Ford F-650 and F-750 Get Updates for 2018

Ford 750 1 II

Ford's medium-duty work trucks will get a solid update for model-year 2018, adding standard equipment and a few optional features for increased practicality and safety to the F-650 and F-750 brutes.

On the safety side, electronic stability control and traction control brakes are now standard on most models of the F-650 and F-750, but will be optional on straight-frame turbo-diesel F-750s. Also new is an available 240-amp alternator with the 6.8-liter V-10 gas engine, which is particularly well-suited for trucks with high electrical demands.

Ford also will offer a new automatic regeneration inhibitor on 2018 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel models. That technology allows the driver to postpone the high-temp incineration cycle that burns off the trapped soot in the exhaust system until the truck reaches a preferred destination. Other improvements include moving the engine oil dipstick on diesel models so it's now accessible from the ground. For gasoline models, the transmission fluid dipstick has been moved for the same reason. The final update for 2018 is an optional 3-inch front full-width bumper extension, which pushes the front bumper out in front of the grille/hood. This can help reduce repair expenses in minor front accidents.

Ordering for the updated F-650 and F-750 will begin in the summer with new models arriving into dealerships in fall.

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Ford 650[6] II



Wonder when the F-650 and F-750 will get the aluminum cab that other Super Duties recently got?

nice looking trucks

Ford 650 or 750 chassis school bus will be return?

Nice, I wonder when the GM 5500 & 65000 MD get updated.

When will it get the EcoBoost?

My dad had a F-700 years ago. Also, at the same time he was running a GMC 65 series with a 366 engine. Both trucks received the exact type of use with the drivers using either vehicle randomly. ( no one driver was assigned to a specific vehicle).
The Ford engine life (around 20,000 miles) was less than half of the 366 GM engine with life span of 50,000 miles. The Ford engines would expire with a bang. ( it did that with both FORD engines.) The GM engine would start consuming oil around 50,000 miles but was rebuild able. Other than that both vehicles were pretty much equal.

When will it get the EcoBoost?

LOL, never. Good one though.

This one time at bandcamp, I had a Chevy 366 and it went boom.

I'm waiting for Roadwhale to say he's looking for something that is not so big.

I don't like it.

I'd like it if it came in a smaller package.

@papajim, I don't need a big truck to prove how big a man I am.

I'm waiting for our fellow commenter Angelo Pietroforte to say that it's too big for his garage. Needs a cab-over design to make it easier to find a parking space at those Grateful Dead concerts they have in Santa Clara.

Wait, what about an electric motor drive---imagine how big the batteries would have to be. And a lift kit.

Whoa! and what about a cold-air filter and a dual exhaust!

I am waiting for Jeff S to tell us he and his wife is no longer considering this truck because Papa Jim was mean to him.

"Other improvements include moving the engine oil dipstick on diesel models so it's now accessible from the ground. For gasoline models, the transmission fluid dipstick has been moved for the same reason."

It's 2017 and they just now done this? That's one thing I don't miss about changing the oil in a 5.0L F150. No wonder Ford is in second place in truck sales, soon to be passed by FCA.

No wonder Ford is in second place in truck sales, soon to be passed by FCA.
Posted by: johnny doe | May 5, 2017 3:24:39 PM

Yup, Ford sucks HAHAHA!

Since PUTC enjoys linking Automotive News so much (as opposed to doing their own journalism), it's almost not a surprise they missed this story today before posting the above...

"Ford lays off 130 workers at key Ohio truck plant"

Here's another one. Toyota Tacoma and Tundra going aluminum....

I would like to add something to the comment earlier about my dad's F-700. I forgot to mention that it had a 389 engine.

About 1000 yrs ago they sold the Ford F600 in Australia. Last Ford HD truck in Australia was sold to Chrysler and became the Sterling. Since then it has been Pickups.

Funny! I was going to complain about it's size but couldn't readily find any dimensions. So factually can't tell if it really can't fit. I saw $56k starting price without any kind of bed. Heck I wonder if the pictured bed is big enough to fit an old reg cab Ranger in it cause if it wasn't I'd be complaining. Parents never bought me a Tonka truck. Yah I went to one of those Grateful Dead concerts 10 years ago at Shoreline ampitheatre. Google country. Watched the twirlers and saw Wasniak (Apple cofounder) seated a few booths over. I'm not into GD, but someone gave me the tics. Yah us Silicon Valley folk have it all wrong but every wants to come here for work and mild weather. Palo Alto airplane Exposition for me tomorrow. Only managed 10th place at last weekend's 4miler. 6:01s pace for this old guy. 1200 entrants. But I'm keeping my eyes out for a Tesla truck mule, especially the days I'm peddling to work. Enjoy your Sunday.

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