Honda Ridgeline and Ford F-150 Earn IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released its list of 2009 Top Safety Pick award winners. Joining last year's sole large-truck winner, the Toyota Tundra, is the new 2009 Ford F-150 and the Honda Ridgeline. Among small trucks, the Toyota Tacoma made the grade.

Each year, IIHS offers to test Top Safety Pick candidates early in the model year. The policy is for manufacturers to reimburse the Institute for the cost of vehicles if the tests aren't part of the group's regular schedule. The Top Safety Pick list is presented by vehicle size because size and weight are closely related, and both influence how well occupants will be protected in serious crashes. Larger, heavier vehicles generally afford better protection in crashes than smaller, lighter ones. IIHS selects its Top Safety Picks by evaluating each vehicle's crashworthiness and occupant protection in frontal-offset, side-impact and rear crash test scenarios.


Why is the Toyota Tundra missing from the image and title of this story? It was picked along with the F-150 and Ridgeline.

@Brian: Yes, the Tundra was awarded this recognition last year and maintains it this year, because it's the same model. There's a link in the story to the Tundra getting the honor last year.

Congrats to Ford and the new 2009 F-150. What happened to the new 2009 Dodge Ram? The 2009 Chevy Silverado? GM Sierra? Are they poor at safety?

I own A Ridgeline!! This is the finest truck I have ever owned. I literaly glide through the curvy back roads of the Chatahooche National Forrest with confidence. Other trucks I have owned fish tail or spin out going through the back roads but not the Ridgeline with its All wheel Drive.
Due to the all wheel drive system I am able to avoid an accident from lack of control.

I had a 2001 Dakota and was in the middle of a three car pileup. I was rearended by a toyota tacoma and pushed into a brand new infinity. the guy in the toyota needed an ambulance ( his air bag didn't deploy) his face was a mess his poor toyota had to be towed the guy in the infinity didn't want an ambulance but he kept rubbing his neck .his car had about 4500 in damage he also was towed. i was pissed off becouse both bumpers were damage and my hat was knocked off my head, BUT I DROVE AWAY unhurt.1400 for my new bumpers and a new fan shroud. 2 years later I went and bougt a 2004 DAKOTA.....

Congratulations!!!! Ford for top safety pick award winning it will be very profitable in its history I hear Ford plans to eventually build the F-150 with a Diesel. Honestly I like the robust looks of the F-250 better, maybe I'll get a very short box and single cab diesel. The Chrome front and Headlights look quite handsome.

The 2009 Honda Ridgeline is equipped with 3.5 liter V6 engine which produces 250 horsepower and 247 pounds feet of torque. It is teamed through a five speed automatic transmission to a AWD system called VTM-4(Variable Torque Management four wheel drive).When fully equipped this mid size crew cab pick up truck can tow up to 5000 pounds and handle payloads of up to 1,550 pounds which is sub par in comparison to other V6-powered compact, midsize pickup truck.


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