to play in a sand box ,

Where did everybody go?

Poor Robert Ford will need a bailout long before GM. Have you been watching the profits drop at Ford over the last year? While GM profits keep rising and still has the sales lead.



P. Jim just went full re t ard. Never go full re t ard.

GM also had all their debt wiped away and started fresh. I hate GM and want to see them fail. All their cars are crap, their trucks don't even offer anything close to Ram or Ford but yet they want a higher price. Good luck with that. No wonder their sales are declining rapidly.

Ram is offering 25% off In my area, up to 18,000 off. They are giving those things away.

This site sure likes to push the ford garbage.
Kind of like McDonalds , they sell lot's of hamburgers but there far from the best.

This site sure likes to push the ford garbage.
Kind of like McDonalds , they sell lot's of hamburgers but there far from the best.
Posted by: uglyfords | May 7, 2017 3:29:32 PM

So true. I'll admit that Ford may have sold the most trucks this month. But Ford trucks are not the best. Chevy is the best truck for the money right now and they are made from steel and don't get damaged like the Fords. Check youtube to confirm it.

Ford Pick Up Truck Aluminum Body Accident Damage Review / Opinion
joe beermaster
Published on Apr 23, 2017

Ford pick up truck aluminum body accident damage review opinion


GM also had all their debt wiped away and started fresh. I hate GM and want to see them fail. All their cars are crap, their trucks don't even offer anything close to Ram or Ford but yet they want a higher price. Good luck with that. No wonder their sales are declining rapidly.
Posted by: Robert | May 7, 2017 11:45:45 AM

Right, that's why GM is making big profits, 3 out of the 4 brands out rank Ford in nearly all the third party reliability/dependability studies, and still have a 1,367 unit lead in pickuptruck sales.

Any more lines of made up b/s you wanna tell? HAHAHAHA! Sure Ford is making sale numbers in the black but no profit to show and no where near their 39% market share they had in 2013. I wished I could act as dumb and clueless as the Ford clowns, but I like facts and numbers. Not made up Horse s$$$t.





To the editor in charge of this Ford Fan website. The FIRST sentence of this article. It should be WE"RE, NOT were. Strong work...I am not visiting here anymore. This is all absurd.

The F-150 has always been the #1 selling truck
So you guys cutting them down are calling the majority of the people that own a truck stupid.
The reason I bought an F-150 is I figured most of the people have to be right about it being the best.
I simply want to own the best and when it's the #1 top selling truck that's proof it has to be the best.

May I suggest to research to take a look at the Powersports Side-By-Side market such as Polaris.
Sales of side-by-sides are exploding!
They are evolving to full heated cabs, even ac!
They are a much better off-road vehicle, even the small ones with a 500cc engine have a dump bed that can haul 1000 lbs and tow 2000 lbs.
In many states they are allowing SxS's to be street legal (all you need to add are mirrors and turn signals)
You can buy a Polaris Ranger 570 4x4 dump bed for $9000 or a full size one with a 900cc engine for $14K
It will out-do any Ford Raptor in any off-road condition.
The side-by-side market is exploding and slowly more and more area's all around the country are allowing them to be street legal and I believe there's a revolution coming that that big pickup truck makers don't notice.

PAPA, the diet is due to status quo at GM, they really dont have anything earth shattering to talk about ever, unless you would feel better if they do an article on how outdated GM trucks are, and how they need to be more like Ford

@johnny do,stop acting like Ford isn't making money there  first quarter total company revenue was $39.1B, up 4 percent
year over year,no where near needing a bailout and going bankrupt.

Still looks similar to the 14s with the ugly 70s wraparound dash padding and flat ugly wasteland interior trim with no character designed by the Aztec designer. It looks like Ford oval and dip down windows are a go. If you can't beat them, join them.

Tom #3 - this is a truck site so why mention quads?


I hope this truck fails miserably. I hope Mark Fields has bad dreams full of off-road trucks with minivan sounds. It would be torture like Britney Spears playing over and over for the Guantanamo prisoners. All so the can push their ecothirst engines.

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