The King of Beasts Tow Test Is Live

The King Of Beasts Tow Test Is LiveWe spent months working on this one. Max towing with the two biggest pickups around. Ford vs. Ram.

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IIHS Rollover Test and Pickup Safety

IIHS Rollover Test and Pickup SafetyEver wonder why one pickup can cost more to insure than another of equal performance? Lots to know.

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Kings of Beasts Are on the Road

King of Beasts Are on the is on the road again, this time with two of the biggest tow monsters sold in the U.S.

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Ford F-150 Tops American-Made Index

Ford F-150 Tops American-Made IndexThe Ford F-150 took the top spot on's American-Made Index for 2013.

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The 2013 Light-Duty Challenge Is Here

The 2013 Light-Duty Challenge Is HereIt's no small feat to put together a comparison test like our 2013 Light-Duty Challenge.

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It's Coming: 2013 Light-Duty Challenge

It's Coming: 2013 Light-Duty ChallengeOur latest comparison test will go live on Monday, June 17, at Noon EDT, barring any unforeseen issues.

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2013 Light-Duty Challenge on the Way

2013 Light-Duty Pickup Challenge on the is partnering with Popular Mechanics to test all the newest half-ton pickup trucks.

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Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Duramax Wins 2013 Canadian Truck King Challenge

Chevy Silverado HD Wins 2013 Canadian Truck King ChallengeThe 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax won the eighth annual Canadian Truck King Challenge.

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Are Hybrid Pickups the Way to Go?

Are Hybrid Pickups the Way to Go?Can a hybrid pickup make an impact in the new truck marketplace? So far the answer is yes and no.

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Half-Tons Gain Power, Mileage

Half-Tons Gain Power, MileageThe F-150's EcoBoost is attacked from all sides as Ram's Hemi 8-speed and GM's twin-turbo enter the market.

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