Ford Ranger Raptor Testing Underway in Australia


It looks like Ford Australia is working on something new called the Ford Ranger Raptor. So far all we have are some videos and spy photos as proof, but this could be interesting. No word yet as to whether this pickup truck will make it to the U.S. following the regular Ranger's stateside debut, but it could give the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro some competition. Check it out at Ford Australia and watch the video below.

SpiedBilde photo





Please back up what you say with facts & figure instead throwing s*** to the wall and hope it sticks.

The facts and figure should come from a reputable third party organization - not from 'The boss Hogg of The Duke of Hazard' Don't be a gasbag.

! - 'they are appealing to a micro market with this sort of truck. It's a 3-5 percent sort of thing'

2- 'Ford's business, profit is not their problem'

Just to refute your 2 ridiculous points.

1- Ford never took a bailout - financially healthy company (with debt - just like any other company Apple has debt) - it is not a company that is looking (FCA) to be married - like a rejected woman from a trailer park. You know if you walk into a trailer park with Benjamin Franklin - you can have fun but (FCA) marriage NO!

2- You know Ranger Raptor will be appealing to the masses - it is exciting! Raptor Ranger may conquer Moab, dethrone Oxi an old hag with a titanium hip acting as a lifeguard in San Diego beaches.

I may agree with you - if you indicate that you have beer money but you desire champagne which you cannot afford.

Wow ,David, you are clear example of throwing s*** to the wall and hope it sticks.

Ford has not announced that the Ranger Raptor will definitely come to America but it most likely will. Even at a lower take rate than what most Rangers will sell at it would be profitable and those that want a midsize Raptor will buy it. Wouldn't be a surprise if it were offered in the US and there was a waiting list. GM and Toyota seem to be successful with their special off road packages. Don't know what the new Bronco will be like but if it were more like the original Bronco then a special off road package would do well for it. I would like to see a test mule for the Bronco.

@Jeff S
They are going to have vastly more demand for it in the US than Australia, where it will be a tiny niche

@Robert Ryan--That maybe true but the article on TTAC stated that Ford has not officially stated that the Ranger Raptor will be coming to America. "For now, Ford isn’t saying if or when North American customers will have an opportunity to purchase a Ranger Raptor. This one’s destined for the Asia-Pacific region. However, given the existence of competition within the domestic midsize pickup market, it’s hard to image Ford saying “no” to the variant once production starts up at the automaker’s Michigan Assembly Plant."


The General Malaise (GM) shrill shills are simply posturing in the face of reality. That reality is tried and true , simply put- Ford Enters, Ford Wins.
GM enjoys a slight numerical advantage in overall sales. However they get clobbered in full size trucks sales even with two brands. With the Ranger added to the Ford portfolio it will be game over for GM in trucks. Reality sucks sometimes, but none the less it is what it is. GM kids enjoy the present moment, it will pass.

Third place goes to the mighty Ford F-150 Raptor. “The Raptor was my odds-on favorite before we got to Canada,” Scott said. “The biggest problem with the Raptor is its failure to perform the one job we brought it for: going fast off-road.” We know the Raptor is capable of going fast on the dunes of the West Coast, but on the loose-packed gravel and the mud and dirt trails of northeastern Canada, the Ford is out of its element.

Nothing was more telling than its performance on the TLH proper. “On the off-road sections, the Raptor’s rear end kept moving dramatically from side to side on the dry gravel, but things got even worse when the rain started coming down and the road deteriorated,” Miguel said. Its drive modes only made it marginally more stable, but even with four-wheel drive engaged or in Sand/Mud or Weather modes, the Raptor handled the brutal TLH far worse than the other trucks. “At speed off-road, the rear end was never settled, never confident,” Scott said. “Isn’t that what this truck is designed for?”

As disappointed as we were with the Raptor, there’s still plenty to love. Its powertrain is easily the best of this group, with effortless power and seamless shifts. It rides phenomenally, and even more impressive is that it drives like a big sport sedan on pavement. Still, we expected more from the Ford.

SOMETHINGS NEVER CHANGE. The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a truck that oozes confidence. With its beefy two-speed transfer case, locking diffs, disconnecting anti-roll bars, and winch, it’s a truck that doesn’t shy away from obstacles. You’re always looking for what’s next, and you know the Ram can handle it.

During the worst of the TLH, when the Colorado was skipping over bumps and the Raptor was sliding sideways, the Ram tracked straight and true. The Power Wagon’s Bilstein monotube shocks aren’t as fancy as the Raptor’s Fox shocks or ZR2’s Multimatic dampers, but you can’t tell from behind the wheel. The ride is slightly stiffer, mostly because of its size and higher payload capacity, but it’s never punishing. The Power Wagon always grips no matter what stands in its path. Focus on your line. The Ram has everything else handled. It’s the right truck for the terrain we encountered on the entirety of the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Can you provide a link or source for the comment above. Don't even know who conducted the test.

GM kids enjoy the present moment, it will pass. Posted by: FXDX1450 | Sep 9, 2017


Please remind me: What was the last year that Ford outsold GM in pickup trucks?

Please back up what you say with facts & figure instead throwing s*** to the wall and hope it sticks. Posted by: David Robertson | Sep 9, 2017

@David R

1. The high end pickups and toys like the Raptor are less than 10 percent of the whole market for pickups. Don't make me embarrass you.

2. Ford is profitable. Their trucks are very profitable. Ford has lost HUGE money in recent years trying to be a Silicon Valley creator of hi tech ideas.

Wrong place for Ford. Or GM. Or RAM. Silicon Valley firms fail in their first year of business at an astounding rate.

They BURN investor capital. This is not a good place for Ford to be BUT their board room seems to like the wine country or something. Ford's recent stock performance (not good) has shown clearly that auto industry investors don't want that sort of risk. GM has been risk averse and Wall Street loves it. That's why a share of GM is up for the year and a share of Ford is not.

Do some reading on this stuff if you want to f**k with me. I've forgotten more about this stuff than you've ever heard!

@Jeff S
Even less demand in the Asia Pacific Region than Australia. Maybe Ford will have a light bulb moment and sell the Raptor Ranger with the introduction of the Ranger in the US. It will have the advantage of nullifying the Off Road Colorado and the TRD Tacoma.
GM did not have a light bulb moment when it introduced the Corvette in the UK only built in LHD. Wondered why it did not sell many cars? Maybe the sales analysts should have a better understanding of their market.

Robert Ryan poo poos Raptor because it was sold in the US first.


You seemed to have missed the point. Let me recap and have you refocus. Ford clobbers GM in full size pickup truck sales. It is for only not having midsize competition that GM has a small numerical advantage. When Ford enters the Ranger the current advantage disappears, in a massive way. One only needs to compare the past Ranger production to the S10. That was a complete and overwhelming blowout in Ford's favor. It understandable your going the present overall number, you have to.To do otherwise is rather unpalatable. Perhaps there is salvation in 2019.


You seem to be confused about Ford.

Their stock has been crap for the last five years. They've had a revolving door at the CEO suite.

Their board of directors is run by people who control damn near half of the company's voting shares, yet they own less than five percent of the equity.

Wall Street investors simply have better and more equitable choices available, and don't forget. GM sells more pickups than Ford. Sorry.

I really had quite the laugh on your asymmetrical diversion response.
Since you have chosen that poor path, lets ecamine. The " new" taxpayer, let's screw the bond holders and other ahead in line creditor GM company is marginally better managed than the Old GM which was horrendously managed into bankruptcy. The new GM stock which has a short life has been relatively stable. GM as you have pointed out has been risk adverse , so adverse that it has cornered the market for bland and uninspiring. Innovation is not in the vocabulary or new company DNA. The new GM is much like Polaris Industies Indian. Indian in name alone. Now back to the numbers, it is what is and that has you engaged in diversions. As I have stated before you need to take your own council ,this time regarding embarrassment. EOS.


You can't back it up.

Do a comparison chart for the two stocks going back to 2012. Five years.

Why just 2012? How about going back to 2008? How about before 2006?

@Jeff S

Why 5 years? I was trying to make it easy for FXDX1450

Most of the finance websites have pre-configured stock comparison reports for 1 year and 5 year intervals. Just making it easy for my fellow PUTC commenters.

Just the kind of guy I am.

@FXDX1450--The reason papa jim wants to go back to 2012 is because that is when GM stock was on the upward projection. Go back to 2008, the old GM when the bond holders took a bath and the old GM stock became junk. Much easier to do look at a post bankruptcy GM with new stock and with old debts forgiven. GM is doing better but then they should do better when they are given government loans and are allowed to shed themselves of old debts. Good that GM has that opportunity but they are not completely out of the woods. Papa will not admit that Ford did take corrective action when Mark Fields was fired because Ford stock was going down and they had loses. Just that the Ford family was to blame and that anything Ford does is wrong because they are Ford and not GM. No guarantees but Ford did take action and by appointing a new CEO they are taking steps to become more profitable. Will Ford be successful? No guarantees but it is much easier to provide criticism than to acknowledge that Ford is taking action. GM should be doing better especially since it is shed themselves of the unprofitable parts of its business but will that guarantee that GM will still be profitable in the future? I don't know that for sure, I can only hope as a taxpayer because I don't want to bail them out again. I don't want to bailout Ford if they get in trouble. Unlike papa Jim I want to see both Ford and GM remain profitable and viable in the long run. Papa Jim will not even admit that Ford should have fired Fields. Ford is wrong because it is Ford and not GM and whatever Ford does is wrong. Even if the Ford family relinquished control Ford will still be a bad company. I do think that the Ford family should have less control.

Papa Jim is totally biased and will never admit that he is ever wrong. He does not ever want to appear to be weak and admitting that you don't know everything is a weakness. No one is perfect but then to admit that you are not is a weakness according to papa jim.

@Jeff S

Not sure if this last volley of comments is the REAL Jeff or the goofball that uses Jeff's ID.

@papa jim--It is me. You will never admit if you are wrong. I will admit when I am wrong.

@papa jim--I will admit when I am wrong.

@Jeff S

That's because you have a lot of practice.

I am rarely wrong so it's not easy for me to remember how to act on the rare occasion that I am. I should probably work on that a bit just for those times that I need to admit error gracefully.

In the meantime, you're wrong Jeff.

@Jeff S

You shouldn't have mentioned the Mark Fields disaster. Apart from the huge "golden parachute" he gets, Ford's stock has been in a crappy trading range ever since mid May when Fields got his walking papers.

During the last year, GM stock is up, Ford down. During that same time period the major indexes are up over 10 percent and Ford stock is DOWN in a bull market to the tune of 12 percent. Even for investors who wimp out and choose Index Funds, they're up a net 20 percent or so compared to their friends who stuck with Ford.

You're barking up the wrong friggin tree dude!

@papa jim--So you are saying you are never wrong. Don't really believe you are always right just that you are obstinate. I put you in the same category as the fan boys. Arrogant yes but you do not need to work on being arrogant you already have that down pat.

@papa jim--Even if Ford does take a corrective action they are still wrong in your eyes. Ford stock is down yes but what do you suggest they do besides take the family out of the business? Are you saying Mark Fields is the only one to get a golden parachute? So GM has never done that? No GM executive has ever taken a golden parachute? I don't approve of golden parachutes and Gov bailouts. Seems that GM took a bailout but that is ok since GM is your favorite car maker. I like GM products but bailouts are not a sustainable business practice and should not be defended as such. You will defend anything that GM does but will never admit that they make mistakes. I seriously doubt either Ford or GM will be going out of business anytime soon. If you have that much faith in GM then you need to put your money where you mouth is and invest in their stock. You are all talk. Personally I would not touch either Ford or GM stock. Not that anxiously to risk losing my investment especially if GM goes thru another bankruptcy.

@papa jim--Talk about barking up a friggin tree. Do you ever stop barking. Maybe you don't bark you bray like a jackass.

@Jeff S

Just try winning on the facts now and then. I can personally recommend it.

Ford has trashed at least 3 CEO's in the last 20 years so they won't have to admit that their board of directors is a joke. That's hundreds of millions in golden parachutes that they could have plowed back into updating their pathetic manufacturing operations.

Did any of you dolts watch the video? Who cares about sales? Consider the product and how good its going to be. This thing gonna be awesome in my opinion.

@Kamataklan--Yes the product is good regardless of what others say. Regardless of ones opinion about Ford and their board this is a great product.

Consider the product and how good its going to be. This thing gonna be awesome in my opinion. Posted by: Kamataklan | Sept 10, 2017


Ok, that's great.

You should buy two or three of 'em. (Unless you want real value for your hard earned dollars). For the price of a Ranger you'll be able to buy a full sized truck--whichever brand you like.

The Ranger will be an overpriced mid sizer without a value proposition. Cramped interior, mickey mouse powertrain and lame performance figures (towing cap and hauling muscle). The Ranger Raptor will be a bling machine for impressing the guys down at Biff Burger

Have fun!

@papa jim--Wrong again! Ford did update all their truck facilities and is updating the facility to make the Ranger and Bronco.

@papa jim--You are the fake news.

@papa jim--Wrong again! Ford did update all their truck facilities and is updating the facility to make the Ranger and Bronco.
Posted by: Jeff S | Sep 10, 2017

@Jeff S

Tell that to all the folks who built Rangers at the old Twin Cities plant that Ford boarded up back in 2012. Please try to get your facts straight.

This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

@papa jim--Either you have not read the articles from the past year about Ford closing their truck plants and completely re-doing them for the production of aluminum trucks. Not exactly a minor thing. Also the conversion of the Michigan plant to produce the Ranger and Bronco. As for Ford closing the Ranger plant didn't GM close the Colorado/Canyon plant in Shreveport in 2012 or did you conveniently not mention that. You are completely biased on this matter. Facts are a funny thing if you just quote those that sustain your viewpoint and disregard those that are contrary. Nothing like denying facts that disagree with you preconceived notions.

@Jeff S

Your statement was false. I fixed it. You should appreciate that but instead you trash me. Some friend you are.

So are you saying that GM did not close the Shreveport plant or that that plant never existed?

"Shreveport Operations, officially the Shreveport Assembly and Stamping Plant, was a General Motors vehicle factory in Shreveport, Louisiana. The 3,100,000-square-foot (290,000 m2) factory opened in 1981 and produced the company's compact pickup trucks along with Moraine Assembly in Dayton, Ohio. At one time 3,000 employees were on the payroll. Construction of the plant began in 1978, and a 2002 expansion included a new stamping facility.[1]

The plant was closed in August 2012 with the last truck produced being a white Chevrolet Colorado. On the front of the vehicle, a banner was attached displaying that it was the 8,853,693rd vehicle that had been assembled at the plant. At the time just over 800 hourly and salaried workers were employed there."

@papa jim--You definitely won't let facts get in the way if they conflict with your views.

@ Jeff S; don't give papajimbo anymore credit than he deserves & believes - he's become just like GMSUCKS and other GM fangirls who have no life other than wasting time in their parked trailers searching the net for any anti-Ford fake news...

@Lionel--You are correct. I understand why people are loyal to a brand but at least be honest and don't pass it off as fact which papa jim does. I got it papa jim likes Chevrolets but at least admit it and don't pretend to be objective. I will give Ford credit for bringing the Ranger to the US and a Ranger Raptor would be a smart move for the US market.

Papa you are a funny guy. When we are talking production numbers, you want to talk stock valuation and CEO's. If we were talking about corporate governance and management ability new or old GM, you would want to talk a three card monty of production numbers. Pomposity seems to know no bounds in your puffy p ontifications.
Maybe 2019 will bring some salvation, let's see what innovations(usually imitation of Ford or Ram)are forthcoming. In the meantime brace yourself for the forthcoming big tilt in numbers.

In the meantime brace yourself for the forthcoming big tilt in numbers. Posted by: FXDX1450 | Sep 10, 2017


You're probably referring to GM outselling Ford for 2017. Or you could be referring to Ford's stock taking another big sh*t before the new year. Since their new CEO hasn't gotten any traction in Dearborn yet you could be referring to the Ford stockholders packing up their next golden parachute.

Either is likely and the GM win in truck sales is virtually assured.

There he goes again, like a broken record.

GM as you have pointed out has been risk adverse , so adverse that it has cornered the market for bland and uninspiring. Innovation is not in the vocabulary or new company DNA. The new GM is much like Polaris Industies Indian. Indian in name alone. Now back to the numbers, it is what is and that has you engaged in diversions. As I have stated before you need to take your own council ,this time regarding embarrassment. EOS.

Posted by: FXDX1450 | Sep 9, 2017 9:52:44 PM

"Bland and uninspiring" Hmm sort of like Toyota. Seems to have worked alright for them for the last few decades.

"Innovation is not in the vocabulary or new company DNA."

Ford's "innovations" have been terribly unreliable and gas-guzzling Ecoboost engines, aluminum bodies that look terrible and make terrible truck beds, and a glitchy infotainment system that took a decade figure out. The rest are just gimmicks that increase the price and stop working just after the warranty expires. Ford gave up on tough or reliable trucks a while ago, now they're throwaway trucks with throwaway engines and throwaway gimmicky tech.

The Ranger Raptor will either be nerfed to avoid eating Raptor F150 sales, or it'll be so overpriced it won't be able to compete against the TRD Pro and ZR2. My guess is, they'll make some SVT aluminum lower control arms and put a set of entry level Fox shocks on it. If the Ranger Raptor ends up just being basic Fox Shocks and a crappy Torsen diff in the front, bolted to junk IWE hubs, it's not going to outperform the ZR2, but will definitely beat the TRD Pro. They'll put a junk ecoboost in it, no doubt, so reliability will suck unfortunately.

The Ranger will be better than the Bronco, which will be a massive disappointment when everyone realizes it's a 4Runner, but less reliable and the IFS design will be inferior. The Wrangler Unlimited will destroy it off-road.

I don't care what everybody else likes or what they don't like. I know what I like. Wanna by a chevy, go ahead. Partial to ram, good for you. Prefer a toyota, more power to ya. All the manufactures are making great trucks. It's good to have choice. To bash other people for their choices and preferences is childish.


Jack Smith --1992 to 2000
Rick Wagoner--2000 to 2009
Fritz Henderson-2009-2009
Edward Whitacre, Jr.,2009-2010
Daniel Akerson--2010-2014
Mary Barra-2014 to present.

What was papa jim saying about Ford having 3 CEOs in 20 years when in less than 20 years GM has had 6 CEOs. 6>3 not exactly fuzzy math.

Papa Jim is a moron.

See your doctor Jeff.

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