Does Nissan NV2500 Concept Van Hint At New Pickups Too?


Nissan North America released a sketch today of its NV2500 commercial van concept that will debut at the North American International Auto Show in January. At least one other commercial vehicle is expected to debut alongside the van, likely a heavy-duty pickup.

Working on the assumption that NV equals Nissan Van, we did a quick trademark search and found other NV series names, including NV1500 and NV3500, indicating we could see half-ton to one-ton commercial vans.

We also found Nissan has trademarked the series NP1500 to NP5500. The trademark described the NP name to be used for pickup trucks. We've been expecting Nissan would build heavy-duty Class 2 to 5 pickups alongside its future commercial vans at its Canton, Miss., plant, but the NP1500 name indicates a half-ton-segment truck. When Nissan moves to the Dodge Ram-based platform for its next half-ton pickup, will it drop the Titan badge for NP1500 so it aligns with its commercial trucks? Stay tuned.

On a related note, the NV2500's front styling brought back memories of the radically-shaped 2001 Nissan Alpha Truck Concept that heralded the arrival of the 2004 Nissan Titan.



So will this van have a V8 in it?

That is the most disgusting looking van and truck I've ever seen

check out the new official nissan NV2500 site at

That does not look like any heavy duty? Maybe on Mars?

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