SEMA 2008 Preview: DeWalt Contractor Heavy-Duty Ford F-150

DeWALT F-150

Ford has officially released a rendering and specs for the DeWalt Heavy-Duty Contractor F-150 that will debut next week at the SEMA show. It's designed to be the "ultimate contractor’s truck," according to Jennifer Ervin, director of Business Development for DeWalt.

The DeWalt HD Contractor includes features such as a built-in charger in the center console for battery-powered tools, a customized storage area beneath the second-row seat and Ford Works Solutions Tool Link, sourced to Ford from DeWalt.

"Tool Link will enable contractors to know if they have the right tools for the job in the truck when they leave in the morning, and it also helps prevent loss of tools at the end of the day," Ervin said.

The DeWalt F-150 also sports a Roush-badged air intake on the top of its hood. We'll find out if contractors can make it to the job site faster, too, when we see the truck in Vegas.


What is with Ford and all of the "Signature" trucks? Saw the Cabelas and Harley models at the Texas state fair, and they didn't contain much more than a bunch of decals and a few extra features. For the money you pay for those packages, it's just not worth it.
I also don't understand why people would want to advertise for a brand/company. If I'm gonna advertise for a specific brand or company, they better be paying ME for it, not the other way around!

that is one bad ass ford truck woo go ford til death

If you build it, they will buy it. American consumers are like sheep.

Americans better wiseup and stop buying useless junk they don't need. Honestly, what purpose will having a charger in the center console for your cordless drill serve? Are you going to be framing out a new wall sitting behind the wheel while stuck in traffic, sucking in warm air into your Roush-labelled air intake on your hood, and aspiring to get overall fuel economy close to 14 MPG?

This country wasn't built by Americans who had convenience at their fingertips. Just because we can have all the toys now doesn't mean there isn't someone else out there without the toys that will work harder and cheaper to get them.

So all you contractor-types who would consider buying this abortion, think twice. Its not a matter of how you look pulling up to the job. (Or, more likely, showing off to the neighbors in the McMansion-home development where you live) Its how well you do your job and how cost effectively. In the dwindling US economy of the early 21st century, people will start to go with the guy who is cheaper and doesn't drive a flashy truck.

Automobiles are depreciating assets the moment you sign the paperwork and drive it off the lot. If any shmuck reading this thinks of this vehicle as being an investment, think again.


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