SEMA 2008: Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept Live


Paging Marty McFly! Your new Toyota Truck is sitting on the floor at SEMA.

The Tacoma Truck Concept is Toyota's modern-take on the 1985 SR5 pickup from the movie Back to the Future, our favorite movie truck.

Toyota's project manager for its SEMA trucks, Warren Victor, said "The Truck Concept is just like the old mid-eighties Toyota truck. It's a 4x4x4: four-wheel-drive with a four-cylinder engine."

While the engine is stock, its off-road running gear isn't. Toyota replaced the Tacoma's independent front suspension with a solid front axle from a Landcruiser, for improved durability and articulation.


In true 80s fashion, the exterior has been painted creme pearl with up-to-date accent stripes. There are also American Racing AR23 wheels, Buchwacker flares, and smiley-face covered KC Daylighter lights.

The interior cloth has a Reagan-era feel (literally) from genuine twenty-year old Recaro cloth seat fabric. "We found it in the corner of a warehouse," said Victor. Nice!


• Cream Pearl Exterior with retro stripes by Focus on Cars
• Brown interior with Recaro fabric by Fast Ed’s Interiors
• Full drivetrain conversion to Landcruiser solid front axle, transfer case, rear axle by Toyota Motorsports Technical Group
• Custom tubular bumpers, roll bar
• Custom front grill by Focus on Cars
• Grant’s Kustoms Rear Roll Pan
• KC Daylighter 6” Off Road lights
• Bushwacker Fender Pocket Style Fender Flares
• American Racing AR-23 wheels
• BF Goodrich All Terrain KO tires


This truck...i LOVE

You're not the only one.

Where can I buy one?

Unfortunately it's only a one-off. Maybe if enough people speak up...

This truck is exactly what an off-road enthusiast wants! A small to mid-size truck with a solid front axle and a manual shift transfercase. Probably should add the 4.0 V6 to the package though. Sign me up too.

This truck is makes a lot more since for a production product than Ford’s answer to the question nobody is asking with the Raptor.

I want one. That is very sexy...

Let me start with saying wow, is it possible that toyota or one of its constituents have been listening to the offroad and outdoor crowd? This is the (speaking of both trucks) best step in the right direction we have seen since toyota start in trucks! Toyota if you are listening " You really reached a certian group of us with these changes"! If there is a petition we can sign, a person we can email, or a blog that we need to post on that would really make a diffence please let us know! Love these trucks, absolutley love them and would like to hear more about whats to come in the near future!

Yikes this is Toyota Tacoma I would buy right now , its still a little big and an extra cab but sign me up .

I had an 82, had no suspension but it was tough, it'd just bounce! I can't believe how well this concept nails it, and with such minor exterior mods, that grill needs to make it to market. The interior takes it over the top, sweet!

Keep the 4cyl just add a manual transmission, I and many others prefer a Toyota 4 to any Toy V6.

Toyota USA Executives have too much personal bias to bring this into the market, it is evident with their lost opportunities in other US vehicular markets in which they already produce vehicles yet will not sell.

That said, love the concept. I'd buy that new off the lot. Seriously.

Exactly what John above say's. I would drive my '86 4runner with a 22RE/W56 straight to the lot to buy this truck.

Current market conditions should eventually force truck manufacturers back to their utilitarian roots ie. solid axles, spartan interior, 4cyl engines etc... No more luxury trucks.

If Toyota's watching, here's my money and I want to throw it at you.

I want to buy this truck, maybe put in a 5 speed transmission and some BFG MT/KA 33's should do the trick.

reminds me of my 87 regukar cab 4cyl toyota

That thing ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's even cooler than my 99' Tacoma.
Toyota if you're listening, build it and I will buy. Please, oh pretty please!

I have a 2004 tacoma V6 TRD 4x4 that I love and use for surf fishing. I am ready to trade it in for this new beauty! Toyota, push this concept to production. We are ready for it!!!

I wish toyota would build this, its all I really want in a new truck, midsize with a solid front axle, the 4cylinder motor I don't mind since I drive and 85 4runner with a 22re, and if this is built the transfer case etc wouldn't be a problem, the aftermarket would acccomodate upgrades. Even the fj80 axle upfront would have upgrades that are already out there.

please toyota build us a real truck with a solid front axle again

Toyota build this with the 3.0 diesel from europe and you will have a huge hit on your hands..

I know for a fact that if Toyota releases this truck, It WILL be the biggest and best release to date for toyota. It would def. send toyota over the top and make them the number 1 truck company in the world. If you read this TOYOTA, Put it in to production because we all have the money in hand and are ready to throw it to you for the truck.

Not me. Are you kidding? I don't need no stinkin' center console. Only 5 seats?

Make it 6 seats and we'll talk.

That is probably the only new 4x4 I like, and that is saying something!!!!!

I cannot say much else, I agree totally with all the comments posted to date.

Add a manual transmission, and manual shift transfer case, then produce it. I will be waiting in line to buy one.


If it's a four cylinder, then I wonder which engine is in it...a 3rz? or a 22r. Man, Toyota should make it straight axle all the way for the 4x4 models and leave the Prerunners IFS. They'd bank on that fer shurr.

Did this people ever see BTTF???? IS NOT EVEN BLACK... WHAT THE???? and those bumpers,,, they look so thin!!!

Oh boy I want that truck!!!! Toyota do you hear me? That's is the most beautiful truck I've ever seen, I would sell a kidney to get one. Love the Solid axle!!!! This would sell like hot cakes, I really miss my 87 and 84 4x4 toy!!!! The after market would explode, every company would have a suspension kit out, factory solid axle with racing coils replacing the factory coils, this would be awesome, with one of toyota's rear electric locker and add an electric locker to the front, with an option of all the toy motors from turbo diesel 4banger up to the racing V-8, I could go on and on!!!!WOO HOO!!!!

I'm not even really in the market but I miss my '85...I would buy one!!! Come on Toyota lets see some in Fairbanks Alaska!


TOYOTA, these days i really had considered you guys dead to me. nothing you really offer these days appeals to me. or meets my needs. your products from the past are another story. everything these days is overblown, i dont want a bloated truck.
offer this truck with a manual and a four cylinder, and a 4 runner version of it like the small old original sr4 4 runner, and i will seriously go to the lot and leave with one. i never thought i would enter a toyota lot again, i just do not like your current direction, image, and products.

but seriously, if you could, make it a little smaller.
i want a small bare bones simple 4 cylinder 4wd truck/suv. might i be so bold to also ask for roll up windows?, and rubber mat instead of carpet.
actually, i would totally dig a 4 cylinder turbo diesel.
and i would rather have a bench and extra seat rather than cup holders. but thats me.

nice job on this, i LIKE IT.

If only Toyota (Dealer) could re-invent the Toyota 4X4 trucks they made in 1979-1985 with straight axle suspension, they could easily make $10,000-$12,000 selling it. Those trucks were very durable in the trails especially where am from "Guam."

hi i would like to buy this truck

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