2018 Chevrolet Colorado Centennial Edition Video


Chevrolet used the 2017 State Fair of Texas as the backdrop to debut its newest special-edition mid-size pickup: the 2018 Colorado Centennial Edition LTZ Z71. The little pickup, which can be ordered in extended- or crew-cab configurations, is well-equipped at a starting price just less than $40,000. It's available this fall. Here's a closer look.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry





Well that is a fail, put the same truck out as its bigger counterpart and steal sales and loose more ground to the #1 F series. Bad move there, at least it seemed like a good idea.

I don't need more info on this truck. It's just a bunch if plastic badges.

Great looking truck. Congrats GM. It will take more than a quarter of a century for the F-series to reach the centennial milestone, that's if they are still around by then.

I like the color. Great looking little truck. Does the Centennial Edition come with the Diesel? It sure is starting to be a popular truck with the diesel option.

Dumb move by GM. No wonder we cant over take Ford, when we steal from own full size trucks. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Re F series

Then it will take the Silverado brand even longer as it came out in 1987. F series since 1948. Ford already had their 100 year truck anniversary earlier this year with the 2017 Raptor. GM is copying but with only plastic badges to offer up. Fail.

It's a nice looking truck. Put the 4.3L in it for alittle more attitude.
I agree if they also offer the diesel in it would be nice. I see a ton of these trucks here in the Midwest.

I'm putting this truck at the top of my list.

Ford already had their 100 year truck anniversary earlier this year with the 2017 Raptor.

Posted by: Alex | Oct 6, 2017 2:09:55 PM

LOL the 2017 Craptor was their way of celebrating? They ruined the Raptor with that timing chain eating Ecobust and that trash 4WD system. 2017 and Ford is still locking the front hubs with ancient vacuum lines and cheap plastic gears. What a joke.

Seriously, for 55+ grand, this is the best Ford can come up with?

Ford already had their 100 year truck anniversary earlier this year with the 2017 Raptor.

Posted by: Alex | Oct 6, 2017 2:09:55 PM

This is done right.

GM using the 100yr Badge on this Crap, it's Colorado. GM Marketing = UBER FAILURE.


I'm putting this truck at the top of my cliff

Posted by: Frank | Oct 6, 2017 5:50:36 PM

GM has outdone the midsize competition by far. I have a 16 4 do it canyon 4x4 long box and it tows my 9000 lb trailer with No problem. It is equipped with a diesel. 28 mpg with the trailer. Just finished a South Carolina trip from upstate BY, and earned 31.5 mpg driving 77 and A.C. on. No trailer. Rides fantastic.

As far as Ford is concerned, they sell the most, but they do not last. My shop has fixed more 4x4st than any other truck. Toyota is next. Look back, since WWII, chevy/hmm still have 77 % of their trucks still registered in the USA. Ford is around 48%. L9nger lasting more pulling power., more GO, and torque.

That is why GM is the greatest company of all time. 79 years in a row.

You got that right Skinner! Ford has the most ancient and weak 4x4 system out there these days. Plastic gears and vacuum lines. What a joke! So much for innovation and toughness. Constantly see (hear) new F-150's with grinding plastic hubs. The worst is when somebody decides to drive their F-150 through water and either gets water into the hub or sucks water into the vacuum system. Total garbage.

@Big Al--What you just said, it so articulate, it is intelligent, and it is logical.

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