Ford Ranger Max Concept Debuts In Thailand


Ford pulled the sheets off a slickly styled Ranger Max concept at the 2008 Thailand International Motor Expo in Bangkok. Thailand is the world's second-largest market for pickup trucks, after the United States.

According to Ford's press release, a team of Ford truck specialists in Thailand worked closely with Ford's Australia-based Asia Pacific and Africa design team to create the Ranger Max. Ford's design team incorporated design cues into the Ranger Max that may be seen in future Rangers.

"We know Ranger is tough and durable, and Ranger Max adds to those qualities," said Paul Gibson, chief designer of the Ranger Max show truck. "The show truck does not follow a trend; it sets a new, tough style direction for compact trucks. Ranger Max is genuinely tough, and it is a truck that gets the job done. This high-impact show truck also has the bold visual presence that looks great on the urban scene."


Recent Ford truck design cues, like a twin-nostril three-bar grille and fender side vents, have been evolved with inspiration from power tools and extreme sports gear.

"When you look at the front design, the three-bar grille, the overt nostrils and open mouth, you're looking straight into the face of Ranger's evolution," Gibson said.

A sports bar integrates the cabin area with the tonneau cover. The tailgate is embossed with the word "RANGER" and a pair of unique taillamps. The lower body side, with its two-piece interlocked-sidestep look, was inspired by rock-climbing equipment. Side graphics on the fenders and lower doors are inspired by shattering glass.


Cog-shaped wheel arches surround the Ranger Max's six-spoke, 18-inch alloy wheels, shod with offroad P285/60R18 tires.

Ford's press release doesn't mention what's under the hood, but we'd guess it's a version of Ford's overseas Duratorq five-speed, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that's used in the current Thai Ranger.

Production of the Ranger in the U.S. is scheduled to end by 2011.

[Source: Autoblog]


Man this is one good looking truck! If Thailand is second to us in truck production then why do they get the cool trucks?! I would buy this over the bland F150. First the Nissan Frontier single cab with a diesel engine and now this. LISTEN UP Nissan and Ford! We would love to see these trucks on American streets. Even the Mitsubishi L200 Triton which can be seen here:

Cool, a mini Raptor! I hate those hard lids on the back though, i would rather a soft tonneau cover.

Great to hear from Ford and its continueing comitment to build small trucks. I hope that they bring the new small truck here to the States. I don't care for the styling on the max. It looks a little like the 2000 frontier I think nissan sold about 100 of them. But the more civill version I might buy

man if only they made that here, sales would be spike on this one great looking truck!!!

awsome sweet so rad about time they make the truck look cool

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