2008 PickupTrucks.com Half-Ton Shootout Coming Friday November 14


Coming this Friday, November 14, get ready for our most comprehensive comparison test yet. The 2008 PickupTrucks.com Half-Ton Shootout will determine which light-duty truck will earn the title of 'Best Overall Half-Ton Pickup.'

The field is a big one, including the new Dodge Ram 1500 and Ford F-150, GM’s updated Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra with new six-speed transmissions and the most powerful V-8s in the segment, Toyota’s recently revised Tundra and Nissan’s Titan.

All the trucks are four-wheel-drive crew cabs equipped with the largest V-8 engine available.

The tests are bigger too, including quarter-mile acceleration runs empty and towing a 6,500 pound trailer, a loaded 7.2 percent hill climb, a ride and handling autocross, a 60 to 0 mph brake test, our famous trailer squat test, an offroad obstacle course, wheel travel measurements, fuel economy, feature evaluations and more.

If you're about to buy a new half-ton pickup, you don't want to miss this story!



Can't wait !

Dodge won it !


Come back Friday to see our pick.

I recently test drove all the half-tons with the exception of the Titan and the Dodge was hands down the best of the bunch.

Hellno!!!! dodge won't stand a chance the 2009 chevy 6.2L 404HP is gonna kick its ass!!!!!!!!!!

I's a 6.2L vs a 5.7L, still dodge is going to win,it's sad that a 5.7L can kick off 400hp and the 6.2L is 4 hp bigger.

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