October 2008 Top 10 Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickups Sales Figures
Year-to-Date (YTD) October 2008

#1. Ford F-Series
436,022 -26.0% YTD
October 2008: 43,324
October 2007: 51,741

#2. Chevrolet Silverado
402,191 -23.6% YTD
October 2008: 31,689
October 2007: 48,716

#3. Dodge Ram
213,684 -29.0% YTD
October 2008: 17,626
October 2007: 24,711

#4. GMC Sierra
145,067 -16.9% YTD
October 2008: 11,256
October 2007: 17,417

#5. Toyota Tacoma
127,314 -14.3% YTD
October 2008: 10,001
October 2007: 12,449

#6. Toyota Tundra
121,451 -25.5% YTD
October 2008: 6,425
October 2007: 17,868

#7. Ford Ranger
58,706 -5.6% YTD
October 2008: 3,891
October 2007: 4,775

#8. Chevrolet Colorado
47,396 -26.9% YTD
October 2008: 2,552
October 2007: 5,753

#9. Nissan Frontier
42,424 -23.8% YTD
October 2008: 1,551
October 2007: 4,959

#10. Nissan Titan
30,907 -44.8% YTD
October 2008: 1,007
October 2007: 5,001


Its a shame that Toyota blew their chance (again) at building a full size truck for the American market that Americans would love. I can still recall the disappointment when I test drove my first one a year ago...prepared to trade then walking away disgusted. I love the way companies and salesmen brag on engineering. It was obvious to me that many people dropped the ball. Here is an idea...before a company builds something new, why not as people who have similar products what it would take for them to trade. I could have told them exactly what my chevys, fords and gmcs needed to make them better vehicles. Its one thing to be the first product out in the market but when you have so many to products to cherry pick from, there really is no excuse for not building somthing that people will enthusiastically embrace...unless your ego gets in the way:-)

Gas is below $1.99 Lets all buy a truck truck sales should surge now gas is lower. Need to get those loans out there

Laughable, Toyota blew exactly what? They're not asking for a bailout from there Government, as the American car makers are, as bad as the economy is, a smart person will make a quality purchase rather then purchase an inferior product. People purchase vehicles these days with quality in mind, who knows if, or when they'll be able to purchase another. They purchase vehicles that are reliable and will retain a higher resale value over the years. The name Toyota is synonymous with quality, American car makers should have kept that in mind in the 70's, 80's and 90's when they were manufacturing an inferior product, then perhaps they wouldn't be in the predicament they're in now, they lost countless American car buyers during these decades, including myself.


Dan go drive your car to the unemploymet line.My 2004 Dakota has 90k and no problems.inferior... i will go against any toyota product.

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