Ford F-150 Raptor Video Surfaces Online


Update Nov-1 2008: Here's our copy of the video. It's part 1 of 5. We have three of the segments, now.

We’re getting reports that Ford Special Vehicle Team videos are showing up on auto-news publishers' doorsteps with footage of what can only be the offroad-racing inspired Raptor F-150. Autoblog and Jalopnik have received and posted copies.

The video opens with the quote, "We'll call your offroad package, and go all in..." A black truck matching earlier Raptor spy photos is shown running across the desert at 60 mph. Close up shots of the wheels and body show awesome amounts of suspension travel and incredible body stability.

It looks like recent reports of the Raptor’s demise were premature. SVT says it’s coming some time in 2009.

We’re sitting near the door, looking out the window for our copy of the video and breaking open our piggy bank while we wait.


perhaps it will take the Expedition's Independent Rear Suspension, stiffen it up for increased payload, and compete with the Dodge Ram's coil sprung live rear axle?

Compete? Don't you mean wipe the floor with?
Those comercials on the web are hilarious. If you look, really look at the video's those trucks are breaking suspension parts and body parts in their "tough truck" video's.
You can reskin a P.O.S and call it a flower, but its still a P.O.S...

i want one ford til death all others suck

what do you know about powertrains? ive driven the new 4.6 3v with 6 speed trans and its quite a ride, fast revving engine and smooth shifts. Maybe raptor can be fitted with new 2010 stang 5.0 3v engine capable of 350 hp and 500 blowned? These engines would be perfect for an svt street version and harley treatment too, perfect.... just make them real, salute.

Im not impressed. I would do that with my truck any day of the week.

Sweet truck, I cannot wait to see it in person.

Re: County Mounty
I'd like to see you try and drive 60 in rough desert like that in a Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, or Nissan. I would laugh my ass off.

Re: Bob
I don't see anything falling off it.

Have any of you actually seen SODA or SCORE, or any of those OffRoad Racing series?? They take a pounding. We'll see what it looks like in production trim and let some real experts test it when it comes out and see how it holds up.

I'm talking about the Dodge video's...
Ford trucks are great!!.. driven all the competition.. I keep coming back to Ford..

These videos don't show much and are not very impressive... however, I have seen some of the suspension parts and shocks they will put on these trucks... Holy Cow! It will be a bad ass truck!!

Can't wait to see one in person, I just hope that it is priced where folks can afford it.

It won't be just another F-150 with a few different parts on it. It will be a truck that you could drive off the dealers lot and go run the Baja 1000 and actually compete!

Ready and Waiting!

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